My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 228 - 228: The Power Of The Fulger Clan.

Chapter 227: Mother-in-law love!

”The rules of the game are simple, a fight to the death! ”

”OHHHHHHH! ” The public seemed to like this news very much.

The referee raised his hand for the audience to be silent.

When the screams stopped, he continued:

”Both opponents are vampires of the highest level, so it is to be expected that rules limiting them would be removed and of course… This was also the request of both parties. ”

As it was a request from a former contestant and a current count, and both sides were in agreement with this rule, the arena administration decided not to interfere.

”And we prepared something so that the two participants could fight without worrying. ” The referee seemed to look at one spot and nodded.

Soon, a giant magic circle appeared on top of the arena.

”What is that? ” Adam, Vlad ’s fourth son, asked curiously.

”A higher level defense barrier… I think. ” Lilith deduced.

”Wrong. My dear sister, this is spatial stretching magic. ” Theo, the first prince, spoke.

”Huh? ” Lilith didn ’t understand.

All the siblings looked at Theo.

”Precisely speaking, this is a magical formation that allows the ’space ’ of the arena to stretch in any way the user desires. ”

”From what I could see in the magic circle, the administrator of this place chose to stretch the arena grounds into a 1000 KM space. ”

”…Oh, bullshit magic, huh? ” Lilith spoke with a dry look.

”… ” Theo flashed a small smile.

”You could say that. ”

”But… The Arena administrator has quite powerful contacts, huh? Not just any witch can do that. ”

”… ” Vlad showed a small smile when he heard what Saul said.

The magic circle began to shrink, and slowly, the magic circle only covered the arena area.

From the outside, it looked like the arena hadn ’t changed, but inside.

”…That ’s pretty extravagant, isn ’t it? ” Natashia said while looking around. There was now a large open space and a great distance between her opponent.

”This space was created with the intention of you using all your powers and not harming the audience. ” The referee explained, as he looked up, and said:

”Although, maintaining this space requires a lot of power, so please finish the duel before that time runs out. ” He pointed to the sky.

Natashia and Niklaus looked up to the sky and saw a giant stopwatch.

”2 hours, huh. ” Niklaus spoke.

”If the fight doesn ’t finish within that time limit, we ’ll have to cancel and leave it for another day. ” As the arbiter of this place and as an employee of this place, he had a duty to keep the public safe from any side effects of battle.

”Of course, what we just talked about is a public secret. ” He made a gesture of silence, and slowly the referee began to disappear.

And soon, he appeared outside the magic circle ’s area of ​​effect.

”Ladies and gentlemen! ” The referee raised his voice:

”Let the game begin! ”


”…. ” Suddenly, everyone ’s voice died, and they looked at the participants, confused.

Despite having heard the signal to start fighting, the two Counts didn ’t move.

”What is happening? ” Someone from the audience asked.

”Who knows? ”

”Idiot, they ’re the highest level of vampires, which means any unplanned move could mean defeating each other. ” Someone in the audience who was wearing glasses spoke while moving the glasses up.

”Ohhh, they ’re sizing each other up, huh? ” One girl spoke.

”Yes. Correct. ”

Actually, it ’s not that they didn ’t want to move, they couldn ’t… Precisely speaking, Niklaus couldn ’t.

’What is happening? ’ Niklaus asked himself as he looked at the woman in front of him who was suddenly lifeless, she lowered her head, and her golden hair covered her face.

’Well… I don ’t know what ’s going on, but this is a chance. ’ He thought neutrally, and with one movement, he shot towards the woman. However, he did so very cautiously since the woman ’s current state was just weird.

Natashia looked at the man in front of her, the world around her seemed quite slow, and she could see the man ’s every movement:

’So slow… ’ She thought in disdain as she completely ignored the man ’s presence and focused on a single memory.

”You must defeat him, a defeat that will make them remember your name forever. You must show him what it means to be a ’Vampire Count ’. ”

I must show him the power of my clan…

”A complete defeat, a crushing defeat, crush him like a bug! ”

I must show how insignificant he is…

”Do it in a way that your daughter would be proud of you! ”

I must make my daughter proud of me through my actions…

She remembered Sasha ’s words.

”Don ’t lose. ” 

And then Victor ’s words followed:

”If you achieve this… I will marry you, I will make you mine. ”

If I achieve this, if I annihilate this insect from existence… Then, he will accept me, and he will pour all his love into me! His love will paint my whole being starting from the inside!

He will give me his love…

His love… His love… His love… His love… His love… His love… His love… His love… His love His… His love… His love… His love…….





Natashia lifted her face and looked at Niklaus.

”!!!! ” Niklaus was taken aback by the woman ’s face.

She had a lifeless look, a big smile that showed all her sharp teeth, her cheeks were a little red.

”…The bug must be eliminated… For the sake of my happiness and my husband ’s… ” She whispered in a low voice, her eyes starting to glow pure gold.

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble!

The woman ’s body was covered by lightning.

”Eh…? ”

And in the blink of an eye, she was in front of Niklaus.

”That speed-…. ”

”Die. ” She punched Niklaus with all her strength.

The man flew in a straight line, but before gravity could have much effect, the woman grabbed Niklaus by the neck:

”Do not run away from me. ”

”This bitch-… ”


Suddenly, a loud noise as if something had exploded was heard, but he couldn ’t locate the source of this explosion.

”Eh…? ” Niklaus didn ’t understand what happened, he tried to free himself from the woman ’s grip, but for some reason, his body felt heavy.

’What is happening!? ’

Natashia let Niklaus go, and she posed in a martial arts stance.

’One punch, one million hits. ’

She punched the air.

And suddenly, Niklaus vanished from existence, as his entire body seemed to evaporate into thin air, and all that was left was blood splatter and…


A great blast of air blew every splatter of the man ’s blood out of existence.

And the damage from that attack extended in a straight line over an absurd distance.

Natashia just stood there in the martial arts stance, but this image startled several beings who were watching.

”… ” Everyone was open-mouthed in shock. They just couldn ’t understand what they had just witnessed.

An older vampire in the audience sat in the stands and said:

”There ’s a reason vampire counts never fight… ”

He swallowed hard.

”It ’s because when they fight… It can ’t be considered a fight… Yes, it is just… ”

”A massacre. ” The one who continued the statement was Scathach, who was in Victor ’s room.

”… ” The girls look at Scathach.

”An elder vampire who has trained their power to the limit are freaks of nature, and when these beings fight… It cannot be called ’fighting ’. ”

Seeing the big smile on Scathach ’s face, the girls can ’t help but gulp…

They looked at the damage done by the woman:

”Just what happened…? ” Sasha asked since she never thought her mother was this strong…

What she just saw shocked her as much as when she saw Victor attack Carlos at the speed of sound.

”Oh, she just punched Niklaus a million times in a second. ” Scathach spoke with the same smile on her face.

”…Wha-. ” Lacus, who had confidence in her speed, was speechless.

”This is fucking bullshit… ” Violet couldn ’t help but say, and the girls nodded in agreement.

”Fue… ” Pepper was just thinking about how the woman was strong enough to do that kind of damage, and it ’s not like this woman was her mother.

’Wait… if my mother is considered the strongest female vampire? Just how strong is she? ’ Pepper couldn ’t imagine.

”Just how fast do you need to be to achieve a feat like that? ” Siena asked in disbelief.

”Too fast… Indeed, she needs to be very fast. ” Scathach laughed.

”That woman, hasn ’t she gotten stronger? ” Agnes thought.

”I don ’t remember her being able to do that without harming herself, and I don ’t remember the damage being as ridiculous as it is now… ” Agnes only had thoughts for Adonis, but some things she made sure not to forget, and that was the strength of vampire counts.

…Although, as she has a chicken brain, she often forgets about it.

But that ’s not her fault! 99% of her brain was dedicated to just Adonis!

And the remaining 1%, she needed to split between the duties of a vampire count and sometimes her daughter!

”…Huh? ” Sasha looked at Agnes:

”What do you mean? ”

”In the past, when Natashia did this, she suffered severe damage to her body and immediately started spitting up blood. After all, she is not like you, who has a natural resistance from birth to lightning. ” Agnes explained.

”But now… She ’s done it and looks completely fine… It ’s like she might be able to… ”

”Use lightning without consequences? ” Scathach laughed.

”Yes… ” Agnes looked at Scathach, and when she saw the faces of the girls around her, something clicked in her head.

”That boy, huh… ” Adonis spoke up.

”Again, that boy, now he ’s gone after the mother of his other wife… ” She conveniently forgot the fact that she had encouraged the woman to do so.

”…Isn ’t the game over? ” Eleanor suddenly asked.

”… ” The room was silent.

”That ’s true. Why hasn ’t the referee said the game is over? ” Sasha nodded.

”Well… That ’s obvious, right? It ’s because the game isn ’t over. ” Scathach and Agnes flashed a small smile.

”Huh? Isn ’t it impossible that man survived this!? ” Violet couldn ’t accept that.

”Violet, my dear daughter… ” Agnes looked at Violet with a serious look.

”Old vampires are beings that always have a plan B when they go to fight a being of the same level… ” She looked at Scathach and then at Natashia, and then she corrected herself, ”At least most of them are like that. .. ”

When Agnes finished speaking, a change began to occur in the arena, a kind of black liquid started to come out of the floor, and slowly this liquid started to form Niklaus ’ appearance.

”Ugh, what is this? ” Violet made a disgusted face.

”It ’s his power… ” Scathach ’s eyes twitched a little as she looked into the black liquid.


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