My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 17: She is your wife.

e closes the door, she calls my parents ’ attention.

”Mister Leon, and Mistress Anna, I came back sorry for the delay. ”

”Oh, Kaguya, right? Where were you, I haven ’t seen you all morning. ” my mom asked.

”I was solving some problems that Lady Violet forgot to deal with, ” Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone.

”Oh, good job! As expected of a professional maid, you guys are different. ” My mom praised her honestly.

It seems that my mother ’s compliment seemed to work because Kaguya flashed a small satisfied smile and spoke in her usual neutral tone as she seemed to puff out her chest, ”This is easy for me. ”

”Umu, Umu! Get in the house, let ’s talk! ” My mom spoke with a big smile as she invited Kaguya to her side.

”Unfortunately, I can ’t do that right now, I ’m working, ” Kaguya said as she grabs my arms.

I ’m a little surprised by Kaguya ’s attitude.

”Oh? ” My mother displays a meaningful smile.

I look at her smile and immediately understand what she ’s thinking; are you after another girl? What if Violet finds out about this? Be careful, I won ’t meddle in your personal life, but I don ’t want a child killed by their wife!

How do I know she specifically said that? Well, in the past, she and I talked a lot about the future and, she said those exact words; she said she wouldn ’t meddle in my personal life, after all, I would be an adult in the future, she just didn ’t she wanted the tragedy she saw in an anime to be repeated with her womanizing son…

I felt a lot of damage that day when she said the word ’womanizing ’, at the time I couldn ’t even catch a fly, let alone catch a woman.

”Lord Victor, we have a problem, ” Kaguya spoke in a low voice as she looked at me with a serious expression.

Seeing Kaguya ’s serious expression, I understand that something serious has happened and Kaguya needs me for something. After all, she ’s a serious maid, and she wouldn ’t make a joke about a problem. I nod my head indicating that I understand, and I tell my parents, ”I ’ll work something out with Kaguya, I ’ll be back soon. ”

”Take care~ ” My mom spoke as she waved at me, but suddenly she makes an expression like she remembers something and she yells, ”Victor! You should go get Zack from the vet, he must be missing you! ”

”Oh!! I had completely forgotten about my cat. ” I smack my hand over my head, now that I ’ve stopped to think about it, I ’ve been missing stroking that fluffy fur. Deciding that I would pick up Zack from the vet later, I went out with Kaguya.

When Victor left his house with Kaguya, they entered a secret passage that was close to a wall, and soon they slowly descended into the basement of the house.

”Do you think Victor is doing things with Kaguya? ” Leon asked curiously when he saw the house door close.

”I doubt it. I know my son, I raised him to be a loyal man; he won ’t run after another woman if he ’s married to a woman as beautiful as Violet, something probably happened. ” Anna, Victor ’s mother, spoke with an unconcerned expression.

”I see, ” Leon said and then continued washing the dishes. ”Wait, they ’re married, right? But why was there no wedding ceremony? ” He spoke as he washed the dishes, but when he realized what he was saying, he looked at Anna.

Suddenly Anna looks like she ’s been struck by lightning, she freezes and looks at Leon with shining eyes, it was like she had something interesting to do.

Leon, seeing this, just thought; ’Oh shit, I ’m sorry, son. ’

”…I didn ’t know maid work included kidnapping beautiful women, is that a new kind of fetish? ” I asked Kaguya who ignored what I said while looking at the two blonde women who were sleeping in two separate beds, the first blonde woman was wearing a modern maid dress that looked like Kaguya ’s.

And the other woman… She was beautiful… Unlike Violet, she had short blond hair that reached her neck, very pale skin, thick thighs, and big breasts.

she was wearing a long-sleeved black silk shirt with a two-button collar that goes to the middle of the neck, between her breasts there was a white square-shaped tile embroidered on the edges in gold, it looks very tight and, since it is silk, and you could completely see her round breasts and her very slim waist. What was even more surprising was the white sailor-like coat with a bow tie tied just above her breasts, just leaving the white coat over her shoulder without actually wearing it.

She wore a white skirt with two belts, one at the waist and one falling more diagonally on the right side, it was cut like those cheongsam dresses and showed off a sexy black garter belt that covered her long, perfect legs.

I noticed she was also wearing white 2-inch high heels, but the heels were leaning against the side of the bed.

This woman was very attractive, I feel my vision changing, and I look at her and feel the same thing as when I saw Violet for the first time. It was an inexplicable attraction, it was like I needed to suck her blood, ” Ugh. ” I put a hand to my throat and walk away quickly.

looking at my reaction to seeing the blonde woman for a long time, Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone, ”You ’re reacting to her, huh? ”

”Who is she? ” I asked as I held my heart, I thought I had quenched my bloodlust with Violet, but why was I reacting so strongly?

Kaguya doesn ’t answer me, she looks at the woman who ’s been lying in bed for a long time and I see her hesitate as if she ’s making an important decision, in the end, she seems to make up her mind then looks at me and speaks in a serious tone of voice, ”She ’s your wife. ”

”…Huh? ” I look at Kaguya in shock with my mouth agape.

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