My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 190 - 190: Resolving Issues From The Past.

”Ahhhh~ ” Unconsciously, the woman closed her legs tightly. Something was coming!

But she held that ’something ’, she would not demonstrate a shameful action in front of the king ’s son! Don ’t underestimate her, she was a strong woman!

She opened her eyes a little, and seeing her friends ’ lack of reaction, she thought; ’W-Why is no one helping me!? ’ But soon her thoughts turned to a blank sheet when she felt this hateful man speak something in her ear:

”It ’s okay… ” Victor lightly touched an area of ​​the girl ’s neck, and an electric current came out of his finger.

”Ahh~, ” The woman opened her eyes wide and moaned.

”It ’s okay~… Don ’t hold back, relax your body… ” Victor lightly touched an area just above the girl ’s ass, and again an electric current came out of his finger.

”S-Stop-… AHHHHHHH~! ”


A suspicious liquid squirted from an important area of ​​the woman.

Maybe, she wasn ’t such a strong woman…

”Oh? You still haven ’t passed out? As expected from the wolves ’ resistance. ” Victor ’s smile grew as he felt challenged when the woman didn ’t pass out!

And then, like an experienced masseur, Victor touched every part of the woman ’s body, avoiding the important parts, of course. After all, he didn ’t want to be accused of sexual harassment. All he was doing here was a massage!

It ’s not his fault the woman was reacting that way!

Definitely not his fault!

”Ahhh~, S-Stop-… Ahh~. ” The woman moaned like an innocent girl, a very different view coming from the calm, serious woman she presented herself as before.

”Shhh… Just relax, and leave everything to me. ”

”I- I do not want- …Ughhh. ” She looked like she was going to say something, but she just squirmed all over and couldn ’t form coherent thoughts!

The pleasure she was feeling right now was dangerous! She felt like she might die if she relaxed too much!

And she wasn ’t wrong…

”…Aren ’t you going to do something? ” Adam pointed at Victor since he found Anderson ’s lack of reaction strange.

”Oh, Right. ” He was so surprised by the series of moans coming from Liza that his brain shut down for a few seconds… Or minutes…

The same happened with Anderson ’s subordinates. Due to the amazing sight in front of them, their brains shut down completely.

When Anderson attempted to move forward to stop Victor, everyone heard the man ’s voice:

”Done. ”

”Eh? ” Anderson and his subordinates were dumbfounded again.

Victor stopped massaging the woman ’s body and didn ’t touch her anymore. He just rested his arm on the armrest and looked at the woman with a small smile on his face. He was waiting for something interesting to happen.

The woman ’s appearance was a total mess. Her hair was wildly disheveled, and her clothes, which were tiny, were threatening to reveal the important parts of her.

Suspicious liquids were leaking from an important place, and she was very sweaty like she was fighting a very long battle.

She was very dazed and completely red in the face, her breathing was disorganized, and she had a big smile on her face.

”That was so good…~ ” As if in slow motion, the woman started to fall towards the sofa.

The woman lay down and then fell into the sea of ​​unconsciousness.


The woman who was a warrior respected by werewolves was defeated by a ’simple ’ massage!

”…. ” Everyone stared at her with open mouths. With just a few movements, he was able to do this with a serious woman who rarely smiled!? 

All the men looked at Victor in shock. This man was scary in a lot of ways!

The eyes of all the men sparkled a little as they looked at Victor, as they were all thinking the same thing:

’…If I could learn these techniques… ’ They felt that their night life would be more interesting if they could learn this technique.

”Umu, as expected. This technique is splendid. ” Victor nodded several times in satisfaction. He was pleased with the girl ’s reaction.

Victor looked at the woman and thought, ’Hmm…I think I overdid it…I usually use that level of intensity when practicing on Scathach. I got a little too excited when I saw she could withstand a light massage… Whatever, that ’s not my problem, and now what are these men going to do? ’ Victor ’s smile grew a little in anticipation.

He was expecting some kind of reaction from the men, and if they decided to fight him, it would be even better!

’Ah, but I need to take them elsewhere first, I don ’t want to damage the Professor ’s house. ’

”… ” Once again, the men felt strange. As men, they could understand other men, and in this exact moment, Victor had no excitement or lustful desire for the woman lying down.

He just conveys a sense of accomplishment, like he ’d done a good job, and somehow he was excited? They could feel the urge to battle coming from the vampire.

”… ” A few seconds passed, and nothing happened. The men didn ’t react as Victor had expected.

’Well… ’ As he was too lazy to wait, Victor looked at the woman.

Victor pulled the woman away from him a little and lay down again.

Realizing that the men were still looking at him, Victor spoke:

”Oh, I ’m sorry to interrupt, you guys can continue. ” Victor picked up his glasses that fell on the couch at some point, put them on, then closed his eyes.

”… ”

The men had so much to talk about now that they just couldn ’t express their emotions.

First, why is this vampire so weird!? Doesn ’t he realize the situation he ’s in!? He ’s treating this place like it ’s his home!

Will he really ignore the beautiful woman lying next to him!? He won ’t do anything!? Not even looking with lustful eyes? Is he gay!?

Second, what is this technique!?

Third and most important… Can they learn this technique too!?

And fourth, which wasn ’t very important, the subordinates looked at their leader with a strange look because Anderson wasn ’t doing anything!? Is this man right in the head!? Wasn ’t he Simp for that woman?

Bruh, Come on! How can a good Simp not protect his goddess!

… Werewolves are definitely not right in their heads…

’I made the right choice not to let my daughter get close to this abomination. ’ Adam seemed to have reached an awkward conclusion.

One hour later.

Strangely enough, no one came to interrupt Victor during his sleep, and even the vampire himself didn ’t understand since he expected someone to attack him or something.

But unexpectedly, nothing happened, and since he didn ’t feel threatened, he actually fell asleep.

But don ’t get confused! He may be sleeping, but who was Victor!? He was the man who was trained by Scathach, and he could react to any kind of murderous intent coming his way! Even while sleeping!

As Scathach has said in the past while training Victor:

”A good warrior must be prepared for all situations! ” And because of that thought, she would attack Victor at any opportunity, even when he was sleeping!

…though she never attacked when they were sleeping together…

A strange woman indeed.

”Hmm… ” A tall tan-skinned woman with long black hair that was completely disheveled opened her eyes slowly.

The first thing the woman saw when she opened her eyes was a black outfit, and she looked like she was sleeping on top of someone.

”…Huh? ” It took her a while to process what was happening, as the woman looked up and saw the face of a pale-skinned man who appeared to be sleeping.

When she saw the man ’s face, suddenly, several memories began to resurface in her mind.

”!!! ” Her face turned completely red with embarrassment, but aside from the embarrassment she was feeling right now, she was feeling another emotion.

Rage! She was mad at this bastard! How dare he do this!

How dare he make her feel… Those strange sensations!

”I ’ll kill him… ” The woman seemed determined to kill Victor, but when she saw the man ’s face sleeping peacefully, he looked so beautiful to her, he looked so innocent, and soon she felt a little sense of satisfaction in her heart, and a thought began to surface in her mind.

’Maybe I should kill him another time… ’ She flashed a small smile.

’Wrong! ’ She shook her head several times and thought; ’I will kill him! Now! That bastard humiliated me! This is unforgivable. ’

’Maybe later… ’ She backed away again.

’Nooooo! I will kill him now! ’

…Women were hard to understand!

While the woman was thinking about what to do, time began to pass, and soon night came.

Victor suddenly opened eyes that were glowing in a dangerous way.

”!!! ” The woman was startled by the man ’s sudden action.

Killing intent began to leak out of his body and spread around him.


As Liza was closest to Victor, she could feel everything, and she was paralyzed. She had never felt such a strong intent before.

… And that was amazing! He was incredibly strong!

… Is this woman right in the head?

”It ’s time. ” His voice echoed throughout the house, and as if defying gravity, his body began to float upward.

”Wha-. ” The woman looked like she was going to say something, but she stopped talking when Victor straightened his center of gravity and picked her up like a princess.

”You look like you ’re out to kill someone, Alucard. ”

Victor turned his face and looked at the dark man, ”Yes, I will, Anderson. ”

”Oh? ” The man looked at Victor ’s smile with an interested face.

Victor pointed at Anderson, ”Anderson, the son of the werewolf king, the next time we meet, I want to fight you. ” Victor ’s glove ’s magic circles glowed brightly.

”… ” Anderson ’s smile grew, by the man ’s reaction, he definitely liked what he heard:

”Oh, we ’re definitely going to fight… After all, that ’s what I came to find you for. ”

”… ” Seeing how the man reacted to his words, Victor ’s smile grew in such a distorted way that it startled Anderson ’s subordinates a little.

”pffft… ” Victor tried to hold back his laughter, but…

”HAHAHAHAHA~! ” He did not make it.

His laugh was so loud that the furniture in Adam ’s house started to shake a little, and, although it sounded like an insane laugh, it wasn ’t. It was a laugh of happiness.

Victor could tell the man in front of him was strong, and most of all, he wasn ’t a coward! A small anticipation of their next encounter began to grow in Victor ’s heart.

”Boy, you ’re going to bother the neighbors. ” Adam suddenly appeared with an annoyed face.

Victor stopped laughing and looked at Adam, ”Professor, take care. And try to find a wife soon, I want to see my grandchildren. ”

Veins snapped in Adam ’s head, ”Boy, I ’m older than you! And you ’re not my father! ”

”Of course not, I would never let my son have this ridiculous mustache. ”

”What…? ” A killing intent began to leak out of Adam ’s body. He won ’t forgive an insult to his mustache!

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body was covered by lightning while displaying an innocent smile. He then said:

”See you in the future, Ciao. ”


Lightning seemed to strike Victor ’s body.


He soared up into the sky like a golden rocket, and when he reached the clouds above, he shot off in one direction!


Three sonic booms in a row were heard, and soon all anyone could see was a golden trail across the sky.

”That idiot! What happened to that vampire thing about not attracting attention!? ” Adam really wanted to strangle Victor now. It seemed that since Victor became a vampire, he had acquired an expertise in teasing people!

He even seemed to do it unconsciously! And, despite being irritating, for some reason, Adam couldn ’t hate Victor.

It was a strange feeling.

’Is it because I ’ve known him since he was little? ’ Adam felt it was because of that too, despite having become a vampire, Victor never disrespected him.

Despite being a vampire, he still called him ’Professor ’ and respected him as before.

Adam liked that, and even though he didn ’t like leeches, he felt he didn ’t care if this vampire was Victor.

His charisma was just that great.

”…One thing I have to admit, he knows how to go out in style. ” Julian, a tall, dark, muscular man who had hair in a short ponytail, spoke up.

”That ’s true… ” Juan, a tall man with golden hair, nodded.

”… ” Liza looked at the golden trail with an emotionless look, as she seemed to be thinking several things. When the golden trail was no longer visible, she looked at the sofa.

Sniff, Sniff.

She sniffed the air a little; ’I will remember your scent… Next time, I will kill you. ’ She promised herself.

”Adam, can we stay here? ” Anderson suddenly asked. He had the expression of someone who was trying too hard not to follow the man and attack him since he really wanted to test the strength of the new Count.

… Who did he want to kid? He just wanted to fight someone strong!

Anderson clenched his fist tightly.

’But not now… It ’s not the time… ’

”I wouldn ’t deny a request from the king ’s son, but! Don ’t shit in the garden! Don ’t harm the garden! If you break this rule, I will kick you out! ”

”… ” Anderson and his subordinates looked at Adam with a neutral gaze. Are you thinking we ’re dogs or something!? They wouldn ’t shit in the garden!


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