My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 183 - 183: Hes Coming For You. 2


Hearing a scream of pain that sounded more like the howlings of a wounded animal, everyone looked in the direction of the scream.

”This is… ”

”Don ’t tell me… Elder lost… ”

The werewolves couldn ’t believe what they were hearing, they couldn ’t believe their Elder lost.

”Not even the elder was able to defeat a vampire count…? ” One of the werewolves asked aloud in disbelief, while this werewolf also felt envious of vampires who didn ’t rely on an Alpha to get stronger.

”Master won! ” Bruna somehow felt an immense satisfaction, and she found this feeling very strange. After all, she was celebrating the death of someone, and, as a Nun, this was something unthinkable.


”It ’s okay, he ’s my god, so if he said it, he ’s correct! ” Her eyes weren ’t pretty.

’He avenged my childhood friend too! As expected of my god. ’

The power of faith was incredible, wasn ’t it?

Kaguya ’s eyes glowed blood red as she realized her master had finished his fight:

”… It ’s time. ” she suddenly spoke, her voice sending shivers through everyone, including Bruna, who was next to her.

”My Master finished his part. As a Maid, it would be a shame to keep him waiting. ” Kaguya ’s body slowly began to be covered by darkness as her hair started to grow again and became sharp blades. She was using the same technique she used moments ago.

Kaguya turned her blood red eyes to the wolves:

”Don ’t you agree? ”


A deep darkness seeped from Kaguya ’s body and spread around her.

”!!! ” The wolves felt their entire beings tremble as they looked into Kaguya ’s eyes and that strange power of hers, and, before they could comprehend anything or react, all the wolves found themselves in a completely dark place.

”What is happening!? ”

”Where we are!? ”

The werewolves started freaking out and couldn ’t understand anything that was going on.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ” Suddenly a scream of unbridled fear and pure agony was heard by everyone, followed by several more.


”MY legs!!! ”

It was pretty obvious something was up.

”Fuck! ” A werewolf yelled in anxiety as he covered his hands with some sort of material that looked like platinum and attacked the ground.


A large crater was created in the ground, and the darkness was dispelled.

The werewolf looked around and realized he was the only one alive.

”Just what kind of monster is that woman… ”

”How rude, calling me a monster… ”

”!!! ” The werewolf felt shivers run down his spine when he heard a voice below him.

He slowly looked down, only to see a ’demon ’ covered in darkness with long hair of blade-like darkness looking at him with blood-red eyes.

The creature displayed a smile that showed all its sharp teeth:

”I ’m a Maid. ”

”Such Bulshit-. ” The man couldn ’t finish what he was going to say as his whole body was eviscerated into several pieces, and in the end, became clumps of meat, oozing blood and covered in dirt.

”… ” A silence descended upon the surroundings.


Bruna gulped and looked around, and again, she felt like vomiting. All around her were severed arms, legs, heads, and flesh, garnished in guts and bits and pieces of bones.

Everything was scattered around as if the bodies were components to the opus of gore and madness that Kaguya had composed. As if the village itself were the canvas to a nightmarish masterpiece, an ode to slaughter.

”Get used to it, ” Kaguya spoke in an ordering tone of voice.

”Huh? ” Bruna didn ’t understand what Kaguya was saying, as she looked at her appearance that could only be described as demonic.

”Like me, you ’re a personal Maid of Count Alucard, this kind of sight will become commonplace in the future, you must get used to it… Or your mindset won ’t last long. ” Kaguya soon turned her face to the side, and slowly her body began to return to normal.

She could feel her master approaching!

”… ” Bruna didn ’t say anything and just nodded, indicating that she understood what Kaguya said.

Step, Step.

Hearing footsteps approaching and feeling the presence of her master, Bruna looked at Victor, who was walking while carrying a large broken hammer on his shoulder.

”Oh? ” Victor looked around and saw the bodies of all the wolves, while the place that was once a village had become something like a slaughterhouse.

”Nice job, My Maids. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”…It was nothing, my master, ” Kaguya spoke with a small smile on her face.

”… ” Bruna, like before, just imitated Kaguya ’s gestures.

”… ” Victor looked at Bruna for a few seconds, he seemed to be thinking about something, but soon his attention was lost when he felt something inside him demanding blood.

Victor ’s gloves started to glow crazily, and the scene that occurred next would be something that Bruna would never forget.

Blood, yes indeed. All the blood around started to float as if it were in zero gravity.

Victor ’s face lost his usually handsome appearance and became a deep darkness with blood-red accents, only his mouth and eyes visible now.

He raised his hand and said, ”Devour. ”

Suddenly the blood in the air stopped floating.

Victor displayed a big smile and opened his mouth wide in an unnatural way, and then all the blood around him surged towards Victor ’s mouth like a crimson deluge as if being called by something.

”What is this…? ” Bruna couldn ’t understand the vision she was seeing now.

”One of my master ’s powers. Blood control. ” Kaguya spoke.

”I see… ” Bruna nodded, indicating that she understood.

The blood of all the bodies, the blood that had pooled, splattered, or smeared, was all devoured by Victor in a matter of seconds.

Victor closed his mouth, and his face returned to normal.

”Disgusting. ” Victor felt like he ate shit, not that he had ever tasted shit before, but he was pretty sure if he ate shit, the taste would be indistinguishable.

”But… ” Victor looked at his hand, and soon a blood sword appeared. Unlike before, when Victor felt difficulties using his blood power, this time, the process was a smoother one.

’My power is obeying me a little better… But not completely. ’ He felt he needed to feed more and from many different beings.

”Hmm… ” Victor seemed to be thinking deeply about something as he looked at his blood sword.

”Master? Does something bother you? ” Kaguya asked…

”…? ” Victor awoke from his thoughts and looked at his Maid, flashing a small smile, and said:

”It ’s nothing, My Maid. ”

”Let ’s get back to our little walk. ” He said while undoing his power and handing the hammer to Kaguya.

”Yes, Master. ” Kaguya and Bruna spoke synchronously.

Kaguya looked at the hammer in her hand, noticed the runes etched on its surface, and made a strange expression; ’I see. As expected of my master, he noticed. ’ She sucked the hammer into her shadow and walked towards Victor.

It was four-thirty in the morning now, and the sun was about to rise at any moment, signaling the approaching end to Victor ’s long, fun night.

Victor and his Maids were on top of a building as they looked out over New York.

”I ’ve never been to New York… ” Bruna spoke while holding the railing of the balcony very tightly.

She put so much force into her hands that the iron was bending.

She wasn ’t crazy like her master and Kaguya, who were on the edge of the building. What if she fell!? She knew she wouldn ’t take damage, but… It ’s scary! The height is scary!

Kaguya, who was looking at Victor, who was looking around with eyes glowing blood red, withdrew her attention from her master and looked at Bruna:

”… Lusty Maid, are you afraid of falling? ” Kaguya exhibited a small smile.

”…H-Huh? What are you talking about? I ’m not scared! ” Despite having said this with great determination, she did not let go of the railing…

”Heh… ”

A vein popped in Bruna ’s head, ”Stop showing that annoying smile! I already said I ’m not scared! ”

”Yes, Yes, I believe you. ” Kaguya rolled her eyes and definitely didn ’t believe it.

”Ugh… ”

”Oh? ” Victor fixed his vision on one spot.

”Master? ” Kaguya looked at Victor again, and, seeing the smile on his face, she couldn ’t help but think.

’Do not tell me…? Will he commit another mass homicide? ’ Kaguya didn ’t doubt her master ’s abilities to cause chaos.

”I found something interesting. Come to my shadow, My Maid. ” Victor ordered.

”Yes, Master. ” Kaguya ’s shadow began to grow and captured Bruna.

”Wha-, ” The woman would complain about it, but Kaguya didn ’t care, she just swallowed Bruna in her shadow, and soon she entered Victor ’s shadow.

Victor took a step towards nothingness, and suddenly as if by magic, his entire body turned into a swarm of bats.

POV ???

People on television say, ’A good family accepts you as you are, they won ’t discriminate against you, they won ’t treat you badly. ’

’The whole family has its problems. ’


But… Maybe these people are correct, but that doesn ’t apply to me.

It ’s a useless subject because I ’m thinking about it?

”Again, I ’m trapped in this darkness, alone, hungry, and in pain… Although I have a window, the only thing I see is the brick wall of the building next door… ” I spoke out loud as I leaned against the iron of the cage.


”What a hard life… ” I looked towards my bedroom wall. As long as I have been aware of myself, these four walls and a window that leads to nowhere, were the only sight I remember clearly.

The walls of this dark room.

’I hate that… ’

”I read in my mother ’s bible that angels exist and that they help those in need. ”

’Such Bullshit. I hate that. ’

”Hmm… Can I call that woman my mother? ” I felt that I was committing a crime against myself by calling that woman mother.

’Of course not, a woman who has never taken care of you cannot be your mother. ’

”Right? What am I to them then? ”

’A tool, something expendable, you are nothing to them. ’

”Hey, that was horrible. ”

’It is the truth. ’

”Perhaps you are right. ” I don ’t have a mother or father, I don ’t have a family. My only family is myself.

’You know I ’m right, I ’m always right. ’


”For a figment of my imagination, you are quite arrogant. Maybe, I ’ve gone completely crazy… I read that when you don ’t have human contact for a long time, people get a lot of mental problems. ”

”What was the name again? Dual personality? Dual personality? Deadpool? Stockholm Syndrome?… I forgot. Meh, it ’s not like it matters now. ”

’Lucidity is overrated. Madness is the only truth. ’

”… That ’s debatable. ”


”… ”

’Of course, it isn ’t. ’

”Maybe it ’s not, But- …Ugh. ” I place a hand on my arm and see it ’s still bleeding.

’How many injuries this time? ’

”Arms with small deep cuts, legs are in the same condition, and some rib fractures, and I ’m not hearing out of one of my ears. ”

They overreacted, huh? Those bastards.

”You get used to it… And it will heal, probably in a few years… if I don ’t die from blood loss. ”

’…You shouldn ’t get used to it… And why are you so indifferent to death? ’

”What choice do I have? I ’ve been in this situation since I became self-aware. ”

’Fight! ’

”Non-sense. How am I going to fight with my malnourished body? How am I going to fight with my weak body? A fight only happens when the two opponents are on the same level. If I react now, I ’ll just get beaten up like a mangy dog. ”

’That ’s surprisingly smart coming from you. ’

”Being stuck in a room full of old books has its perks… ”

’…Your situation is very similar to that of Solomon. ’

”Well, Solomon was destined to be a king… I… I ’m nobody. ”

I don ’t think that ’s true… You were definitely nobody before, but now…?

”What do you mean? ”

’Prepare, Child. Azrael is coming for you… I wonder what choice you ’ll make when you meet him? ’

”Azrael, the angel of death? ”

’Hahaha, calling him an angel is incorrect, he is not an angel, and neither is he death. ’

’He is walking a fine line between life and death. ’

’A unique existence indeed. ’

”What are you talking about? …I ’m really doubting that you are my imagination right now… ”

’Fate is integral sometimes, although sometimes she ’s a bitch. Hahahaha~! ’

’Oh? He ’s here. I wonder what your choice will be… Wrong, our choice, I hope he chooses us correctly. After all, our fate depends on our choice. ’

”Hmm, I didn ’t expect this… You are definitely interesting. ”

I looked towards the voice, yet all I saw were blood-red eyes looking at me through the window like they could see through my whole existence.

The being looked around as if inspecting the room I was in before settling his shining eyes on me once more.

”Mind if I come in? ” The being asked.

At first, I was hesitant, but the longer I stared into the depths of the creature ’s eyes, the less unwilling I became until, without my notice, the words had already escaped my lips.

”Yes… ”

Slowly, the being started to pass through the wall as if it didn ’t exist and stopped in front of me.

Despite being dark, I could tell the being was tall.

He knelt down and looked into my eyes.

I stared into his blood-red eyes that were as beautiful as rubies. Although I had never seen a ruby ​​in person.

”Your eyes… I like your eyes. ” He wore a scary smile, but for some reason, that smile didn ’t scare me.

”Tell me, Girl. What ’s your name? ” He asked me in a gentle voice, a voice that no one had ever directed at me in my entire life, unconsciously, I couldn ’t help but answer:

”My name is… ”


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