Chapter 217: My mother-in-law is motivated, and she wants…

”Well, he sure knows how to cheer someone up… ” Violet spoke with a smile and a lifeless look as she looked at Natashia ’s crazy state.

The woman was completely motivated, and she could easily see that Victor intentionally provoked his mother-in-law to achieve this result.

’What is Darling thinking? ’ It ’s at those times that Violet didn ’t understand Victor, despite knowing ’EVERYTHING ’ about him, some things she still doesn ’t know.

’His unpredictability is irritating… ’ Violet started to use her head since she understood how Victor acts, and Natashia was basically a crazier version of her mother. It was as if Agnes was going back to adolescence…

’Ah… ’ When Violet thought of her mother, she completely understood what Victor was thinking.

Victor was just like Violet, and Natashia was a younger version of Agnes.

And Violet is very similar to Agnes, as reports from close people say that Violet is not as crazy as her mother, but she is just like her mother.

And Natashia was very similar to Sasha, although she was lacking in some areas, but she had those thick legs that Sasha also has.

Violet ’s brain was starting to catch fire…

Simple math: Young Agnes + Violet + Sasha similarities = Natashia.

’Is Darling interested in her? ’ Violet ’s eyes were more lifeless than before.

’Wait… He ’s not someone who forgives easily, and he ’s always going to prioritize his wives first, so that ’s not it… ’



A small fire explosion happened in Violet ’s head, she overheated!: 

’AHHHHHH! Screw this! Then I won ’t think about it! ”

The girls ignored Violet ’s oddities. After all, they were used to it.

”I wonder who he learned that from… ” Scathach said as he looked at Natashia with eyes similar to Violet ’s.

”… ” Violet looked at Scathach with a dry look while she had an expression that said, are you really saying that now?

Of course, he learned from you!

”…Ugh…so much noise… ” Sasha, who was sleeping, slowly started to wake up.

And when her consciousness was almost awakening, she heard more clearly a person ’s laughter:


Rumble, Rumble.

Lightning seemed to be dancing around Natashia, her hair was defying gravity a little, and she had a crazy expression on her face.

’I can barely wait! Just two more days! Two days! FUCK! I should have just put in 1 day! ’ She was quite impatient when she was excited.

Although Victor didn ’t say much and just said, ”We ’ll talk. ”

This gave Natashia a motivation!

In Natashia ’s mind.

If Victor wants to talk about something, of course, the topic is definitely about that topic!

The subject where he grabs her from behind and sends all the white liquids inside her! The subject that he will become hers as she will become his!

The subject where they will finally fuck the world!

A vampire count who is married to two countesses!?

The world will turn upside down!

But of course, that wasn ’t what made Natashia smile like a madwoman.

’He will do this and that with me, he will release everything inside me, and I will have his children! ’


… She was completely beside herself.

Sasha looked at her mother and saw her crazy state, then, with a tired look, she looked at Violet and Scathach:

”…What the hell is happening here? ” She pointed at Natashia.

”… Let ’s say my Darling said something to this bitch. ” Violet ’s mood isn ’t very good now that Victor is gone, but it ’s more manageable because she ’s going to have a ’7 days and 7 nights ’ date with her husband.

’Hehehehehehe~, we can try what mine showed me when I was little, and there are also those videos that Ruby used to see while hidden. Oh, we can try what Sasha likes too! ’ Although it didn ’t look like it on the outside, on the inside, she was thinking about things that were completely unsafe for children.

… She knows a lot about the people close to her.

”Indeed. ” Scathach was not in a good mood either.

But like Violet, she wasn ’t completely irritated because she was thinking about the time she was going to spend with Victor.

’What kind of training should I do with him? ’ She asked to herself, and as she thought about it, a smile couldn ’t help but appear on her face.

”Huh? ” Sasha didn ’t understand at all. What did Victor say to her mother?

”Well, I will inform the Maids about our master ’s departure. ” Kaguya suddenly spoke up and drew all the girls ’ attention to her.

”Let me know if you decide to return to Nightingale to watch the Former Countess Annasthashia play. ”

”…? ” Violet didn ’t seem to understand something.

”Aren ’t you going with us to Nightingale? ”

”… ” Kaguya looked at Violet and said:

”My master didn ’t order anything for me or my Maids, which means I ’m free to do what I want, and with my will, I decide that I would wait for him here. ”

”Oh, I get it now… What about the other Maids? ”

”Until Master orders otherwise, all Maids will stay in this residence with me. ” Kaguya knows that the girls still have a lot to learn.

”I get it, that ’s a shame, but we can ’t do anything about it. ” Violet nodded, despite being a maid of the Snow Clan, from the moment Kaguya made a contract with Victor…

’Theoretically ’, she no longer needs to listen to Violet ’s orders, but as Kaguya still belonged to the Snow Clan, she can do some favors, but she can ’t do anything that would harm her ’current ’ master or herself.

But of course, it all depended on Kaguya ’s own will and whether she would accept it or not.

”Hahaha~. Victor probably doesn ’t know the responsibility he has on his back now. ” Scathach chuckled softly.

Scathach said this because she understands how a Clan works.

For a Clan, the ’Clan head ’ order is everything.

Which means if Victor doesn ’t specifically order, no one can order his Maids, not even the women in this room.

After all, they ’re not officially married yet, and even if they were married, it would still be questionable if they could order the Maids. After all, Victor needs to give the girls his last name.

”Eve, will you take care of her? ” Scathach asked with curiosity and a little slight annoyance, considering that girl had Victor ’s last name, but…

She didn ’t think much about it, Eve ’s situation was very reminiscent of one of her daughters ’ past, and because of that, she felt a little nostalgic when she looked at the girl.

”She still doesn ’t understand what it means to have the surname ’Alucard. ’ ” Despite having spoken like that, everyone in the room understood that Kaguya ’s answer was:

’No. ’

”Your hierarchy is completely messed up, you need to fix this. ” Violet touched her head as if she had a headache. For a Clan to have a well-defined command structure is essential.

Take the Snow Clan as an example.

If Violet ’s Parents are not present, Violet will assume responsibility for the entire Clan, and if Violet is not present, Hilda will assume control of all of Agnes ’ Maid.

And if even she is not present, a vote will be started, and the members of the Clan named ’Snow ’ will need to elect a new temporary leader.

At least, that ’s how it works with Clan Snow, but Violet knows that every Clan is different.

”…Lady Violet, you are wrong. ”

”…? ” What am I wrong? Violet didn ’t understand a thing.

”…Victor is the leader, that ’s obvious, but then what? ” Natashia, who had already stopped laughing, asked in a neutral tone, although the big smile on her face couldn ’t be hidden.

”The temporary hierarchy of Clan Alucard is quite simple. ” Kaguya raised her finger and began to explain:

”The leader is my master, as a more experienced Maid who has a direct contract with the Clan leader himself, I can take second place in the hierarchy of command. ”

”But if Eve makes a decision and decides to take responsibility for everything, she can take charge. ”

That was the weight of someone who had the Clan ’s surname.

”But even if she makes that decision, I have free will whether I will decide to follow her order or not. After all, I have a contract with ’Victor ’, not ’Alucard. ’ ”

”…Leaving someone inexperienced with Clan affairs is not a good idea, although you don ’t have much to do yet… ” Natashia said.

”Yes, because of that, I will take charge of everything until my master returns. ”

”This is complicated, why do you have so many rules? ” Sasha asked. She had never stopped to think about it until now, considering Julia and her mother took care of all this bureaucracy.

”It is necessary. ” Natashia and Scathach spoke at the same time.

”… ” The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and then Scathach spoke in a neutral tone:

”You speak, you can explain better. ”

”Okay. ” Natashia nodded and explained with a small neutral smile.

”In a nutshell, servants and hired maids need to have very strict rules. This will prevent the usurpation of power. ”

”I never understood that. Why bother with these rules if you ’re strong? ” Violet spoke out loud since she never understood these rules to prevent ’usurpation ’ of power. After all, if you are strong, no one will have the courage to do that to you.

”…Not all vampires are strong like us, some Clan leaders are weaker than Yuki. ” Scathach suddenly spoke while mentioning the white-haired maid of the Snow Clan.

”The king needed to create rules like this to avoid chaos in society, after all, you know the natures of vampires. ”

”We are greedy beings. ” Natashia flashed a big smile as she looked at her daughter and imagined the two of them doing things that couldn ’t be said to children with Victor.

”…I see. ” Sasha and Violet spoke at the same time, while they seemed to have understood several things.

”Oh, where ’s Darling? You were talking about him just now, and I tried looking for him, but I couldn ’t find him. ” Sasha spoke in a way that changed the subject.

”… ” All the women looked at Sasha and spoke at the same time:

”They went on a date. ”

”…Eh? ”

A golden ray was flying in the sky quite stably. Looking at the clouds passing by her, Ruby fixed her red hair and said:

”Where are we going, D-Darling. ” She tried to remain calm but ended up failing in the end.

Victor showed a small smile and spoke in a simple and easy to understand way:

”To the north. ”

”North? ”

”Yeah. ”

”Where in the North? ” She asked curiously, considering the North covered a vast area, right?

”The North. ”

”… ” Ruby fixed Victor with a dry look.

”I ’m asking where you ’re taking me. ”

”Hmm? But I already told you, I ’m taking you to the North. ”

”… ” Ruby pouted and said:

”Fine, you don ’t have to say it. ”

”… ” A few minutes pass, and they continue to fly in the sky.

Ruby stared at the clouds passing by at high speed while her thoughts were in chaos.

’Date? What do you do on a date? As expected, is it like an anime? Will we go to an arcade and then watch a movie? We ’ll bring our feelings together, and after the date, we ’ll go to a cheap hotel… And then we ’ll do S-S-S… ’ Her face turned a little red, and she couldn ’t even think of the word.

No longer able to be silent alone with her thoughts, she asked:

”…How long will it take to get to ’North ’? ”

”Hmm, I don ’t know, but it will probably take a while. ”

”… ” Again, a silence fell on the place.

A few minutes pass.

She started to think about her mother ’s words, her heart started to beat faster, she was not emotionally prepared for this!

Then she speaks again:

”Have we arrived yet? ” She wanted to get away from him for a bit and breathe! She needed to calm down.

”No. ”

A few minutes pass again, and she asks:

”Have we arrived yet? ”

”No. ” Victor replied with a small smile.

Ruby ’s smile grew a little, and then she was silent again. Then, while she was looking at the plane passing a little in the distance, she asked:

”Have we arrived yet? ”

”… No. ”

”… ” A silence fell around again, and this time Victor spoke with a gentle smile:

”I understood that reference. ”

”I know. ” She laughed a little since Ruby knew that Victor watched a lot of movies.

Victor laughed along with Ruby, and soon he said:

”Lean on me, and get some rest, when you least realize it, we ’ll arrive. ”

”…OK. ” Ruby spoke in a soft voice as she leaned on Victor ’s chest and closed her eyes a little.

A few minutes passed again, and Ruby asked:

”Darling… ”

”Hmm? ”

”You can go faster, right? ” She asked this because she saw Victor reach Mach speed in the past battle, so she knows he is not flying at full speed.

”Yeah. ” Victor didn ’t deny Ruby ’s words.

”Why aren ’t you going faster? ”

”I ’m not in a hurry. ”

”… ” Ruby was silent when she heard what Victor said, as she seemed to be waiting for his next words.

”I know if I used my speed, and you covered yourself with your ice power, we could travel faster, but… ”

”I ’m not in a hurry. ” It is because of this reason that he also did not ask Natalia to create a portal for them.

”I want to spend time with my wife, and I ’ll forget about other things and just focus on you. ” He was completely honest as always.

”…O-Oh… ” Ruby hadn ’t expected those words, and somehow her face couldn ’t help but turn a little red, and a small, imperceptible smile appeared on her face.

Victor looked at Ruby and flashed a loving smile: 

”Just enjoy the ride, Honey.. ”

”… I will… ” She spoke in a low voice.


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