My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 231 - 231: An Old Fox.

g started to be heard by everyone.

The woman ’s bat wings seemed to grow, and lightning began to fall on her wings, acting like lightning rods to fuel her attack as Natashia pointed her palm in the air.

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble.

Her entire body seemed to be charged with pure energy as she was glowing brightly.

Soon she uttered the name of the technique that her mother taught her several years ago:

”De fulmine judicii. ”

”… ” A silence fell in the arena, and nobody understood what happened, they expected an attack, but nothing happened!

Victor looked up to the sky and displayed a small smile; ’As expected of an older vampire… I think? ’

The moment the thought crossed his mind,

A gigantic beam of golden light descended towards Niklaus.



Niklaus ’ scream was followed by a gigantic explosion.

Seeing the explosion with his eyes, Victor ’s smile grew, and suddenly, ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! ”

”Splendid! What a beautiful view! ” He looked at the explosion and then looked at the woman, who continued to stare at the explosion with a neutral gaze.

”What a beautiful view… Indeed. ” This time he spoke in a low voice.

[Master is becoming an explosion maniac…] Kaguya spoke with a sigh at the end.


”This power… Isn ’t that capable of easily destroying a country? ” Adam, the younger prince, spoke.

”I don ’t think I ’m capable of destroying a country, but… A small country… Definitely… ” Saul laughed.

”What do you think, brother, can you beat her? ” Theo asked Lucas.

”Before… I could, but after that man showed up and she drank his blood… It ’s hard to say. ” He couldn ’t be 100% sure. After all, the perfect form of the Vampire Count that the two beings were using greatly increased their power.

Unless he transformed himself and could measure their power, he could not say he could defeat her.

”I see… ” Theo spoke up.

”I wonder what ’s so special about that man ’s blood… An older vampire can ’t increase their power that easily. ” Lilith asked aloud as she placed her finger on her cheek while she displayed a small smile. She seemed to be thinking about something, but suddenly, she heard her father ’s voice.

”… You cannot. ”

”Eh…? ” She opened her mouth in shock, ”But I didn ’t say anything! ” She pouted.

”If you dare to do so, I will personally order the maids to disappear with your entire collection. ”


”Which collection? ” She had several collections that she ’s made over the years, from luxurious cars and mansions and things that humans say were ’limited editions ’.

”Everything. ”

”…What-… ” Lilith ’s face went dark; her father wouldn ’t be so mean to her, right? He always spoiled her!

But when she saw Vlad ’s serious gaze, she realized he was very serious about this.

”…F-Fine…I won ’t do anything. ” Her collection was more important than a passing curiosity.

”Good. ” Vlad smiled, and inwardly he felt he ’d dodged a bullet. After all, when a vampire tasted the blood of the Night King, that individual would become addicted to that blood, considering the best nutrients were in that blood.

”… ” Elizabeth broke out into a cold sweat.

… Little did he know that one of his daughters had already drunk that man ’s blood and that she was having trouble feeding because of it.

Although Elizabeth would never say it out loud, she was the one who lived closest to Ophis, and she knew the little girl hadn ’t been able to feed properly since the day she drank Victor ’s blood…

The explosion began to subside, and soon everyone could see the damage caused by that explosion.

”Holy Fuck… Was my family ’s power that strong? ” Sasha spoke aloud when she saw the large crater the attack had caused.

”…From what my mother said, all four Vampire Count families have a power capable of wreaking havoc like this. ” Eleanor explained.

”It depends on the user actually. ” Adonis continued.

”For example, Yuki, the maid of our clan, can only make small fireballs, she hasn ’t trained her power enough to do something like that. ”

”But… The potential to do that kind of damage is there, right? ” Sasha spoke up.

”Well…Yes. ” Adonis couldn ’t deny Sasha ’s words since, if everyone in his clan made the effort to train the power they were born with, in time, they could become a second or third Agnes.

”Where is that man? ” Violet asked with a gaze glowing blood red, ”Is he dead? ”

”Of course not. ” Adonis spoke, his eyes seemed to glow violet for a few seconds, and he felt a weakness in his body, but he didn ’t show it to anyone, he just thought:

’Fuck. ’

As if coordinating with Adonis ’ words, black water began to form in the sky.

”Tsk, is he a cockroach? Why doesn ’t he die? ” Agnes and Violet spoke at the same time.

”His power is very troublesome. ” Scathach spoke in a neutral tone:

’He ’s creating several pieces of himself and spreading them across the battlefield. If she doesn ’t destroy everything, it ’s impossible to kill him. ’ Scathach thought as he analyzed the fight.

Soon Niklaus was created, and he appeared to have no damage.

”Tsk, annoying motherfucker. ”

Niklaus looked at his hand, and he closed and opened his fist.

Then he looked at Natashia, ”You can ’t kill me. ”

”Unlike you, I am a true immortal. ” He flashed a smile.

Natashia showed the middle finger to the man, ”And you can ’t beat me since you ’re a weak ass bitch. ”

”…Oof. ” A woman from the audience spoke with a smile on her face.

”… ” A man looked at the woman.

”What? Being called weak by a woman must have damaged his male pride. ” The woman flashed a small smile.

”After all, men have a very big ego… Mainly, men who have small dicks. ”

Niklaus ’ ears twitched a little, he seemed to have heard what the woman said, and his eyes narrowed as he looked at Natashia:

Veins started popping in the man ’s head, his eyes glowed blood red, he looked irritated, but…

He gives a big sigh, ’Why am I getting upset by what they ’re saying? ’

He closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something:

’In order to defeat her, I have to assume that form, but if I do that, all my plans will go down the drain, I ’d better retreat now… ’ Niklaus felt something strange about this situation: the obvious change in appearance from Count Alucard, the king blatantly helping Count Alucard, and most of all, Alexios…

That troublesome man wasn ’t hiding as usual. Whenever the king appeared in public, that man was always hiding, but this time, he wasn ’t.

’Something is stinking here. ’

Rumble, Rumble.

Looking at Natashia, who was covered in lightning, ready to attack him at any moment, he spoke up.

He took a deep breath and said:

”I give up. ”


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