My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 170 - 170: Mother And Mother.

”Tsk, you ’ve gotten weaker, my daughter. ” Scathach spoke as she looked at Siena with an annoyed look.

Siena ’s state was just too deplorable…

Her whole face was purple and looked like it had been stung by several bees, her arms were pointing in strange directions, and the same applied to her legs.

She had a hole in her chest in the area where her heart used to be, leaking blood, and she appeared unconscious.

Her entire body was covered in lacerations, and the bones in her spine were coming out in directions they shouldn ’t.

”…This can ’t be called training anymore… ” Kaguya couldn ’t help but say as she looked at Siena ’s state.

The woman just looked like a dead body! Of course, she knew that with a vampire ’s regeneration, it would be easily fixed in a few seconds, but it still hurts, you know?

She looked at the group and saw that they had no reaction; they seemed used to it.

”Yes, indeed. She is weak… ” Victor suddenly spoke and nodded with Scathach.

He looked at Siena with his blood red eyes that sparkled a little while he seemed to be thinking of something. ’Very Well, I will do it. ’ Then, having made a decision, he soon started walking towards Siena.

”…? ” The girls looked at Victor with a curious look since they were wondering what he was going to do.

As he walked towards Siena, Victor cracked his neck a little and looked at Scathach:

”Scathach, this training method is not going to work on her. ”

”Oh? ” Scathach looked at Victor with curiosity.

”I don ’t know why, but when she fights you, she expects to be beaten. She just gave up fighting halfway through, and it pisses me off. ”

”… ” Scathach squinted her eyes a little, she had also realized what Victor said, but she didn ’t know a way to fix this little problem:

As Victor walked, his gloves began to glow brightly, ”If she can ’t fight you… ”

Victor stopped in front of Siena and looked down, ”I ’ll fight her. ”

A frightening pressure left Victor ’s body and spread all over the place.

”!!! ” Siena ’s eyes snapped open, and she quickly got up from the floor…

Her body began to regenerate at high speed, and she eyed Victor warily.

”What are you doing…? ” She asked.

”I just woke you up. ” Victor showed a big smile.

”… ” Siena wanted to say that she found it questionable to wake her with killing intent. That wasn ’t how you wake people up!

”This time, you will fight me. ” Victor suddenly vanished, reappearing beside Siena, and attacked her face.

”…? ” Siena turned towards Victor and prepared to defend herself.

”Bad idea, have you forgotten who taught me to fight? ”

”!!! ” Siena opened her eyes wide and went to flee from Victor ’s attack, but it was too late.

”… Fuc-. ”


When Victor ’s attack hit Siena ’s defense, a small blast of air erupted that threw Siena very far away.

”…He got stronger again… ” Pepper commented with a pout when she saw Victor use her technique. She felt that this was very unfair since he seemed to not do anything and yet managed to get stronger anyways!

”This is natural, ” Ruby spoke.

”… ” Lacus and Pepper looked at Ruby.

”The last fight he had was with a Countess, Natashia Fulger. And, in that fight, he evolved a lot… ”

”Oh… ” Now that Ruby said it, they both realized the truth of it at the same time.

’He also drank that woman ’s blood, and that helped him a lot. Not only that, he constantly drank my mother ’s blood… ’ She thought.

Ruby knew the special characteristics of Victor ’s blood were that by drinking the blood of a stronger being, he would also get a little stronger. Combining that with his natural battle talent, he was a monster that evolved with each difficult conflict he faced.

”Victor is someone who evolves faster when he encounters a tough opponent, ” Scathach commented.

”And he never stopped training either. ” Ruby continued her mother ’s words as she remembered clearly. Every day when her husband woke up, he would always meditate silently as if he was reviewing what he ’d learned. And, when he returned to the human world, he started to train alone in this room.

Siena adjusted her center of gravity midair and landed with her feet against the wall, then lifted her face and looked at Victor with an annoyed expression.

”Oh? I like your expression, are you finally in the mood to fight? ” Victor ’s smile grew even wider.

”…You fucking battle freak. ” Siena spat angrily, as she stood on the wall:

”Why did you drag me into this shit? I don ’t like training, I don ’t like feeling this pain. ” Her body shivered as she remembered the state she was in earlier.

Yes, she ’s used to it, but that doesn ’t mean she likes feeling it.

It ’s like bad medicine, you are used to taking the medication, but would you take it willingly? Of course not, you would only take it if it was really necessary.

The situation with Siena is the same since she only trained or fought when the situation called for her to do so!

She was not a battle maniac like Victor and Scathach!

Victor wore a small expression of shock, but then he flashed an amused smile and knew what to do now:

”And? ”

”Huh? ” Siena didn ’t understand.

”So what if you don ’t like to train? ” Victor asked again.

”… ” Siena ’s face distorted.

”Silly vampire… You didn ’t have a choice from the start, right? ” He looked at Scathach with the same smile on his face.

”Yeah, I postponed it for a while, but … ” Scathach looked at her daughter, ”You know me, daughter of mine. What I hate most in this world is the weak, and I can not stand to see it in my own daughter. ”

”… Fuck. ” Siena facepalmed.

”Stop complaining like a spoiled brat and come at me. ” Victor raised his hand and beckoned her to him.

”… ” Siena looked at Victor with veins snapping in her head, ”Mother Fucker, I will kill you! ” She was furious!

Siena created a large ice thorn and threw it towards Victor.

”Hahahaha, I ’d like to see you try! ” Victor closed his fist and punched the ice!


The ice was shattered into pieces.

”Tsk. ” Siena disappeared and reappeared in midair.

She extended both her arms in the air, covered with ice gauntlets, as she pointed both her arms towards Victor, causing two giant ice hands to be created.

”Oh? This is new. ” Victor looked at it with curious eyes. Now that he stopped to think about it, he ’d never seen Siena fight before. From what he knew, she must have inherited Scathach ’s ’Power ’ technique.

”Die! ” Siena clapped her hands together.

And as if the two ice hands were her own, they approached Victor imitating Siena ’s actions, attempting to crush him.

”That ’s a very interesting technique, but you must have forgotten a little detail. ” Victor took a step towards Siena and disappeared from where he was.

”Fucker, I didn ’t forget. ” A cold air rushed out of Siena ’s body and spread in all directions, ”I got you. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked down and saw that he was trapped in the ice.

”Hmm… what do I do? ” Victor seemed to be pretty carefree, he could get away easily with the power of fire, but that would hinder the point of this training. ’Well, I ’ll limit it to just using ice. ’ In the end, he decided to just use ice.

”Die! ” Victor looked up to see hundreds of ice spikes flying towards him.

He reached his hand forward and created an ice shield.


Siena ’s thorns began to hit Victor ’s shield and self-destruct.

”… ” He flashed a small smile and looked like he was enjoying himself.

”I ’m going to wipe that annoying smirk off your face, Fucker! ”


”Heh, it ’s been a while since I saw this side of her… She must be very frustrated. ” Scathach displayed an amused little smile.

”… ” The sisters were silent since it had been a while since they had seen that as well.

”Well, she was forced to train, she doesn ’t like to do that, ” Ruby commented.

”When my sister gets angry, she ’s scary… ” Pepper muttered.

”Despite being currently weaker than Siena, Victor has a lot of advantages, ” Lacus commented.

”Of course, he learned to fight me. If he couldn ’t fight you four at the same time, I would be disappointed. ” Scathach spoke in a confident voice.

”… What did you say…? ” Lacus, Ruby, and Pepper ’s eyes started to glow blood red. They didn ’t like to see their mother underestimating them too much.

”… ” Scathach flashed a small smile when she realized her little plan worked.

Theoretically, Victor should be weaker than Siena, but…

Victor had the blood of a king and had the three powers of the Vampire Count Clan. He ’s a walking bomb of pure power, and because of that uniqueness, he ’s as strong as a 500-year-old adult vampire at just 21 years of age. And, not only that, he can go even further with his blood vampire count form.

In that form, his power increases 3x, he can fight a 1500-year-old vampire, and he has inherited three more transformations from the three Vampire Count Clans.

Ice/water, fire, and lightning.

Currently, he can only assume the form of vampire count of the fire element, and, in that form, his power increases 2x, and he can fight a 1000-year-old vampire.

Not to mention that he learned to fight with Scathach Scarlett herself, and the techniques he learned from the woman are simply very unfair.

He ’s an anomaly… A freak, a being that shouldn ’t have existed, his very existence breaks the rules created thousands of years ago by vampires.

But that ’s how a king was, he made his own rules, he walked his own path, his blood didn ’t allow him to walk the same path as others.

Following the path already created by other beings was a humiliation for a king!

He must create his own path!

”Girls, let ’s fight too. ” Ruby surprisingly took the initiative.

”Yes. ” Lacus and Pepper spoke at the same time.

As daughters of Scathach, the three women also had their pride, and they didn ’t like it when their mother underestimated them so much.

The three sisters looked at each other, then disappeared.

Victor, who was defending Siena ’s attack, suddenly felt someone approaching from his side, so he turned his face and saw Pepper ’s cute face that was very serious.

”Shi-. ”

”Eyyy! ”


Pepper ’s small fist that was covered with an ice gauntlet made by Ruby hit Victor ’s stomach and-

Victor flew towards the wall.

As he was flying through the air, Victor looked up and saw Lacus, who had a cold little smile on her face, while she was holding two ice daggers:

”It ’s a little irritating to know that someone younger has managed to outrun my speed, but I won ’t stay behind. ” Then, Lacus ’ body transformed into mist and appeared to pass through Victor ’s body.

Cut, Cut, Cut!

Victor ’s entire body was covered in cuts.

And before Victor ’s body hit the wall, he felt someone behind him, and it was a presence he knew well.

”Darling~. ” Despite speaking with a loving smile, Ruby ’s actions were anything but loving!

Ruby positioned herself in a way that appeared as though she were going to throw something, giving way to an ice spear being created, as she sent it towards Victor.

The spear pierced Victor ’s body and froze him.

Ruby created another ice spear and, using the spear ’s handle, she sent Victor flying across the room in the opposite direction!

A combo of the three Scarlett sisters!


Victor ’s back slammed against the wall, his face showing a little shock since he didn ’t expect the sisters to unite to attack him. But, slowly, that shocked face changed into a big smile:

’This is interesting! ’ He definitely didn ’t hate this surprise. In fact, he liked it a lot!

Siena, Lacus, Pepper, and Ruby stood next to each other and looked towards Victor.

Lacus had two ice daggers.

Pepper was wearing gloves made of ice.

Ruby had a spear in her hand.

”Girls? ” Siena didn ’t understand anything.

”Don ’t think too much, Big Sister. Let ’s do it like the old days. ”

She hit the ground with the shaft of her spear, ”Fight my husband as if you were fighting our mother. ” Ruby spoke in a serious tone.

Victor came out of the crater and fell to the ground while his entire wounded body began to heal at high speed.

”That regeneration is insane… ” Lacus couldn ’t help but mutter.


Seeing the big smile on Victor ’s face, Pepper couldn ’t help but gulp, ’He really is like my mom, even the feeling is the same. ’

’But I won ’t lose! ’ She banged her fists together, determined!

Seeing the weapons in the girls ’ hands, Victor thought it would be unfair for him to fight unarmed, right?

He created an ice greatsword, admired it a little, and then pointed the sword at the girls.

”He is coming, ” Ruby spoke.


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