My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 176 - 176: An Angel Of Vengeance.

practice passed down by our tribe. Have I not already said? It was used to create new warriors. ” The man answered all questions with a neutral look.

The nun Bruna bit her lip in frustration, ”…What do you mean by ’she was used to create new warriors ’? ”

”Exactly what the phrase implies, it was used to create new warriors, and the means of making new warriors is through procreation. ”

”… WW-What happened to her? ” Bruna ’s voice seemed to be breaking in despair, ”Is she alive? ” She still had some hope that her friend was alive, however deplorable her condition was.

”No woman survives the ritual. ”

”… ” Bruna put her hand over her mouth and looked at the man in front of her as if he were a monster, then she fell to the ground and began to cry silently.

Suddenly a frightening pressure fell through all the wolves, and they felt like the world had fallen on them:

”Dog, answer me. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed a cruel red.

”… ” The man ’s body shook, and soon his eyes lost their hint of life. He was in the control of Victor.

”What are you-. ” One of the man ’s subordinates was going to say something, but Victor wasn ’t in the mood for it. He just looked at the subordinates and said:

”Silence. ” Quickly they all nodded like they were robots.

”Where is your tribe located? ” That was the first thing Victor wanted to know.

”Our tribe is located… ” The man began to explain the location of their tribe to Victor.

After listening to the man ’s explanation, Victor asked:

”What is the ritual you guys talk about so much? ”

”The ritual is a sacred practice. We capture virgin women, turn them into werewolves, and use them to increase the number of warriors. ”

[Disgusting creature.] Kaguya felt that, for the first time in her life, she had met someone who could be called trash.

”Did you participate in this ’ritual ’? ”

”Of course, all men participate. ”

”… Why do you do this? ”

”There is a myth in our clan that if a considerable number of werewolves are born at the same time, an alpha may be born among them, and we need an Alpha. ”

”Why do you need an Alpha? ”

”Our tribe does not have an Alpha, and because of that, we are weak, so we need a leader to make us stronger. ”

”Is this myth real? ”

”We do not know. ”

”… ” Victor opened his mouth in shock since he seemed to have heard the most absurd thing in his life.

”And because of this myth that you don ’t even know is true, you ’re kidnapping nuns and using them as a breeding machine? ” Victor spoke in a venomous tone.

”Yes. ” The man ’s emotionless response only made him angrier.

”… ” Victor was silent.

”Leticia… Leticia… I ’m sorry, I should have stayed with you… ”

For a moment, he looked at the woman who was crying on the floor with a neutral face, and then his vision went to the man behind the pillar:

”Did you know about this, worm? ”

The priest ’s body trembles and he says, ”Yes. ”

”How many nuns have you delivered to this tribe? ”

”Five nuns. ”

”… Why did you do that? ” he asked, even though he already knew the answer.

”I did it for the money, and for my happiness. The church is no longer receiving donations, and I was living in poverty. ”

”Why didn ’t you try to work? ”

”Why should I work? I ’m just supposed to receive donations and live a good life, but the donations stopped happening because of a problem in the local town, and I don ’t-. ”

”Silence. ” Victor didn ’t feel like hearing any more.

”… ” The man closed his mouth.

Victor was not a saint; he had committed a massacre of innocent beings a few days ago.

Victor considered himself a warrior and was always looking to get stronger and face stronger opponents. After all, he would have fun in the process. And, by considering himself a warrior, he would only raise his sword to those who raised their swords against him first.

That was the thought that led him to kill the SWAT agents.

But what about these men?

”… I was wrong. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed a cruel red, he looked at all these men:

”Calling you worms is just an insult to the worms themselves. You don ’t deserve it. ” For Victor, these men were something worse than worms. He didn ’t even have enough adjectives to describe what these men were.

He just felt disgust for these men, and Victor ’s whole being was repulsed by these men.

He created an ice sword and held it in his hand as he walked towards the men.

”Sniff, Sniff. ”

Victor stopped walking, he looked at the woman with a neutral gaze, and slowly his face changed to show a slight annoyance:

”How long will you cry, Nun! ” Victor ’s voice seemed to echo throughout the church as the entire building seemed to tremble at his bellow.

”…? ” The woman looked at Victor with a tearful look.

Victor didn ’t say anything and just threw the sword he created in front of the woman.

”… ” The woman looked at the sword without understanding anything. She looked at Victor again and then saw him pointing his finger at all the wolves:

”This is your revenge, you must do this. ”

”I-… ” She hesitated.

”You must do this. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed with insanity.

”… ” The woman looked into Victor ’s eyes:

”It was your people who were given to be used by these men, it was your friend who was given to these men, the souls of these women cry out for revenge. ”

”You must do this! ” Victor ’s demonic voice shook the woman ’s entire existence.

”!!! ” The woman looked at Victor with wide eyes in shock, Victor still looked like an angel to the woman, but for the first time, the woman understood what kind of angel Victor was…

He was an angel of vengeance…

The woman looked at the ice sword in front of her.

Unconsciously, a memory appeared in her mind:

”Hey, Bruna. What are you going to do when you leave this town? ”

”… I do not know. ”

”Hahaha, you are always like this, always indecisive. You need to take action more often, Woman! ”

”Stop calling me indecisive. ” Bruna pouted.

”Well, I already know what I ’m going to do! ”

”…? ” Bruna looked at her friend:

”I will build a family! A big family! I ’ve always dreamed of this. I know the people at the orphanage are my family too, but… I want to have a ’real ’ family, someone who shares my blood! ”

”I see… If it ’s you, I ’m sure you ’ll be able to build a beautiful family. ” Bruna exhibited a gentle smile.

”Seriously? ”

”Yes. ”

”Hahahaha, I definitely will! ”

Bruna woke up from her memories, ”Yes, you ’re right… I was always indecisive, but not anymore. ” Bruna ’s eyes shone with determination.

She picked up the ice sword.

”Ugh. ” She felt the ice hurting her hand, but she didn ’t care. Instead, she raised the sword up and looked at the wolves:

”I will kill them. Everyone. I will kill them. ” She walked towards the leader and thrust her sword into his heart.

Her hands shook as she felt the sensation of flesh being pierced, but she didn ’t stop, ”AHHHH! ” She put in more strength and pierced the man ’s heart.

The man fell to the ground, he wasn ’t dead yet, the woman didn ’t know it, her mind was in chaos, but unconsciously she just looked at the other men.

She gripped the sword with determination, and hate flashed in her eyes, and soon she walked towards the men and began to kill them one by one.

”…good. ” Victor ’s smile grew so distorted that if anyone saw his smile now, they would definitely call him a demon.

But he couldn ’t help it. He was just too pleased with what he was witnessing.

’I found my first Maid. ’


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