was tempted to finish Carlos now, but when I saw his body being covered by dense golden energy as I ran, I changed my mind… And this decision to kill Carlos here wouldn ’t satisfy me, he needs to suffer, he needs to see his mate become something he hunts.

I bite Maria on the neck, and when she realizes what ’s about to happen, she screams.

”Nooooo! ” I hear Church Hound ’s desperate cry and it made me bite her neck even harder and make her scream even more.

”MARIA?!! ” Carlos ran towards us, but the moment he wanted to act to help Maria, I disappeared.

”Cursed be the vampires!!! ” The Church Hound ’s scream was ironically like a devil ’s scream, and I don ’t know why, but I start to laugh out loud and with tears in my eyes, ”Fuck you, shitty dog! ” I yelled as I fled.

A few KM away from Sasha ’s mansion.

Sasha throws Maria on the ground and tears off the crucifix that was around Maria ’s neck, then she bites her finger and a drop of blood falls to the ground, when this drop falls to the ground, a magic circle is formed. ”I didn ’t prepare the proper materials for you to become my full-fledged servant, but who cares? With this you ’ll become what you hate the most, a vampire, and worse than a normal vampire, you ’ll become a defective vampire. ” She spoke with a smile that showed all of her sharp teeth as tiny tears fell from her face.

The last vision before Maria fell into unconsciousness was the image of Sasha smiling at her with a crazy smile as tears fell from her face.

Kaguya listened to the whole story from Sasha ’s mouth in silence, from beginning to end, Kaguya ’s expression didn ’t change, but Kaguya ’s indifferent atmosphere suddenly exploded with killing intent when she heard the state of Julia ’s body.

Kaguya looked at Maria, the former vampire slayer who has now turned into what she swore to kill. Kaguya ’s expression remained indifferent, but her atmosphere said everything she needed to know, she ’s furious.

Maria, Sasha ’s new maid, just looked at Kaguya with serious eyes, it was like she wasn ’t affected by Kaguya ’s pure intention to kill, but if we looked with sharper eyes, we would all be able to see small beads of sweat falling from Maria ’s face.

Maria ’s instincts were screaming for her to do something, but unfortunately, the master ’s order was absolute. She couldn ’t do anything, since the moment she became Sasha ’s servant the noble vampire always had her on a tight leash, she always ordered her to stay close.

”A trap… The church dogs are more active than I thought, something is going on behind the scenes, ” Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone as she looked at Sasha, her killing intent suddenly disappeared, but Sasha could see by the look in Kaguya ’s eyes that her anger has not yet ceased.

”Yes, according to my maid, a man named Lucy stole something very valuable from the church. Unfortunately, I couldn ’t get information on what that ’something ’ is, my maid didn ’t know anything, ” Sasha spoke neutrally while showing disdain for the word ’my maid ’.

”Are you sure about that? ” Kaguya questioned her.

Sasha decides to demonstrate with actions, she looks at Maria, then Sasha ’s eyes start to sparkle: ”Tell me what you were planning to do with your lover. ”

”We were planning to get married and have kids next year, ” Maria spoke in a robotic tone as her eyes glowed red, Sasha ’s smile grew into a hateful smile when she heard these words, she seemed to be planning something and Kaguya noticed this smile.

”When you killed my former head maid, what did you feel? And what was your purpose in making that trap? ”

”Nothing, I feel nothing. After all, this is just a job, Carlos attacked the mansion head-on and killed all the servants, while I ripped the vampire maid ’s head off and set a trap with my wires, our goal was to capture the heiress of the Fulger clan ”

”Stop, I get your point, ” Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone, she understood why Sasha was demonstrating this to her, Sasha wanted to tell Kaguya with these actions that the new maid was in her control.

”Oh? But now it was getting to the good part. ” Sasha spoke like this was all a big joke, she obviously wasn ’t right in her head.

”Continue, why did you want to capture me? ” Sasha ordered.

”The Inquisition received information that the leader of Clan Fulger lost his position as a vampire count and became an ordinary noble vampire. The inquisition decided it would be a good opportunity to further weaken this Clan by capturing their heiress who was located in the United States of America. ”

Kaguya opened her eyes wide when she heard what Maria said.

Seeing the shocked expression on her always stoic face, Sasha can ’t help commenting in a broken tone as her eyes constantly change from blood red to green, ”Yes, funny, right? My parents will lose the earl title, my mother probably must have done the stupid things she always does, and in the end, I think she bet our title on some stupid game made by the nobles. ”

”And because of that, these idiots here thought it would be a good idea to capture me and use me as a bargaining chip so they can further diminish the strength of my Clan, and you know what ’s funny? ” Sasha spoke.

”If these church dogs had been successful, my parents wouldn ’t care about my existence, they would say I was weak or something and that I should die. A very funny situation, right? The only people who cared about me died because of those idiots who call me daughter. ” Sasha spoke dismissively.

”Lady Sasha, ” Kaguya didn ’t know what to say.

”I don ’t want your pity- ” Sasha was about to say something, but suddenly she realized that Kaguya was standing beside her while her body was hidden by the darkness.

”I ’m sorry, Lady Sasha, ”

”Huh-? ” Sasha just stared into Kaguya ’s glowing red eyes with a shocked expression, she never thought Kaguya would do that to her.

Kaguya slits Sasha ’s neck, and blood sprays her face, soon Sasha falls to the ground as if she were dead.

Kaguya disappears again, and appears behind Maria, then attacks the maid ’s ribs with shadowy daggers after which she slashes Maria ’s neck.

Maria ’s eyes suddenly lose the glow of life and she falls to the ground.

”Sigh, it ’s hard to be a perfect maid, ” Kaguya sighs as she wipes her face with a handkerchief she took from her pocket and suddenly her shadows start to grow and slowly swallow Maria, then Maria ’s body disappears into Kaguya ’s shadows.

Kaguya turns her face away and looks at Sasha ’s body as several thoughts run through her head.

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