My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 195 - 195: The Power Of Alucard. 4

”Let ’s have fun! ” Victor shouted as a dark, demonic aura left his body.

Victor disappeared and quickly reappeared in front of the man in the middle, then took the man by the arm and threw him into the air.

”Eh-? ” The man couldn ’t react to Victor ’s speed in time.

”Die! ” The other two who were close to Victor attacked him at the same time.

One was attacking with a golden flame, and the other was attacking with his claws.

Victor ’s eyes glittered dangerously, and as Victor ’s arms were rapidly covered in ice, he defended their attack with both of his arms.


A surge of power occurs when the two attack Victor simultaneously, but it doesn ’t seem to affect Victor.

Cold air suddenly rushed out of Victor ’s body and froze them both in place.

”Wha-. ”

Before they could do anything, Victor grabbed each of them by the arm, then spun around a little, and threw them both towards the first man who was just starting to reach the peak of Victor ’s first throw.


The two men tried to correct their center of gravity and break free of the ice encasing them but failed to recover in time to avoid impacting their brother.

The two frozen bodies collide harshly with the man who was in the air, tangling them together in a heap.

Victor points his palm towards the three brothers.

The atmosphere around him began to heat up as sparks of flame started to gather in his hand, and the magic circles on his glove began to glow crazily.

”Burn, bitches. ”


A gigantic beam of fire burst from his palm, erupting angrily with searing flames towards the three men.

”Dodge, Dodge, Now! ” An agitated voice began to thrash in the air. The first brother was trying to get away, but he couldn ’t escape since his brothers were tangled up with him.

”Dog? ” a neutral, emotionless voice asked.

”What ’s the Dog doing? ” a cold voice asked.

”It ’s not a dog, you Idiot! ” The man seemed to be freaking out:

”I said, Dodge! ” He corrected the brothers screaming frustratedly at their idiocy.

”Oh. ” They spoke at the same time.

Feeling the heat approaching, he started to get more worried:

”Faster, Dodge! ”

”Yes. ” The two spoke at the same time.

Their bodies were covered with golden power shattering the last of the ice and freeing their movements again as they pushed off each other then disappeared.

”Oh… ” Victor ’s smile grew.

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble!

Victor ’s entire body began to be covered by lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

”Oof, I ’m safe… Safe… ” The man with an excited voice spoke in relief.

”Hello There. ” Victor touched the man ’s shoulder.

”!!! ” Before he could react, Victor punched him in the face.

Crack, Crack!

Sounds of broken bones can be heard following an explosion, and rapidly the man is once more flying through the air.

”Brother. ” The man with the cold voice appeared behind his brother and held him.

”I ’m fine. This will be cured soon. ” He spoke with a bloodied face.

Rumble, Rumble!

Hearing the sound of lightning, everyone quickly turned their attention to Victor.

”This is no time to worry about me, let ’s fight! He can ’t beat our teamwork! ”

”Yes. ” The man with the cold voice nodded.

”Right. ” The man with the emotionless voice who appeared beside them nodded too.

They look at each other and nod their heads as their bodies are covered in a golden aura.

Seeing this, Victor ’s smile widened again, and soon he too disappeared, leaving behind trails of lightning.

And just like Victor, the three men disappear too.


A high-speed battle was taking place. It was a battle that was impossible to see with untrained eyes.

”Ahhhhhhhhh! ”


”… ” Ruby looked at the fight going on in front of her with a dry look.

’Is my husband a Sayajin rather than a vampire? What is this high-speed fight? Am I in an anime? What the fuck? ’ Her Otaku side couldn ’t help but comment on that, though she didn ’t voice her thoughts aloud.

”Ruby, what are you doing? ” Sasha asked.

”Nothing, just watching something, ” Ruby replied.

”Oh, I see… ” Sasha nodded, indicating that she understood, as she watched Victor for a few seconds and then started looking around as if she was looking for something.

”I found Carlos! ” Violet yelled at the girls…

Maria was on Sasha ’s shoulder being held like a sack of potatoes, and Sasha looked up at Violet with eyes glowing blood red.

Sasha, along with Maria, Ruby, and Luna, approached Violet, and soon they saw a man who had been burned all over.

”He ’s not dead, his body is recovering, ” Violet informed, and then she looked at Maria and Sasha.

”What are you going to do? ”

”I-… ” Sasha was going to say something, but suddenly Maria said:

”I will eat him. ”

”…? ” Sasha looked at Maria with curious eyes, and she was surprised that the only thing she could see was Maria ’s cracked skin, and she was drooling as she looked at Carlos with blood-red eyes.

Ruby, Luna, and Violet looked at Sasha and waited for her decision:

Sasha ’s face showed a distorted smile, she didn ’t know if Maria was in control or if she was being controlled by her Ghoul instinct, but that doesn ’t matter. For Sasha, it was a good result.


’It ’s still not enough. ’ She wanted to see Maria devouring Carlos while he was awake. She felt it would be an incredible sight.

”Ruby, freeze the man, we ’ll take him home. ”

”…Master…? ” Maria turned to face Sasha, while she had a face that asked what Sasha was doing.

Sasha ignored Maria and continued looking at Ruby.

”… Are you sure? ” Ruby asked.

”Yes, freeze him. ” Sasha was determined.

”…Fine. ” As it was Sasha ’s decision, Ruby wouldn ’t intervene too much, and she also felt that this was better since she could study Carlos before Sasha did her thing, so she did as Sasha asked.

She froze the man ’s entire body.

”Luna, I ’m counting on you. Take him home, and don ’t forget to lock him up. ”

Luna made a pouty face, it was pretty obvious she didn ’t want to do this, but as it was Ruby ’s order, she had no choice:

”…Yes, Lady Ruby. ”

Luna approaches Carlos and holds him. Thanks to her supernatural strength, this was an easy job, but even so, she didn ’t like it:

’Tsk, where is Natalia when you need her? ’ She complained internally.

If Natalia were around, it would be a simple job, but since she ’s busy solving other things Violet asked for, she couldn ’t make it today.

”I ’m coming, Lady Ruby. ”

”Be careful. ” Ruby spoke.

Luna flashed a gentle smile, ”Yes, I will. ”

Then, she disappeared while holding Carlos.

”… If you ’re done, come with me. I found something. ” Violet suddenly spoke and started walking.

”… ” Ruby looked at Violet with a strange expression, ’why is she the only one who finds things? What the fuck? Is her luck too high? ’

Violet approached the destroyed statue, she pointed her hand at the statue, and a blast of fire came out of her hand.


In less than a few seconds, the fire incinerated the statue from existence.

”… ” Ruby, Sasha, and Maria were impressed by the destructiveness of Violet ’s power.

”Why are you looking at me like that? This is normal, I just need to focus my power in one place, and it happens. ”

This is not normal! That ’s what they wanted to scream; they ’d never seen Violet do something like this before.

”Anyway, look at this. ” She pointed to the floor where the statue was, and soon everyone saw a ladder heading towards the ground.

”… How did you find this? ” Ruby asked skeptically since she checked the whole place and found nothing, but how did Violet find it so quickly?

”Kaguya told me, ” Violet replied.

”Kaguya…? ” Ruby looked at Violet ’s shadow, and soon she saw the shadow change to Kaguya ’s appearance.

”… She ’s here? I thought Darling hadn ’t warned his Maids. ”

”Where Darling goes, his Maids go with him, even now Bruna and Eve are in his shadow. ” Violet replied.

”…How are the Maids in his shadow if Kaguya is with you? ” Sasha asked.

”I don ’t know. ”

”… ” Maria, Sasha, and Ruby didn ’t know what to say when they heard the honesty of Violet ’s words.

[Lady Violet, be careful, there are enemies hiding down there still.]

”Oh…? ” A distorted smile appeared on Violet ’s face, ”That ’s good, I needed to burn someone. ”


Kaguya sighed when she heard what Violet said.

”Girls, let ’s go in. ”

”W-Wait, do you have a plan? You cannot invade-, ” Ruby wanted to stop Violet from entering, but Violet just looked at Ruby and said:

”Plan? ” With the same smile on her face, she said, ”The plan is to burn them all. ” And then she went downstairs.

”… ” The three women were silent.

”Sigh… ” Ruby sighed, too, just like Kaguya.

”Well, we should expect that. In a way, she ’s pretty reckless just like my Darling. ”

”… ” Ruby looked at Sasha with a dry look that said, are you serious right now?

”…What? ”

”Nothing, let ’s go in. ”

”Yes. ”


Ruby, Maria, and Sasha looked up and saw a massive explosion in the sky and saw the bodies of the three men falling towards the ground, without their arms and legs.

”… As expected. ” The three spoke with a smile on their face, they suddenly heard Victor ’s loud voice:

”That ’s it!? That ’s it!? That is all you got!? ”

”Now that things were getting good! In the end, you guys are just worms too!? ” He had an annoyed look on his face.

”…Oh shit… ” Ruby said when she saw Victor ’s face lose its skin and turn dark, the only thing that was seen was his eyes and his mouth.

”He ’s really upset, huh? ” Sasha spoke.

”He is disappointed. ” Maria suddenly spoke.

”…? ”

The two women looked at Maria.

”The enemies are weaker than he expected, and because of that, he is disappointed, and a few seconds later, that disappointment turned to annoyance and contempt. ”

”… ” The two looked at Maria with their mouths open since they thought they were the only ones who knew that.

”How do you know that? ”

”I ’ve been watching him for a long time… ” Maria spoke in a flat tone. She didn ’t lie since, during her entire stay, she observed everything that Victor did.

”… ” The two were silent.

They felt strange when they saw Maria ’s gaze. Did her gaze contain nothing but a feeling of neutrality?

They couldn ’t explain the weird feeling they were feeling right now.

”…Anyway, let ’s go in. ” Ruby decided not to think about it too much right now.

”Yes. ” Sasha nodded in agreement.

”Not even these three mutated are a match for him, huh? ” General James spoke out loud as he looked at the monitor.

’The three together can handle a 700-year-old vampire easily, and when they shift, they can handle a 1200-year-old vampire, but even so, they ’re losing, and he hasn ’t even morphed into his vampire count form… ’

”You are a monster, Alucard. ” James looked at the man on the monitor.

James got it all wrong. Yes, the three men are strong, but why are they losing to Victor?

That ’s simple, Victor is superior in combat. The martial arts plus the fire powers that are the hybrid ’s weakness leave him in a much superior state. He trained with Scathach, for god ’s sake. Does he really think untrained worms can do something against him?

”Are you upset, Alucard? ” James asked.

”Stand up, Mongrels! ” Victor yelled angrily at the three men.

”Yes, you are. ” James suddenly got up from where he was sitting and walked towards a computer.

”In that case, I ’ll give you a gift if you can handle it only in your base form… I think only Level S experiments can handle you… ”

The man visibly sighed.


”I was saving them for the vampire counts… ” Soon his eyes snapped open in realization.

He facepalmed, ”Oh, I forgot… You ’re a vampire count now, huh? ” He hadn ’t considered Victor a vampire count, after all, he was very young, but after that little test, he seemed to have changed his mind.

The man liked to talk to himself… And to answer to himself… He lost his mind.

”Yes… Indeed… You ’re a vampire count now, Hahahaha. ” He seemed to laugh at what a fool he was.

”In that case… ” His eyes glowed gold for a few seconds as he took his hand away from his face and looked at the monitor:

”I will regard you as a monster on the same level as a vampire count. ”

He looks at the keyboard and starts typing something:

”I ’m sorry, A-010, A-011, A-012… But this is for the greater good… Please die. ”

Then he clicks the ’Enter ’ key.

And suddenly.


A black and golden power began to come out of the three men following their screams of pain:


”Hurts! Hurts! ”

The man looks at the monitor with a lifeless look:

”You were correct, my friend, Nietzsche. ” He walks to his chair and sits down:

”To defeat a monster, an even bigger monster must be used. ”

”Now, let ’s see how you do against this creature, Alucard. ”


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