My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 245 - One Year And Six Months.

swers to his questions, he must go to her.

”Well, her location-. ” Esther was going to say something, but suddenly Ruby spoke.

”I refuse. ”

”…Huh? ” Victor looked at Ruby.

”You ’re not going to meet that Bitch. ” Ruby ’s eyes were dark as a black hole.

”Huh? ” Victor couldn ’t understand Ruby ’s reaction, and he didn ’t like being stopped from doing something. But he wasn ’t stupid, so he wanted to understand why she wouldn ’t let him go visit Aphrodite.

”I ’ve heard rumors, the goddess Aphrodite is the greatest Thot on the entire planet, she will definitely ask to sleep with you in exchange for the information. ”

”You know I wouldn ’t, right? ” Victor narrowed his eyes.

”I know, but… ” Ruby meant that she was going to use her ’charm ’ on Victor to get him to sleep with her.

”Anyway, you shouldn ’t go, because if she wants to do something to you, I won ’t be able to stop it. ”

”… ” Victor was silent.

Ruby continued her reasoning, ”Although she is not a goddess of battle, or of war, she is still a goddess. She is strong. ”

”Oh… ” Victor ’s smile grew when he heard that she was strong, but soon his smile faded.

’It ’s not time to fight, I must solve my problem first. ’

”Is there another method, witch? ” Victor asked Esther.

”…I have a name, you know… ” She grumbled.

”… ” Victor continued looking at her with a dry gaze.

”Only two types of beings can know about this problem… ” She stopped talking and thought for a while, then she rephrased her sentence, ”Wrong, only three types of beings can: and these beings are the gods, the witches, or beings versatile in time/space magic. ”

”…The last one is practically impossible for you to find right now. ”

”… ” The room fell silent again.

[Master, you must go visit the goddess.]

”Hmm? ”

[The Goddess is the closest and easiest being you can find and get the information you need… You just shouldn ’t fall for Charm .]

”Charm? ”

Hearing what Victor said, Ruby ’s eyes began to glow dangerously, and she spoke:

”Kaguya! ”

A cold air left her body and spread through the place:

”What are you doing? ”

A woman came out of the shadows, as she looked coldly at Ruby, and spoke:

”I ’m telling him the information you withheld from my master. ”

”Kaguya… ” Ruby ’s atmosphere seemed to grow even heavier.

Kaguya narrowed her eyes, ”Stop treating my master like a child. If he wants to go somewhere, he will. ”

”… ” Ruby was silent.

”If you ’re afraid of something, it is your duty to let him know so he can be prepared when dealing with it. ” Kaguya was totally against it when someone tried to limit her master.

As a free being, the master must make his own decisions by himself so he can grow and become ’strong ’.

”…You two… ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed.

”… ” The two looked at Victor.

He first directed his gaze at Ruby. ”First, explain what you ’re hiding. ”

”Second, ” He then looked at Kaguya, ”She is not limiting my movements. If I had no choice, I would have gone anyway. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s eyes narrowed. She didn ’t like Victor ’s answer, and she didn ’t want him to see that Thot.

”Third. Ruby, if you know something, you should tell me. ”

”Huh? ”

”We are a couple, right? ” He flashed a small smile.

”… ” Ruby opened her eyes wide.

”It ’s the couple ’s duty to share. ” Victor spoke simple words that shuddered through Ruby ’s entire body.

”Darling… ” She looked at the man with the eyes of a woman in love.






After a long silence, she sighed:

”I ’m sorry, I seem to have let my fears carry me away. ” She gathered her thoughts and began to explain:

”Simply put, that bitch is a goddess of love, and beauty, and consequently, her divine power is related to that. That is, she has something similar to what a vampire has. ”

”The Charm. However, the difference between that power and ours is that her charm is of the highest level. ”

”She can turn any man into a thirsty pig that wants to fuck her. ” Ruby spoke with disgust.

”How do you counter it? ”

”You cannot. ” Esther joined the conversation.

”Huh? ”

”There is no way to counter that power. ” Esther began to explain:

”Her power touches a sensitive area of ​​all beings, the ’partner ’ area, meaning she takes the ’love ’, the ’desire ’ you have and focuses on it. ”

”This is complicated… ” Even Victor thought that.

”…Whether female or male, no one can escape her Charm . ”

”Women too? ” Victor raised an eyebrow.

”Most gods are bisexual. ”

”…And some have peculiar tastes. ” Esther felt disgust when she thought of Zeus.

”Is there a way to avoid this? ” Kaguya asked.

Esther looked at the Maid and said, ”…Yes. ”

Soon she looked at Victor:

”You must not have any interest in her. ”

”… ”

”You can ’t find her beautiful, you can ’t have desires for her, and that ’s impossible. After all, she is the goddess of beauty. That is, she is the ideal beauty for ’everyone ’… ”

”Split out, witch. What should I do? ” Even Victor was getting angry now.

”You must become a eunuch. ”


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