My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 203 - 203: Im Not The Only One Crazy Out There.

Chapter 202: Discoveries. 3

Kaguya looked at the huge wall in front of her with a curious look.

’Nurikabe… What is it doing here so far from its homeland? And why is it so big? And more importantly, why isn ’t it invisible? ’

Kaguya had a lot of doubts in her head, she had never heard of a Youkai who left her homeland, so for her, this was a very curious subject.

As far as Kaguya is concerned, the Nurikabes are youkai who prevent the passage of night travelers. They also do the job of diverting night travelers to other places, and they were harmless Youkai as long as you didn ’t provoke it.

Despite being harmless, they were quite annoying. After all, if a person travels alone at night, that person has a very high chance of getting lost on the way because of these creatures.

’For it to be so big, it must be quite old. How long has it been standing in this same place? 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years? ’ Kaguya thought it might have a slim chance of being much more, considering Nurikabe-type Youkai can stay in one place for thousands of years.

But… Kaguya had a doubt in her heart, and that doubt was born when she saw this Youkai standing in front of her.

’Is the church getting support from the youkai? ’ Kaguya thought about it for a while and then decided it was absurd. Youkai are not a united group, and there are many, if not thousands, of youkai groups.

Some Youkai groups may be supporting the church, but that doesn ’t mean everyone is.

It ’s impossible to unite all youkai into a single flag since, for that to happen, the leader needs to be a legendary youkai like a nine-tailed fox or a dragon-like youkai, but all nine-tailed foxes don ’t want that kind of work for themselves.

They prefer to live in their secluded territory, enjoy their peace, and occasionally tease humans.

The same applies to the dragon type since, although they were seen as deities by some humans, they really didn ’t care about their role.

And Youkai, like Nurikabe, they ’re…stupid, they just follow their instincts. The most likely option is the most ridiculous is; This Youkai got lost from its homeland thousands of years ago and decided to settle in this place, and the church that knew about the youkai used the Nurikabe as a gatekeeper of this passage.

Despite being an absurd story in Kaguya ’s view, it wasn ’t totally meaningless. This could happen if the right conditions are met; after all, this sort of thing tends to happen with youkai.

Strange things… Inexplicable things…

”Ugh… And now, what do we do? Just one more gesture? ” Sasha spoke with a slight hint of annoyance.

She really was about to blast this Youkai into the sky, but she told herself she shouldn ’t become like Victor or Violet!

Not everything can be solved by violence!


But who was Sasha? She was the woman who had Annatashia Fulger ’s blood in her veins, and she was at the limit of her patience.

Kaguya started talking, ”We can wait… ”

”Huh? ”

Kaguya elaborated further, ”The Nurikabes are lazy youkai, in less than 24 hours, they ’ll go to sleep, and they ’ll wake up in a good mood, and we can test the other two options. ” 

She suggested that since she really didn ’t want to fight the Nurikabes, they are pretty damage resistant youkai.

And it will be quite annoying to defeat it without killing it.

”… ” Victor ’s eyes twitched a little when he heard what Kaguya said.

”Wait…? ” Sasha made a face like she didn ’t like it. She didn ’t like to wait for people, and it was mainly because she had things to take care of at her house. She needed to apply a ’punishment ’ to a certain man, and she was quite looking forward to it, so Sasha couldn ’t waste 24 hours waiting for a damn wall to get in a good mood!

”Well…Yes. ” Kaguya began to think deeply about what to do next.

”Tsk. ” Victor made an annoyed sound, and quickly got up off the ground, and walked slowly towards the wall as he passed by Kaguya and Sasha.

”…? ” Kaguya, who was deep in thought, was surprised when she saw her master pass her.

”M-Master? ”

Victor looked into the youkai ’s red eyes and spoke with an annoyed expression:

”Hey, you. ”

”MMMHHHMMM! ” The youkai made a strange sound as if it were trying to intimidate Victor.

But that didn ’t affect Victor:

”Get the fuck out of the way, don ’t you realize you ’re being a nuisance? I want to fucking pass! ”

”!!! ” A vein seemed to pop in the Youkai ’s head, and he got even angrier as a black aura began to come out of its body.

”Master/Darling!? ” Kaguya and Sasha spoke at the same time.

Kaguya quickly approached Victor:

”M-Master, the Shy-type Nurikabes are quite rare! They are usually angry or benevolent! ” Despite being rare, Kaguya didn ’t dare waste her chances, and because of that, she suggested spending 24 hours here.

She couldn ’t risk saying another incorrect question and having to fight the Youkai.

”… ” Victor didn ’t give a shit. He didn ’t have time for this shit, so he completely ignored his Maid and stared into the Youkai ’s eyes.

”…Oh, shit… He ’s starting to leak miasma. ” Kaguya spoke when she saw black smoke coming out of the Youkai ’s body, so she created two daggers of darkness as she prepared to fight.

”Miasma!? ” Sasha jumped back when she saw black smoke rising from the Youkai ’s body.

”It ’s a type of negative energy that makes beings weak to Yokai weaker and weaker, but it shouldn ’t affect us as much as it does humans. After all, we don ’t use Ki. ”

”You ’re not making any sense! ” Sasha didn ’t understand anything Kaguya said

Rumble, Rumble

Sasha ’s body began to be covered by lightning.


Kaguya sighed, she completely forgot that Sasha knew next to nothing about her homeland.

Suddenly, they heard Victor ’s voice, who was still standing in the same spot as he looked into the Youkai ’s eyes.

”… You piece of shit… ” Victor ’s face began to lose shape, and soon only his eyes and his teeth could be seen, ”I said… ”

”Get out of the way! ” A demonic voice came out of Victor, the voice so powerful it seemed to shake the underground a little.

”Ugh. ” Kaguya and Sasha put their hands to their ears. He had just been talking too loudly. Does he have any power that amplifies his voice or something? Why is it so tall!?

”… ” The Youkai kept looking at Victor with an annoyed look.

And as if by magic, all the miasma that came out of the Youkai ’s body disappeared as if it didn ’t exist.

”MMMMHMMM ” The Youkai ’s eyes became normal, and slowly, the Youkai started to transform, stone hands started to grow, and giant feet grew under it, and soon it started walking to the side of the gate.

”… It worked!? ” The two were extremely shocked.

Victor continued to look at the Youkai.

When the Youkai got out of the way, it looked at Victor and pointed at the door with its stone hands:


”Thanks, ” Victor said as his face returned to normal while he ignored the Youkai and started walking towards the door.

”W-Wait, Darling! ” Sasha quickly started keeping up with Victor, she didn ’t want to be left behind!

”…As expected of mine, master. ” Kaguya exhibited a small smile, ”But… ”

She looked at the Youkai and saw a small hint of embarrassment on the youkai ’s ’face ’.

’Why is it blushing? Why is it acting like a shy girl!? What the fuck!? ’ Kaguya was really questioning her sanity now. Maybe she ate something bad this morning and was hallucinating things.

As a hardworking Maid, what did she do when she discovered that a wall turned red when her master ’threatened ’ it?

”…It ’s better to ignore it… ” She decided to pretend she never saw that image.

Kaguya ’s body was then covered in shadows, and soon she disappeared towards Victor.

Victor, Kaguya, and Sasha walked down another hallway, dark and different from the old hallway, this place seemed to be empty.

The hallway was huge… 

’I think it would be more appropriate to call this a room? ’ Victor thought to himself when he saw the size of this place.

It was a huge room that appeared to be completely abandoned.

”Hmm… I see remnants of activity, look. ” Kaguya pointed to a spot.

Victor and Sasha looked to the spot that Kaguya pointed out and saw several books scattered on the floor.

”… ” Victor was a little curious, and as this was the only thing he had in this place, he started to walk to the books and grabbed a red book, and then read the cover of the book aloud:

”That day when a tall, handsome vampire came deep inside my womb, ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone.

”… Eh…? ” Kaguya and Sasha spoke at the same time.

With the same neutral expression on his face, Victor picked up another book from the floor and quickly read the book ’s cover:

”I was kidnapped by two Milf Vampires, and they used me as a sex slave… And I loved it. ”

”…D-Darling. ” Sasha ’s face was getting a little embarrassed, mostly because Victor was speaking those words with a neutral expression like it was no big deal!

Victor crouched again and picked up another book:

”How to do BDSM, for newbies. ”

Victor repeated the process and took out another book:

”How a man/woman of culture should act in society. ”

”Loli is Justice, they should be appreciated! ”

”…Degenerate… ” Sasha swallowed.

Victor picked up another book from the floor, and just as he was about to read.

”…M-Master. ” Kaguya pulled Victor ’s shirt and said:

”Stop, please. ”

Nod, Nod!

Sasha nodded furiously, it was quite obvious that she agreed with Kaguya.

Victor looked at his Maid and saw her face a little red with embarrassment, then he looked at Sasha and saw that she was even more embarrassed, so he showed a small satisfied smile and said:

”Sure. ”

He definitely didn ’t do it to see Kaguya and Sasha ’s reaction, of course not.

Victor put the books on the floor and looked around:

”The person who was in this place was pretty perverted, huh? ” He said this in a way to change the subject.

”Yes… ” The two spoke in low tones as they looked at the books on the floor with a little curiosity.

”… ” Victor smiled a little when he saw the girls ’ curiosity, while he used his special vision, as his world turned blood red.

He started looking around for something.

’The place is empty, there ’s nothing here, I think this place was used by hunters? This looked like a big room. ’ Victor was wondering why this room existed.

”Oh? ” Victor seemed to have found something, and soon he started walking again towards what he found.

”… ” Sasha and Kaguya accompanied Victor while they were trying their best to forget about the previous topic.

Arriving in front of a gigantic wall, Victor said, ”Interesting. ” His eyes seemed to glow with curiosity.

”That ’s… ” Kaguya and Sasha opened their mouths in shock as they stared at the wall.

Victor created a small fireball and threw it into the sky.

And as if ordering a dog, he said, ”Stay. ”

And as if by magic, the fireball stayed in the sky and lit up the entire place.

And soon, everyone could see a gigantic painting that covered the entire wall.

The painting appeared to have been created thousands of years ago, and in this painting, Victor and the girls could see a shapeless figure with a huge smile filled with sharp teeth and blood-red eyes.

The creature ’s presence seemed to encompass the entire painting as a symbol of fear.

They could see a blond-haired man alongside several men and women who were pointing weapons such as spears, swords, and axes at the creature.

Sasha looked at a signature in the corner of the wall:

”Qui monstris pugnant. ”

Kaguya, ”In literal translation: Those who fight monsters. ”

”… ” Victor looked at the creature in the middle of the painting and exhibited a small smile, ”Looks like Vlad was quite busy in the past. ”

”Do you think Vlad is in this painting? ”

”Yeah, I only know two people who can terrify hunters to the point of making a painting about them… And those people are Scathach and Vlad. ”

”Since the painting is not about a woman but about a formless creature, I can say it ’s Vlad, considering it ’s just as he said. ”

Victor began to imitate Vlad:

”Shape and appearance mean nothing to me, I can be whatever I want. ”

”… ” Kaguya and Sasha felt strange when they saw Victor imitating Vlad.

”It ’s because of these words that I can tell that this creature in the painting is Vlad. ”

”Vlad, it ’s pretty narcissistic, huh? ”

”Well, he ’s the king, he must be a narcissist. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”Indeed. ”

”… ” Kaguya looked at the painting again and stared at the shapeless creature:

’Yes, indeed. Only two people can so terrify hunters as to create a painting about them… And master, you are one of those people. ’ Kaguya exhibited a small smile.

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