My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 195 - 195: The Power Of Alucard. 4

liant golden fire with spots of dullness and shadow, and he was really curious to know what that power was.


That ’s not what ’s important right now.

Victor covers his arm with the power of ice and slaps the fireball aside like a bug.

The fireball deflects to the left side and flies in a very distant direction, and quickly hits the ground. And unlike before, the fireball caused a gigantic explosion.


Despite having heard the explosion and feeling the force of the blast in his body, Victor never stopped facing the monster in front of him.

Victor ’s icy arm melted, and slowly his arm began to turn black and red; it was as if the transformation that had occurred on his face had continued on to cover his arm as well.

”Worm. ”

Despite having lost all senses, despite having lost all humanity and ability to think, the creature felt something when it looked at Victor.

The creature felt fear…

A fear that reached to the depths of its soul, an instinctive fear, it was as if the creature had encountered a higher entity, an entity it could not understand or comprehend with the rest of the almost non-existent intelligence that existed in it.


Unconsciously, the creature swallows hard and takes a step back.

Victor ’s glove ’s magic circles began to glow crazily as if warning that something big was coming.

Victor raises his hand up, and rapidly pure blood begins to gather, and as if by magic, a blood greatsword appears in his grip.

”THAT ’S IT! ” James opened his eyes wide as he looked at the monitor. He had a shocked face, a face that said that he couldn ’t believe what he was seeing.

As expected of a stubborn man, Victor completely ignored the warning of Scathach and the king of vampires.

The warning that he wasn ’t to show that power until he was ready to use it.

But… Victor didn ’t care, as his whole being was disgusted by the creature in front of him, his entire being screamed for this creature to be eliminated. So, that ’s what he did:

”Get out of my sight. You ’re disgusting. ”

Victor holds the blood greatsword in both hands and swings the sword vertically, lowering the sword almost casually.

And then a massive vertical crescent shaped blood attack flew rapidly toward the creature.

The creature turned to flee, but unfortunately, it was too late, as Victor ’s attack passed through it and bisected the creature ’s entire body in half vertically.

Despite being born just seconds ago, the pitiful creature was eliminated from existence by Victor.

As Victor couldn ’t properly control his power yet, his attack passed through the creature and tore across the land.

As if it were an unstoppable force of nature, his attack began to penetrate Earth ’s soil without stopping leaving a deep gouge like a scare in the landscape.

”Wha-… ” General James couldn ’t believe what he was seeing now. This attack ’s destructive power was too ridiculous. ”Just how far does this attack go!? ”

Only God knows, but he probably wouldn ’t answer him.

Victor ’s attack was utterly devastating.

There was no noise like before, there was no explosion, it was like a silent force of nature that cut through everything in its path, that was the kind of power that Victor unleashed now.

The power of Alucard.

The creature ’s body slid in two as something started happening to the creature ’s body.

The creature ’s entire body begins to dissolve into pure blood that rises in streams of dark red and flies towards Victor ’s body.

Victor undid the blood greatsword as it also dissolves into streams of red, and the blood used to create the greatsword also enters his body.

Victor didn ’t care about the creature ’s blood entering his body, as he just looked up at its ’face ’.

He pointed his finger at a direction in the sky and spoke in a dark voice that sent shivers through James ’ soul:

”Record what happened in your memory, and never forget it, because next time… ” His eyes flashed blood red.

”Next time, it will be you. ” A blast of fire shot out of Victor ’s finger, and soon the fire rapidly spread across the sky.

It was an area attack aimed at destroying anything that was watching him.

Victor wasn ’t sure if it worked or not, but he had to try, he knew someone was watching him, and because of that, he used the power of fire to burn the whole sky around him.

Victor points his hand away, and then a gust of fire, much like the previous one, comes out of his other hand, throwing more flames into the night sky.


James swallowed hard and sat back in his chair with a stunned look on his face.

”This…This… ” He looked disbelieving.

”Pfft… ” A slight hint of laughter left his face, and then:


”I understand! I understand! ” He shouted as he facepalmed.

”HAHAHAHAHAHA, ” His laugh was crazy, a laugh that held a deep-rooted insanity, a laugh that held fear and despair.

”Everything he ’s feeling right now… His unnatural power, why he didn ’t turn into a plebian vampire, his rapid growth… ” James looked at Victor again.

”Alucard! ” James ’ eyes flashed bright gold, ”Calling you a count is an insult. You are not a count… You are a king… A king who shouldn ’t have existed. ”

He gets up from his chair and speaks with an expression that shows his determination:

”I will certainly commit this day to my memory. ” He clenches his fists tightly:

”Today is a day I will never forget. ”

”As long as I live, I will remember this day forever… ”

”The day I witnessed Alucard ’s power, an irregularity that shouldn ’t have existed. ”

James stops staring at the monitor that is only showing static now and turns around:

”It ’s time to change plans. ”

”Minions are not going to be able to defeat that freak. I must create stronger soldiers, smart soldiers, soldiers who can fight that freak face to face and win. ” He pulls out his black cell phone and looks for a phone number.

”And for these soldiers to be born, I need a new ingredient. ” He displayed a cold smile.

He clicks on a specific phone number in his contacts, the cell phone starts calling, and soon the call connects:

”We need to talk. ” General James is silent for the time being, and soon he makes a decision:

”…I will accept your agreement. ”


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