My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 217 - 217: My Mother-in-law Is Motivated And She Wants…

”You ’ve arrived at a good time. ” Victor had a gentle little smile.

Suddenly his face changed and took on a serious expression:

”I need to talk to you. ”

Violet and Ruby had a lot of things they wanted to talk about, mainly because Victor was collecting so many women. They didn ’t mind at first because Victor didn ’t seem interested in these women like he was with Scathach when they first met.

But four women is too much! What does he think he ’s doing!?

Violet and Ruby ’s feelings were on edge like they could commit genocide at any time without even realizing it!

And that feeling grew even more when they saw the state of Scathach and Natashia!

Scathach is understandable. After all, they act alike, so this is something inevitable to happen. Even Ruby has already given up on this matter, although she would never have thought that she would have the same husband as her mother, but!

Even Natashia!?

What will be next? Violet ’s mother!?

Is he planning on taking all of his wives ’ mothers!?

But despite having these feelings overflowing the flower of the skin…

They decided to listen to what Victor had to say first, considering he never says something useless.

”… What is it? ” Violet took the initiative and asked for her and Ruby.

”…It ’s something very important, do you want to hear it? ” he asked with the same serious face.

A vein pops in Violet ’s head, ”Spit it out! ” She clearly wasn ’t here to joke around!

”… ” Ruby nodded in agreement with Violet.

’Let ’s see how he handles it… ’ Scathach crossed her legs and flashed a faint smile while she seemed to be enjoying herself in a strange way that she didn ’t even notice.

”… ” Natashia ’s eyes twitched a little when she saw the position Scathach was in, her important place was clearly on display, and she could even see that she was completely wet.

”…Scathach, put on something, it ’s all in sight. ” She spoke in a neutral tone.

”…Oh. ” Scathach made a surprised face since she had completely forgotten about that, and her face turned a little red when she realized the state of her important place. She doesn ’t mind being seen by those people who are in the room; after all, they are all women, but showing this ’shameful ’ look is a first for her, and she was a little embarrassed.

’…isn ’t she very clueless? ’ Natashia thought with a surprised face.

Scathach soon gets up from the couch and walks towards a wall, then, reaching that wall, she takes a simple and long dress, rips off the clothes she was wearing, and puts on the dress.

Despite wearing a simple long dress, her charm seems to have increased several times over, while she had the ’charm of an older woman. ’

”…. ” Somehow, Natashia thinks she should have kept her clothes torn and everything on display:

’Hasn ’t her attack power just tripled with that dress? ’ Natashia couldn ’t help but think about it.

Looking at Scathach, who sat down again a little way away from where she was, Natashia couldn ’t help but think:

’As expected of the strongest female vampire. ’

”Hmm… How do I tell you this… ” Victor assumed a face as if he was thinking about something very important while he touched his chin and closed his eyes.

”… ” Violet and Ruby started to get anxious because it seemed that Victor wanted to say it was very important.

The thought of ’he will leave me ’ never crossed her mind. After all, that was impossible, and if that happened, they would kidnap him and force them to keep them!

This is how female vampires do things! They push, push, and push harder!

In the battle called ’love ’, they are the most active!

Victor opens his eyes and looks at the girls with a serious look, ”Okay, I ’ll tell you. ”

A small vein popped in Ruby ’s head, ’Why is he taking so long!? Just tell me what you mean! ’ She was more impatient than usual since she seemed to have been influenced a bit by Violet.

Although… Unlike Violet, she didn ’t say that.

”… I… ”

”I-? ” Unconsciously, they repeated what Victor said.

”… I… ”

”… ” They were silent this time. Was he playing with them!?

Seeing the impatient faces of his wives, Victor grew a small smile and realized that now was the time to talk about the important thing he wanted to talk to them about.

”I want to go on a date with you. ”

”…. Huh? ” Violet ’s brain, and Ruby ’s, seemed to stop working.

Seizing the opportunity, as if he were an experienced warrior with over 20000 years of battle, Victor attacked without mercy!

”I promised, right? ” He flashed a gentle smile:

”I promised I ’d take you on a date. ”

”…Yes. ” This time it was Ruby who spoke. To be honest, she thought that Victor had completely forgotten what he said.

”I haven ’t had much time since I got back from Nightingale, you know how hectic those days were… ”

Nod, Nod.

The two nodded, their faces still surprised.

”But now that most of the issues are resolved, I can spend more time with you guys, and, thinking about it… ” He walked towards Violet and Ruby.


Violet and Ruby swallowed, and a small anticipation began to build inside them.

Victor arrived in front of them and took both of the girls ’ hands:

”I thought, why not go on a date with my beloved wives? ” He displayed a gentle smile that was very different from usual. It was a smile that conveyed a warm and peaceful feeling.

bang, bang,


The two girls ’ hearts were hit with several surprise attacks, and they couldn ’t handle this sudden development.

”… T-That is a good idea. ” Ruby was definitely not against this proposal, and you can even see from her small smile and her slightly red cheeks she was getting high hopes for her date with Victor!

Ruby was defeated easily!

But Violet wouldn ’t fall so easily! Who is Violet? She is already an experienced adult woman. She has done many things that cannot be said to a child, so she will definitely not fall for just that!

”…Will you take me on a date too? ” She asked.

”… ” Victor displayed a small, gentle smile:

”You know that story you told me? ”

”… What story? ” Violet talked to Victor a lot at night, and she had no idea what story he was talking about.

”The story of the couple who spent 7 days and 7 nights alone in a room, ” Victor spoke.

”…Oh… ” Violet recalled now, she remembers reading a book about a couple who were stranded in the mountains for 7 days and 7 nights, and they did all sorts of things…

Her face started to get a little red, and her heart started to pound madly.

”How about that? ”

”…Y-Yes? ” She didn ’t understand Victor ’s question.

With the same gentle smile on his face, he asked again, ”What do you think about this? 7 days and 7 nights in a place just the two of us? ”

”Y-Yeah, S-Sound good. ” She couldn ’t respond normally since her thoughts had gone down a path of no return a long time ago. She was thinking of all sorts of things she was going to do with Victor.

”Good. ”

”…. ” Natashia and Scathach looked at Victor with their mouths open.

’7 days and 7 nights… ’ Scathach thought, somehow, she thought this was a good idea, she hadn ’t spent time alone with her disciple for a long time, and she wanted to teach him several things.

Conveniently, she deleted the ’couple ’ part.

’I need to see how much he ’s evolved too… ’ Scathach was already thinking about the training she was going to do with him, and somehow, she was getting excited.

’…What is this feeling of expectations? ’ She can ’t help but flash a small smile.

Natashia looked at Ruby and Violet:

’…isn ’t he very experienced in dealing with these situations? Who taught him? ’


Anna sneezed.

”Hmm? Is anyone talking about me? ”

”That was a pretty cute way to sneeze… ” Leon said as he looked at his wife.

”Shut up. ” She was a little embarrassed.

”Yeah yeah. ” He flashed a small smile and went back to watching his movie.

Despite being a little surprised by Victor ’s ’experience ’ in these matters, she was a little interested in the story of the couple who spent 7 days and 7 nights alone.

She showed a perverted little smile, ’Did they do this and that? And they stuck it in that place too? ’

Just imagining doing all this with Victor, a warm feeling began to cover her body.

”Hehehehehe~. ” She didn ’t fail to display a perverted little smile, as she was getting horny!

”… ” Hearing Natashia ’s strange laugh, everyone looked at her.

”…What? ” She awoke from her stupor and spoke.

”Nothing. ” Everyone spoke.

”So, who are you having on your first date? ” Ruby, in an attempt to change the subject, asked.

”… ” The women ’s attention went to Victor.

Victor looked at Ruby and replied:

”Of course it ’s you. ”

”Eh? ”

Ruby was surprised.

Nod, Nod.

Violet nodded, satisfied. If she had chosen her first, she would have been happy, but!

Somewhere in her heart, she was going to feel disappointed in Victor.

But she would definitely be happy! She wants to do this and that as quickly as possible! She was Horny!

But she would be disappointed in him too…

…Women are complicated…

Victor flashed a small smile, he lifted his hand and touched his hair, and with a simple gesture, he pushed his hair up. He was very much like a certain twin brother of a half-demon who wore a red coat.

He raises both arms like he ’s someone trying to provoke someone else.

”Kaguya, do you Magic. ” Despite not being around, Victor has absolute confidence that Kaguya would listen.

”Yes, Master. ” Kaguya ’s excited voice echoed throughout the place.

Shadows began to cover Victor ’s body, and in less than a few seconds, he was fully dressed in his usual suits.

”…He likes to show off, huh? I wonder who he learned it from. ” Natashia looked at Scathach.

Hearing what Natashia said, Violet also looked at Scathach.

”Yes, I wonder who he learned that from… ” Scathach spoke neutrally.

”… ” It was you! He learned from you! They wanted to scream it, but they were silent.

”Oh? All black this time? ” Victor spoke when he saw the color of his suit.

Kaguya came out of the ground, ”Master must change color a few times. ”

”I see. ” Victor turned to Ruby and walked towards her:

”Kaguya, wait here. ”

”…Yes. ” Kaguya wanted to deny it. She wanted to stay in Victor ’s shadow, but it was an order from her master, so she couldn ’t do anything.

”…? ” Ruby was confused when Victor walked towards her, but when she realized Victor ’s intentions, she spoke up:

”W-Wait, I haven ’t psyched myself up yet! I didn ’t get dressed either, I ’m ugly! ” If human women all over the world heard what Ruby said now, they would definitely curse her and at the same time agree with her, considering preparations for women are like a divine law that should never be broken.

”Non-sense. ”

”You look beautiful, Honey. ” He continued walking with a small, gentle smile.

”… ” She flashed a gentle smile; she liked the compliment BUT!

That doesn ’t mean she would give in. She needs to make preparations!

Change clothes, shower, put on makeup, choose clothes, buy new clothes, read some dating books!

She wasn ’t prepared enough yet!

”The place we ’re going is quite… unique. ”

”What ’s the-… Huh? ” She was going to ask where they were going, but Victor took that chance and took the woman in a princess carry.

”I ’ll be back in 4 or 7 days. Use Kaguya to let me know if something urgent happens. ”

The women had different reactions to what Victor said.

”Master… ” Kaguya wanted to say that she would miss him but remained silent.

”Damn, 4 – 7 days of fun. ” Natashia was quite honest.

Nod, Nod.

Violet nodded in agreement with Natashia, ”She ’s lucky. ”

There were many things that Natashia wanted to mention to Violet. After all, she will receive the same treatment in a few days, but she remained silent and said:

”…Yes. ”

”Have a nice trip… ” Scathach was feeling strange. She knows that on this trip, something will happen, and Ruby will lose her virginity, and she feels happy as a mother, considering Victor is a good man and son-in-law.

But she feels complicated as a woman. She doesn ’t know why she felt this way, but only that she does feel this way.

”Don ’t give me grandchildren yet, I ’m too young for that. ” Scathach flashed a slight smile.

”… ” Everyone in the room, except Victor, fell silent.

They meant:

Woman, if you ’re young, Jesus is a baby! What aren ’t you the same age as the 21st century!

But they were silent.

”Hahaha, we don ’t have enough responsibility to have a child right now. ” Victor laughed and treated this as a joke.

”… ” Ruby just kept silent and hid her face in Victor ’s chest since she didn ’t want to comment on that right now!

”That ’s true, son, it ’s a big responsibility. ” She spoke while looking at Ruby.

”Indeed. ” Victor agreed with Scathach.

And then he turns around, ”See you soon…- ”

”Wait, Wait! ” Before Victor left, Natashia suddenly remembered something and called out to him.

”Hmm? ”

”I will leave in two days… I will personally fight the Horseman Clan leader, I want you to be there. ” She called out to everyone.

”…Oh? ” He was definitely interested in going. After all, it ’s a fight between two vampire counts! But…

”Girls can go if they want, but… ” He looked at Ruby with a gentle smile,

”I have to spend time with my wife. ” He refused.

”…Darling… ” Ruby felt happy for Victor ’s attitude, she knew how much of a battle maniac Victor was, and he definitely wanted to go see this fight.

She felt happy and, at the same time complicated, she felt that she was being trouble.

”…Hmm? ” Ruby ’s thoughts stop running wild when she feels Victor ’s forehead gently touch her forehead.

”Don ’t think nonsense. ”

”… ” Ruby stared into Victor ’s red eyes that were closer than usual.

”You are more precious to me than a fight. ”

”…Darling~. ”

Victor displayed a gentle smile and then turned to Natashia, ”That ’s it, I won ’t be able to, but… I ’m rooting for you. ”

”… ” Natashia flashed a small satisfied smile, but Victor hadn ’t finished speaking.

Victor ’s eyes began to glow blood red, and he displayed a small smile that showed his sharp teeth, as he held Ruby with just one hand, and with the other hand, he pointed at Natashia:

”You must defeat him, a defeat that will make them remember your name forever. You must show him what it means to be a ’Vampire Count ’. ”

”A complete defeat, a crushing defeat, crush him like a bug! ”

”Do it in a way that your daughter is proud of you! ”

”Of course-… ” She was about to say something, but Victor wasn ’t finished yet.

”If you reach that, we ’ll talk. ”

”!!! ” Natashia opened her eyes wide, her whole body started to shake, and she lowered her head a little.

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body began to be covered in lightning, ”Take care, girls. ”

Soon he disappeared, leaving behind trails of golden lightning.

When Victor left, Natashia suddenly shouted with a distorted smile:

”Let ’s Fucking GOOOOOO! ”

”I will destroy this motherfucker! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA~! ”

She was very excited.


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