My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 210 - 210: Come My Son. Tell Your Mother.

away from the group, a woman and a tall man were staring at each other. They were looking into each other ’s eyes as if trying to understand each other ’s intentions.

And strangely, this woman and this man looked a lot alike.

”My Son. ” She said while glaring at him, before continuing,

”Spit it out, just how many daughters-in-law will I have? ”

”… ” Victor flashed a small smile. He really liked it when his mother didn ’t beat around the bush and would get straight to the point.

After Victor went to the place where his mother was, Anna took her son by the wrist and dragged him to a secluded room, and this situation started to happen.

”Wrong question, Mother. ” Victor turned and sat on the sofa in the bedroom.

”Hmm… ” Anna thought about what she said, and soon she understood:

”Just how many women do you have feelings for? ”

”That ’s a good question. ” Victor ’s face turned a little sentimental, and he said:

”Currently, I only love five women in my life. ”

”F-F-Five… ” For some reason, she found it difficult to say the word ’five. ’

”I need to sit down for a while. ” She sat on the bed, calmed her thoughts, and asked:

”So, who are they? ”

”Violet, my little ice flower. ”

”Umu, understandable. ” Violet was a good girl.

”Sasha, my little piece of recklessness and cuteness. ”

”Umu, she ’s really cute sometimes. ”

”Ruby, the smartest woman I ’ve ever met, and the one who hides her feelings the most. ”

”Indeed, Indeed. She needs to talk more about herself. ” Anna nodded.

”Scathach, the woman who taught me many things, and most of all, taught me how to fight. ”

”Yes, Yes. She ’s… Wait, what. ” Anna looked at Victor with a look of disbelief. She had had her suspicions, but now that her son confirmed it, she was just in pure disbelief.

’Does he really want an Oyakodon? ’

”Although for Scathach to accept me, I still have a long way to go. ” Victor laughed when he thought of the troubled yet cute woman.

”Hold up, hold the donkey ’s balls. ”

”… ” Victor was silent and waited for his mother.

”… Leaving aside the feelings of the people involved, will Ruby accept this? ” Anna didn ’t know how vampire relationships work, but dating the daughter and the mother was inappropriate in any culture, right?


”I don ’t know, I haven ’t talked to her about it yet. ” Victor was honest, but Ruby let her mom sleep with him naked in the same bed she was in, so is that okay?

Victor shook his head, denying his thoughts. He knew things with women were always more complicated; ’I should properly ask her later. ’

”I see… That ’s a good choice. Women ’s feelings can change the same way we change panties. ”

”…That ’s pretty convincing coming from you. ” Victor flashed a slight smile.

”… ” Anna grew a gentle smile and continued:

”You should talk to her later. ”

”Of course. ”

”Good. ” Anna nodded in satisfaction when she heard her son ’s instant response.

”So? Who is the fifth woman? As expected, it ’s your other mother-in-law? ” Now that Anna has stopped to think about it:

’Doesn ’t he just have two mothers-in-law that he likes? And what about Violet ’s mother…? Don ’t tell me he ’s with her too? ’

’… My son has three wives, and at the same time, he has the mothers of these three wives… Hmm, isn ’t that a good title for a porn book? ’ She had to make jokes to try to swallow all this nonsense she ’s been hearing.

Seriously, what kind of man just took three mothers and the three daughters of those mothers? Gigolo! Playboy.

… This woman has completely gone mad. He hasn ’t said anything yet, okay?

”Hmm? Of course not. The fifth woman is you, Mother. ”

”…Eh? ” All of Anna ’s thoughts died, and her brain stopped working.

Looking at her son ’s blood-red eyes and her son ’s gentle smile.


Unconsciously, Anna pulled away from Victor ’s gaze a little.

But suddenly a wave of anger rose on her face:

”You bastard, since when do you have these feelings for me!? ”

”Huh…? Of course, it ’s been since I was little. I love you, mom. ”

”S-Since young. ” For some reason, Anna was having a hard time getting angry.

Anna started to think about the past and remembered the memories she had with her son. Somehow, she could accept that her son had feelings like that for her… Wait.

’This is Wrong! He is my son! ’

”Look, Victor. I love your father, and I don ’t see you that way. And I am your mother! ” She spoke very seriously, with her cheeks a little red.

”…Huh? ” Victor turned his head without understanding.

”I know it can be hard, but I don ’t see you that way, okay? ”

”You may be a vampire now, and it may not affect you, but I am your mother! ” Important things must be said twice.

”Woman, what are you talking about? Have you finally gone crazy? Shall I welcome you to the club? ”

”…Eh? ” Anna made a shocked expression, looking like a goldfish that didn ’t understand anything, as she looked at her son again:

”Didn ’t you say you love me? ”

”Of course I love you. You are my mother. ”

”… Oh… So you love me like a son loves a mother? ”

”Of course. ”

”… ” A silence descended on the place, and slowly Anna ’s face started to turn red.

’How confusing! Why do you keep creating misunderstandings!? ’ She really wanted to curse at Victor right now.

”…Oh. ” Victor seemed to understand something.

He grew a small mocking smile, ”Mother, you are watching a lot of inappropriate things, your imagination is very fertile. ”

Her face turned completely red:

”S-Shut up! ”

”What do you expect me to think after all that love-your-mother-in-law nonsense!? ” In Anna ’s mind, Victor had already broken all possible taboos.

He liked his mother-in-law! So it was only natural that she would think that he would also go after her. After all, she is beautiful!

What is incest for a vampire who can live for thousands of years?

This can no longer be called incest but ’WINCEST ’.

…She ’s treating him like a sexual predator…

”That ’s why I say you should stop being on the internet. It ’s because of seeing things you shouldn ’t that your mind has become degenerate. ” Victor spoke as if he were a father teaching his daughter the ways of life.

”I am not a degenerate! Fuck you! ” She pointed her middle finger at Victor.

”Pfft… HAHAHAHA. ” Victor laughed amusedly when he saw Anna ’s embarrassed face.

”… ” Anna ’s cheeks puffed out like a squirrel ’s, and soon she got up from the bed and stomped on the floor in irritation:

”I ’m out! ” She couldn ’t stand being in this room any longer. She felt like she would die of shame. How could she think of her son like that!?

”Umu? Wait, where are you going, Mother? ”

”I ’m going back to my house! ” She grabbed the door and left with a bang.


”…But you ’re already at your house… ” Victor said, and soon a smug smile appeared on his face.

But that smile didn ’t last long as he remembered his mother ’s embarrassed face.

”HAHAHAHAHAHHA~ ” He laughed a lot, like a child who enjoyed teasing his mother.

[A/N: Stop… I already know what you ’re thinking about, I know you, and you know yourself very well! This novel will not have incest, this is just comedy… Comedy, OK!?]


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