My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 228 - 228: The Power Of The Fulger Clan.

and for the first time, he said something:

”Annasthashia Fulger. ”

”HMM!? ” The woman ’s gaze was now frightening!


The audience couldn ’t help but gulp.

”…Mother is pissed off… ” Sasha said with a tight little smile.

”I wouldn ’t call that angry, more so that she ’s frustrated? ” Violet and Agnes spoke at the same time.

”I would be feeling the same if this insect that doesn ’t die was in front of me, and I wanted to see my husband. ” Violet spoke as she looked at the woman.

”Indeed. ” Agnes agreed with her daughter.

”… ” For some reason, it was pretty convincing when those words came out of these two women ’s mouths.

Everyone couldn ’t help but think at the same time.

”I ’m honestly surprised, I never thought you were this strong… ”

”Did you think I was a loser because I kept gambling around? ”

”Yes. ” Niklaus didn ’t deny it.

”… ” And that was the unconscious response of all the audience present.

”You ’ve always had an attitude of gathering husbands and betting on your family ’s riches, living a not-so-healthy life, and, because of that, I thought you were the weakest vampire count. ” He cracked his neck a little and flashed a small smile.

”And really… You were the weakest vampire count… ” Niklaus was sure of that, considering he made a point of studying all three countesses.

He didn ’t even bother to search for Eleanor since, for a Clan that lived far from society, she didn ’t have that much influence within it.

”… ” Natashia didn ’t move. After all, the opinion of a ’bug ’ didn ’t matter… Yes, it didn ’t matter at all…

Veins started popping in Natashia ’s head. If before she was frustrated, now she is angry!

”This piece of shit! ”


A golden pillar of volatile electricity burst out of Natashia ’s body.

”But… Something has changed in you. ” He spoke in a low voice as he held the sword in front of him.

”Well… Now, she ’s annoyed… ”

”Natashia… ” Scathach facepalmed, ”Apparently, she still hasn ’t learned to control herself yet, huh? She even looks like someone from her clan. ” She said while looking at Agnes.

”Huh…? My clan doesn ’t have hot-headed people like her! ”

All the women looked at Agnes with dry eyes.

”… ” Violet turned her face away since she had no words to say on the matter.


An explosion occurred in the arena, and all the girls ’ attention returned to Natashia.

Natashia had entered Niklaus ’ range at speeds so fast it could be mistaken for teleportation and attacked the man with her sword!

”Stupid woman. She ’s entered his territory. ” Agnes spoke.

”Hmm… I ’ve never seen that technique. ” Scathach ’s eyes gleamed with curiosity.

Natashia had her entire body covered in lightning so dense that it was as if she wore golden armor made of pure energy, adding an extra layer of defense to the armor she was already wearing.

”… ’ ’ The lightning arcing off Natashia ’s sword grew stronger and wilder, its resonating hum growing louder by the second. Her eyes glowed a glaring blood red, and when she was going to finish off the insect in front of her,

She found herself trapped by tentacles of water.

”Thank you for voluntarily entering my domain. ” Niklaus, despite having half his body missing, chuckled as his eyes glowed blood red.

The tentacles of black water tried to cover Natashia ’s body and pierce into her.

… Yes, tried.

”Huh? ” He looked at the woman in disbelief.

His water power couldn ’t penetrate her lightning armor!

”Did you really think I ’d be irritated by the words of an insect? ” She grew a big smile that showed off her sharp teeth.

She ignored the black water that was the power of this man and raised her sword towards the sky.


A gigantic pillar of golden energy erupted from the sword ’s blade.

Natashia held her sword as if she were an honorable knight preparing to smite the opponent before her.

”Are you crazy? If you unleash this power here, you won ’t be safe either. ”

”But that way, you won ’t survive, right? I don ’t know what your power is, and I don ’t care either, but… If I obliterate this entire area, you won ’t survive, right? ”

”… ” A cold sweat broke out on Niklaus ’ face.

”And did you forget? ” Her smile grew so big it sent shivers down Niklaus ’ spine.

”I am the fastest woman alive. ”

”Fuck-. ”

”HAAA! ” Natashia brought the sword down vertically, and when the sword touched Niklaus ’ body,


An explosion of unimaginable proportions, one significantly larger than the one she ’d created before, devastated the entire arena, spreading vibrations through the ground that could be felt all over the Royal Capital, casting a blinding light through the surroundings, affecting the majority of those who were spectating.

”Ugh…Did she win? ” Sasha put her hand in front of her face to block out some of the golden light. She couldn ’t see a thing!

”… ” A silence fell over the area, and no one could answer Sasha ’s question.

A few seconds passed, and as if they were in sync,

Scathach and Agnes rose from their respective seats and looked at the arena with a serious look.

”…? ” Nobody understood the women ’s reaction.

”Mother? ” Lacus called for her mother, but the woman didn ’t seem to hear her.

”Agnes. ” Scathach spoke in a cold tone that made the people around them shiver.

”I know. ” She looked at her shadow and said:

”Oda, inform Hilda. ”

Agnes ’ shadow took on the appearance of a man.

”Don ’t let anyone out of the royal capital until I order! ”

”Those who do not obey must be burned alive! ”

[Yes, Countess Agnes.] Oda spoke, and soon, the man ’s shadow left the room.

Nobody was understanding anything, why were the two women reacting so strongly? Wasn ’t the fight over?

Everyone asked themselves that.

”… ” Suddenly a pressure as if a planet was falling on everyone ’s head burst forth from the arena.

”… What is this…? ” Violet touched her right arm as she swallowed and looked at the arena.

”Is something there…? ” Sasha spoke up.

”… ” Eleanor was silent, but it was quite obvious that she was feeling an instinctive fear of this pressure.

”…This is…This is… ” Pepper grabbed Siena and Lacus.

”Control yourselves! ” Scathach ’s voice echoed throughout the room, and as if the pressure they ’d felt were a mere illusion, the girls managed to recover.

A relieved sigh came out of the most affected girls.

”Luna, don ’t let any of my daughters leave this place. ”

”…Huh? Y-Yes, master! ”

Scathach approached the glass and smashed her way through it.

The loud noise of glass shattering caught the attention of the audience, and when they looked at where the sound originated, they saw…

”Scathach Scarlett! ” Somehow, the woman ’s appearance made the vampires in the audience more relieved.

The woman soon jumped out of the place where she was, floated to a pillar of the arena, and stood there. For a few seconds, she looked at Vlad, and when she saw the small smile on the old man ’s face, she thought:

’Tsk, you expected this, huh? So that ’s why you wanted me here. ’

”Agnes, you must go too. ” Adonis spoke.

”…Huh? ” She looked at Adonis in shock, her face distorted in anger, and when she was about to say something, she heard:

”Agnes, you don ’t have to worry about me, it ’s not like I ’m leaving here, right? ” He flashed a gentle smile.

Soon his expression turned stern, ”And that ’s your job. ”

”…Fine. ”

Agnes turned around, walked over to the hole in the glass Scathach made, then jumped out as well.

”Agnes Snow too? ”

”What are the two countesses doing? ” Everyone was curious, but no one dared to try to ask them anything.

She arrived at a pillar on the opposite side of the arena and looked down with a serious expression.

As the golden light began to fade, everyone saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

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