My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 172 - 172: Scathach And Victor.

ng this topic would not satisfy Victor ’s curiosity, the woman said:

”You need special ingredients to make a new vampire. ”

”Tell me more. ”

”Tsk…Fine. ” She turned to face Victor and held up her finger, ”First, you need the blood of the ’Clan ’ leader. Second, you need several special ingredients that prevent the human body from rejecting vampire venom and dying. Third, you need to know how to perform the witches ’ ritual. Fourth, the human must be a virgin. ”

”Hmm, this is complicated, huh. ” Victor put his hand on his chin. He had an annoyed look on his face and thought it would be easier, something like:

Oh, the human is a virgin. Then he would bite this human and Voila! This human turned into a vampire! Simple, right!?

”As you are the leader of your Clan, you can use your blood, so all you need are the ingredients and the knowledge of how to perform the ritual. ”

”Hmm… ” Victor kept making that sound for a few seconds.

’Tsk, why is this so complicated? Violet made it seem so easy in her memories… ’ Victor thought.

”… ” Scathach looked at Victor for a few seconds, while she seemed to be thinking of something: ”There is another method that is only available to those who have the blood of the Night King. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked at Scathach again.

”Find a virgin human, bite them, and turn them into a vampire, as you have the blood of the Night King, the transformation has a 100% chance of succeeding. ”

”… ” An awkward silence fell around.

”You ’re kidding, right? ”

”I am not. ”

”And what was that explanation a few seconds ago? ” Victor ’s eyes twitched a lot.

”That was the normal method that the king of vampires along with the queen of witches developed to control the birth of other vampires, ” Scathach explained.

”…Why would he do something so complicated? ”

”A few millennia ago, if someone wanted to turn humans into vampires, the noble vampires just had to bite humans and put their venom in them. ”

”And…? ” Victor was a little impatient.

”Don ’t interrupt me. ” Scathach ’s eyes gleamed a little.

”Yes, Yes. ” Victor rolled his eyes.

”… ” Isn ’t this boy very rude? Should I take him to a torture session? Of course, by torture session, she was talking about training.

After some thought, she decided that no, after all, that would not be a punishment for Victor.

”The problem is: Noble vampires are different from you. ”

”Because of your blood, you can turn any virgin human into a vampire, but with noble vampires, it doesn ’t happen the same way… For a noble vampire to turn someone into a vampire, they need to play a gambling game where the chance of going wrong is 80%. ”

”Example: The moment the noble vampire bites a human, if the human resists the vampire ’s poison, they will become a vampire. If they couldn ’t resist… ”

”Well, they will die.. ”

”Thousands of humans have died in the past because of this. ”

”And that was one of the reasons that in the past there was a war between humans and vampires. ”

”To prevent another war from happening in the future, the king together with the queen of witches created this system of ’ritual ’, although it is a little more difficult, the success rate is 100%. ”

”You just need a few ingredients, know how to do the ritual, and the blood of the clan leader, and voila, you can make a vampire slave. ”

”Hmm. ” Victor understood a little, but he still had some doubts, ”So there are three rituals? ”

”Huh? ”

”I ’m talking about the marriage ritual, the one that transfers bloodlust from the male vampire to the female vampire, and the ritual of transformation from human to vampire. ”

”And the ritual to turn the vampire who was human before into a slave. ”

”Oh, you ’re talking about that. ” Scathach placed her hand to her chin and gathered her thoughts, then she said, ”Actually, this is all part of just one ritual. ”

”Huh? ”

”Example, if I want to turn a human into a slave vampire, I just change the letters of the magic circle and bite the Human and inflict them with my venom. ”

”Now, if I want to marry a male vampire, I just have to do the same thing, and the male vampire and I must bite each other. When our respective venoms enter into each other ’s blood, the ritual will be activated, thus allowing our bloodlust to be directed at each other. ”

”I see… ” Victor put his hand on his chin and thought about why Vlad decided to do this; a few seconds passed, and he said:

”The king created the ritual to prevent the vampires from ending up at war with ’their food ’. ”

”Yes. That ’s basically it, vampires are beings prone to easily lose control of their bloodlust, especially the younger ones. ”

”I remember in the past, younger vampires would go to the human world to feed on humans, but because they didn ’t know how to do things correctly when feeding on humans, they ended up applying their venom to the humans. And, in most cases, these humans died due to the high death rate of the venom. But those who didn ’t die turned into vampires and ended up causing chaos in the world. ”

”I see… ”

[That wasn ’t taught to me…] Kaguya spoke.

”What do you mean? ”

”Huh? ” Scathach looked at Victor ’s shadow, then said something, ”Ah, that maid, huh? ”

[I learned all the vampire stories while I was training to be a maid, but I don ’t remember that.]

”Kaguya said she didn ’t learn this while training to be a maid. ”

”Oh, of course, she doesn ’t know that. The king used his Charm to make all the vampires of the time forget about that method, he just didn ’t do it to his children and me. ” Scathach turned away, then began stripping all of her clothes off again.

”Did he even do this to the vampire counts? ”

”Yes. ”

’Monster!!! ’ Victor ’s smile grew, but he had one question:

”Why didn ’t he do that to his kids too? ”

”He was always a doting father. ”

”… ” Victor opened his mouth a little, then he flashed a wry smile and didn ’t judge Vlad too much. Why didn ’t he?

Because Victor knew he would do the same if he was in Vlad ’s position, just imagining altering the brain of one of his sons or daughters left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

Victor soon returned to undressing, and when the two were completely naked, they entered the bathroom.


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