My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 163: Do you believe in god?

!! ” Father Bruno ’s entire existence trembled at Victor ’s smile.

”W-What are you waiting for! Quick, use the spells! ” He ordered his subordinates.

”Yes! ” The subordinates shouted.

But before they could do anything, a pillar of flame erupted from the ground and burned the five hunters.


The hunters screamed as they felt their entire existence turning to ash!

”I won ’t fall for the same trick twice. ” Victor lowered his hand and looked at Father Bruno:

”I realize that your race is resistant to the hunter ’s weapons, but… ” In a blink of an eye, Victor appeared in front of Father Bruno:

”I wonder if you ’re resistant to fire. ”


”S-Stop. ” He begged, and with that demonstration, Victor already knew the answer to his previous question.

”Father, you should grieve your god for turning you into a Mongrel. ” Victor grabbed the priest by the neck and lifted him into the air:

”AHHHHHHHHHHH! ” Just feeling Victor ’s touch, the man screamed in pain.

And that scream filled Victor with sadistic pleasure!

”Burn-. ” Just as Victor was about to erase Father Bruno from existence, he heard the voice of someone familiar:

”Stop, Darling. ” Violet appeared in front of Victor and touched his arm.

Victor looked down into his wife ’s violet eyes.

”We need to know what information this man knows. Don ’t you want revenge for what they did to Kaguya? ”

”V-Violet? ” Ruby stuttered a little. This was not what they agreed to!

”… ” Victor remained silent and looked back at Father Bruno.

Violet put on an annoyed face, ”Don ’t let fire control your emotions! ”

Victor created a sword of pure fire.

”Darling! ” Violet started to panic, if the man died here, they ’d lose an important clue!

Victor made a move with his sword towards Father Bruno.

A few seconds passed, and suddenly:

”AHHHHHHH! My Legs! My Arms! ”

Victor had severed Father Bruno ’s arms and legs, and soon he dropped the limbless man to the ground.

”…You ’re right, Violet. ” Victor ’s transformation slowly began to unravel, ”I won ’t be satisfied with just killing this man, I ’ll go after whoever ordered all this. ”

Scathach ’s words were resonating in Victor ’s head like a symphony of an extremely beautiful and dangerous classical song:

’Search, and destroy… All those responsible must die. ’

Victor clenched his fist tightly, and his glove ’s magic circle began to glow brightly as he looked up at the moon with eyes glowing blood red.


Violet sighed in relief, glad her voice reached Victor.

Ruby seized this moment and froze the man ’s entire body.

She approached Victor, ”Darling. ”

”Hmm? ” Victor turned to Ruby.

Suddenly Ruby did something Victor did not expect.

She hugged him. ”Calm down, Darling. Making decisions with a hot head is never a good idea. ”

”… ” Violet ’s eyes twitched, and, for a moment, she thought Ruby was giving her a hint.

”… ” Victor returned Ruby ’s hug as he felt the cold temperature that was leaving her body.

Somehow he started to calm down, and the turbulent emotions he was feeling were slowly settling.

It was as if the ice was slowly quenching the great flames of fury Victor was feeling.

Victor displayed a gentle smile, ”Thanks, Ruby. ” He patted her head a little.

”Mm… ” Ruby stepped away from Victor like a cat that has had its tail stepped on.

”… ” Victor flashed a wry smile when he saw Ruby ’s attitude.

Now that Victor was a little calmer, a question arose in his mind. ”Now that I ’ve stopped to think about it, why are you here? And where are the other agents? ”

”… ” Ruby and Violet looked at Victor with a dry look.

”This man… He really is hopeless. ” Ruby was in the mood to kick Victor in the face right now.

”Yes, when he gets lost in his emotions, he forgets everything around him… ” Violet sighed as if it was hopeless. Her Darling was very reckless.

”… ” Ruby looked at Violet with the same look she looked at Victor.

”What? ” Violet didn ’t understand Ruby ’s gaze.

A vein popped in Ruby ’s head, ”You ’re the same as him! Remember how many times I had to clean up your mess! ”

Violet ’s face took on an annoyed expression, ”That was in the past! I ’m not like that anymore! I ’m calmer now! ”

”… I doubt it. ” It was more likely for the seven hells to freeze than for Violet to be calmer! She may have matured, but Ruby knew Violet hadn ’t gone crazy yet because she had no reason to. But if something big involving Victor or Adonis happened in the future, she was 100% certain Violet would lose control!

’I think I can include Sasha and me in the important people she cares about? ’ She thought about it because she noticed that Violet was slowly expressing concerns to her friends.

What an amazing evolution. Before, she only cared about Victor.

”Anyway, let ’s get out of this place, we need to do a lot of things today. ” Ruby turned around, ”And Darling, undo those ice spikes! ”

”Hmm? Okay. ” Victor snapped his fingers, and soon all the ice thorns turned to water. He then made a slight gesture with his hands and took this water up to the clouds and turned the water into hail.

Soon a hailstorm began to fall from the sky.

”Done. ” He slapped his hands together several times as if he ’d done a good job.

”…I told you to get rid of the ice thorns, not to rain hail, ” Ruby spoke dryly.

”Well, where would I throw all that water? ” Victor asked.

”Couldn ’t you evaporate water with your firepower? ”

”Oh. ” Victor ’s brain was still a little sluggish.

Ruby facepalmed.


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