My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 220 - 220: Welcome To The Club?

A day passed for the girls at Victor ’s mansion, and they seemed to have an unexpected visitor.

A blonde-haired maid was walking towards the group of girls.

”Girls, check this out, we have a visitor. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia appeared next to Natalia.

”…This man… ” Natashia looked at the tall, dark man with piercing eyes. For some reason unknown to her, this man was giving her heart a little irritation. It was as if she had met someone like him somewhere in the past.

”He ’s been hanging around the neighborhood, I think he ’s looking for Darling? ” Sasha spoke up.

”Master? ” Maria, who was next to Sasha, looked at the ball with curious eyes.

Unlike Eve and Bruna, Maria wasn ’t desperate. After all, she had been living with Victor for six months, so she knew what kind of personality he had, and she knew his tastes too.

Victor will always give priority to his wives, and she wasn ’t upset about it; in fact, she was very happy!

After all, because he is that type of man, he would take very good care of her second master who was right next to her!

”…Who is looking for Victor? ” Scathach and Violet seemed interested as they approached the three blondes and looked at a small ball Natalia was holding.

”Oh? ” The moment Scathach looked at the man, she seemed to know him.

”Do you know him? ” Violet asked,

”Hmm, he reminds me of someone I knew in the past, but I ’m not sure… ” Scathach touched her chin, she seemed to be trying to remember, but since the man wasn ’t very memorable, she only had a small vague memory. 

”Just give us a hint, and tell us who you think he is. ” Violet spoke.

”Hmm… ” Scathach tried her best to remember, but she couldn ’t.

”… ” They waited in silence.

”I do not remember. ” She spoke in a flat tone.

”… ” The girls next to her fell silent.

Why all this suspense if you don ’t remember!? They wanted to scream now.

Suddenly, they heard.

”Here ’s your money, thanks for the work, June. ”

”…? ” Natalia, Sasha, Violet, and Scathach looked at Kaguya, who was accompanied by Eve and Bruna.

Kaguya put a black credit card in the machine and entered a ridiculous amount of numbers…

June watched the entire process in silence, and when Kaguya was done and she received the money, she said, ”…Why do I feel like you ’re kicking me out…? ” she asked carefully.

”It ’s your imagination. ” Kaguya spoke in a flat tone, but she had a look on her face that said, why are you still here? Go away, shoo, shoo.

”…Ugh, your cold eyes hurt. Come on, Kaguya, we ’re friends who ’ve known each other for a long time! Be good to me! ” She demanded with a smile on her face.

”… ” Kaguya just looked at June as if she was a piece of garbage.

”…That look… ” Kaguya ’s gaze seemed to damage June ’s sensitive heart.

”…Kaguya, aren ’t you exaggerating? ” Bruna asked.

In the little interaction she had with June, she realized that this woman was a kind woman, despite her being greedy for money.

She never treated her or Eve badly, so she had a good impression of June… even though she was greedy.

”…Don ’t trust her, she ’s acting sweet because there ’s a big ’sheep ’ around her, and because of that, she doesn ’t want to cause trouble, but at the first opportunity, she ’ll charge taxes for her services. ”


June swallowed hard, she really wanted to say that was a lie, and she would never do that!

…But even she knew she would do it if given the chance. She just didn ’t do it now because she didn ’t want to provoke multiple Vampire Count Clans at once.

Clan Scarlett, Clan Snow, Clan Fulger, Clan Alucard.

Four families of vampire counts were present in this place!

She was greedy, not a suicidal freak!

”Taxes suck. ” Bruno spoke.

”Yes. ” Kaguya nodded in agreement.

”But what ’sheep ’ are you talking about? ”

”Sometimes I ’m surprised how innocent this Maid is… ” Everyone heard Siena ’s voice.

They turned their faces and saw that Lacus, Siena, and Pepper had arrived.

”Of course, she ’s talking about Victor. ” Lacus continued what Siena said.

”What? ” Bruna opened her mouth in shock and stared at June with an irritated look.

And not just her, Eve did the same.

’As expected, she was unreliable. ’ Eve was a suspicious woman, and when she understood that someone wanted to use her master, June was put on Eve ’s ’black list ’.

”… ” Cold sweat began pouring down June ’s face, but she managed to keep her innocent smile.

”They don ’t have to be so extreme. ” Violet suddenly spoke up.

Eve, Bruna, and Kaguya looked at Violet.

”Despite being greedy, June does her job properly, and for witches, business is everything. You just have to keep in mind not to fall into their traps, or they will suck more money out of you. ” She explained in a blunt and simple to understand way.

The words contained the following message, witches are useful but never trust them. Business is business.

Despite being inexperienced in this kind of subject, Eve and Bruna understood this message, but…

”… ” Eve and Bruna didn ’t know how to react to this information, they didn ’t want to accept Violet ’s words, but Violet was the first wife that Victor had and, in the minds of the two Maids, her words had a little more weight than usual… But one thing they were sure of was that anyone who tried to harm their master was put on their ’black list ’.

But they also took Violet ’s words into consideration, if one thing they both understood well was that the world was not just black or white, but…

’I will kill this bitch, if she does anything suspicious… ’ two seemed to get even worse.

”Lady Violet, you didn ’t help at all, their looks seem to just get worse! ”

”Well, I told them the truth, I still remember when we first met. You tried your best to suck money out of me. ”

”…Ugh, I was young… ” She couldn ’t deny Violet ’s words now.

”Yeah, yeah, that ’s the excuse you all use. ” Violet rolled her eyes.

”… How mean… I ’m just a witch who loves money… ” She spoke in a sad tone, but no one fell for her trick.

”… Somehow, this woman would get along with my sister… ” Natashia commented in a low voice when she saw June ’s theatrics.

Looking at her daughter, Scathach asked curiously, ”…where were you? ” She saw the appearance of her daughters, they looked like they had gone shopping, and they were carrying several bags.

”We took a tour of the human world, and we bought a lot of things! ” Pepper spoke with a happy smile.

”… When did you leave? I didn ’t realize you left. ” Scathach touched her chin in thought since she couldn ’t remember seeing her daughters leave.

”…Mother, no offense, but you were too busy paying attention to Victor… ” Pepper commented in a meek tone.

”…Wha-. ” Scathach opened her mouth in shock.

”Yes, from sleeping together with him to training him or giving him advice, you ’ve completely forgotten about us. ” Lacus spoke in a flat tone.

”…Eh…? ”

”Well, I ’m an adult now, so I don ’t care much about your attention, mother… ” But, despite having said that, Siena ’s face said otherwise.

”W-Wait, I didn ’t do that! ” For a few seconds, Scathach looked a little panicked.

”So tell me when we left, and where did we go? ” Siena asked.

”Well… ” She didn ’t know what to say; after all, she didn ’t know.

”See? Normally, you ’d know our location without us even having to tell you where we were going. ” Scathach was a Stalker- …Cough, a high-level tracker, she ’d know everything she wanted to know.

”…Ugh. ” 

”… Pfft… ” Natashia held her belly and started to laugh, ”Hahahaha~. the strongest female vampire is being defeated-. ”

”HUH? ” Scathach looked at Natashia with a gaze glowing blood red.

Natashia ’s entire body shook a little when she saw Scathach ’s blank gaze, ”…I didn ’t say anything. ” She turned her face away and started whistling.

”Mother… ” Sasha was speechless at her mother ’s childish attitude. What a woman, can ’t you be more grown up!? You are over 1900 years old!

Sasha didn ’t say that out loud because she ’s 100% sure her mom would say something like:

’I ’m a teenager at heart~. ’ Or some bullshit like that.

Scathach looked at her daughters, ”Looks like I got too relaxed…- ” She looked like she was going to say something, but her middle daughter interrupted, saying.

”It ’s okay, Mother. We understand that you are going through the spring of your ’youth ’, you have that right. ” Lacus spoke while nodding her head.

She knew that her mother liked Victor, and it was normal for her not to pay attention to her daughters, and to be honest, Lacus was even a little grateful to Victor for that, considering Scathach was very strict and always watched her daughters. Like a hawk.

She didn ’t have many opportunities to go out and do whatever she wanted.

”Spring of youth? Huh? ” Scathach understood nothing.

”…. ” The daughters of Scathach were silent.

’Dense mother fucker! ’ They felt like strangling their mother now!

”Hey, we ’re back. ” Suddenly they heard Luna ’s voice being accompanied by Roberta.

”Where were you? ” Violet asked.

”We were talking to this man. ” Luna pointed to the ball that Natalia was holding.

The girls looked at the ball and soon saw the man walking away.

”Huh? You guys are fast. We didn ’t even see you leaving… ”

”Well, we had nothing to do. ” Roberta commented with a gentle smile.

”This man ’s name is Anderson. He ’s an Alpha werewolf and the son of the werewolf king. ”

”Oh… So that ’s why he looked like someone I knew. ” Natashia spoke with disgust.

”He is the son of that battle maniac. ” She spat on the floor.

”… ” Just what happened in the past to cause such a reaction?

They wondered, except for Scathach, who seemed to have remembered something:

”Oh, that man had a son, huh? So he fucked that woman…? Since he ’s still alive… ” Scathach looked very curious.

”Which woman? ” Natashia didn ’t seem to remember.

”Hmm, what was her name? Tashi? Toshi? Taka? Toka? ”

”… ” Natashia looked at Scathach in silence, she seemed to be thinking about something along with the woman, and soon the appearance of a brunette woman appeared in her mind:

”Oh, it ’s that bitch Tasha. ”

”Oh! ” Scathach remembered now.

”…How did that man fuck that woman? Shouldn ’t he be dead? ”

”Well, he ’s an Alpha, and in time, he could match her, maybe? ”

”Oh, that ’s true… ”

”… You can bring us up on the subject too. ” Violet spoke for all the girls:

”Who is Tasha? ”

”… ” Natashia and Scathach looked at the girls.

Natashia spoke simply, ”…Basically speaking, she is an Egyptian goddess. ”

”Huh!? ” Some people like Bruna and Eve were surprised.

”Hmm, hasn ’t she lost her divinity? And because of that, she changed her name to Tasha? ”

”Do I look like someone who knows? ”

”… ” Natashia was silent. This woman is rude as usual, huh?

”Anyway, what did that man ’s son want with Victor? ” Scathach asked.

”…They were here looking for a fight; apparently Victor said he was going to fight him… ” Luna replied unconsciously.

”Oh, he completely forgot about that, huh? ” Scathach spoke.

”Well, he gets lost when it comes to his wives. ”

”What did you say to him? ” Sasha asked.

”Oh, I said he left to run some errands, and he ’ll be back in a week. ” Luna replied.

”That is good. ” Sasha and Violet nodded.

”W-Wait, wait, wait! ” Roberta suddenly raised her voice.

”…? ” The two mothers-in-law looked at Roberta.

”What is this Goddess story!? ”

”Well, she ’s a goddess? ” Natashia didn ’t understand Roberta ’s question, and why was she acting like this? Natashia was a little curious.

”I mean, is she a real goddess? ”

”Oh…she ’s not an omnipotent goddess like you think. It ’s something like she governs an aspect of nature. There are many beings that can do what she can. ” Scathach spoke in a simple tone. Who was Scathach? She was the woman who slapped Persephone and Aphrodite in the ass, so this was nothing to her.

”Remember, she ’s not a goddess anymore. ”

”Who cares? ”

”… ” A vein popped in Natashia ’s head.

”Oh? ” Scathach ’s smile grew. Is it a fight you want? It ’s a fight you ’re going to have!

That ’s what her face said.


Natashia turned away and started whistling since she didn ’t want to fight Scathach right now.

”Ugh, that ’s a lot to take in. ” Roberta spoke, and Eve and Bruna nodded in agreement.

Violet wasn ’t shocked. After all, her father was Adonis himself.

Only people new to the group like Roberta, Eve, Bruna were shocked.

’So much chaos, how many people are in this room? ’ Natalia had a bit of a headache hearing so many people talking at the same time while she looked at these people with a neutral look.

’Violet, Scathach, Sasha, Maria, Natashia, Roberta, Bruna, Lacus, Kaguya, Pepper, Siena, June, and me. ’ With a brief account, Natalia can count 13 women.


And each of them was beautiful in their own respect. Seriously, what ’s going on here?

She understood that some of the women here had no interest in Victor like Siena, Lacus, Pepper, and even herself, but even if you excluded those four women, there would still be nine women left!

’But what is this? In less than 7 months, this man had unconsciously gathered a large group of women, just what is he planning? ’ Does Natalia know that Victor isn ’t planning anything, it ’s more like an inevitable fate?

’Victor has a peculiar taste. He only likes women like Scathach, Violet, Sasha, and Natashia. Completely crazy women, his relationship with his Maids is just that of servant and master… Hmm… ’ Natalia was in matchmaking mode, as she was completely sizing up women around Victor.

She got that way when she learned that Victor and Ruby had gone on a date.

’I want a fucking date too! ’ She was very honest in her mind.


She sighed a little.

”Natalia? ” Violet looked at her Maid.


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