My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 158: They never learn. 2

Some minutes later.

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha returned to the old mansion through the painting of her ancestor, and the first thing she saw was a group of hunters.

”Welcome back, Sasha Fulger, ” Julian spoke with a gentle smile.

But Sasha ignored him and started looking for Kaguya and Maria.

Maria was fine, she was only unconscious a considerable distance away, she looked around again.

When she found Kaguya, her whole face froze.

Kaguya was without arms and legs, and the flesh of her belly was exposed. Her whole body was covered with sores, and she was a bloody mess. Yet despite her current state, Sasha saw that Kaguya was still alive.

She appeared to be being restrained by some golden chains.

’Mother Fuckers! ’ Sasha roared internally.

”Who did this? ” She pointed at Kaguya with her hand shaking. She was very shaken, angry, and worried, but she controlled herself and didn ’t show it in front of her enemies.

”Lady Sasha how about-. ” Julian tried to say something, but Sasha wasn ’t in the mood for it.

”I asked… ” Sasha looks at Julian with her red eyes, ”Who did this? ”

’Calm down, I can ’t be angry now… ’ Sasha squeezed her hands tightly together.

”… ” Julian felt strange to see Sasha so calm, he thought that if he made that demonstration, the heiress of Clan Fulger would be angry, and he could use this emotional breakdown to capture her.

’Looks like the maid isn ’t that important to her, huh? ’ He completely misunderstood the situation.

”Answer me! ” Sasha ’s voice is so loud it sounds like lightning strikes the ground.

”No matter who did it, a sinner must die, that ’s the mission God gave us, ” Julian spoke with absolute conviction.

”… ” Sasha ’s eyes twitched. She was fed up with these fanatics, were they going to take away someone else important to her!?

”Zandriel! ”

A tall man suddenly appeared from the ceiling and landed behind Sasha, and with one quick move, he lashed out at Sasha ’s back with his swords!

”Die, Demon! ”

”I see… ” Sasha ’s body was covered in lightning, ”You guys made a big mistake. ” And Zandriel ’s attack passed by her.

”… What are you talking about? ” Julian felt strange when he saw Sasha ’s worried face.

”There is one person who likes this maid a lot. ” Sasha suddenly disappeared and kicked Zandriel in the face!


The man went through the wall and fell into the garden, looking like he was knocked out.

”And by hurting this maid, you made an enemy out of him… ” Sasha ’s face darkened, she was worried about Kaguya, but she was even more worried about Victor ’s reaction. What would happen if Victor saw this scene? The last time something like that happened, he battled two vampire Counts.

’I will kill them all. ’ Sasha decided. She was going to use her powers and try to kill everyone, but then she heard:

Rumble, Rumble.

It was too late.

’Oh no… He arrived so quickly when he felt my emotions…? ’ Sasha was correct, Victor was heading towards an empty spot to fight Mizuki, but when he sensed Sasha ’s emotions, he quickly flew towards her.


Someone suddenly fell from the roof of the mansion.

The man looked around, and when his gaze fell on Kaguya, all of a sudden, his whole world seemed to freeze.

”Who are you!? ” Julian yelled fiercely as he cautiously looked at Victor.

’This man, do I know him from somewhere? ’ Julian felt that Victor ’s appearance was all too familiar.

”Darling, please calm down! ” Sasha didn ’t care about the enemies around her since she needed to calm down Victor first. If she didn ’t, he ’d do another stupid thing that would put him in danger.

She was happy that he was going to be angry for her, but she was also very worried about what he was going to do.

What if he attacks the Vatican over it? She didn ’t want to see her husband dead because of his recklessness!

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha appeared beside Victor and spoke again in as calm a tone as possible, ”Darling, please calm down-. ”

Victor looked at Sasha for a few seconds.

”… ” Sasha froze as she looked into Victor ’s gaze.

His gaze was as dark as a black hole, and she couldn ’t feel any emotions coming from his gaze or the connection they had! It was very strange! He didn ’t even seem to have recognized his own wife!

’This is bad, this is bad! I have never seen my husband like this. ’ Sasha feared Victor ’s reaction was worse than she ’d initially thought.

’I need to bring the girls, I can ’t stop him alone… ’ Sasha decided. She knew that with the girls present, Victor wouldn ’t fight them. After all, he loved her friends a lot, but she didn ’t have a lot of time left, she needed to go fast!

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha ’s body was covered in a golden glow, she took on vampire count form, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

”Wait-. ” Julian was going to try to stop Sasha, but he was just too slow, ”Tsk, our target got away. ”

As she flew through the sky, she thought; ’Darling, please don ’t do anything stupid… Don ’t leave me alone… ’ Small tears fell from Sasha ’s face.

Victor ignored Sasha and walked towards Kaguya, as he seemed to be in a trance.

”… What ’s going on here? ” Suddenly everyone heard a woman ’s voice.

They looked up into the hole Victor opened and saw Mizuki ’s appearance.

”General Mizuki? Why are you with the demons? ”

”…Julian, what are you doing here? I thought I came alone. ” Mizuki was sure she didn ’t bring any subordinates with her.

”Orders from my superior, I ’m sorry, but I can ’t tell you, ” Julian spoke in a neutral tone.

”… ” Mizuki ’s eye twitched, ”You can ’t even tell a General? ”

”Although you are a general, you are not my superior, ” Julian responded with disdain.

”I see… ” Mizuki ’s face was not pretty now.

”…My Maid… ” Victor knelt on the floor and slowly brought his arm closer to Kaguya ’s body.

”… ” Everyone looked at Victor.

Victor lifted Kaguya ’s face, her face was missing an eye, and the entire left side of her face was burned.

Despite being a horrendous sight, Victor didn ’t feel disgusted, ”Kaguya. ”

Kaguya slowly opened her eye, but she seemed to be having a lot of trouble:

”…MM-Master… ”

”You did a good job, My Maid. Leave everything to me, okay? ” He displayed a gentle smile.

”… ” Kaguya exhibited a small smile.

Victor lifted his arm and pulled his sleeve a little away as he bit his arm, ”Drink it. ”

Kaguya didn ’t argue. She was in no condition for that and, dragging her dying body, she opened her mouth and bit Victor ’s arm.


The moment Victor ’s blood entered her stomach, the wounds that had been slow to heal before began to heal at a faster rate.

Kaguya ’s eyes began to glow blood red; ’Delicious… ’

Seeing that Kaguya ’s condition had stabilized, Victor ordered:

”My Maid, rest in my shadow. ”

”Y-Yes… ” Kaguya ’s body slowly began to darken, and at a slow pace, she fell into Victor ’s shadow.

Victor got up from the ground and looked at the moonlight with a dark expression like a black hole, as he seemed to be thinking deeply about something.

”Ouch, that girl knocked me out for a few seconds. ” Everyone heard Zandriel ’s voice.

”Zandriel, are you alright? ” Julian asked.

”Yes, where is that woman? And where is that mercenary? ”

”We lost our target, and the mercenary ran off somewhere. ”

”Mercenary? ” Mizuki looked around and saw a man crouched in a fetal position behind a pillar while shaking so badly, he looked very scared.

”This is bad, this is bad, I didn ’t get paid for this! I need to get out of here now! ” He was muttering under his breath, but despite trying to get out of the room, his legs wouldn ’t move.

[Foolish disciple, run away from this place! As far as possible!]

”Master? What-. ”

”Worms! ”

”!!! ” Everyone quickly looked towards Victor, and the moment they looked at his face, they froze in fear.

”His face… is gone… ” Mizuki gulped, the only thing visible on Victor ’s face now were his red eyes and his teeth.

[Tsk, stop staring at his face, you ’ll be swallowed up! Quick, get out of here!]

Mizuki couldn ’t move. She was paralyzed.

”…W-What is this, Monster!? ” Julian couldn ’t believe what he was seeing, and, in his long journey as a hunter, he had never seen anyone who made him so afraid.

Victor looked at the two hunters, ”Who did this… Noo, in the end, it doesn ’t matter. Everyone is guilty. ” Victor ’s voice made the spines of the two trained hunters quiver in fear.

Victor ’s body was suddenly covered in lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Zandriel.

”Monster-. ”

Before he could say anything else, Victor grabbed his throat and pulled!

”… ” He seemed to have shouted something, but nothing was heard.

Victor then moved on to both of the man ’s arms and pulled!

Crack, Crack!

Sounds of bones and flesh being ripped apart could be heard, but he still wasn ’t satisfied.

Victor broke both Zandriel ’s legs, then, when the man finally knelt in front of him, he took the bandanna off the man ’s head and looked into the man ’s eyes.

”Blood red eyes, like a vampire… ”

”Zandriel! ” Julian yelled in concern.

Victor utilized his special vision, he looked at Zandriel; ’A vampire ’s bite, and a human ’s heart… ’ He had never seen anything like it on someone ’s body before.

”I wonder what your secret is. ” Then, using his fingers, Victor crushed both of Zandriel ’s eyes:

”AHHHHHHHHHHH! ” He screamed in pain

”Oh? Your throat has been regenerated. ” Victor flashed a big smile.

Victor placed his hand on the man ’s throat and pulled his throat out once more, but before the man ’s regeneration could activate, he froze his entire body in an ice structure.

Victor suddenly turned his face away and looked at Julian with his eyes glowing blood red:

”You seem to be the leader. You will tell me everything I need to know. ”

Julian ’s eyes lost focus, and he replied, ”…Yes, Master. ”

”But before that… ” Victor ’s entire body began to release a strange darkness.

”You will suffer. ”

”… ” Mizuki just stood there, since she couldn ’t move.

[Quickly, get out of here!] Her master yelled again.

”Y-Yes. ” Mizuki woke up from her stupor and removed a talisman from her pocket, she quickly used a lightning incantation, and in the blink of an eye, she fled the scene.


As she fled, she only heard Julian ’s cries of pain.

However, before she got far enough away, she suddenly fell to the ground when she felt a gigantic pressure falling on her. She looked back at Sasha ’s mansion and saw a kind of black aura covering the entire mansion.

”W-What is that? ”

[…] Abe-No-Seimei was silent.

”Master! ” She demanded answers.

[I saw something like this a long time ago… When that man arrived in our country, something like this happened…] Abe-No-Seimei seemed to be recalling a traumatic past.

”That man!? What man are you talking about!? ” She completely lost her composure. She just couldn ’t calm down after feeling ’that ’. She never felt anything like that with any of the vampires in the past, this was just monstrous…

”The King… The King of all Vampires, Vlad Tepes. ”

”… ” Mizuki opened her eyes wide.

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