My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 196 - 196: Sometimes You Should Just Burn Everything.

at Violet had said.

”An incorrigible man indeed. ” The three spoke at the same time.

”… ” They smile at each other, and then Violet turns around:

”I will go back to my Darling. ” Since, despite what she said, Violet still cares more about Victor than a useless lab that she ’s just going to burn down.

”Okay, we will continue, ” Ruby spoke as Sasha nodded.

Ruby walks towards the hole Victor ’s attack opened in the underground lab, as she creates an ice spear and takes a step into ’nothing ’, and let ’s gravity do its job.

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha ’s body starts to crackle with the sound of lightning, and soon she disappears, leaving behind golden trails.

Violet returned to the surface, and she was surprised to see that everything around her was on fire.

’Annoying… Annoying… ’ She was hearing Victor ’s thoughts.

She looks in one direction and soon finds Victor sitting on an ice throne with a bored face. Although he seemed calm and cold on the outside, on the inside, he was extremely annoyed.

”Hmm…? ” Victor seemed to meet Violet ’s eyes.

’…Oh, honey… ’

Violet listened in her mind.

And like magic, his turbulent emotions seemed to calm down significantly.

”Darling… ” Violet flashed a loving smile as she jumped towards Victor.

She sits on his lap and curl ’s against him while leaning her head on his chest, making it obvious she wants to be pampered!

Wrong, she demanded to be pampered!

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew gently, and soon he began stroking Violet ’s head.

”Hehehehe~. ” She wore a goofy smile since she always liked it when Victor did that to her.

The two are silent while enjoying each other ’s presence. It was only in moments like these that they didn ’t need to say anything. After all, they could understand each other even if they didn ’t say anything.

In the middle of an abandoned city burned by fire, a man was sitting on a throne of ice while he had a beautiful woman with long white hair in his arms.

… That was a strange sight indeed, but even though it was strange, this was a beautiful sight.

”Why are you so angry, Darling? ” Violet finally asked the question she wanted to know.

”Oh, it ’s nothing. Only that some idiot interrupted my fun, and that annoyed me. ”

”I see… And what did this idiot do? ”

”He turned three interesting opponents into an irrational monster. ”

”… ” Violet ’s eyes gleamed a little dangerously.

”What was this monster? ”

”I don ’t know, but it was strong. I think it could kill an untrained 1000 year old vampire easily? Although I ’m sure someone like Lacus could defeat this monster… But I think she would still have a bit of trouble? ”

Victor couldn ’t measure the monster ’s exact capabilities. After all, he killed it very quickly, but with just those golden flames and the incredible power boost, he could be a formidable opponent for Lacus.

But in the end, Victor believes Lacus would emerge victorious, considering her training with Scathach isn ’t just for show, and his thoughts become more concrete when he understands that Lacus, Siena, or even Pepper never used their full power against him.

”I see… ” Violet thought this was a bad thing since Victor might not understand why he is so abnormal.

But that kind of monster is very dangerous for normal noble vampires. ’It would be nice if he had a recording of that fight. ’

Violet was trying to be more responsible, and she felt like she should tell her mom that or something, but…

”… Hmm… Whatever, that ’s a lot of work. ” She lays her head on Victor ’s chest and forgets everything she just thought.

She was incorrigible…

”Hahaha~. ” Victor chuckled gently as he stroked Violet.

”Why are you laughing? ” Violet looked at Victor with her violet eyes.

”It ’s nothing, I just thought it was funny. ”

”Hmm… ” Violet eyed Victor with a suspicious look.

”Hahaha-, It ’s nothing-. ” Victor was going to say something.

”When are you going on the dates you promised with Sasha and Ruby? ” But Violet interrupted what he was about to say with a question.

”What-…Ugh. ” Without meaning to, Victor ended up biting his tongue…

He hadn ’t expected this sudden question.

”… ” Violet continued to look at Victor with a neutral gaze.

Her face said, ’Answer me, I ’m waiting. ’

”Hmm… ” Victor ’s tongue is healed, and then he speaks:

”I was actually planning on meeting them when we got back to the human world, but you know what happened, right? ”

”Yes… We didn ’t have a lot of time to enjoy ourselves together. ”

”Yes… ”

”…I can ’t focus 100% on them like I did you if I don ’t get rid of this nagging feeling in my chest. ”

”I feel like it would be unfair to the girls if they didn ’t have my full attention on my date with them… ” Victor spoke in a sincere tone as he looked into Violet ’s eyes.

”Hmm…Good, at least you thought about it properly. ” Violet laid her head back on Victor ’s chest.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes a little. He really didn ’t understand Violet sometimes.

If it was Violet from a few months ago, that kind of attitude would have been impossible.

”…Of course I think about it properly, I want to give them a proper date, and I can ’t do that while all this is going on… ”

”I know, I know. You ’re weird in some ways. ” Violet spoke, and suddenly she suggested,

”You should pay more attention to Ruby and Sasha. ”

”…But I do. Don ’t I? ” Victor didn ’t understand. He definitely remembers that he never forgets to pay attention to his wives.

”It ’s still not enough, you need to pay more attention! ” Violet gets up again and cups Victor ’s face, and she repeats with a crazed look.


”… ” Victor flashed a small smile when he saw Violet ’s gaze.

”If you don ’t pay attention to us, we ’ll kidnap you and take you somewhere secluded. ”

”Please, do it. ”

”…Huh? ” Now it was Violet ’s turn to be surprised.

”I mean, I want to spend more time with my wives, but these worms keep showing up, and it ’s so fucking annoying. ”

”…Whoa… ” Violet was actually surprised by something.

”What? ”

”Nothing. ”

”Of course, it ’s not nothing. Don ’t be reluctant with your thoughts. ”

”It ’s nothing, don ’t worry. ” Violet flashes a seductive smile as she leans her head against Victor ’s chest and closes her eyes.

”Strange… ”

”Hehehehehe~. ” Violet had an evil smile on her face.

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