My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 221 - 221: Date! Date... Date....? EGG!

”Natalia? ” Violet looked at her maid.

Natalia looked at Violet and said with a slight smile on her face:

”It ’s nothing, Lady Violet. ”

Violet narrowed her eyes for a few seconds, wondering why her maid had sighed. She wasn ’t a woman to do that without reason, but as she didn ’t see any irregularities, she just said:

”… Okay. ” Soon Violet looked at the rest of the women and started talking to them. The main topic, as expected, was Victor and Anderson.

Looking at the back of Violet, who was joining in the conversation with all the women in the room, Natalia showed an almost imperceptible ironic smile and thought; ’Who would have thought that this stalker would make so many ’acquaintances ’ just by getting involved with that man? ’

A few months ago, it would have been unthinkable for Natalia to see this vision of Violet since she knew the personality of the woman she served very well, and she was not a woman who would have accepted this easily.

But… That didn ’t seem to be the case anymore.

Violet had changed, and she couldn ’t tell whether the change was for better or worse.

Fate is a bitch sometimes, but she also helps when she wants to…

When she feels like it, or when she wants to have fun…

In the end, fate is still a bitch…

But who would have thought that the antisocial Violet would gain ’several ’ acquaintances.

Realizing that the girls were losing the importance of the main subject, Natalia displayed her usual gentle smile and spoke:

”Didn ’t you have a game to go to? ”

”…!? ” As if some supernatural creature had cut off the sound in the room, all the women stopped talking and looked at Natalia with a shocked look.

”Oh… ” Natashia, Sasha, Scathach, and Violet all spoke at the same time.

”You ’re right, we have to go to Nightingale. ” Violet suddenly spoke up.

”What about our stuff? ” Sasha asked.

”No need to take anything, this is our home too. ” She spoke in a simple, easy-to-understand way that somehow couldn ’t help but take Sasha by surprise.

”Oh… ” Sasha couldn ’t help but smile when she heard what Violet said.

”… ” Natashia showed a small smile when she saw her daughter ’s smile.

”Hmm, I don ’t want to go back… ” Scathach suddenly spoke while she had a neutral face on her face.

”…Huh? ” Everyone looked at Scathach in shock; what did this battle maniac just say? Does she not want to go back? Will Scathach miss a fight between two Counts?

”…M-Mother, are you sick? ” Siena spoke in a worried tone.

”Yes, she must be sick! Mother, you must rest! ” Lacus agreed.

”Mother, please take care of your health! Even though you look young, you are older than Jesus! ” Pepper spoke.

”Wha-. ” Siena, Lacus, and Natashia couldn ’t believe Pepper ’s courage!

”… ” A vein popped in Scathach ’s head, and she looked at Pepper with a ’gentle ’ smile.

”…Oops… Hehehehe. ” She broke out in a cold sweat now, ”I suddenly remembered that I must feed my black cat! ” Pepper used the best tactic.

”See ya! ” She ran away.

”This kid… ” Scathach ’s eyes glowed blood red for a few seconds, and just as she was about to grab Pepper, she heard:

”Forget Pepper, why don ’t you want to go back!? ” Natashia spoke.

”… ” Scathach looked at Natashia with the same ’gentle ’ look as hers.

But this time, Natashia just looked at the woman with a serious look.

Siena and Lacus were looking at Natashia with a grateful expression since they knew that if Scathach caught her daughter, they would also suffer the consequences.

”… Tsk. ” Scathach clicked her tongue and let the matter go since she didn ’t intend to do anything with her daughter. After all, Pepper was her beloved daughter, and she was just going to train her a little!

She ’s getting really lazy!

Soon Scathach elaborated on why she didn ’t want to go back, ”Simply put, I ’m very comfortable here. ” She was 100% sure that when she gets back to Nightingale, Vlad would annoy her, and she didn ’t want to get angry and accidentally destroy his castle.

It ’s not like she was trying to avoid a fight; she just didn ’t want to.

”Lazy… ” Violet, Sasha, and Natashia opened their eyes wide, as they never thought they would see a lazy Scathach.

”Hmm… I ’m not lazy. ” She touched her chin and thought about why she didn ’t want to go back, and in the end, the only thought that came to her was:

’I feel at peace here. ’ And it was a peace she hadn ’t felt in thousands of years, and in some strange way, she missed it.

It was a strange feeling, even in her house, she never felt this ’peace ’, she just felt bored.

She didn ’t know why she was feeling this way. She had no idea!

But she had only one thought now in her head…

’It would be even better if that bastard were here… ’ She couldn ’t help but think about it.

Even though she was thinking about it, she wasn ’t in a hurry or feeling frustrated…

Well, she wasn ’t going to lie and say she wasn ’t a little frustrated, but the point is, she was happy for her daughter! And she missed Victor!

”…This is unexpected… ” Natashia flashed a small smile, ”But not totally unexpected. ”

”…Hmm? ” Scathach didn ’t understand what Natashia said.

”Well, you ’re still going to change a lot. ” Natashia laughed gently because she understood what Scathach was going through, considering she went through it thousands of years ago.

Something the strongest warrior didn ’t have the opportunity to enjoy because she was raised in a hostile environment.

She narrowed her eyes a little, ”What are you talking about, woman? ”

”Nothing~. ” With the same smile, Natashia spoke, and then she continued, ”Just know that when Victor comes back, he ’s going to Nightingale too. ”

”Oh… In that case, I ’ll go too. ” She changed her mind really fast!

She turned around, and soon she started walking towards a hallway, looking as though she were going to get something from her room.

”… ” The women just watched Scathach with a dry gaze.

”Ugh. ” Natashia put her hand on her head as if she had a bad headache:

”Victor really has a long way to go, why is this woman as dense as a black hole? Somehow, she is already creating her own galaxy around herself. ” She couldn ’t help but complain out loud.

Nod, Nod.

Siena, Lacus, Luna, Natalia, Kaguya all nodded in agreement with the older woman ’s words.

”… ” Sasha and Violet looked at Scathach with a lifeless look. They had already talked about it, and it was better to have a monster on your side than against you, but…

But… But… Despite having agreed, it was still an annoying feeling!

If Scathatch were a normal woman, she would have disappeared from the face of Earth by now!

The two look at the Maids that Victor recruited, Bruna, Eve, Maria, and Kaguya.

’They ’re safe. ’ Nobody knows the criteria of judgment of the two women, but they could say that they were safe. After all, they didn ’t have that attribute that Victor liked the most.

Their relationship was that of master and servant, so even though they were very attached to Victor, they were considered ’safe ’.

The same could be said of Roberta, June, Natalia, and Luna.

Roberta was a woman that Victor recruited to fight against in the future, and she had a mysterious past that Victor didn ’t really care too much about. The only reason she was here was because of her ’potential ’.

June, needless to say, was a greedy witch, so she loved money more.

Natalia and Luna didn ’t have much interaction with Victor to begin with.


They looked at the other monster, who was Sasha ’s mother, and it was quite clear to both of them Natashia ’s unabashed interest, the woman also didn ’t even try to hide anything.

And to make matters worse, she had that ’attribute ’ that Victor liked.

”… ” Violet looked at Sasha and spoke in a dry voice:

”Do something. ”

”Like what? ”

”I do not know. Just do something. ”

”Don ’t ask for the impossible. My case is the same as Ruby, you know? ” Sasha spoke in a dry tone, as she clearly remembered the times her mother literally threw herself at her husband…

… ’Why does that sound like the title of a low-grade porn movie? ’ Sasha ’s eyes began to grow even more lifeless.

”Tsk. ” Violet clicked her tongue in irritation and spoke:

”Fate is a bitch. Who would have thought that my husband ’s two mother-in-laws would be like this? Scathach, to begin with, was a crazy whore who did whatever she wanted, and your mother ’surprisingly ’ has a dual personality. ”

”Well… Indeed. ” Sasha couldn ’t deny her words since even she was surprised at how it all turned out.

’How did this happen in just six months? How did Victor manage to change the personality of these female vampires who were completely established for thousands of years…? ’ Sasha felt skeptical about this whole situation too.

She glanced at Violet, and suddenly flashed a smile much like Victor ’s:

”Protect your mother too. ”

”…Huh? ” Violet blinked twice and believed she ’d heard something wrong.

”What did you say…? ”

”I said; protect your mother too. ”

”…I still don ’t understand. ” Violet pretended to be a saint.

”My mom and Ruby ’s mom fell for him. There ’s a chance your mother might fall for him too, considering she ’s just like you. ” Sasha was brutally honest.

”… That ’s impossible. ” Violet made the ’X ’ symbol with her arms, ”My mom is obsessed with my dad, it ’s impossible for that to happen. ”

”… Well, if you say so. ” Sasha grew a small smile:

”I will look forward to the day when, like Ruby, I will say, ’Welcome to the club ’~. ” The eyes Sasha made, frankly, scared Violet a little.

Soon Sasha walked towards Natashia:

”Mother, come along, we ’ll get some stuff! ”

”Yes! ” Natashia flashed a big smile and joined her daughter.

”… ” Violet continued watching Sasha and Natashia ’s backs, and soon a small cold sweat started to fall from Violet ’s face. 

’That ’s impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible! ’ Violet was in a state of denial. After all, she knew her mother very well, and just like her, her mother was obsessed with her father.

There ’s no way that ’s going to happen, that ’s as impossible as the possibility of hell freezing over.

That ’s as impossible as the possibility of the sun becoming a ball of ice tomorrow!

That ’s as impossible as the possibility of Lucifer having his love for God reciprocated!

That is…

It ’s impossible!

Violet nodded to herself and had a faint smile. She was sure to herself that this wasn ’t going to happen.

Violet could accept many things. After all, she grew up compared to the past, but her mother, with Victor?

That ’s a big ’NO ’.

Violet was about to leave the room, which was a little noisy, and suddenly she felt her phone ring…

Getting a bad feeling about this, Violet took out her cell phone and saw that it was her mother.

”…. ” Her body started to shake, and so did her hands.

”Fate is a bitch, if I meet her in the future, I will kill her one day. Definitely! ” Violet ’s eyes began to glow blood red.

Violet answered the phone and put it to her ear:

”Mother? ”

”Violet, are you going to see Natashia and that old man play? ”

”Yes, I will… ”

”Hmm? ” A moment of silence fell on the line.

”Are you okay? ”

”Yes… ” For some reason, what Sasha said couldn ’t get out of Violet ’s mind.

”How is my father? ” She needed to know this first.

”Oh, your father is fine. ”

”… ” Hearing her mother ’s neutral tone of voice, Violet understood that her father was actually fine.

Usually, when her father is down, Agnes would let it show a little bit, and if she said it so confidently, then he was fine!

What a good thing! Very good!

”Violet? ”

”Oh, it ’s nothing. I was just thinking of something. ” Violet felt relieved, so fate wasn ’t a bitch, she wouldn ’t commit such an atrocity to her. After all, she was always a good girl!

”Back to the subject, I will watch the game. ”

”Oh, that ’s good, I ’ll go watch the game too with your dad, we can meet there. ”

”… ” Violet felt an incongruity, her mom would never call her and say that, so which means one thing:

”Did my father ask you to say that? ”

”…As expected of you. ” Agnes seemed to have sighed a little.

”Yes. He asked. ”

”Spit it out, what happened? Why did my father ask you to say that? ”

”He ’s worried about the guests the king asked us to bring. ”

”Huh? ” Violet didn ’t understand anything, and she started to get impatient, ”Woman, explain from the beginning. ”

”Basically, the king contacted me asking to accommodate seats for two guests. ”

”The guests are a witch and a werewolf. ”

”What are the names of these guests? ”

”Selena Moriarty, the first daughter of the witch queen. And Anderson, the second son of the werewolf king. ”

”… ” Violet was silent, her eyes starting to turn lifeless.

”Selena is already in Nightingale, but I haven ’t been able to find Anderson ’s whereabouts. ”

”Your father was worried about these two guests being here because of the new Count, who is your husband, and he asked me to get in touch with you. ”

”… Tsk. ” Violet was annoyed.

’It seems that problems will always look for my husband. ’ She thought, her eyes glowing blood red.

”… ” Agnes was silent:

”Violet? ”

”No need to look for the dog, he is here in the U.S. ”

”Oh? ”

”The girls and I are going back to Nightingale, we ’re going to watch Natashia fight. ”

”In the meantime, you can use someone from Clan Alioth to fetch Anderson. ”

”I see, that ’s a good idea. ” Agnes seemed to be thinking, and then she asked:

”What about the new Count? ”

”I do not know. ”

”Huh? ”

”My husband is on a date with Ruby, I don ’t think he ’s going to show up to watch the fight.

”I see, it ’s a good thing he isn ’t there for the day. ” Despite not having talked much to her son-in-law, the woman knew he was a walking troublemaker.

”…Just this once, I agree with you. ”


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