My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 229 - 229: A Shout Of Motivation.

his gentle face and spoke in a serious voice, the man ’s eyes changed to blood red, and he stared at Sasha.

”By interrupting the duel, you ’re basically stepping on the pride of two Vampire Counts! Two elder vampires! Who do you think you are, child!? ”

A frightening pressure left Adonis and went toward Sasha.

”Ugh… ” Sasha fell to the ground as she felt the pressure on her body. Despite being sick and weakened, the man in front of her was still an elder vampire.

Wrong, the man in front of her was still a countess ’s partner.

Her transformation was undone, and she dropped to her knees.

”I ask… ”

A cold pressure covered the entire room.

Suddenly everyone heard a cold voice, and they looked towards the entrance to the room.

And standing at the entrance to the room was Ruby… And she looked quite different…

Her long red hair was bigger by almost the same length as Violet ’s hair, she got a little taller too, an aura of ’adult ’ was emanating from her body, and not only that…

”Who are you to raise your voice to Sasha? ” The woman ’s eyes glowed a deep red.

Crack, Crack.

The entire room began to shake as the two auras clashed.

”S-Sister…? ” The sisters could tell with just one look her sister got stronger!

”Ruby…? ”

Ruby ignored the girls and kept looking at Adonis with him watching.

”… You came back. ” Adonis spoke in a nonchalant tone and didn ’t seem affected at all.

But even so, she was no match for an elder vampire.

She twitched her brow a little, and her aura got even stronger!

A small drop of blood threatened to come out of Adonis ’s mouth.

”… ” Adonis narrowed his eyes, wiped his mouth, and drew back. He didn ’t want trouble, as he just wanted to stop the girl from doing something stupid.

”I don ’t want to fight you, I just don ’t want her to do something stupid. What do you think would happen if she jumped in the middle of the arena? ”

”That ’s not your problem. ” Ruby replied in an indifferent tone as she approached Sasha and helped the woman to her feet.

”Thanks…Ruby… ” Sasha was still surprised by Ruby ’s changes.

Suddenly her eyes lit up, ”My mother! ”

Ruby suddenly hugged Sasha, ”Shhhh, don ’t worry, she ’ll be fine. ” She spoke as if it was an absolute truth, like she was very confident.

”H-Huh…? ”

Adonis and the girls around him watched all this in silence, but their silence didn ’t last long when Adonis asked:

”How did you get stronger in such a short time? ”

”…A short time, huh? ” She whispered in a low voice and didn ’t respond.

Suddenly Violet ’s eyes widened, ”Wait, if Ruby is here… ”

”FATHER! ” Ophis ’s bored face seemed to brighten, and she quickly looked up.

Suddenly, a dark pressure fell on the entire royal capital.

”… What a delay, I was almost getting bored. ” Vlad flashed a small smile.

’…He came, huh…? ’ Theo thought, his eyes gleaming with a slight annoyance that was gone the moment he appeared.

”That man… ” Lilith looked at him with curious eyes.

”Ugh… He ’s here, I thought it was going to be a quiet game… ” Elizabeth whispered, though …

She looked at her father and at her older brother Theo. She also looked at Alexios, who at some point had his eyes open, showing those scary eyes to her.

’What is happening? ’ She felt like something was happening right in front of her, and she couldn ’t understand it.

”… ” Alexios, who was looking at the man in the sky, displayed a small smile, and soon he closed his eyes.

”Oh…? ” Scathach flashed a small smile when she saw Victor, ”You came back, my stupid disciple, but isn ’t that much faster than you promised…? ”

Her smile died when she saw Victor ’s changed appearance, and her mood got even worse when she saw Victor ’s face. He didn ’t have the small smile he always had. He didn ’t even have the smile of amusement he had when he saw a strong opponent.

A murderous air began to leave her body, and she turned her gaze to Vlad…specifically, to the golden-haired man beside Vlad.

Violet walked quickly to the window and looked up.

Standing on top of the arena was a tall man with hair as black as night that reached his shoulders, while his eyes were blood red.

”His hair grew… ” Violet showed a confused face, suddenly, she felt all of Victor ’s emotions, and the only thing he was conveying was:

”He ’s angry. ” Violet and Sasha spoke at the same time.

Ruby flashed a small smile, ”…You have no idea. ”

”… ” The audience was silent as they looked at the man floating in the air.

They just didn ’t know how to react because…

The pressure that was coming out of that man ’s body was frightening!

”The four counts are here… ” An older vampire spoke with a cold sweat.

He looked at the pillars and saw the two countesses, then he looked at the arena and saw a count and a former vampire count.

… And he looked at the man in the air.

’Alucard… the youngest Count in history… Why…? Why do you have that kind of aura around you? ’ He couldn ’t understand. That man ’s aura was second to none of the vampire counts present here, and that fact for the older vampire was:

’This is just bullshit! ’

Victor ’s eyes gleamed dangerously as he looked at Niklaus.

As Niklaus was about to deliver the final blow to Natashia ’s head, lightning struck from the sky, revealing the appearance of a man.

Tink! Crack.

He bit his sword… And the sword disappeared from existence…

”Huh? ” Niklaus was surprised when he saw the man in front of him, and he was even more surprised when the man simply ate the sword made of his power.

The man points his palm at Niklaus, ”Burn… ”

A gigantic beam of fire shot out of the man ’s palm.

”UGH! ” Niklaus quickly assumed a defensive stance, and soon he was blown away.

”… ” A silence fell in the arena and inside the arena.

Victor looked at Natashia.

Victor ’s eyes were covered by his hair, but everyone could see his mouth creaking.

He took the woman ’s head and held it level with his face.

”Natashia… ” Although he spoke in a low voice, everyone could hear his words, as slowly his voice began to rise and with a demonic scream that sent shivers through all the vampires who heard his voice:






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