My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 242 - Alpha Werewolf Vs. Vampire Count.

A blistering atmosphere began to leave Victor ’s body, ”Let ’s heat things up. ”

Victor reached forward, as his eyes began to glow blood red while the magic circles on his gloves also began to glow madly.

Anderson braced himself for any attack since he could feel that something big was coming.

”…Darling, this is insane… ” As someone who controlled fire, Violet knew how irrational the attack Victor was preparing right now was.



A fire greatsword began to be created in front of Victor.


Violet swallowed hard.

’Just how much power did he contain in that sword? ’ Violet could clearly feel, even though it looked like a simple greatsword, that sword was condensed with quite powerful fire.

Victor raised the fiery sword up and…


A pillar of fire started to shoot out of his sword.

Anderson ’s smile distorted, his teeth began to change and become sharper like wolf fangs:


Victor narrowed his eyes, ”… Serious? ” The pillar of fire began to cover Victor ’s entire body, his eyes shone with the color of his fire, and he spoke:

”Make no mistake, this is not even 10% of my power. ” He wasn ’t wrong, considering all his power was only released when he transformed.

”Eh…? ” Anderson ’s smile died.

Suddenly the pillar of fire disappeared, and the greatsword that Victor was holding was glowing brightly. The heat emitting from that sword was insane!

It was much stronger than before.

But strangely… The heat wasn ’t melting the surrounding ice floor.

”Try not to die, my new friend. ” And the moment he said that, Victor attacked with the fire sword vertically:

”Purge. ”


A giant tsunami of hellish fire flew towards Anderson at a speed that few could react to.

The blade was burning everything in front of it,  leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

”… ” Watching the immense power that was approaching him, Anderson flashed a small smile:

’In that case, I ’ll make you serious. ’ He really wanted to see the full ’potential ’ of this man.

His eyes began to glow sapphire blue as his expression turned a little animalistic, then he opened his mouth wide and began sucking in all the air around him.

And as he did so, a white power began to cover his body. For a few seconds, everyone present could see animal fur growing all over his chest:

”This attack… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes as she seemed to recognize it and knew it very well. She knew exactly what the man was trying to do.

’And to think that woman taught this kind of technique to her youngest son. ’ She thought.

”You better cover your ears. ” Scathach warned as she did as she said.

”Eh…? ” Nobody understood why Scathach said this, and they reacted too late.


”UGH! ” Everyone quickly covered their ears. That howl was too loud!

Anderson roared towards Victor while the power of his body seemed to concentrate in front of his mouth.

And then!


A massive beam of white power shot out of his throat and flew towards Victor ’s attack.

As if they were two forces that were being attracted to each other.

The two powers clashed, and…


Crack, Crack, Crack.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew, and he pointed his hand forward, his hand started to catch fire, and he said:

”Let ’s get warmer! ”

Victor ’s words came to reality with a sudden power surge in the attack he had previously unleashed.

”… ” Anderson ’s eyes narrowed, an oppressive aura began to cover his body, and…


More power seemed to come out of his mouth!

The two attacks fought against each other, a battle of power and wills, trying to dominate each other. The ground around them had already disappeared from existence since Victor ’s ice couldn ’t hold against the power he and Anderson unleashed.

”What the fuck is this!? This is bullshit, I ’ve never seen a wolf do that kind of thing before! ” Violet couldn ’t help but speak as she held her hands to her ears.

”You ’ve never fought an Anderson-level wolf before, Violet. ” Ruby replied in a neutral tone as she covered her ears.

”I know, but… This is still bullshit! ”

”Well, you ’re right about that. ” Ruby laughed a little.

”No wonder wolves are considered the rivals of us vampires. ” Eleanor commented,

”I don ’t think all wolves are like Anderson, in a way, he ’s special. After all, he ’s the son of the king. ” Natashia added.

”Whooaaaa, so many lights. ” Pepper ’s eyes were shining, and she looked like a child who was seeing fireworks for the first time, but then her face suddenly started to perk up, and she screamed:

”I ’m literally watching a power struggle! Holy Fucking Jesus! ”

”… ” Lacus, Siena, and Scathach narrowed their eyes when they heard Pepper say:

’Where is she learning to speak those words? ’ The three thought.

”…? ” Natashia looked at Pepper.

”Power struggle? ”

”Yes! A power struggle! THE POWER STRUGGLE! ” Important things must be said three times!

”This is amazing! It feels like I ’m watching an anime! ”

Sasha woke up from her stupor and commented, ”Now that you mention it… That ’s true. ”

Nod, Nod.

Ruby agreed with the two girls.

”Huh? ” Natashia didn ’t understand anything.

But no one seemed interested in enlightening the woman with knowledge.

”The energy is changing. ” Scathach spoke in a neutral voice.

”…? ” The girls who were distracted started to look at the fight again, and they saw the power start to act strangely.

The two powers began to unite and soared into the sky like a rocket.

The power easily pierced through the ice ’ceiling ’ that Victor created.

Kaguya narrowed her eyes a little and opened a hole in her ’realm ’ to let it out. The two powers rose to the Nightingale sky and quickly reached the stratosphere.

However, they soon reached critical mass, which was then followed by…



For the first time in its entire history, the Nightingale skies had a ’sun ’.

”Master. ” Alexios said as he appeared next to Vlad, he was wearing beach clothes and had a ’wreath ’ of flowers on his head; he was clearly enjoying his vacation.

”Our space was violat-. ”

Vlad raised his hand.

”It ’s okay, this is just a game between two kids. ” Vlad flashed a small smile and looked away, precisely speaking, toward the window.

”…? ” Alexios looked to the side, and when he saw the ’sun ’, his mouth opened wide, his expression was one of pure shock. He could clearly feel that the amount of energy in that ’sun ’ was insane.

”…Is this…Is this child ’s play? ”

”Of course. ” Vlad flashed a small smile as he kept looking at the sun in the Nightingale sky and thought:

’If he wasn ’t able to do something like that, he wouldn ’t be worthy of being called ’king ’ of the night. ’

”…I ’m sorry to say, but… Your sense of child ’s play is completely broken. ” Alexios sighed.

”Hahahaha. ” Vlad laughed amusedly, ”In my day, if vampires couldn ’t do something like this, they would be considered failures. ”

”…. ” Alexios was silent, and he didn ’t know what to say when he learned of this new information.

”Just go back to your vacation, you can come back when you feel satisfied. ”

”Yes, Yes. I will. ” Alexios, at this point, actually thought it was a good idea for him to take a vacation.

’…Before I go back to Hawaii, I ’m going to visit someone. ’ Alexios thought as he opened the gate.

A silence fell on the place where Victor was while the two men continued to stare at each other. They didn ’t even care about the ’spectacle ’ they created.

Only one thing was on their minds right now.

A strong opponent was in front of me!

Victor suddenly made a move!

He started walking quietly towards Anderson….

Step, Step.

Anderson did the same, while he had a big smile on his face just like his opponent, as he started walking towards him.

”…Perfect… ” Victor ’s voice started off low but slowly started to rise:

”You didn ’t disappoint me! ” He clenched his fist, and the magic symbols on the glove began to glow brightly!

”I knew you were strong… I could feel it from the start, but this? ” He clenched his fist.

Suddenly, the two men disappeared and then appeared standing in front of each other.


Several air blasts occurred around, as they attacked so fast that few could see what was happening!

”I didn ’t expect this! ” Anderson ’s fist began to glow brightly, and he lunged at Victor ’s stomach.

An ice armor was created on Victor ’s chest, and it fended off Anderson ’s attack.

”I must say that I am extremely satisfied! ”

Victor ’s smile grew, and then:

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ” He laughed with a maniacal laugh, his body began to be covered by lightning, and then he punched towards Anderson ’s face.

But surprisingly, the attack didn ’t reach Anderson, and the man dodged by fractions of an inch away and then jumped back to create some distance.

The two men faced each other.

A dark aura began to leave Victor ’s body.

A white aura began to leave Anderson ’s body.

They positioned themselves in their respective martial arts stances, the two men ’s smiles were the same, their atmosphere was the same, and they only had one goal!

”Let ’s have fun, Anderson! ”

”Let ’s have fun, Alucard! ”

The two disappeared again and appeared in the middle of the arena as punches began to be exchanged at high speed.

The two were trading punches in the arena, they were dodging each other ’s attacks, taking each other ’s attacks, and treating the arena as their personal playground.


Looking at the fight ahead, Yuran couldn ’t help but comment with a shocked face, ”…I didn ’t believe it, even though I saw the video… ”

”Hmm…? ” Julian looked at Yuran.

”I thought it was deception, a forgery by the King of Vampires to make supernatural beings believe that this kind of aberration existed. ”

”Aberration? ” Liza was drawn to the conversation.

”Indeed. ”

”A vampire who holds the power of the 3 strongest vampire Count houses, I honestly wasn ’t believing that. ”

”But… ” Yuran looked at Victor.

The man would sometimes cover his fists with fire, sometimes he would create a giant sword out of ice, sometimes he would cover his body with lightning and ’run ’ through the arena.

He was using all three elements quite surprisingly well, in Yuran ’s opinion… However, the most impressive thing is his control of the ice element since he was basically switching weapons mid-fight!

Sometimes he wore gloves, sometimes he used a shield to defend himself, sometimes he attacked with a spear.

It was pretty obvious that he didn ’t have ’master ’ level experience with some of the weapons he created, but… He seemed to have ’experience ’ in using them roughly and clumsily like a mad warrior.

Victor and Anderson broke up again.

Victor stomped the ground, and soon a greatsword was created again, and then, as Victor took the Greatsword, suddenly, the sword was covered by fire and lightning.

Anderson, seeing this, started to prepare himself too, as fur started to grow on his body, and sharp claws started to grow on his hands, while his arm was covered by a white aura.

And soon…

Two giant white wolf claws were created.

”Grrr… ” He growled a little, and slowly the pressure in his body increased until:


He roared to the sky as if announcing his presence to everyone.

The presence of an Alpha!

A mighty Alpha was in front of everyone!

”HAHAHAHAHAHA~! ” And that only made Victor ’s laughter grow.

His body went up in flames, and like a mad warrior, he rushed towards his opponent and attacked with his sword!

Anderson did the same as he attacked with his claws.


The sound of two metal objects colliding was heard, followed by a burst of air and a shockwave, but that didn ’t stop them both.

They started trading blows again, and this time it wasn ’t limited to the ground!

They sometimes fought in the air, sometimes they fought upside down, the entire ’space ’ of the arena became a ’floor ’ for the two men.

”This is fucking bullshit… ” Yuran couldn ’t help but comment. Just what was he watching?

He couldn ’t accept reality even if it was in front of him.

And another thing…

He looked at Anderson, and he felt his instincts itching to duck his head; ’Has he been hiding his power all this time? ’ He didn ’t remember Anderson being this strong.

”WW-WHOAAAAAA! ” Pepper suddenly shouted excitedly:

”This is fucking amazing! ”


Lacus hit Pepper on the head:

”Language. ”

”Ouch… ” Pepper held her head, and then she looked at her sister with a look that said, ’why did you hit me? ’

”There are children around. ” She pointed to a spot, and at that spot, a girl was standing while looking at the ’fight ’.

Pepper looked where Lacus pointed and saw Ophis, ”Huh…? Hadn ’t she gone home? ”

”Well, she came back. ” Lacus continued.

”…Ugh. ”

”And besides, you are a child, you mustn ’t speak bad words! ”

”… ”


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