My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 190 - 190: Resolving Issues From The Past.

city to make decisions. It didn ’t mean anything about their feelings.

For a Ghoul, anything other than satisfying their desire was useless.

’She knew that… She knew that, and because of that, she smiled like that… ’ Maria thought of Sasha, her current master.

”…I still have nightmares… ”

Maria awakened from her thoughts and looked at Carlos.

”Because of this nightmare, I decided to change, I decided to completely focus on getting stronger no matter the cost, and thanks to my efforts, I caught General James ’ attention, and he gave me strength. ”

”…You… ” Maria opened her mouth in shock when she saw Carlos ’s blood-red eyes.

Carlos started walking towards Maria:

”A philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche once said: He who fights with monsters must beware lest he also become a monster. ”

Carlos adjusted the glove that was in his hand, and soon his right arm started to be covered by a kind of black aura, while his left arm was covered by a golden aura:

The man ’s skin began to grow paler, ”When you stare into an abyss, the abyss stares back at you. ”

”Have you fallen so low that you became what you swore to hunt, Carlos!? ” Maria stepped back a little,

”Yes, Indeed! ”

”Idiot! ” Maria yelled angrily.

Carlos ignored what Maria said and continued, ”In my case, I chose to jump into the abyss of my own volition. I needed power, the human limit was clearly defined, I needed to become a monster to defeat the other monsters. ”

”But it ’s okay… Despite being a monster now, I know God hasn ’t abandoned me, the proof of that is my left arm. ”

Carlos clenched his left fist tightly, and the power in his arm began to grow.


An intense golden aura started to be released from Carlos ’ left arm.

A distorted smile that showed his sharp teeth appeared on Carlos ’ face:

”God is with me. ”

”Carlos… ” Maria pulled further away from Carlos.

”And today… Is the day my nightmares will end, while my beloved will finally rest in peace. ”

”Don ’t talk like I ’m dead! I ’m not dead! ”

”Wrong… ” Carlos suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Maria, ”You ’re already dead. ”

Carlos punched Maria with his left arm!


Maria spat blood from her mouth when she felt the punch impact her stomach.

And suddenly.


An absurdly powerful golden blast released from Carlos ’ arm and sent Maria flying towards the wall.

”AHHHHHHHHHH! ” Maria screamed in pain.

Hearing Maria ’s scream, Ruby looked at Violet, and both women nodded at the same time. It was time to act, but she stopped her movement when she heard.

”Don ’t move now, Ruby, Violet, and Luna. ” Victor ’s voice was heard over the communicator.

”…why? ” Luna, who was silent, asked as she looked at the mansion from the top of a building.

”Just wait a minute, it ’s important to Sasha. ” Victor suddenly disconnected from communication.

”What is he planning? ” Luna asked as she looked at Ruby and Violet.

”… We do not know. ” The two responded at the same time with a lifeless look.

”Darling is becoming more and more unpredictable, and that ’s irritating. ” Ruby turned her face to the side.

”Yes, even I can ’t understand him sometimes, and it pisses me off… Maybe I should lock him in the basement and do an interrogation? ”

”…He ’s just going to think this is a new kind of prank from you, and in the end, you ’re going to end up doing that. ”

”Oh… That ’s true. ” Violet couldn ’t deny it.

”Tsk. ” Somehow Ruby got even more upset.

”… ” Violet looked at Ruby with a neutral face and flashed a little imperceptible smile while she looked like she was planning something.


Maria hit the wall that surprisingly didn ’t break. Her body was all burned, her skin had long since gone away, and all that was left was the visible flesh of the body.

Maria then fell to the ground.

Cough, Cough.

Blood came out of her mouth as she tried to get up but couldn ’t, and her body didn ’t seem to respond to her command.

Step, Step.

Hearing the sound of someone approaching, she asked in a difficult voice:

”W-Why…? ”

Carlos took hold of Maria by the neck and stood up:

”Shut up, Demon. Don ’t make that face to me. You ’re not Maria. Maria is dead. You will not have my compassion. ”

”Demons must die so mankind can be saved, ” Carlos spoke with full conviction in his words.

”… ” Maria just looked into Carlos ’ red eyes with an emotionless face, and slowly.

Crack, Crack.

Something inside her started to break, soon…

Bloody tears began to fall from her eyes.

Carlos was no longer the man she knew in the past; if he was the old Carlos, he would foolishly try to help her. That was the man she knew, but this man… He was just trying to kill her.

He just saw her as a demon, he was not trying to see her.

”… Tsk. ” Carlos was shaken for a moment, but soon he closed his fist and attacked Maria ’s face with his right arm:

”Don ’t make that face towards me!! ”


The punch was so hard that Maria quickly broke through the wall and landed on the grass outside the mansion.


Maria coughed up blood again while she looked up at the sky, towards the darkened clouds and pale moon.

Slowly, a man accompanied by a woman with blond hair came out of the clouds.

The man looked at Maria, and his distorted smile grew wide, as his face seemed to disappear, while all Maria saw was the man ’s eyes and smile full of sharp teeth.

’Ah…I understand…I was left to die, huh? ’ Somehow she thought this was natural since she was the woman who had murdered someone precious to that scary man ’s wife.

He wouldn ’t let her live.

Carlos appeared through the hole and walked towards Maria.

”… ” Sasha looked at Maria with a cold look, and then she looked at Carlos with the same look.

Slowly, she looked at Victor, and seeing his ’face ’, she said:

”Are you planning to let her die? ”

”Of course, ” Victor responded with the same smile, his response was instant!

”… ” Sasha was taken a bit by surprise by Victor ’s response.

”No Mercy. ” Slowly, Victor looked at Sasha:

”She is the woman who killed Julia, your mother. Those two are responsible, so of course, both must die. ”

”Maria will die by the hand of the man she loved, and Carlos will die by yours in whatever way you see fit. ”

”They ’re both going to die today! ”


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