My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 19: Sasha Fulger 2.

gently as I stroked her head, I didn ’t want to say anything like ’it ’s alright ’; I didn ’t want to be a hypocrite with her. And because of that, I just decided to act as a support for her… Now, she just needs someone to vent her emotions.

Kaguya appears at the door and, seeing me hugging Sasha, she was going to open her mouth, but I just said: ”Leave. ” My voice came out more demonic than I intended.

Kaguya ’s eyebrows quivered for a moment, but soon she nods her head and leaves the room; I probably don ’t have a good expression right now.

Kaguya POV.

Some time passed, and I was going back to the room I left Lord Victor in with Lady Sasha. When I reached the front of the room, I opened the door, and just as my eyes meet Lord Victor ’s red eyes, I feel my whole body paralyze.

Lord Victor ’s face was very cold and I felt my instincts screaming from danger, I also noticed that he was biting his mouth very hard and he was hugging Sasha very protectively.

”Leave. ”

Hearing Lord Victor ’s order, I felt my whole body demanding as if I had to obey. It was like a primordial urge telling me that I shouldn ’t deny this order because, if I ignored it, something really bad would happen. Lord Victor ’s order is absolute; if he ordered me to do something, I must obey.

I nod in agreement, and immediately I leave the room. The moment I ’m away from the room, I stop walking and regain my consciousness.

”W-What happened? ” I couldn ’t help but ask aloud in shock as I looked towards the direction of the room where Lord Victor was.

A few minutes pass and Sasha stops crying, she looks at me with the face of a person who has just cried a lot.

”I ’m sorry- ” Before Sasha can say any nonsense, I put my finger to her mouth in a silent gesture, ”Shh… Everything is fine… Everything is fine, okay? ”

”Mm, ” Sasha nods her head and I bring my hand to her face; when she realizes my hand is on her face she puts her head in my hand. I laughed a little, and slowly started to wipe the bloody tears from her face.

”Weird…Why do I feel so safe with you? ” She asked in a confused voice as she looked into my eyes, I could see her eyes had turned sapphire blue.

”I ’m just built different, ” I said with a small smile.

She laughed a little when she saw my unintentional joke, but I also noticed that her emotions calmed down a little when she laughed. She seemed to be fine, I could feel her heart was serene, but I also felt immense anger hidden by all that serenity.

”Violet and I will help with your revenge, ” I said in a gentle tone.

She looks at me with a serious face, ”I- ”

”I know, ” I said with a small smile.

”Huh? ” She made an expression showing she didn ’t understand.

”You want to avenge your mother alone, right? You would probably tell me not to meddle in your affairs. ” I chuckled a little when I saw her shocked expression.

”How- ”

”How do I know this? It ’s simple, our connection told me. ” I spoke while laughing.

”But that ’s not the way the connection works! It was just supposed to share the couple ’s location like a GPS! ” She practically screamed.

”Mine works different, ” I said laughing.

”You- ”

”I know I ’m not normal, but Violet knew that from the beginning, right? ” I said with the same smile.

Sasha pouted, ”Stop, please stop interrupting me. ” She looked so adorable now.

”Impossible ” I replied.

”Wha- ”

”Your troubled expression is too beautiful for me to stop doing that. ”

”… ” Sasha turned her face away and tried to hide her embarrassed expression.

I stroke her head, but suddenly, I get up off the floor while holding her like a princess then I carry her to the bed and leave her there.

”Natalia, ” I called the blonde maid.

”Yes, Lord Victor? ” Natalia appears from a secret passage.

”Make Sasha ’s accommodations, she ’ll live with us from now on. ”

”Impossible, we don ’t have enough space- ” Natalia was going to continue, but I interrupted, I wanted Sasha around; someone has to keep an eye on her, or she ’ll screw up.

”The male vampires who are Violet ’s servants are supposed to stay in her mansion, or around my house. As long as Sasha lives with us, I only want the female vampires around her… Hmm, I remember there is a building for sale a block away… Use Violet ’s money and buy that building. ”

I don ’t want men living just a room away from Sasha, what if she ’s changing clothes and some of them see? Well, I know she ’ll probably kill them, and so would I… But it ’s better to avoid casualties.

I sigh a little internally; I don ’t like to use my wife Violet ’s money. After all, that money isn ’t mine, but that ’s just my pride talking. (I think I should start the plan I had before; I need to make money. I ’ll start stealing but, in the future, I ’ll make my money legally within the government ’s laws, after all, money makes money; I just have to use it smartly.)

In some situations pride is useless…

I can easily ignore my pride if I can resolve a situation for my wives; if my pride is holding me back, I just have to throw my pride away.

My pride is worthless if it means my wife ’s well-being.

I just don ’t ignore my pride when the situation is something like Luan, he ’s my enemy. If he is my enemy, I must fight him!

I don ’t throw this pride away! And I also don ’t let anyone step on my pride.

My enemy is mine alone! I want to see his expression of despair, I want to see him slowly breaking down as I step on them~… This pride I don ’t give up.

”That ’s possible… The building is much cheaper than the defenses made by the witch June. ” Natalia spoke with a slightly surprised expression.

Hearing Natalia ’s words, I wake up from my stupor. I can ’t help but sigh internally; I lose control of my emotions too easily, is it because I ’m still evolving? Normally, I don ’t let this sadistic side of me go; I stop thinking about bullshit and I say:

”Let Violet know that Sasha is moving in with us. I will also need to talk with my wife, she will be very angry, tell her to meet me. ”

”I think she won ’t do that, ” Natalia spoke with uncertainty.

”Oh, she will, ” I say with a small smile, then continue as I walk towards the exit of the room: ”My wife is a jealous woman, and obsessed with me. She always puts my safety first and forgets of her own safety, she has the best qualities of a woman. ”

Soon I continued: ”She is also a loving person, she is a kind woman, and she is very fond of Sasha who is her childhood friend; but her jealousy and obsession for me cloud her judgment ”

”Lord Victor, I thought you didn ’t know about Lady Violet ’s personality, ” Natalia spoke a little surprised.

”Oh, I know her personality after all… She has the same personality as me. ” I commented with a small smile that Natalia couldn ’t see.

When Victor left the room, Sasha looked at Natalia and asked, ”What happened? ”

”Lord Victor is taking care of you, ” Natalia spoke in a neutral tone with a stoic expression, and she also thought internally:

’Upon contacting Sasha, Lord Victor let his real personality show a little. This took much longer than expected. Normally newborns show their true selves the moment they turn into vampires; I think Victor has great self-control and I ’m a little curious what he ’s going to become when he can ’t hold back.

”Is he taking care of me…? ” Sasha spoke with a strange expression, but soon after, she flashes a big, distorted smile. ”I see, he ’s taken care of me. ” She put both hands on her face to hide her expression like a teenager in love and started laughing in a low voice, she lays down on the bed and hides her face in the pillow.

”… ” Natalia just looked at Sasha with a stoic expression, it was like she was used to seeing this kind of demonstration before. ’Her too, huh? Lady Violet ’s friends are very similar to her… ’

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