My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 174 - 174: The Obsession And Love Of A Mother-in-law.

After getting undressed and rinsing their bodies, Scathach and Victor exited the shower.

The two then made their way towards the bathtub, which was ridiculously large.

”What do you plan to do, Victor? ” Scathach asked suddenly.

”What do you mean? ” Victor asked as he stretched and closed his eyes. He supported both of his arms on the edge of the tub, sitting in a very sloppy way.

”… ” Scathach, who was sitting properly in the tub, looked at Victor and then at Victor ’s arms that were behind him. Unconsciously, a little smile appeared on her face when she saw this scene.

She elaborated, ”I ’m talking about Sasha. ”

When Victor heard Sasha ’s name, he opened his eyes:

”What do you think I will do? ”

”I will search for them, and I ’ll destroy everyone. ”

”… ” Scathach ’s smile grew when she saw Victor ’s gaze, and it was quite obvious that she liked his answer.

’Although it was a misunderstanding at first, this change in mindset is good. ’ At first Scathach thought Ruby had been ambushed by the hunters, and, because of that, she reacted so strongly to Victor ’s words.

But if she knew it wasn ’t Ruby but Sasha that Victor was talking about, her reaction would be completely different, and she would just say:

’Do what you think is best. ’

But, it wasn ’t like she didn ’t like Victor ’s change; in fact, she approved. He was increasingly acting like a vampire.

”Do you want my help? ” Scathach asked.

”… ” The expression on Victor ’s face changed to an annoyed one, he looked at Scathach:

”I…- ” Just as he was about to say something, Scathach interrupted him saying:

”I know, you will take care of everything yourself, right? ” She flashed a sneaky little smile, ”After all, your enemy is just ’yours ’, right? ”

”… ” Victor opened his mouth a little, and soon he displayed a small smile:

”I ’m glad you understand me. ” He was completely honest now.

”I spent six months with you, it would be weird if I didn ’t know you… ” She said, as she looked straight ahead, and then muttered in a low voice, ”Not to mention the fact that you are quite like me… ”

” Hahaha, that ’s true. ” He confirmed the two sentences she spoke.

”… ” A moment of silence fell around, Victor closed his eyes again and enjoyed his bath, but despite appearing as though he was relaxing, Victor ’s head was anything but calm.

The image of his disfigured maid and his wife, who were ambushed by those hunters, kept replaying itself in his head.

Scathach took the water from the tub and wet her sinful body, then she leaned back against the tub and relaxed.

’Somehow, this reminds me of the time I trained with Victor. ’ Scathach thought in nostalgia.

Even though it had only been 6 months, to Scathach, it seemed like a lot more than that, and that was pretty ironic coming from her, being a 2000+ year old vampire.

”Do you know about this man? ” Victor suddenly asked while his eyes were closed,

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at Victor, ”Who? ”

”General James, ” Victor spoke after remembering Julian ’s words.

”James… James… Hmmm… ” Scathach put her hand on her chin and started to think. To be honest, she couldn ’t recall a James. She never bothered remembering names and paying attention to ants, but as this was Victor ’s request, she began racking her brain as much as she could to try to recall as much as possible about this man named ’James. ’

She started to remember the time she visited the Vatican, picturing the four ants she met at the time.

The blond-haired one was the pope, that she remembered, as she had known the man for a long time now.

Now the red, black, and brown-haired men, she didn ’t even bother to remember.

Especially the brown-haired man, that man reeked of ineptitude, a dog that was not even worthy of breathing the same air as her.

After using her brain to the fullest, she finally got a lead. It was around the time she killed General Leonardo [red haired man] and General Kurtz [brown haired man]:

”James, use the enchantment! Try to immobilize this monster for a few seconds! ” Pope Alexander ordered.

”Yes, Your Holiness! ” The man made a gesture with his hands, and then a giant golden circle appeared around the Vatican.

”Oh? ” Scathach looked at the black-haired man, who looked dead with her eyes shining with interest.

She could tell with just one look that this man was different from that brown-haired man. This man was competent, he was talented.

Scathach stopped thinking about the memories since, now that she had found the information she wanted, the man ’s memory was no longer needed.

”I remember a man with black hair and black eyes, who had the look of someone dead. ” She explained what she remembered to Victor.

”Oh? What else do you know? ” Victor knew that before meeting Scathach, the woman attacked the Vatican, so she must know something more about this general, right?

After all, she fought him in person! She definitely must know something, right?

”I do not know anything else. ”

”… ” Victor was silent.

”Despite being a little more talented than the rest of the generals, he was still below average, so I didn ’t mind remembering his face or his name. ” Scathach spoke the truth, she just remembered why Victor had asked her a question, but if not for that, the next time she saw the man, she would ask,

”Who are you, damn you? ”

The man is so forgettable to her that she even forgot the fact that she killed him and the man revived.

”…As expected of you, I think. ” Victor displayed a faint smile on his face since he wasn ’t really irritated that Scathach didn ’t know about the man.

He was just amazed at how she could erase someone from her memory when she no longer had an interest in that person.

’Black eyes, black hair, and the look of a dead man, huh? ’ Victor thought about what he had just heard.

He made sure to imprint the man ’s features in his head.

”… ” Again, a moment of silence fell around the bathroom.

”HmmmHmmmHmmm. ” While soaking herself in the bathwater, Scathach started making sounds with her mouth as if she were playing a song she ’d heard in the past.

”… ” Victor looked at the woman with his blood-red eyes while he seemed to be thinking about several things.

”Come here. ” Victor suddenly spoke.

”…? ” Scathach didn ’t understand Victor ’s sudden call. She stopped what she was doing and turned her face to look at Victor.

”What are you doing? ” She asked with a genuine expression of confusion since she didn ’t understand why Victor had opened his arms and called out to her.

”You haven ’t fed yet, right? ” Victor spoke while he had a subtle smile on his face.

”Oh… ” Scathach understood now what he was trying to do:

”I ’m not thirsty yet-. ” She was about to deny Victor ’s call.

But Victor interrupted her, saying, ”Just come. ”

”… ” She looked at Victor with a neutral gaze, she thought of some things, but in the end, she said:

”Fine. ” It ’s not like she wanted to deny such a tempting offer, and even though it had only been a few days, she was already starting to feel the effects of her bloodlust.

As they were close to each other, she only had to get up a little to climb onto Victor ’s lap.

Scathach sat on his lap and rested her hands on his shoulders.

”Happy now? ” She spoke with a neutral face that held slight hints of shame since Scathach was feeling very awkward right now.

She did this kind of thing all the time when she was in training and even teased Victor before, but why couldn ’t she do it now? Why!?

Something was definitely not right… 

Victor looked into the emerald green eyes of the woman who was sitting on his lap.

He closed his eyes a little and exhibited a small smile, ”Yes… But, ” He opened his eyes and looked at the woman with a gentle look, very different from what Scathach had seen before.

’That look… What is it? What is this weird feeling? ’ She didn ’t understand anything.

She had long scarlet red hair that fell down her body due to her hair being wet, and the scene of her hair covering her full breasts looked quite tempting to Victor.


Victor couldn ’t help but swallow hard when he saw the sight of tiny droplets of water running down the curvy body that had pale skin that no normal human could have,

Scathach was stunning.

’Ahh… this is bad, this is definitely bad… ’ He couldn ’t help but smile gently.

”It ’s still not enough. ” He took hold of the woman ’s ass and lifted her a little, and with one quick movement, he hugged her.

Feeling something hard brush against the entrances to her private parts, Scathach ’s eyes twitched a little, ”Victor. What are you doing…- ” She looked like she was going to complain about something but stopped when she saw that Victor ’s neck was close enough for her to bite…

The scent was just too tempting, like a drug she could not live without.

Unconsciously, her eyes changed to blood red, sharp teeth began to take form before she completely forgot what she was going to ask.

Scathach ’s breathing started to become erratic as she sniffed the air a little to smell the scent of Victor ’s neck, appearing as though she was about to attack Victor at any moment.

”What are you waiting for? ” Victor squeezed Scathach ’s ass even tighter and moved her body closer as if he was claiming her.

”… ” Scathach was too distracted by the scent emanating from Victor ’s neck to think of anything or try to resist… And it was not like she disliked it either.

”Suck. ”

”!!! ” As if he had loosened the shackles that held her, Scathach opened her mouth and bit Victor ’s neck.


Gulp, Gulp.

She started drinking his blood like she was someone who hadn ’t had water for several months.

”Ahh~ ” Victor bit his lip to hold back his moan, and as if he was being influenced by Scathach ’s bloodlust, Victor ’s teeth started to change too.

Victor hugged Scathach tighter, opened his mouth, and bit the woman ’s neck too!

”!!! ” The woman ’s entire body visibly trembled. Even though he had sucked blood from her several times in the past, somehow, this time, it seems to be very different…

’That ’s… That ’s so good! ’ The woman ’s eyes seemed to glow brighter, and unconsciously, she hugged Victor tighter too.

If they weren ’t in the bath at the moment, Victor would have noticed that some suspicious liquid was leaking from somewhere that was quite important.

[…I should have stepped out of my master ’s shadow…] Kaguya mourned her fate.

A few hours passed, and night arrived.

Victor and Scathach had long since stopped sucking each other ’s blood, but for some reason, they weren ’t in the mood to move out of their current position.

Scathach was lying on Victor ’s chest while she was enjoying the caresses Victor was giving her hair.

Scathach usually didn ’t like it, considering she would usually feel as though Victor was treating her like a child… But for some reason, she felt that she didn ’t mind letting Victor do what he wanted for now…

”Kaguya, what time is it? ”

Scathach opened her eyes when he heard Victor talking about another woman. For a few seconds, her eyes went completely black but quickly returned to normal when she felt Victor ’s caress.

[It ’s Midnight, Master.]

”I see… ” Victor looked up, his eyes are glittering dangerously,

”It ’s time. ”

”… ” Scathach got up a little and looked at Victor, and, seeing the expression he was showing, she asked:

”What are you going to do? ”

”… ” Victor didn ’t answer right away and just flashed a small smile that showed off his sharp fangs.

He broke away from Scathach and got up from the tub.

”Oh… ” She couldn ’t help but react when she saw something hard as stone in front of her.


Unconsciously, she gulped. She was mesmerized by what was in front of her, and, for some reason, it felt more attractive than it had been in the past.

Scathach only came out of her stupor when she saw Victor walk towards the exit of the bathtub.

”!!! ” Scathach shook her head several times and wondered, ’What in the name of the seven hells is happening to me! ’ She felt like she always acted weird when these moments happened, and she always had weird thoughts when she was with Victor alone.

Scathach followed Victor with her eyes.

And as he walked, Victor lifted his wet hair back with his hands and said:

”I ’m going for a walk. ” Slowly his smile began to grow.

”… ” Scathach ’s eyes twitched a little when she heard what Victor said.

”A long and fun walk… ” He kept walking until he got out of the bathtub.

Scathach exhibited a small smile and said:

”I see… in that case, have fun, Victor. ”

Victor turned his face a little and looked at Scathach out of the corner of his eye:

”I will… I definitely will. ”

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