My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 176 - 176: An Angel Of Vengeance.

Vampire Kings Castle.

”Your Majesty, I came here today to ask your permission, ” Natashia spoke in a surprisingly respectful tone.

”… ” Vlad looked at Natashia with his blood red eyes; ’Interesting, she ’s gotten stronger, just like that little girl… ’ He could already imagine what had happened when he realized that an older vampire became a little stronger suddenly, something that was normally impossible.

After all, the older a noble vampire got, the harder it was for them to get stronger.

”Permission for what? ” Vlad spoke up, clearly pretending not to understand why she was here.

”I want your permission to challenge Clan Horseman for the title of vampire count. ” Natashia continued speaking in a respectful tone.

”…You know you don ’t need my permission for this, right? ” Vlad ’s eyes glowed a little blood red.

”I do not know. ” She was completely honest.

”What do you mean? ” Vlad asked.

”Never before in vampire history has there been a consecutive game for the title of vampire count. ”

”… ” Now that Natashia talked about it, Vlad thought it was true. He didn ’t make an explicit rule for it because he didn ’t think it was necessary.

Vlad thought about what to do, but it didn ’t take him long to make a decision:

”Annasthashia Fulger. ”

”Yes, your Majesty? ”

”Do you remember the unspoken rule of our world? ”

Natashia ’s smile grew unnaturally, ”Yes, I remember. ”

”What is the unspoken rule of our world? ” Vlad asked with a small smile.

”The strong are always right. ”

”I ’m glad you remember. ” He continued with the same smile.

Vlad knew, he knew their race is a bunch of proud and arrogant beings, and because of that, he let them do what they wanted as long as they didn ’t break the main rules he made.

He needed to keep some ground rules so these vampires could live in society.

But if there was one thing that never changed in all the rules he made, it was: ’The strong are always right. ’

Why didn ’t he do anything about that vampire thinking?

It ’s because he ’s strong.

Vlad could count on his hands the beings who could challenge him and have a chance to emerge victorious, and none of those beings were vampires.

And over the millennia, he just got stronger and stronger. He just needed to sit here, and his body would naturally get stronger.

He was not like these noble vampires.

He was an irregularity, a monster; that was why he didn ’t see the need to train. After all, he believed he had learned everything the world had to offer in the thousands of years he ’d wandered the Earth.

And there was also another reason why he didn ’t take proactive steps to change that thinking.

The thoughts of all supernatural beings are the same: ’The strong are always right. ’

Some societies like wolves take this more to the extreme, and some societies like witches don ’t believe it. But overall, it was common knowledge to all beings in the supernatural world that if you lose to a stronger being, it ’s your fault for not being strong enough.

”Do what you want, Annasthashia. ” Vlad gave his order, then he closed his eyes.

”Yes, Your Majesty. ” Natashia ’s smile was so wide that it caused a little discomfort in the man standing next to the king, ”I will definitely do that. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia ’s body began to be covered by the lightning, and just as she was about to leave, Vlad suddenly spoke:

”Before you go… I was curious about something. ” He opened his eyes and looked at Natashia.

”Huh? ” Natashia looked at Vlad, ”What are you curious about, your majesty? ”

”Why are you in such a hurry to get back what you lost? ” Vlad ’s eyes seemed to glow a little red as if he was looking through Natashia ’s entire being, and nothing could go unnoticed by his gaze.

”… ” Natashia was silent.

”Is it pride? Is it out of a sense of duty? I can not understand. ” Vlad could guess Natashia ’s thoughts, but he wanted to hear the response from the woman ’s mouth.

”I apologize if this sounds disrespectful, but you ’re mistaken, your majesty. ”

”Oh? ”

”The reason I ’m going to get it all back isn ’t because of some shitty motive like ’pride ’, or a sense of ’duty ’. ” Natashia ’s smile grew, as her cheeks turned a little red, then she spoke with surprising conviction:

”I will recover everything for my happiness, for my daughter ’s happiness, and for my husband ’s happiness. ”

Hearing the word ’husband ’. Vlad ’s eyes twitched so much now, he held back the urge to facepalm and continued to stare at Natashia.

Seeing the woman ’s gaze, he thinks, ’So this is all about that boy, huh? ’

”I see. That ’s a good reason. ”

”Right? That ’s a better reason than something like pride or some bullshit like that. ” Natashia smiled.

”… ” Looking into the woman ’s lifeless eyes, Alexios Alioth can ’t help but think; ’Does that man have some kind of magnet to attract crazy women? ’

”Yes, Indeed. You are correct. ” Vlad agreed with Natashia ’s words, but it was pretty obvious to Alexios that Vlad was only agreeing out of politeness since he didn ’t want to prolong his conversation with Natashia too much.

”Speaking of your husband… Where is that man? ” Vlad asked just out of curiosity. He wanted to know if Natashia knew something, considering all he knew was that Victor was in the human world.

Natashia ’s face took on an annoyed expression, ”…I know he ’s in the human world and somewhere near my daughter ’s old mansion. ” She just remembered that she should research more about Victor.

’How come I, as your wife, don ’t know anything about you, my husband!? That is inadmissible! ’ Natashia thought.

”But… ” Slowly a loving smile grew on her face:

”I bet wherever he is, he ’s definitely having fun. ”

Somewhere in California.

Victor looked into the moonlight with his blood red eyes:

”Ahh~ as expected, it ’s a beautiful night tonight, isn ’t it? My Maid. ” Victor ’s shadow began to shift, and soon the silhouette of Kaguya ’s shadow appeared.

[Yes, My Master…] Kaguya agreed with Victor, and then she continued:

[What are you planning to do, Master?]

”Hahahaha~, we ’re just going for a walk, my Maid. ” Victor flashed a smile that showed all of his sharp teeth. He was definitely not just going for a walk.

[…I see… Whatever the master decides to do, I, as your Maid, will be by your side.] Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone, but it contained a very visible determination.

”Thanks, My Maid. ”

”N-Noooooooo! ” A scream was heard in the distance by Victor.

Victor stopped looking at the moon and looked towards one place, as his world started to change to blood red, and his vision began to widen like an eagle ’s vision until it stopped in one place.

In this place, Victor could see a group of beings with their bodies glowing green, and he could also see two beings that had their hearts beating.

And one of those beings that had a beating heart was being surrounded by beings with green energy.

Victor ’s smile grew, ”A beautiful night indeed. ” Soon Victor ’s body seemed to disappear from the spot.

Inside a church, a very strange situation was taking place.

A group of men garbed in what looked like indigenous clothing were surrounding a woman in a nun ’s dress.

The woman had several parts of her dress torn, and she appeared to be being scrutinized by the group of men.

”Hmm, she has a good body, I think she will satisfy our mates. ” A dark man spoke as he looked at the woman; he appeared to be the leader of the group.

The woman had long black hair with sapphire blue eyes and was sitting on the floor while covering her breasts with her hands.

”Yes, despite being a nun who was supposed to serve God, she was born with a sinful body that looks like it was given by the devil himself. ”

Hearing someone familiar ’s voice, the woman looked at the man and opened her mouth in shock:

”Father Fernando, why are you doing this!? ”

”Why…? ” The man looked at the woman as if listening to some kind of nonsense, ”It ’s quite simple. The church needs money, my dear, Bruna. ” He looked at her like she was dumb. How could she not understand something simple like that?

”Wh-… ” Bruna couldn ’t believe what she was hearing.

”Do your best for the good of our church, just like the nun Leticia, ” Fernando said with a neutral, lifeless smile.

”… ” Bruna opened her mouth wide, her eyes filled with horror. A few months ago she had received news that her childhood friend Letícia had disappeared, and she tried to look everywhere, but she didn ’t find her.

She looked for the police, but the police didn ’t try very hard to help, and in the end, the case was left open. It was like no one wanted to look for her friend.

”You sold her to this scum!? ” She screamed angrily.

”Grr… ” Several men around her began to growl at the woman.

”Ohhh! ” Bruna walked and crawled back in fear when she saw the sharp teeth and golden eyes of the men.

”D-Demon. ”

”This is taking a long time. ” Suddenly a tall man in garments similar to the man ’s said, ”Get the deal over with, we need to put this woman to work for our future. ” He tossed a bag to the man beside the priest.

”Yes, I know. ” The man took the bag and opened it.

”Take it. ”

”Ohhhh, ” the priest ’s eyes gleamed with greed as he saw the gems inside the bag, ”It ’s a pleasure working with you. Come here again in six months, maybe I can get you another nun. ”

”It ’s always good to do business with you, Father. ” The man held out his hand.

The priest smiled and held out his hand and took the man ’s hand, ”I agree. ”

Finishing what he had to do, the man looked at the woman, ”Take off those ridiculous clothes, we need to dress her up for the ritual. ” He ordered.

”Yes. ” The men around the woman spoke as they looked at the woman with their eyes gleaming gold.

”W…W-What are you doing? ” She stuttered in fear.

They approached the woman and started tearing at her clothes.

”N-Nooooooo! ”

A few seconds later, the woman was completely the way she came into the world.

”Now that those clothes are off, I can see you really have a great body. Are you really a nun? ”

”Snif, Snif… ” The woman didn ’t respond and just looked at the man with a look of pure hatred.

”Can ’t we start the ritual now? ” Some of the men asked while looking at the woman with visible desires.

”Yes, we should start the ritual now. ”

”Don ’t let your desires control you, remember our purpose. ” The man spoke with a cold look.

The men ’s eyes shifted to a serious look, ”…Yes, you ’re right. ”

”Good. ” He started walking towards the exit:

”Take her. ” He ordered.

”D-Don ’t come near me, no… I don ’t want to be defiled… ” The woman ’s face darkened in horror, while tears started to fall from her face. She could already guess what kind of fate she would have if those men came near her.

Before the men ’s hands lifted the woman ’s body, they all heard a demonic voice that sent shivers down their spines:

”I ’m really curious about your purpose, little cub. ”

”!!!? ” Everyone turned their faces and looked towards the voice, and soon they saw a man sitting under the Cross.

’How long has he been there? ’ The man who was giving the orders thought.

The man ’s eyes glowed a dangerous blood red while he took in all the men present but quickly lost interest and rose from where he was sitting.

”He ’s tall… ” One of the men spoke.

”Father, what a sinful man you are, you sold a person for some precious stones… And you still call yourself a man of God? ”

”…God doesn ’t pay my bills. ” The priest ’s response was instantaneous, and his response left the woman and the tall man looking shocked.

”pfft… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ ” The man started to laugh intensely like he had heard the funniest joke in the world.


Everyone gulped when they heard the man ’s crazy laugh.

Instinctively, they could feel that man is bad news.

”We need to get out of here… and fast. ” One of the men whispered. He was the same man who handed over the bag that contained gemstones.

”Yes. ” The man giving the orders agreed, ”Get the woman, we need-. ”

”No one leaves this place without my permission. ” Suddenly everyone heard the man ’s cold voice, and then:


Cold air came out of the man ’s body and spread throughout the church, and soon the entire church was covered with ice.

As cold air came out of his mouth, the man said, ”Cocoon. ”

”What the fuck… ” One of the men spoke as he looked out the window and saw that the ancient desert landscape of grass was covered by a gigantic wall of ice.

An ice throne was created in front of the cross, and the man sat down, crossed his legs, then placed a hand on his chin as if bored.

”… ” The woman looked at this sight with her mouth open in sheer shock, as the sight of the man sitting in front of the Cross made the woman think; ’An angel…? ’

But she was dead wrong, the man could be anything, but he was definitely not an angel.


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