My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 219 - 219: So Much Chaos.


”So tell me when we left, and where did we go? ” Siena asked.

”Well… ” She didn ’t know what to say; after all, she didn ’t know.

”See? Normally, you ’d know our location without us even having to tell you where we were going. ” Scathach was a Stalker- …Cough, a high-level tracker, she ’d know everything she wanted to know.

”…Ugh. ” 

”… Pfft… ” Natashia held her belly and started to laugh, ”Hahahaha~. the strongest female vampire is being defeated-. ”

”HUH? ” Scathach looked at Natashia with a gaze glowing blood red.

Natashia ’s entire body shook a little when she saw Scathach ’s blank gaze, ”…I didn ’t say anything. ” She turned her face away and started whistling.

”Mother… ” Sasha was speechless at her mother ’s childish attitude. What a woman, can ’t you be more grown up!? You are over 1900 years old!

Sasha didn ’t say that out loud because she ’s 100% sure her mom would say something like:

’I ’m a teenager at heart~. ’ Or some bullshit like that.

Scathach looked at her daughters, ”Looks like I got too relaxed…- ” She looked like she was going to say something, but her middle daughter interrupted, saying.

”It ’s okay, Mother. We understand that you are going through the spring of your ’youth ’, you have that right. ” Lacus spoke while nodding her head.

She knew that her mother liked Victor, and it was normal for her not to pay attention to her daughters, and to be honest, Lacus was even a little grateful to Victor for that, considering Scathach was very strict and always watched her daughters. Like a hawk.

She didn ’t have many opportunities to go out and do whatever she wanted.

”Spring of youth? Huh? ” Scathach understood nothing.

”…. ” The daughters of Scathach were silent.

’Dense mother fucker! ’ They felt like strangling their mother now!

”Hey, we ’re back. ” Suddenly they heard Luna ’s voice being accompanied by Roberta.

”Where were you? ” Violet asked.

”We were talking to this man. ” Luna pointed to the ball that Natalia was holding.

The girls looked at the ball and soon saw the man walking away.

”Huh? You guys are fast. We didn ’t even see you leaving… ”

”Well, we had nothing to do. ” Roberta commented with a gentle smile.

”This man ’s name is Anderson. He ’s an Alpha werewolf and the son of the werewolf king. ”

”Oh… So that ’s why he looked like someone I knew. ” Natashia spoke with disgust.

”He is the son of that battle maniac. ” She spat on the floor.

”… ” Just what happened in the past to cause such a reaction?

They wondered, except for Scathach, who seemed to have remembered something:

”Oh, that man had a son, huh? So he fucked that woman…? Since he ’s still alive… ” Scathach looked very curious.

”Which woman? ” Natashia didn ’t seem to remember.

”Hmm, what was her name? Tashi? Toshi? Taka? Toka? ”

”… ” Natashia looked at Scathach in silence, she seemed to be thinking about something along with the woman, and soon the appearance of a brunette woman appeared in her mind:

”Oh, it ’s that bitch Tasha. ”

”Oh! ” Scathach remembered now.

”…How did that man fuck that woman? Shouldn ’t he be dead? ”

”Well, he ’s an Alpha, and in time, he could match her, maybe? ”

”Oh, that ’s true… ”

”… You can bring us up on the subject too. ” Violet spoke for all the girls:

”Who is Tasha? ”

”… ” Natashia and Scathach looked at the girls.

Natashia spoke simply, ”…Basically speaking, she is an Egyptian goddess. ”

”Huh!? ” Some people like Bruna and Eve were surprised.

”Hmm, hasn ’t she lost her divinity? And because of that, she changed her name to Tasha? ”

”Do I look like someone who knows? ”

”… ” Natashia was silent. This woman is rude as usual, huh?

”Anyway, what did that man ’s son want with Victor? ” Scathach asked.

”…They were here looking for a fight; apparently Victor said he was going to fight him… ” Luna replied unconsciously.

”Oh, he completely forgot about that, huh? ” Scathach spoke.

”Well, he gets lost when it comes to his wives. ”

”What did you say to him? ” Sasha asked.

”Oh, I said he left to run some errands, and he ’ll be back in a week. ” Luna replied.

”That is good. ” Sasha and Violet nodded.

”W-Wait, wait, wait! ” Roberta suddenly raised her voice.

”…? ” The two mothers-in-law looked at Roberta.

”What is this Goddess story!? ”

”Well, she ’s a goddess? ” Natashia didn ’t understand Roberta ’s question, and why was she acting like this? Natashia was a little curious.

”I mean, is she a real goddess? ”

”Oh…she ’s not an omnipotent goddess like you think. It ’s something like she governs an aspect of nature. There are many beings that can do what she can. ” Scathach spoke in a simple tone. Who was Scathach? She was the woman who slapped Persephone and Aphrodite in the ass, so this was nothing to her.

”Remember, she ’s not a goddess anymore. ”

”Who cares? ”

”… ” A vein popped in Natashia ’s head.

”Oh? ” Scathach ’s smile grew. Is it a fight you want? It ’s a fight you ’re going to have!

That ’s what her face said.


Natashia turned away and started whistling since she didn ’t want to fight Scathach right now.

”Ugh, that ’s a lot to take in. ” Roberta spoke, and Eve and Bruna nodded in agreement.

Violet wasn ’t shocked. After all, her father was Adonis himself.

Only people new to the group like Roberta, Eve, Bruna were shocked.

’So much chaos, how many people are in this room? ’ Natalia had a bit of a headache hearing so many people talking at the same time while she looked at these people with a neutral look.

’Violet, Scathach, Sasha, Maria, Natashia, Roberta, Bruna, Lacus, Kaguya, Pepper, Siena, June, and me. ’ With a brief account, Natalia can count 13 women.


And each of them was beautiful in their own respect. Seriously, what ’s going on here?

She understood that some of the women here had no interest in Victor like Siena, Lacus, Pepper, and even herself, but even if you excluded those four women, there would still be nine women left!

’But what is this? In less than 7 months, this man had unconsciously gathered a large group of women, just what is he planning? ’ Does Natalia know that Victor isn ’t planning anything, it ’s more like an inevitable fate?

’Victor has a peculiar taste. He only likes women like Scathach, Violet, Sasha, and Natashia. Completely crazy women, his relationship with his Maids is just that of servant and master… Hmm… ’ Natalia was in matchmaking mode, as she was completely sizing up women around Victor.

She got that way when she learned that Victor and Ruby had gone on a date.

’I want a fucking date too! ’ She was very honest in her mind.


She sighed a little.

”Natalia? ” Violet looked at her Maid.


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