My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 179 - 179: My Maids Show Me.

re freaking out at what they just saw!

But they were even more scared when they saw a maid coming out of the shadows. Despite the maid being shorter than all the beings present, the pressure that exuded from her body was frightening.

’I must redeem myself for my former weakness… ’ Kaguya thought as her eyes glowed blood red. She was so motivated! The failure of the past must be paid for with more effort!

”Kaguya…? ” Bruna couldn ’t believe what she was seeing in front of her. Kaguya ’s body was slowly covered in shadows as if she only had become a piece of ’nothing ’. It was very strange.

”Lusty Maid. ”

”Watch and learn. ” Her entire body was covered in shadows, ”This is how a Vampire of Clan Blank fights. ”


Darkness began to leave Kaguya ’s body, spread around it, and in the blink of an eye.

Kaguya was in front of a werewolf.

Cut, Cut, Cut.

In less than a few seconds, she cut the werewolf several times.


Pieces of meat started to fall to the ground. However, before the severed flesh could reach the ground, Kaguya had already disappeared again, and the same scene happened over and over again…

”This is brutal… ” Bruna put her hand over her mouth while she felt the acids in her body wanting to leave and felt like vomiting!

[Don ’t look away, Nun.]

Bruna heard Victor ’s voice in her head.

”Yes… Master. ” Bruna clenched her fist and looked at Kaguya, who had appeared in the middle of the village.

’I feel like I can use my Clan technique now… ’ Kaguya thought.

Soon the daggers of darkness Kaguya was holding grew to the size of a sword, and Kaguya crouched a little while the swords were blade up. She appeared to be in a martial arts pose.

Her hair, which was covered in darkness, seemed to grow longer, flowing towards the ground, only to float in the air soon after, as if defying gravity. It was as if her hair were tentacles of darkness.

And suddenly, Kaguya ’s hair hardened into blades.

”What the fuck is this!? ” A werewolf could not understand what he was watching! He was looking at this being completely covered with darkness that appeared to be surrounded by blades.

”Dance of darkness. ” Kaguya whispered in a low voice.


Kaguya darted towards the group of wolves.

”Wha-. ” The man was about to say something, but he stopped when he saw his point of view splitting.

As if it were a choreography composed by the devil himself, Kaguya began to ’dance ’ among the werewolves. Any being that came close to her would have only one fate.

Cut, Cut, Cut!

They were slaughtered like pigs.

”Stop talking nonsense, we need to kill this monster, get the elder ’s amulet! Let ’s-… ” The man was going to say something, but he couldn ’t.

Slowly the man ’s point of view began to descend, owing to how he had died without understanding what happened to his body.

Victor, who was watching this from a distance, only had a big smile on his face. He was definitely enjoying what he was seeing:

”My Maid… and to think you were hiding something like this? ”


Victor completely got it all wrong. It ’s not that she was hiding it. She shouldn ’t be able to use this technique, at least not yet. But by drinking his blood, Kaguya ’s power control had increased dramatically. After all, she had never tasted Victor ’s blood until a few days ago.

”Oh? ” Victor stopped laughing and looked somewhere, ”He ’s finally making his move. Let ’s see how you do, My Maid… ” He spoke with a small smile, but like a lie, his smile changed to a serious face, and lifelessly he said:

”And this time, I ’m here if something happens. ”

A tall man was walking towards Kaguya. He was holding a giant hammer, and in his other hand, he seemed to be holding something like a round talisman that had the symbol of a wolf. He was also wearing an animal skin suit.

He looked at the werewolves ’ bodies on the ground:

”Tsk, what carnage. At this rate, I will have to practice the ritual for over 100 years. ” The man looked at the moonlight, ’Today isn ’t a full moon, huh? ’

”I didn ’t want to wear the talisman, since this is the last one I have, but… Whatever, I can ’t let my effort be destroyed by this maid. ”

The man raised his hand, looking at the talisman in his hand. He then shattered the talisman and threw it in the air.

A small light came out of the broken talisman and suddenly flew skyward.


A gigantic white magic circle appeared in the sky:

”That ’s… ” The werewolves who were just being slaughtered by Kaguya like pigs started to react to the strange magic circle in the air.

”The power of the talisman… ”

”Elder is here! ”

Kaguya looked up with her blood-red eyes. When she saw the moon symbol in the middle of the magic circle, her eyes flashed with annoyance, ”Tsk. ” She clicked her tongue in annoyance and then disappeared into the shadows. At an inhuman speed, she approached Bruna and pulled her into her shadow.

”Wha-. ”

”Silence, you need to hide for now. ” Kaguya didn ’t take no for an answer. This was a lot more than a newborn vampire could handle.

The man took a deep breath and suddenly spoke in a booming voice:

”Wolves!!!! ”

”…!? ” All of the surviving werewolves looked to the tall man who was wearing animal skin clothing.

”It ’s time to hunt! ”

The smiles of all the men grew, their eyes started to glow a golden hue, and as if they had synchronized, the men looked at the moon, then something strange started to happen.

The werewolves who only had a half transformation started to grow in size, while their heads started to look more like a wolf, and tails started to grow behind the men.

Suddenly the sight of several wolves over 250 CM in height could be seen.

”ROOOOOOAAAAAAAR! ” They roared towards the moon, and soon everyone looked at Kaguya with wild eyes.

”…That ’s… ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, ”Splendid~. ”

”Now, show me, My Maid. Show me a bloody spectacle! ” Victor ’s voice echoed across the battlefield.

For a moment, the wolves looked at Victor.

”Oh? That ’s… ” The Elder seemed to have understood something.

”…Yes, My Master. ” Kaguya ’s smile grew, as, somehow, when she felt Victor around, she was filled with power!


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