My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 171 - 171: Mother And Mother. 2

A few hours of training had passed.

Victor had fought the four sisters, and he was having a hard time fighting back.

The sisters ’ combo was terrifying, and because they ’ve known each other for such a long time, they worked very well together.

Scathach, who had been watching the fight from the beginning, said:

”Good, Good. ” She nodded in satisfaction several times when she saw how Victor and her daughters performed.

’When you fight someone who has different fighting styles, you learn a lot… That ’s what Victor must be experiencing now. After all, he ’s never fought with individuals who work so well as a team, and at the same time, all those individuals are strong. ’ She thought.

Siena, who is the eldest of the four sisters, used her superior power as support and attacked Victor from a distance. Meanwhile, Ruby, who had greater stamina and skill with a spear, attacked from close range, always making sure to occupy Victor ’s attention as much as possible…

In the meantime, Pepper helped Ruby and attacked Victor with her destructive punches, and Lacus acted as an assassin in the shadows.

If we look at this scene as if it were a game, Ruby was the leader and the tank of the team. Siena was the mage with great power who attacked from a distance, Pepper was the fighter who had high damage and low defense, and Lacus was the assassin who constantly tried to catch Victor off guard, and like Pepper, she had low defense.

Now the question was, what was Victor considered when fighting the four girls?

Of course, he was the Final Boss.

And what is the Final Boss? He is an individual who is good at everything but is a master of none. But as he has a lot of power, he is a very irritating individual to defeat!

”HAHAHAHAHAH~, This is fun! ” Victor was having a great time, despite being cut all over and holding only a broken Greatsword.

He couldn ’t lie, he was having a hard time fighting the four sister combination just using the power of ice, but this was a very good thing!

He could feel it! Even if it was little, he was evolving!

And this new experience of being attacked from all sides and not being able to react was something amazing!

”Stop laughing! ” Lacus appeared behind Victor and severed his arm with her ice daggers.

As Victor ’s arm flew through the air, Victor looked back.

But before he could shift his attention to Lacus, he felt a spear coming towards him.

”Ara, Darling. Please don ’t look at the other girls. ” Ruby had a gentle smile on her face; it was the same smile Natalia gave to people. It seemed as though Ruby was slowly being influenced by the maid, even though she only spent some time with her.

Lacus seized the moment Ruby interfered and disappeared into mist.

Victor quickly jumped back, and in the meantime, his flying arm turned to blood and returned back to his body.

Soon, he created an ice shield in front of him and defended himself from the thorns Siena was releasing.


The sounds of Siena ’s ice thorns hitting Victor ’s shield were heard all around.

As he defended Siena ’s attack, he turned his head to the side and saw Pepper approaching him, and, in one quick move, he created another shield.

Pepper clenched her fist, ”Eyy! ” And slugged Victor ’s shield.


The shield shattered into pieces.

Taking advantage of this moment, Lacus appeared behind Victor from the mist and pierced his heart.

She spun Victor ’s body around herself and threw him into the air!

Victor looked to the side and saw a giant thorn flying towards him.

”HAHAHAHAHA, the combination of you sisters is certainly deadly! ”

”He noticed, huh? As expected. ” Scathach displayed a little satisfied smile.

Victor immediately noticed his weakness in this little ’training ’.

He was really bad at fighting multiple opponents! Mainly opponents who could work as a team, and not only that, he also realized that the Greatsword was useless with opponents who could move at high speed.

He ’d already lost count of how many times the Ice Greatsword he created was destroyed by the girls.

He didn ’t realize this until now because all the opponents he faced as a group were very weak individually, and all he needed to do was kill one by one.

’I must learn to use another weapon… Wrong, one is not enough. Like Scathach, I must learn to use several weapons. With my ice power, I can switch weapons in combat as often as necessary. ’ He made a decision when he realized his weakness.

”What is that noise? ”

”Hmm? ” Hearing a woman ’s voice, Scathach looked towards the entrance to the training room.

”W-Wait, Mother. Do not enter this place! ” She heard Violet ’s voice.

”Oh? So this is where you hide the coffin… ”

”Like I said, there ’s no coffin in this place! ” This time it was Sasha ’s voice.

”What kind of vampires are you!? How can you not have a coffin!? ”

”Just forget about this coffin story! ” Sasha looked pretty frustrated.

”… ” A moment of silence fell into place, and soon Scathach heard the woman ’s voice again.

”So this is where you hide your victims! ”

”There are no victims here! We don ’t need to do this! ” Violet screamed.

Anna ignored Violet and opened the door with a bang!


”Oh, she got in… She got in! ” Sasha started to freak out.

Anna entered the training room, and the first thing she saw was Victor fighting four women with long red hair, and one of those women was his own wife!

Anna also noticed that these women looked a lot like each other, at least in the red hair part…

Anna walked in just as the gigantic thorn was flying towards Victor.

”Vic-. ” She was going to call Victor but was surprised when Victor fixed his center of gravity and attacked the ice with his own fists!


The ice that Siena threw was completely evaporated from existence by Victor ’s punches.

”Holy Fuck… ” Anna opened her mouth in pure shock. She had never seen anything so out of the ordinary before in her life.

”Well, now It ’s in God ’s hands. ” Violet gestured as if she no longer cared about the consequences.

”God doesn ’t care about us, don ’t you remember? ” Sasha spoke.

Violet squinted, ”It ’s just a way of expressing yourself! ”

”Oh… ” Sometimes Sasha was too innocent.

”Tsk, he really is very tough. ” Siena clicked her tongue in annoyance.

”Let ’s do it together, ” Ruby ordered.

”… ” The sisters nodded, and then they gathered in one place.

Victor landed on the ground, cracked his neck a little, and stretched his arms. He seemed to be warming up.

”This is weird… ” He suddenly spoke.

”…What? ” Pepper, as the most curious, asked.

”I mean, your teamwork is certainly impressive, I ’m obviously at odds, but… ” He was silent while thinking of the right words to say. After all, he was terrible at explaining things.

”Huh? Can you explain your thoughts more clearly? ” Siena spoke.

”… ” Lacus was silent.

”Darling? ” Ruby caught Victor ’s attention.

”I feel like the way you girls are training is wrong. ”

”… ” Scathach exhibited a small smile.

”Example, you Pepper. ” He pointed at Pepper.

”Fwe? ”

”You ’re too slow. ” Victor was brutally honest as usual.

”Ehhh? ”

”If it weren ’t for Lacus ’ assistance, you would be easily eliminated by me. How come you are so slow? ” Victor didn ’t understand that. Wasn ’t Pepper supposed to be faster as a vampire, right?

What he didn ’t realize was that his speed standard was too high.

”Ugnyuuuu! I ’m not fat! ” She made a cute sound, and as expected, she completely got it all wrong…

”… I did not say that. ” Victor was speechless.

”I know~. Hehehe~. ”

”… ” Victor showed a slight gentle smile when he saw Pepper ’s banter, then looked at Lacus and continued:

”Lacus, you are fast, but you are very weak physically. ”

”I know that. Because of that, I train to increase my speed. ” Lacus spoke honestly.

”I think that ’s the wrong thought. ”

”Huh? ”

”You shouldn ’t sacrifice your other characteristics, just for the sake of speed. For example, even if you ’re fast, you can train your stamina to increase your endurance, right? ”

”Well… ” Lacus had never thought about it before since she just thought that maxing out her speed would be enough.

”Siena. ”

”What is it? ”

”Your attack pattern is very predictable, why do you always attack with spikes or ice hands? Be more creative, woman!! Do you have chicken brains!? ” He was brutally honest with Siena.

Veins started to pop in Siena ’s head, ”…This fucker… ”

”Every time you attack me it ’s always with ice spikes. Frankly, it ’s repetitive and tedious. Try to diversify your attacks more. ”

”… ” Siena was silent since she knew that Victor was speaking for her own good. Although the way he spoke was irritating, she understood that he was trying to help her, so she started to think about Victor ’s words.

’He ’s right… It ’s always the same attacks… ’ And in the end, she found he was correct.

She was so used to using her power in this way that she didn ’t realize what she was doing wrong.

”Ruby… ” Victor looked at his wife, his eyes glowing blood red.

”Yes? ”

”You ’re perfect. ” He spoke his honest thoughts and felt that if Ruby had the right mindset, she could surpass Scathach…

But for that to happen, Ruby needed to grow older. She had the potential, but not the time. She needed at least 2000 years of experience but before then…

Scathach, who was already a monster, would become an even bigger monster.

”You combine your water and ice powers quite impressively, and you know what to do in battle. But there ’s one thing I would tell you to change. ”

”You need to be more aggressive. ” Victor felt that his wife was too passive in combat, and she waited for the opponent to attack first and then react. He thought this was a waste of her potential.

’The one who throws the first punch has the advantage. ’ Victor thought.

”… ” Ruby opened her eyes wide, and unconsciously a memory popped into her head.

”Daughter, you are very passive, despite being perfect in almost everything in combat, you have a big flaw. You don ’t attack! You need to be more aggressive! ”

Unconsciously, Ruby looked at her mother, who was wearing a small smile.

Seeing her mother ’s smile, Ruby exhibited a gentle little smile, ”As expected, they really think alike… It gets scary sometimes… ” She muttered the last part in a very low voice.

”And now me, ” he pointed to himself.

”…? ” The four sisters looked at Victor with curious eyes.

Victor put his hand to his chin as if he was thinking about something, ”I realized that I ’m very weak in group fights. I ’m also very prone to losing my focus in the fight as different opponents gain my attention very easily. ”

”Not only that, my ice control takes a lot of time… Siena surpasses me at this. ” While Siena took a few milliseconds to create ice and attack, Victor took a few seconds.

It may seem like little, but in a high-speed battle, that ’s a lot of time.

”My speed without me using my lightning is much lower than Lacus. ” This was something he noticed in the middle of battle, sometimes Lacus seemed to disappear from his perspective, and he realized it was because he was much slower than her.

’That would not happen if I were fighting Lacus alone, but as they strike me as a group, my attention is divided, and I do not know how to react … ’ Victor thought.

”… ” Siena and Lacus exhibited a little smile when they heard what Victor said.

”Ruby knows how to assess the situation better than I do, and she doesn ’t lose focus as easily as I do. ”

Ruby exhibited a small, gentle smile.

”… ” Pepper was somehow getting anxious and thought Victor would compliment her next.

Victor looked at Pepper and smiled, ”My strength is stronger than Pepper ’s, so in that regard, I don ’t lose. ”

”Ugyaaa! Why can ’t you compliment me too!? ” Pepper felt it was very unfair!

”It ’s just the truth. ”

”Humpf! ” Pepper pouted and turned away.

”Anyway, now I know what to improve. ” Knowing the things that needed to be improved, Victor felt his job became easier.

Victor covered his arms in Ice Gauntlets.

”Are you changing weapons? ” Ruby asked curiously,

”Yes, I realized that fighting with a greatsword against a group that knows how to work as a team is just a hindrance, so I will use my fists. ”

After the Greatsword, the fighting style that Victor most knew how to use was close quarter combat techniques, the same martial art that Pepper used.

”Are we going back to training? ” He displayed a big smile as he banged his fists together.

”Yes! ” The four responded excitedly.

But before the training could start again, suddenly everyone heard.

”Ara, so you are Ruby ’s mother. ”

”!!? ” Ruby and Victor quickly looked towards the voice, and soon they saw Anna and Scathach looking at each other.

”Yes, and you are Victor ’s mother… ”


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