My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 210 - 210: Come My Son. Tell Your Mother.

When Victor left the Lost Club, a little chaos ensued.

”Sigh… I thought this place would disappear. ” Someone spoke when they saw Victor ’s back from afar.

”Glad he ’s gone… As expected, a visit from a Count is never a good thing. ”

”Indeed, indeed. I thought we were all going to die because of these two idiots. ” A woman spoke up while looking at the two men who talked about Ruby out loud.

Victor was being treated as a bad omen…

”What? ”

”Why did you say that? ” Someone seemed to growl at the two men.

”But isn ’t it true? ” The man said sincerely, ”Johnny is funny. ” He spoke with disdain.

”Indeed, when it ’s with someone weaker, he ’s got the attitude of an ’alpha male ’, but when it ’s with a vampire Count or someone stronger than him, he is quiet like a docile dog. ” His friend spoke.

”Pathetic. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”… ” The crowd that knew Johnny couldn ’t help but agree with the two men ’s thoughts, but…

”While this is true, don ’t put us in the crossfire! ”

”…Well, we didn ’t know he would react like that, I heard a rumor that he was related to Clan Scarlett, but I thought it was a normal relationship. ”

”Idiot! If he is a disciple of Scathach, of course, he gets along well with that woman ’s daughters! Of course, he would react like that! Use your head a little! ” A woman screamed in annoyance since she almost lost her life because of these two idiots!

”…Oh. ” They opened their mouths in shock. For some reason, they thought that the woman ’s words made sense.

”…Wait, wasn ’t that woman Johnny ’s lover? ”

”… ” as if something had clicked in everyone ’s mind, a big smile started to appear on their faces.

”Johnny the White wolf got a green hat… ”

”Pfft…. ” Someone almost laughed.

A short woman spoke in an innocent voice,

”Although, for an alpha wolf, he didn ’t do the job properly. ”

”HAHAHAHAHAHAH! ” Everyone couldn ’t take it anymore and started laughing.

”I ’m jealous of Johnny, must be nice to get NTR from a Count Vampire… ” Someone spoke in a low voice.

”… ” As if a supernatural entity had cut off all sound in the bar, people looked at the man who said this with a slightly wary look.

”What? ”

”… ” Nobody said anything and just looked at the man.

The next day.

After Kaguya came back with the magic contract, Victor made a basic contract with Roberta. Despite it being a basic contract, Victor put in several small clauses to prevent any possible harm to people he identified as ’forbidden ’.

Simply and straightforwardly, Roberta ’s contract with Victor was:

”You can fuck, burn, and destroy the whole world, or whatever you want, but don ’t fuck with the people I point out as forbidden. ”

Needless to say, Roberta ’s smile at that moment was something Victor greatly appreciated, while he seemed quite satisfied with the clauses.

But everything wasn ’t all flowers and rainbows, despite Roberta ’s ’gentle ’ personality, since for some reason, this woman couldn ’t get along with Bruna or Sasha.

Victor didn ’t understand why the two women didn ’t like Roberta, but he assumed that must be because of their personalities.

Ruby didn ’t have much of an opinion on the matter, while she just stared at Victor with a look colder than the North Pole, and her face said:

’Again? ’

The same could be said of Scathach and Violet.

They both didn ’t like that he brought another woman into the house, even though that woman wasn ’t one of his.

And what did Victor do at that moment?

When he saw that the women were upset?

He turned around and said:

”I ’m going to sleep, do you want to come? ”

”… ” A silence fell over the place.

And the women looked at each other and nodded, and in the end… He ended up in this situation.

Victor was lying on an unnecessarily large bed with five women around him.

Wait… What?


Victor, who had already awakened from his sleep, looked around and saw Violet, Ruby, and Sasha as they came into the world.

That ’s normal. He always slept with his wives like that, since when he was younger, he couldn ’t sleep if he wasn ’t completely naked or just in his underwear, but…

Why are they here?

”Hmmm… ” A long golden-haired woman who was the way she came into the world was sleeping on Victor ’s chest along with another golden-haired woman. Despite being very similar to one of his wives, Victor knew that this woman was not his wife.

”Ugh… ” Victor looked at whoever gave that groan and saw two red heads the way they came into the world as they were sleeping in Victor ’s arms.

’Scathach, I can understand a little, but what about this woman? When did she get here? ’ Victor thought as he looked at one of the blonde-haired women.

”Darling… ” Victor looked away and saw Violet, who looked like she possessively took his left side all to herself.

”… ” He flashed a gentle smile when he saw Violet ’s sleepy face.

One of the golden-haired women seemed to wake up and looked at Victor.

”Oya…? You woke up? ”

Victor narrowed his eyes when he saw the woman ’s innocent smile:

”Woman, what are you doing? ”

”…I ’m sleeping with my beloved daughter. ” She responded with the same smile.

”… ” Victor had no words to say otherwise. After all, technically, she was sleeping with her daughter…

The woman got up slowly, quite sensually, as if she was trying to provoke someone.

”Hmm? ” Victor stared at the woman ’s breasts blatantly with a strange look.

”Are you using that power? ”

”…yeah. ”

”You do not need to. ”

”Oh…? Why don ’t I? ”

”You are already very beautiful as you normally are, you don ’t need to use that power for that. ”

”… ” The woman ’s smile seemed to grow distorted for a few seconds but quickly returned to normal, and she spoke:

”I see… In that case. ” As if by magic, the woman ’s breasts began to shrink to her natural size, which was a B-cup.

”What do you think? ”

”Good, ” Victor spoke honestly.

Natashia ’s smile grew a little, and she wouldn ’t lie that she liked what Victor said.

”… ” An awkward silence fell around them, and as if by fate, the women around Victor began to wake up.

And the first of them was Scathach and Ruby.

”… Hmm? Natashia? ”

”Sup, Scathach. ” For a moment, Natashia looked like a teenager greeting her friend.

”… ”

Sasha stood up groggily and looked at the golden-haired woman who looked a lot like her.

”… Hmm? Clone? ” She still looked like she was sleeping, but upon understanding who this person was in front of her, her eyes widened:

”M-Mother!? What are you doing here!? ”

”Sleeping with you? ” Natashia spoke with a happy smile.

”…Eh…? ” Sasha was taken a bit by surprise at the honesty of the woman ’s words, and she couldn ’t help but flash a small, happy smile, but that smile soon died when she realized something:

”I ’m not sleeping alone! And why are you naked!? ”

”You know I always slept naked, and I didn ’t realize you were with other people, I arrived tired from my trip and just went to rest with my beloved daughter. ”

”Bullshit. ”

”Hahahaha, don ’t worry about small details, come here and give me a hug, I missed you. ” Natashia quickly hugged her daughter.

”E-Eh!? ” Despite being taken by surprise.

”… ” Ruby, who saw all this, just looked at Sasha with a look that said, ’Welcome to the club. ’

’Now someone will feel my pain… Now someone will understand my pain. ’ She thought as she looked at her mother, who was looking at Natashia with a slightly annoyed look.

… She was still a little groggy too.

”… ” Victor just remained silent as he enjoyed the sight of various breasts of different sizes in front of him.

”… whatever. ” Scathach suddenly spoke while looking at Natashia, and then she lay down on Victor ’s arm and snuggled into his chest.

’Better… ’

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little when he saw Scathach ’s attitude.

’This Bitch… ’ Natashia ’s eyes twitched a little when she saw Scathach ’s attitude.

’Unfortunately, I can ’t do that yet, I ’ve already passed my limits entering his room. ’ She was an Alpha predator and knew when to attack and when to retreat.

”… ” Ruby looked at her mother ’s attitude with a neutral gaze.

Seeing the small satisfied smile on her mother, a smile she rarely saw during her childhood, Ruby thought:

’Whatever. ’ And then climbed on top of Victor while she pushed Sasha and Natashia away and lay on his chest.

Soon she closed her eyes. Ruby has always been a lazy person in the morning, and she was too lazy to use her brain or think of something complicated.

”…M-Mother, stop. ” Sasha was so busy with her mother ’s embarrassing actions, hugging her naked in front of her husband that she didn ’t even realize her place was taken.

”Hahaha, stop resisting and come here, ” Natashia spoke as she suddenly pulled Sasha to her chest area and lay on the other side of the bed.

”…Mother? ” Sasha looked up.

”Just stay like that for a moment… ” Natashia spoke in a gentle tone as she hugged Sasha a little tighter.

”… ” Sasha was feeling strange since she had never received this kind of affection from her mother, but… It wasn ’t bad…

”Are you okay…? ” She asked in a low voice as she hugged Sasha a little closer.

”…Yes? ” Sasha didn ’t seem to understand that Natashia was talking about the incident that someone had tried to ambush her.

”… ” Natashia displayed a gentle little smile when she realized that Victor had protected her daughter:

”That ’s good… ” She sniffed her daughter ’s hair a little.

”Mother…? ”

”This is really, really good… ”

Natashia looked like she didn ’t want to say anything else and just closed her eyes.

”… ” Victor, who was watching all this, displayed a small, gentle smile and felt satisfied.

”Darling… I can ’t sleep, you ’re poking my belly… ” Ruby spoke in a low tone with a bit of embarrassment.

”… ” Victor looked at Ruby and spoke with a strange smile:

”Come up a little further, then. ”

”… Okay. ” Ruby crawled a little farther forward, and soon Victor ’s firmness rose to the heavens and touched Ruby ’s important spot.

”Better? ”

”… Of course not. ” She replied with a bit of embarrassment, ”But it ’s not nudging me anymore. I can sleep now… ”

Victor felt something wet his younger brother, and with the same strange smile, he said:

”Unfortunately, this is uncontrollable. After all, how can I be calm with you on top of me? ”

”…I see… ” Ruby flashed a small smile and closed her eyes.

Victor sighed inwardly and looked up at the ceiling, and soon he started counting sheep in an attempt to sleep.

A few minutes passed, his consciousness began to fall into a dark abyss, and quickly, he slept.

”Master, Master. ” Someone seemed to be rocking Victor ’s body in an attempt to wake him up.

”…Hmm… ” Victor slowly opened his eyes and saw the faces of Eve and Kaguya, who were very close to him.

”Master, you need to wake up, something has happened, ” Eve spoke.

”… What happened? ” Victor asked, a little groggy, and he also realized he was alone in bed.

’Did I lose track of time? ’ Victor thought to himself, ’Why didn ’t anyone wake me up? ’

”Former Countess Natashia and Lady Anna have met. ” Kaguya dropped the bombshell, and as if not satisfied, she dropped two more bombs, ”She ’s talking to Roberta, Bruna, and Scathach too. ”


”!!! ” All of Victor ’s drowsiness disappeared as if it had never been there, and he got to his feet.

”Whoaaa, ​​big… ”

Victor ignored Eve and walked towards his wardrobe.

Eve ’s eyes seemed glued to Victor ’s instrument, as she looked quite curious. She wanted to touch and caress to know how he felt.

’So this is a man ’s sexual organ… It ’s different from books. ’ Eve thought, and somehow, slowly, she began to have an urge to-.


Kaguya slapped Eve ’s head.

Eve ’s thoughts were interrupted, and she held her head:

”Ouch. ” Eve looked at Kaguya with a slightly irritated look.

”Don ’t stare too much. ” Kaguya warned in a strict tone.

”Why? ” Eve didn ’t understand.

”It ’s disrespectful. ” As a professional Maid, you must serve your master and have no cravings for him! As expected, she is still a long way from being a proper Maid.

”… ” Eve gave her a look that showed she didn ’t understand.

”Why is it disrespectful? ” She didn ’t seem to understand.

”… ” Kaguya facepalmed. She forgot that the woman still doesn ’t have common sense, so she looked at Eve and spoke.

”I ’ll explain later. ”

”… Okay. ”

Victor suddenly stopped pacing and stared at his wardrobe with a thoughtful gaze.

’It will take a long time for me to change. ’ He looked at Kaguya and flashed a small smile.

”Kaguya, work your magic. ” Victor raised both arms as if in an act of provocation, but he was just opening his arms for Kaguya to dress him.

”… ” Eve unconsciously stared at Victor ’s younger brother again, but soon she stopped staring at his younger brother when she saw Kaguya ’s reaction.

Kaguya ’s smile grew, and she disappeared into the darkness, then she passed Victor, and in less than a second, the man ’s entire body was already dressed in his usual suit.

”Done. ” Kaguya spoke while her eyes seemed to be shining.

”Umu! As expected of you, a perfect job as always. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile and stroked Kaguya ’s head.

”… ” Kaguya ’s body trembled as she displayed a small imperceptible smile.

”… ” Eve ’s eyes went cold, and she thought, ’What about having no desires for your master? ’

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