My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 234 - 234: Wrong Decisions Of A King.

”I thought that if I didn ’t do anything, she would calm her anger, but it seems that still wasn ’t enough… ”

”Looks like it will take her quite a while to calm down now. ” Vlad spoke in a nonchalant tone while he rested his head on his hand as he looked at his messy palace with a bored expression. It was like everything that just happened didn ’t matter to him.


”My King, sorry to say this, but. ”

”Hmm? ”

”You should socialize more. ”

”Huh? ”

”If you don ’t, I ’m afraid… You will provoke a rebellion because of your arbitrary decisions. ”

”…I don ’t understand what you ’re getting at. And a rebellion? It ’s not like this is something new. Several times they tried to take me off the throne, but no one could. ” He spoke with the same bored tone as if it was something that happened all the time.




A vein popped in Alexios ’ head.

”I ’M SAYING YOU NEED A VACATION! ” The man couldn ’t take it anymore.

”Take your wives, go to the human world, or wherever you want! Go socialize more! You made a lot of wrong decisions today! What kind of king walks away from his best fighters? ” Alexios was fed up with this. So he created a portal and said:

”I ’m going on vacation too, I ’m your adviser, but you never listen to me! I ’m tired of this shit, so I ’m going to visit some pretty girls in the human world. ”

”Call me if you need anything. ” Alexios dropped a phone into Vlad ’s lap.

”…Huh? ”

It took a while for Vlad to process what he ’d just heard, and he couldn ’t help but flash an amused smile as he glanced at the cell phone in front of him.

Step, Step.

Hearing footsteps, Vlad looked ahead, and soon his two eldest sons appeared.

”Father, my children-… ” The two spoke at the same time and were surprised at the same time when they saw their children ’s heads on the floor.

”… ” A bloody aura began to come out of the two men.

”Looks like I don ’t even need to open my mouth to explain what happened, huh? ” He flashed an amused smile.

”Father, do you think this is funny!? A count you named killed your grandson! ” Theo yelled angrily.

”You must do something, Father! ”

”Of course, it ’s funny. ” He spoke with a big smile on his face.

”…Eh? ”

”You two being here is funny, you two acting and thinking I should do something, is funny. ”

”This whole situation is funny. ”

”… ” The two children were speechless.

”From the beginning, my position on them was clear. These pieces of shit mean nothing to me. ”

”And… ” Vlad ’s eyes began to glow blood red as his existence began to be covered in darkness.


Lucas and Theo swallowed and took a step back as they felt their father ’s mood.

”You pieces of shit, how old are you? ”

”3000 years… ”

”2000 years… ”

”You are older than Jesus, and yet when a problem occurs, what is the first thing you do? It ’s coming to ask me for help. ”

Crack, Crack, Crack.

The entire castle began to tremble at the presence of the man.

”Grow up! ”

The two lowered their heads as if they were a small child being scolded by their father.

”… ” Vlad really couldn ’t understand his children. Take Theo, for example; sometimes, he was like a poisonous snake that was smart and did everything to take the throne…

But when he blinked his eyes, he suddenly became a predictable teenager.

Lucas was another one; at one point, he had the posture of a strong warrior, but as if someone had clicked a button, he lost all of his stature and became a teenager.

’What the fuck is this? ’ For the first time in a long time, Vlad didn ’t understand what was happening in front of him.

… What the vampire king didn ’t understand was this was something very simple to solve.

Vlad had spoiled his children a lot, and because of that, despite being ’independent ’, when something they were not used to occurred, the first thing they ’d do is ask their father for help.

And now, after thousands of years of that, seeing Victor ’s development, Vlad wanted to demand a more mature attitude from his children since… From the beginning, they didn ’t have it…

Yes, indeed. His two eldest sons have great abilities, but the king never let them grow up properly.

And that was something he didn ’t understand because despite being a father, he was never present in the growth of his children.

An example of this is Ophis.

Vlad removed the pressure on them and said, ”You were attacked, your children were killed, now what? ”

”… E-Eh…? The two looked at their father.

”What are you going to do? ”

Leaving Vlad ’s castle, Scathach started down the stairs towards the exit.

”…Welcome back, Scathach. ”

The woman looked towards the voice, but she didn ’t find anything, she just saw a strange darkness:

”Victor? ”

”Yes. ”

When Victor replied, several red eyes began to open in the darkness.

Looking into those blood-red eyes, Scathach felt strange, she knew those eyes were the maids that lived inside Victor, but it still felt strange to have so many eyes staring at you.

Suddenly, a smile full of sharp teeth appeared:

”How are you? ”

”Were you worried? ”

”Of course not, no one can defeat you, right? ”

”… ” She flashed a small smile, liking his answer.

”I was just taking my night walk, and by ’coincidence ’, I passed by this place and, sensing your presence in the palace, I decided to wait for you. ” Victor knew that if he said he was worried, Scathach would be offended.

”Oh…I see… ”

Victor came out of the shadows, and soon the red eyes seemed to enter his body as he walked beside the woman and held out his hand to her.

”Do you want to join me? ”

”… ” Looking at Victor ’s hand, Scathach seemed to think about what to do.

She looked at the man ’s face, and her attention was caught by his long hair:

”Aren ’t you going to cut your hair? ” 

”Hmm? ” Victor touched his hair a little then answered,

”You ’re right, I think I should cut it. It ’s a little long. ”

”Yes, it gets in the way of battle. ” 

”It makes no difference to me. ” He replied.

”I see… ”

”Aesthetically, men with short hair are more handsome… ”

”Or at least that ’s what I heard from a friend. ”

”Oh…? You have a friend? ” Victor asked.

”… What? Can ’t I have a friend? ”

”Of course, you can. ”

”… ” An awkward silence fell around them.

Victor displayed a gentle smile and said, ”Shall we? ” This time he completely extended his arm.

”… ” Looking at his arm, a feeling of satisfaction rose in Scathach ’s stomach, as she felt that this was better.

”Sure. ” She took his arm, and then the two walked slowly towards the exit.


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