My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 206 - 206: Vampire Meets Wolf And Fox.

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Surprisingly, Sasha didn ’t immediately ask for her prize and said that she would order something from Victor in the near future.

Victor nodded, indicating that he understood since he had some expectations of what Sasha ’s request would be.

For some reason, his thoughts always turned to inappropriate content, and he wouldn ’t deny he was a little horny at the sight of Sasha sweaty body and her legs.

After the small duel between Victor and Sasha, the whole group stared at the amount of items with a neutral look, while the only thing that went through their minds was:

’I don ’t want to carry this… ’ They looked quite unwell. They didn ’t want to carry all these items to Victor ’s house, which was literally thousands of KM away!

They could hire a plane too and charm all humans to forget everything they saw.

But that would still take a long time!

”…Hmm… ” Victor had his hand on his chin as he seemed to be thinking about something.

”…Yes, Yes. You can come, tell her to get everything ready. ”

”The coordinates of this place are… ”

Ruby appeared to be talking to someone on the phone.

”… ” Violet, Sasha, and Bruna looked at Ruby curiously, wondering who she was talking to.

From Ruby ’s tone of voice, Violet seemed to have an idea who she was talking to, but she wasn ’t 100% sure.

Ruby finished talking on the phone, and just as she finished talking on the phone, a large portal appeared near the group.

”…Did she hit the spot with just the coordinates? As expected of someone from that Clan… ”

”Sorry for the delay, Lady Violet. ”

”… It ’s ok. Ruby had already explained everything to me, but couldn ’t you have finished sooner? ”

”Well, some things didn ’t go as planned, and we had to use the alternate plan. ”

”Alternative plan? ” Violet didn ’t know that.

”Burn everything, destroy everything… Or as Lady Violet preferred to call this plan. ”

”Oh… ” Violet ’s smile started to widen, ”I like that kind of plan. ”

”Yeah, I know. ” Natalia smiled since she was a little happy that she didn ’t need to use the ’NE ’ plan.

Now you ask, what is the ’NE ’ plan?

Of course, the ’NE ’ plan was to Nuke Everything.

A simple plan, a plan that solved most problems.

And since the Nuke they were going to use was supernatural in origin, the explosion wouldn ’t risk radiation.

Nature would thank you for eliminating these pests from the surface of the planet! Earth-chan will be happy!

…Now… Where would they get a Nuke?

The witches, of course! They sell everything! And when talking about everything! It ’s literally everything!

But the price would surely be steep… And because of that, Natalia was relieved that she wouldn ’t have to come to that option.

Natalia looked around, and then her eyes stopped on June.

”…Ara. ” She flashed a small smile as she remembered that she still hadn ’t received a report from June.

”!!! ” June felt her entire spine tremble when she saw Natalia ’s smile.

”Umu, it ’s good that you came, Natalia. I was already thinking about how we were going to take it all. ” Victor suddenly spoke up.

”… ” June looked at Victor like he was her savior. She wouldn ’t mind giving him 5% off her service!

”… ” Natalia looked at Victor, who was walking towards her:

”I-… ” She was about to say something but fell silent when Victor ’s shadow seemed to grow, and then three women in the room appeared and stepped into his shadow.

Victor passed by Natalia and spoke in a slightly tired voice:

”I ’m going ahead, I ’m a little tired. You can call me if you need anything. ”

”W-Wait-. ” She was going to say that she hadn ’t finished adjusting the portal yet!

”D-Darling!? ” Violet and Ruby spoke at the same time in an attempt to stop Victor.

But it was too late since Victor had already passed through the portal.

And the moment Victor passed through the portal, Violet and Ruby went after him, but Natalia held up her hand.

”Stop, the portal has already been calibrated. If you enter now, you will just fall into Victor ’s training room. ”

”…fuck. ” Violet and Ruby spoke at the same time.

”Why are you in such a hurry? ”

”… ” Ruby and Violet looked at Sasha, who was completely unaware of what was going on.

And June, who was whistling around in an attempt to get people to ignore her existence.

”… ” Ruby and Violet looked at each other and nodded. It seemed they just completely forgot to tell Sasha what she was doing.

But it wasn ’t their fault, it ’s just that Sasha was too focused on the personal issues involving Maria and Carlos.

And because of that, they made room for Sasha… Wait, Maria…?

”Oh… ” They just realized that they forgot Maria was up there too.

”Sasha, did you forget your maid? ”

”… I did not forget. ” Sasha made a hard face and completely denied Ruby ’s accusation.

”I ’ll get her. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Sasha disappeared from the scene.

”She ’s definitely over the woman… ” Violet smiled.

And in less than a few seconds, Sasha was back with Maria.

”Ugh, I ’ll never get used to this… ” Maria, who still looked weakened, spoke up.

”Anyway. Let ’s hurry up and get all these items into the portal, the work shouldn ’t be difficult now that everything is in order. ”

”Yes~. ” All the girls present said, except for Natalia.

”…You will work too. ” Ruby pointed at Natalia.

”But I ’m already maintaining the portal, and that costs a huge amount of energy. ” Natalia could lie as easily as she could breathe.

Was it difficult for her to maintain the portal? Yes, but it didn ’t cost a huge amount of energy. After all, she was already very proficient in this power, and because of that, she didn ’t expend as much energy as she used to in the past.

… In the end, she was just being lazy.

And Ruby knew she was being lazy, but with how perfectly she carried out the order she gave Natalia…

Ruby accepted her being lazy for now.

”Fine, but report back to me after this about all you ’ve done. ”

”…Yes. ” Natalia spoke with a difficult face.

The Lost Club.

”…Umu? ” Victor found himself in a strange office:

”Well, this is not my house. ” He looked around and saw that it was a pretty normal office.

Suddenly, a door opened near the desk in the office, and a woman with short white hair came out completely the way she came into the world, while she just had a small towel around her neck.

She had a can of beer in her hand.

Gulp, Gulp.

She drank the whole can of beer.

”Ahhhhhh, ” She makes a sound similar to those drunks when she drinks a full glass of beer.

”That girl is a sadist. How can she order me to attack several church branches at once? She ’s intending to make war-… ” She froze when she saw Victor ’s appearance.

[…Master has strange luck…] Kaguya couldn ’t help but sigh.

”…Ara. ” She flashed a small smile.

”Oh, pretend I don ’t exist, I ’m just passing by. ”

”… It ’s impossible… ”

”Indeed. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”Hmm… ” Victor stared at the woman, and his eyes glowed slightly blood red for a few seconds:

”A witch, huh? ”

”Correction, I ’m a clandestine witch. ”

[… Clandestine witches are witches who have no affiliation with the witch queen. They are usually women who will deceive supernatural beings who trust them too much.]

”Not much different from a normal witch then, ” Victor spoke up.

[Yes, but normal witches have to follow a contract so as not to tarnish the witch queen ’s reputation, an underground witch doesn ’t need to do that.]

”How rude, I ’m different from those girls. ” The woman thought that Victor was talking to her.

”I see… ” Victor seemed to understand what Kaguya was talking about.

”… Hmm. ” The woman was feeling strange, she looked at Victor with her eyes, and as this was her territory, the magic of the place immediately began to take effect to satisfy the owner ’s curiosity;

’Strange… ’ For some reason, she could feel 5 life forces inside Victor.

’The new count is a monster… Why does he have so many souls inside him? ’

Currently, inside Victor were Kaguya, Bruna, Eve, the ’thing ’ inside Eve, and Victor himself.

Five souls in one body, and because of that, she completely misunderstood the situation.

”Where am I, witch? ”

”…You can call me Esther, Count Alucard. ”

”Oh? You seem to know me. ”

”… You ’re kidding? You ’re a celebrity right now, the fifth count of vampires, the new pillar of vampire society, the disciple of Scathach, etc, etc. ”

”Right now, you are like The Beatles who exploded internationally. ”

”What an exaggerated comparison, ” Victor spoke with a slight smile. Unlike The Beatles, who made amazing songs, Victor just kicked some opponents ’ asses. It ’s nothing too significant.

[But it ’s the truth.]

”But it ’s the truth. ”

”…. ” Victor was speechless when he heard Kaguya and Esther talking at the same time.

”…Where am I, witch? ”

”…I already told you, you came to me-. ” She was going to repeat what she said earlier but stopped when she saw Victor ’s eyes glowing slightly blood red. For some reason, her entire existence shook as she looked into the man ’s eyes.

”…You ’re at my bar, The Lost Club. ”

”The Lost Club? ”

”It ’s a bar that brings together all kinds of races, a neutral area. ” She spoke and added in her thoughts; ’For now, after all, if anyone finds out what happened today, I will lose this neutrality. ’

”Oh…? ” Victor ’s smile grew immensely as he became quite interested in seeing a place that had several races gathered.


Esther couldn ’t help but swallow hard as she felt the small aura that leaked from Victor ’s body.

Recently, Victor and his Maids killed an entire village of wolves, werewolves who committed unimaginable cruelties to women. Not to mention he absorbed the blood of all these wolves and those three men who turned into a disgusting monster who also killed a lot of beings.

Consequently, the aura emanating from Victor ’s body was terrible, and even more so when that aura matched Kaguya ’s and his natural aura as a Night King.

’Now… Now, I understand when Ruby said that if he had been here when that wolf attacked her, this place would have turned into ruins… ’ Esther thought internally.

”Can you show me the place, witch? ” Victor made a request. If she refused, he would explore on his own.

But for Esther, Victor ’s request didn ’t come out as a request but as an order, an order she must obey.

”Of course, Alucard. ” Esther walked towards him.

”Before that. ” Victor made a stop sign.

”…? ” Esther looked at Victor with curious eyes.

”Put on some clothes, woman, or are you an exhibitionist? ”

”…Oh, I forgot about that. ” Esther turned and reentered the door from which she had come.

She even tried to shake her ass a little in an attempt to seduce Victor, but all that was in vain. If it was Scathach or one of his wives, Victor might even be attracted, but when any other woman tried to do that, he just didn ’t feel it. No reaction at all.

In a physiological sense, he could maybe feel something, but…

Scathach and Violet, Ruby, and Sasha ’s charm are very high…

Somehow, being around such beautiful women, Victor ’s sense of beauty was completely destroyed.

It ’s something like you see the beauty of a goddess, and you can never be satisfied with a normal woman again.

It was for this reason that Aphrodite was so hated by women in the past, but that ’s a story for another time.

[I don ’t like this woman.] Eve spoke for the first time.

[Me neither, for some reason, I want to kill her.] Bruna agreed with Eve. She was a Nun before, she ’s a kind person, but for some reason, she didn ’t like that woman.

[…How did you get to this place?] Kaguya asked with a little hint of shock in her voice.

[We just followed you.] The two spoke at the same time.

[Such Bullshit, you cannot enter this place without my permission.]

[Even if you say that… We just followed you.]

[Yes.] Eve agreed with Bruna.

[…Did you feel something trying to force you out of this place?]

[Hmm, I remember feeling it, but it didn ’t last long.] Bruna spoke up.

[I felt nothing.]

[…what the fuck?] Kaguya couldn ’t understand anything else; maybe it ’s because of Victor ’s blood inside them? That was the only explanation she could come up with.

”… ” Victor put his hand on his head a little.

”Can you stop talking at the same time? I feel like I ’m going crazy. ”

[Oh…] The three spoke at the same time.

[I ’m sorry, I ’ll cut off their voice-. ”

”It ’s not that. I ’m fine with you guys talking in my head, but just don ’t talk at the same time. ”

[Okay…] Kaguya spoke, and the two women nodded.

Kaguya ’s Shadow.

In a completely dark place that had a small television on top that seemed to be Victor ’s vision.

Bruna gestured to Kaguya, a gesture that said, cut my voice.

”… ” Kaguya looked confused at Bruna, had the woman finally gone mad?

”…Just cut my voice. ”

”Oh. ” Kaguya snapped her finger, and nodded her head indicating that she could speak.

”We can ’t make our master crazier, you should cut our voices when it ’s not necessary. ” Bruna said, because she had felt a little chill down her spine when Victor said he was going crazy.

”… ” Eve didn ’t have much of an opinion on that, since, it didn ’t matter to her what Victor was like.

”… That ’s a good idea. ” Kaguya thought it wasn ’t such a bad idea. After all, she didn ’t want to see her master going crazy hearing so many voices in his head.

”Look, she ’s back. ” Bruna spoke in a venomous tone.

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