My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 188 - 188: A Wolf There A Wolf Here Wolves Everywhere! 2

s gaze as if the man could see everything about her. It was as if she couldn ’t hide anything from him.

When he was close enough to the woman, a man standing beside the woman spoke:

”Step back! ” He tried to touch Victor, but he just touched the air as if Victor had passed through his hand.

”Oh…? ” Adam ’s smile grew a little.

”Wha-, ” Before Anderson ’s other subordinates did something.

Anderson held up a hand and stopped the group from acting.

”Anderson? ”

”Leave him alone… ” Anderson ’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Victor started walking around the woman as he watched her with his eyes. He observed every inch of the woman with his eyes, then stopped in front of the woman and crouched a little, looking at the woman ’s trained abs with curious eyes.

Did he look like a man who was sizing up a woman in a strange way, a pervert perhaps?

At least that ’s what it looked like to those who didn ’t know about Victor ’s ability.

”… ” The woman felt strange, clearly seeing that Victor was not looking at her with lustful eyes, while all she could feel from him was curiosity.

Suddenly he rose and spoke while looking into the woman ’s eyes:

”Woman, you ’re weird. ” That was Victor ’s honest opinion, the woman in front of him was emitting a kind of aura he had never seen before, and he couldn ’t even see an exact color of her aura. It was just too weird.

”…That ’s not a very nice thing to say to a woman. ”

Victor exhibited a slight smile, ”…Yes, indeed. ”

But then he turned and walked back to where he was sitting, Adam ’s house and his own house; they are some of the few places he didn ’t mind sitting down without having to create a throne of ice.

”But it doesn ’t change the fact that you ’re weird. ” Victor continued as he walked.

Victor sat back down on the sofa, looking up at the sky, and saw that it was still afternoon, ”Since you seem to have something important to discuss, you can pretend I don ’t exist. ”

Victor lay down on the couch without putting his feet up. Of course, he wouldn ’t. He was not a rude man.

He took a pair of red glasses out of his pocket and put them on.

Soon, he closed his eyes, and as if by magic…

He slept…

”… ” A silence descended on the place, and everyone looked at Victor with an expressionless look.

Is this man not very comfortable? Is he really going to ignore our existence? And why did he sleep so fast!?

Anderson ’s male subordinates wanted so much to scream now.

’A free man… ’ Anderson could already tell what Victor ’s personality was.

A self-paced personality while ignoring the world, that was his assessment of Victor, and in a way, he wasn ’t wrong.

”… ” The woman looked at Victor with a neutral gaze, seemingly thinking about several things.

”Oh… Teacher. ” Victor suddenly woke up and lifted his glasses a little.

”What? ”

He exhibited a slight smile, ”I don ’t judge your tastes; after all, you are a grown man. But if you want to do a gangbang don ’t call me. I won ’t participate. I ’m a married man, and I promise you I won ’t tell your daughter that either… It ’s between us, a brother ’s secret. ” Then Victor pulled his glasses down and went back to sleep.

Victor was a man who knew how to take care of his friends. He would definitely keep what happened here a secret!

Crack, Crack.

Everyone could hear the sounds of something breaking. What was that something? It was Adam ’s patience, of course!

”… ” Veins began to pop in Adam ’s and Anderson ’s heads. Even Anderson ’s subordinates and the woman were irritated with Victor now.

But like an older adult, he managed to remain calm and said:

”Forget this boy, tell me what you want here. ”

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little when he heard what Adam said, but it soon faded as if it had never existed.

”Hmm…I wanted to ask you something about your oldest son…And I wanted to ask if you knew of Count Alucard ’s location or if you had any clues as to where he was, but I never thought I ’d meet him here. Are you guys close? ”

”… My Son? ” Adam ignored Anderson ’s question and asked his own question.

”Yes, is he still part of your Pack? ” Anderson looked at Adam.

”Of course he is. He ’s just in a moment of rebellion. ”

”Hmm… That ’s not what he said. ”

”Tsk, just ignore him. He ’s a stupid boy. ”

”Hahaha, hearing you call him your child is funny. Do you know that by human standards, he ’s almost a middle-aged man? ”

”It doesn ’t matter, to me, he ’s still a child. ”

”I see. ”

”Now tell me. Why is he here. ” Anderson asked as his eyes glowed sapphire blue for a few seconds.

”Hmm… ” Adam thought about what to say, and when he was about to say something, everyone listened.

”Liza, what are you doing!? ”

Adam and Anderson looked at Liza and saw the woman approaching Victor at high speed while her eyes were glowing gold. She looked quite annoyed.

”Die! ”

Liza clenched her fist and attacked Victor with all her strength, but just as her fist was about to reach Victor ’s face, something suddenly happened that left everyone speechless.

Victor raised his hand, captured the woman ’s fist, and, with a martial arts gesture, deflected the force of the woman ’s attack upwards, causing the woman to lose control of her own body.

”Eh…? ”

And before the woman or anyone else could understand what happened, the woman fell into the lap of Victor, who was sitting down at some point during the process.

”Woman, you are very tense. How about relaxing a little? ” Victor exhibited a sneaky little smile.

”Let go of me-… Ahhh~-? ” The woman put her hand over her mouth. She didn ’t understand why she moaned just now.

Victor lightly touched the woman ’s trained Abs, ”Try a little of the technique my master taught me and calm down; you ’re very tense~. ”

A small stream of lightning left Victor ’s finger and went to the woman ’s abs.

”Ahhhh~ ”

”Oh, I forgot to say, don ’t get too relaxed, or you might die~. ”

”Wh-Wha-… ” She was about to say something, but Victor released another electric current near the area where the woman ’s younger sister was.

”Ahhhh~ ” Incoherently, the woman closed her legs tightly. Something was coming!


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