My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 233 - : 233: The Consequences Of Being On Top. 2

nds when she saw Victor ’s lifeless gaze:

”No matter what you say, my mind won ’t change today… ”

”I ’ve gained two enemies… And nothing you tell me will change that. ”

”… ” Adonis opened his eyes wide when he heard Victor ’s statement, while his eyes seemed to glow violet for a few seconds.

Agnes saw it out of the corner of her eye, and she thought they should get out of here right away, but before she did, she said,

”I hope you know what it means to say that to me… ”

”I do not care. ” He spoke in a simple, easy-to-understand tone.

”I see…- ”Agnes looked like she was going to keep talking.

”It ’s no use… Agnes, what would happen if you were prevented from seeing me by someone for 1 year and six months? ” He didn ’t know exactly what happened, but he did know that Victor hadn ’t seen his wives during that time. He could more or less deduce that from Scathach ’s conversation.

Agnes ’ eyes turned lifeless, ”I would kill that person. ”

”Oh… ” Agnes ’ eyes opened, and she finally understood Victor ’s motives…

She flashed a small smile since she finally understood that he was just like her and Violet.

”I see… Well, good luck. You will need it. ”

”…Thanks. ”

Three days later.

In Vlad ’s throne room.

”The duel was a disaster. ” Vlad spoke in a simple tone to the man beside him.

”Yes, all the traps we set up, but… It didn ’t work. ” Alexios spoke.

”Tsk, it ’s annoying to deal with traitors, they always hide like the plague. ” Vlad wasn ’t an idiot. He knew that one of his sons was part of the traitors he was talking about.

But… His son wasn ’t the leader of the group that he could be sure of, and so, because of that, there was no point in killing his own son.

If there was one thing Vlad had never forgiven in his entire existence, it was traitors, and it didn ’t matter if they ’re of his own blood or not.

’If Niklaus had fallen into the trap, I might have known which group he and my son were working with. ’ Vlad simply had too many enemies, and if he were to count how many enemies wanted his head… The number would be countless.

The problem with everything was that these enemies hid like mice.

’My son doesn ’t know who they are… Neither does Niklaus… Who am I dealing with? ’ For Vlad, who had his vampiric Charm, it was quite easy to extract information, but, even using it on the two men, he found nothing.

Whoever was targeting him, this being was careful…

Alexios continued in a sympathetic tone, ”You even sacrificed the friendship of your ’friend ’ to catch the traitors… ”

”…? ” Vlad looked at Alexios.

”What are you talking about? ”

”…I speak of the actions of making me close the gates of this world to Count Alucard and making me mess with the time of this world. ” Alexios explained what he was talking about.

”Oh… that? ” Vlad seemed to think for a while.

”Sigh… ” He sighed visibly.

”Honestly, I expected him to stay outside longer… Who would have thought he would find a way to come back to this world in just one year? ”

”My King, you are wrong. ”

”Huh? ”

”He didn ’t find a way… My daughter helped him. ” Alexios corrected Vlad.

”Natalia? ”

”But my spies said she was with Victor ’s group the whole time? ”

”… How can I say she is far more talented than I am in wielding our power. ” Alexios flashed a small, proud smile.

Vlad narrowed his eyes, ”…Did you help her? ” It was the only thought he could have. After all, only the Alioth Clan leader had the ’keys ’ to the door of this world.

”Yes. ” Alexios didn ’t deny Vlad ’s words.

”…why? ” The thought of Alexios ’ betrayal never crossed Vlad ’s mind, so he just wanted to understand his right-hand man ’s motives for doing so.

”My king, you always forget one fact. ”

”… ” Vlad continued watching Alexios.

”The difference in time perspective from you to others is different. ”

”For you, a year may mean nothing, but for Alucard, who was a human until recently… ”

”A year is a lot… ”

”… ” Vlad was silent.

”You forbade that man from seeing his loved ones, a man whose greatest treasures are his wives. I wouldn ’t be surprised if he was angry with you. ” Alexios explained.

As the king ’s advisor, it was his duty to point out what Vlad did wrong.

The man may be an ancient vampire, the progenitor of a race, but even he was flawed.

Ironically, this being ’s fault was that he was himself. After all, how could a god understand a human ’s feelings? How could a god understand the complexity of beings that, for him, are like ants? Because of this, for generations and generations, Vlad ’s advisors had always been human.

Vlad needed a human advisor, someone who would give him a different point of view to understand ’lesser beings ’ because…

This monster really did have a knack for making enemies.

’The consequences of always being on top, huh? ’ Alexios thought about that when he saw this whole chaotic situation.

”… ” Vlad thought about Alexios ’ words, and he could see several spots where he went wrong, but overall it was not a big problem. It was nothing that time could not fix.

”Anyway, my king. Why did you ask me to leave Count Alucard out of this? ”

”… If everything I planned went right today, that man ’s presence would have jeopardized all my plans since he is very unpredictable. ”

”… ” Alexios was speechless.

Just for that!?


”And why did you ask me to change the time of this world compared to Earth ’s? ”

”Well, he was on a date, right? He probably wanted more time to spend with his wife… and in doing so, he would forget about this game a little bit. ”

Are you fucking serious?

A vein popped in Alexios ’ head.

”Couldn ’t Master just… politely ask him to stay away? ” He spoke in a respectful tone.

”I…? Ask someone…? ” This time it was Vlad ’s turn to be speechless.

”Yes, it ’s not difficult… Just go to his house, and say, ’This and that will happen, don ’t interfere. ’ ”

”… ” Vlad looked at Alexios with a look as if he was looking at a fool:

”Alexios, I am a king. I ’m not an errand boy. ”

Alexios facepalmed.

”Master… Have you been ruling so long that you ’ve forgotten how to interact with people? ”

”… What are you talking about? ”

”Ugh… ”

”Remember, Alexios. That man is like Scathach, he won ’t take orders, and if I ordered him to do something he didn ’t want to, he would probably disobey me… ” Vlad spoke and then looked ahead.

”Well, yes… But there are better ways-. ” Alexios was going to continue giving Vlad advice, but he was silent.

”It ’s because of that attitude that I walked away from you, old man. ” Scathach suddenly appeared in the middle of the throne room.

”Scathach… ”


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