e sure you take out your trash; I don ’t want to clean your fluids, that ’s your girlfriend ’s job. If you have one of course. ”

Oof, I feel an arrow in my chest for some reason but, strangely, it helped me calm down. I grow a little smile; my mother has no mercy and speaks her mind, she ’s very honest. That ’s the quality I like most about her. Though, I won ’t deny that I am often irritated with her honesty; but living 21 years of my life under her roof, you get used to it.

Anyway, I look at the clock and see that it ’s morning. I need to go to college, but I don ’t think I ’m able to go out on the street right now, and…

I look at my room and see the mess I made, the floor was broken, the door was ripped out, the bathroom was flooded… ”I need to organize this mess ”

Two hours later.

When tidying my room, I found out several things about my new self. I had more strength, much more strength than I had previously.

Because of this change, I ’m having trouble controlling myself. Before I used X force and I could open my bedroom door without breaking anything, but if I use the same force now, the bedroom door will literally be ripped off the wall.

My senses like hearing, smelling, sight, etc. They ’re much more sensitive, my hearing isn ’t on the level of the comic book scout friend who wears blue and red and has the S symbol on his chest; that guy could hear the entire planet…

As far as I ’ve tested, I can hear everything that ’s going on in my house and in the surrounding neighborhood. It ’s annoying, I hear multiple voices at the same time and I can ’t discern who ’s who.

Because of that, I tried something. I focused all my attention on a porn video that I opened on my computer called ’The hardest game in the world ’.

Do I look stupid? Yes, but it worked. Men are easy creatures to grab attention from.

My sense of smell has also improved, but the only thing I can smell from several kilometers away is blood, I can ’t differentiate the scents either.

Another thing I learned is that I have another kind of vision. When I switch to this vision, the world turns red and I can see everything around as if there were no walls. And, in this world, I can see human silhouettes. When I focus on these beings, I can see their hearts glowing bright red.

I just tested this for a few seconds; I don ’t want to risk getting thirsty again.

And yes… I know shit happened to me… I became a vampire, or something like a vampire…

The features are very obvious, pale skin, red eyes, better physical conditioning, and an insatiable thirst…

Knowing this, I have a starting line in my reasoning.

First, let ’s see what weaknesses I have.

The most obvious weaknesses from vampire books are garlic, the cross of Jesus (or something related to god), sunlight, and I can ’t enter someone ’s house uninvited. Also … running water?

Some weaknesses may seem stupid, but I need to test them all. First the cross of Jesus. I look at a necklace that is hanging on my computer screen, on that necklace there is a cross; I slowly touch the necklace and I feel … nothing.

Next on the list is garlic, I remember I bought garlic pizza two days ago. I walk towards the small fridge in my room and pick up the garlic pizza I had bought. Smelling the pizza with my nose, I feel like throwing up, but I also don ’t feel anything else; like a sudden weakness or something.

I think the urge to vomit was because my appetite changed? I try to put the pizza in my mouth and as expected, my body instantly rejects the food.

I ran towards the bathroom and spit the pizza into the toilet.

”How disgusting, ” I said with a nauseous face, ”Why do I feel like I ’ve eaten an out-of-date fish? ”

My stomach churns, and I feel like throwing up. I quickly started to inhale and take deep breaths, a few minutes later repeating this process, the urge to vomit passed.

In the future, I must test whether whole garlic has any effect on me. Thinking about it now, that was stupid… What kind of vampire would have weakness to garlic pizza?

Anyway, the next weakness is the sun…

I walk towards my bedroom window, which is located on the wall where my bed is positioned; I climb onto my bed and open a small gap in the curtain for the sunlight to enter.

I swallow my saliva, I am a little scared of disappearing. After all, the biggest weakness of vampires is sunlight, but, I need to know; and I think just putting my finger in the sun shouldn ’t cause any problems, right?

Slowly, I bring my finger closer to the sunlight. When there was only 1CM left until sunlight touched my finger, I stopped… No, I need to know; don ’t be a chicken, Victor!

I put my finger in the sunlight and… nothing happens. I don ’t feel my finger disappear, and I don ’t feel that intense pain that I expected…

I sigh in relief, I look at my window curtain and open it. As soon as the sunlight enters my room, I feel the sun bathing me in warmth and touching my entire body; yet, I feel nothing.

For some reason, I felt like I should praise the sun right now, but I ’m not going to do that. What if someone saw me?

I lie down on the bed and look up at the ceiling. ”With no other obvious vampire weaknesses, I don ’t want to try to decapitate myself or rip my heart out; I ’m not crazy enough for that. ”

”… What am I? ” I say to myself out loud. This morning was weird. For some reason, I don ’t remember what happened yesterday and I woke up with the characteristics of a vampire. But, I also didn ’t have the obvious weaknesses of a vampire… Am I reading too many books?

”But, Hey, at least I don ’t glow in the sunlight. ” I laugh at my own lame joke. I close my eyes, and slowly, I drift off to sleep.

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