My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 193 - 193: The Power Of Alucard. 2

was silent.

Ruby looked at Violet and said, ”We should make sure he ’s dead. ”

”What are we supposed to do if he ’s alive? ” Violet asked.

”What a silly question… ” Sasha flashed a big smile.

”We must kill him. ”

”… ” Maria didn ’t even show a reaction when she heard about Carlos ’ possible death, she didn ’t care anymore, something inside her broke when that man tried to kill her…

All she felt now was… Hate!

And more importantly…

She was hungry!

’I will eat it! ’ This time, she didn ’t hold back her instincts.

”Let ’s move. ” Ruby turned and took the lead as usual.

”What about Lord Victor? ” Luna couldn ’t help but ask.

”…You know him, don ’t disturb him…But keep an eye on him. I think it ’s very unlikely that this will happen, but if Darling loses, we should rescue him. ”

”Darling lose…? ” Violet wore a face of disdain. For her, that was impossible.

”I know what you ’re implying, but remember, in his base form, he has the power of an adult vampire, and when he uses the transformation of our clans, his power increases to a 1000 year old vampire, but… There are forces out there that can easily handle that kind of vampire. ”

”…What about his other transformation? ”

”He shouldn ’t use that, you remember, right? ”

”Yes… ” Violet clearly remembered the consequences of using the blood count transformation.

”Although… ” Ruby looked toward something:

”I doubt hunters have that kind of being at their disposal. ” Aside from the generals and the Pope, Ruby had doubts if the hunters had enough manpower to waste someone who could defeat a 1000-year-old vampire so easily.

”But we must not underestimate them. ” Sasha was the one who spoke this time while she squatted down a little and picked up Maria like a sack of potatoes.

”Indeed. ” Ruby nodded in agreement with Sasha ’s words.

”Let ’s go ahead. ”

”Yes! ”

Soon all the women disappeared from where they were.

”Interesting, interesting indeed. ” Victor displayed a big smile as he looked at the Triplets.

’This was all very timed, the moment the attack I delivered exploded, these individuals appeared. ’ Victor looked around with his eyes and thought, ’I ’m being watched, huh? ’

’Where are you… ’ Victor started looking for possible cameras or observation techniques, but he couldn ’t find anything visible.

”Process complete. ”

Victor stopped looking around and looked at the triplets.

”We are sinners. Even though we are sinners, we are given the privilege of being God ’s tools. ” The triplets ’ eyes began to glow blood red, and the golden circle seemed to have diminished, and several weird runes began to appear.

Hearing what the three were saying at the same time, Victor understood something:

”An enchantment… ” He knew very well what the triplets were doing.

Victor ’s smile grew, and he stopped caring about the cameras and floated towards the ground.

”Very well… You have my attention. ”

The moment Victor got his foot on the ground, all the ground around him turned to pure ice.

”Mongrels, don ’t disappoint me. ”

”And God once ordained. ” The three continued to talk.

Crack, Crack.

Sounds of broken bones could be heard, and soon,


Bat wings burst out of the triplets ’ backs.

The twins ’ teeth became sharper, their skin became paler with a purple tinge, they looked like a demon that came out of the seventh hell.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s interest grew more and more.

”Eliminate the evil from humanity. ”

A dark power came out of the triplets ’ bodies, and in less than a few seconds, their appearance completely changed.

They were a little taller, their feet and hands turned into sharp claws, their skin took on a dark purple tinge, and their eyes were completely red.

”Like your tools, we said: so be it. ”

Clap, Clap, Clap.

Victor started clapping like he was watching a light show.

”Very good, very good indeed. ”

”Tell me your agent ’s name. I will hire you for my wedding, I don ’t care how much I have to pay. ”

”Just say the number! ”

”… ” The three were silent since they weren ’t expecting this reaction from Victor.

Despite playing with them, Victor was analyzing the beings in front of him:

’They are closer to vampires than their old opponents, I wonder how they are different. ’

”Target is distracted; initiate elimination. ” Suddenly one of the brothers appeared behind Victor.

Victor ’s smile grew widely, ”You ’re too slow. ”

With minimal effort, he dodged the triplet ’s grip.

”But to give you a little credit, you ’re better than the man I fought earlier. ”

The creature ’s eyes began to glow blood red, and it looked like it was trying to use something:

”Oh? You have the Charm too. ” Victor immediately realized what the creature was trying to do.


A golden flame flew toward Victor.

Victor looked into the flame, as his eyes glowed a little blood red, and then.

A wall of ice is created in front of him.

The flame hit the wall of ice, and the explosion Victor had been hoping for didn ’t happen. The flame just snuffed out of existence.

”Interestingly, the flame does not have a normal property. ”

Victor looked up and saw another triplet:

His bat wings seemed to grow, and then.

He disappeared…?

”Hmm… ” Victor didn ’t understand what had happened.

Suddenly, he felt a cut on his stomach.

”Oh? ” He looked down at his stomach with curious eyes and realized that he suddenly found himself in a red world.

”An illusion… ”

”In this world, I am-. ” Before the triplet could say anything.

Victor grabbed his own head and broke his own neck, and then fell to the ground dead.

”… Eh? ”

In less than a few seconds, Victor opened his eyes.

He got up off the ground and cracked his neck a little:

”Illusion, Charm, claws, bat wings, and a weird golden flame. ” Victor used his fingers and listed everything he learned from that brief encounter, and soon he looked at the three of them with a big smile on his face.

”… ” The three felt a shiver down their spines when they saw Victor ’s smile.

”I ’m curious. You guys are interesting, I want to know more! ” With every word Victor spoke, his voice got louder.

A demonic aura exploded from his body:

”Let ’s have fun! ”


What in the seven-hells did the general order them to fight!? That ’s what was going through the triplets ’ minds.


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