My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 247 - The Goddess Aphrodite. 2

Absolute silence fell on the place as no one dared to speak a word… In fact, they couldn ’t, they were too shocked to show any reaction.

”Eh…? ” Victor had never been more afraid of a word than he was right now.

Thinking he didn ’t hear her correctly, Esther repeated it again, this time a little louder:

”Like I said, you should cut off your dick, sever your balls, and become a eunuch. ”

”Only this way will you be able to avoid the charm of the goddess of beauty. ”

A being who had no lustful desires, or beings who have no need for reproduction, a being who finds the goddess of beauty ugly, only strange beings like that can negate the effect of Aphrodite ’s Charm.

”….. ”  Silence fell over the place once again.

’This bitch, I ’m going to kill her. ’ Kaguya thought while making shadow daggers. Who does this bitch think she is to suggest something absurd like that? No one will castrate her master! She started to walk towards Esther, but she stopped suddenly when she heard a scream.

”HELL NO! ” Ruby practically screamed, her entire aura becoming more hostile than before.

This time, even Victor agreed with Ruby.

What the fuck is this about becoming a eunuch?

Is this bitch high? Did she smoke illegal stuff?

”He has important duties to fulfill, he cannot lose his ’D ’ now! ” She was being absolutely serious about this matter. Now that she ’d had a taste of forbidden pleasure, she was absolutely not going to let it go that easily, and more importantly, she was not going to let anyone take it away from her!

Victor is hers! Only hers! The D is just hers!

”… ” Now it was Esther who was silent when she heard what Ruby said.

Was this woman so brazen before?

’Is it possible that with just one fuck, she became this obscene? ’ Esther thought.

Ruby quickly turned to Victor:

”Darling, this is…- ” Ruby wanted to say that it was a bad idea to meet Aphrodite, but she was silent. She didn ’t want to boss Victor around since, just like he respected her free will, she wanted to respect his right to free will as well.

It is the duty of a good wife to support her husband and not be toxic.

’But I refuse! I won ’t let you lose the D! If anyone dares to do that, that individual will be sent to hell in less than a second! I ’ll send them to the devil ’s lap! ’

It is common sense throughout the supernatural community that Aphrodite is a ’Thot ’. Why did everyone think that?

It ’s quite simple, actually. Aphrodite doesn ’t discriminate, so if she likes someone and she considers that person ’beautiful ’, she will sleep with that person.

And once you fall into the clutches of the black widow named Aphrodite, you can never forget her, and that ’s because the goddess of beauty is unforgettable.

If a being witnessed the ’embodiment ’ of beauty in real life and felt her ’love ’, that being will never be aroused by any other person.

Men and women report that having sex with Aphrodite is more addictive than sleeping with a Succubus.

And it ’s not just that.

Everyone knows what kind of man Aphrodite likes…

She likes men like Ares, tall men with muscular bodies, strong men, men who love to bathe in the blood of their enemies.

The tale of Aphrodite betraying Hephaestus with Ares is well known throughout the world.

And it ’s pretty obvious that Victor fits this description perfectly, he ’s tall, has a body that could be considered ’perfect ’, and most importantly, he loves to bathe in the blood of his enemies!

It was knowing about all this information that drove Ruby to prevent Victor from getting close to Aphrodite. She wouldn ’t let that Thot touch a hair on Victor ’s head!


Victor was silent as he was thinking about the decision he was going to make.

’Become a eunuch? ’

Hell no, he didn ’t even consider that an option.

’Looking for someone who is experienced in space and time? Someone who wasn ’t a witch? ’

This might work… But it would take a long time, and Victor was impatient.

He left that option on hold for now.

Looking for another god? A god other than Aphrodite?

There is that option too…

He looked at Esther:

”Witch, do you know the location of any god other than Aphrodite? No matter the location, I can get there in the blink of an eye. ”

”… ” Esther was silent, she started to think about the information she got from her clients, and in the end, she said:

”I do not know. ”

”… ” Victor was silent.

”Don ’t look at me like that, my information network is not as big as the witches, I recognize that myself. ”

”Maybe the witches know something, but… ”

”Yes, they will charge a lot. ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone. For the first time in her life, she was feeling in her skin what it was like to not have money to pay for a witch, and for the first time, she felt in her skin how abusive the witches ’ prices were.

”Tsk, what if I take a random witch and charm her? ”

”…I wouldn ’t recommend doing that. ” Esther spoke in a calm tone.

Ruby nodded in agreement with Esther and then spoke:

”Witches are very protective of their members, just like werewolves. So if you attack one witch, they will all attack you… ” Ruby explained.

”… Getting into conflict now is not a good option. ” Victor didn ’t care about that, but he didn ’t want to waste time getting into conflict now, ”Why are they like that? Is it because of what happened in the past? ”

”Yes, they hold a lot of grudges against the witch trials that happened… ”

”I see… ”

”… ” Victor fell silent again and started using his head, he had several options to use, but most of them were options that would take some time or were dangerous.

For example, if he went to meet a god, it was not guaranteed that that god would be friendly to him, and everyone knew Victor.

He was the symbol of the saying.

’An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, blood for blood. ’ He didn ’t mind raising his hand to hit women. His fists held true gender equality.

The moment a being raised its ’weapon ’ to fight him, he would counterattack.

That ’s how Victor is.

That ’s how Victor has always been.

”…Ruby, would my charm work on Aphrodite? ”

”… ” Ruby was silent.

”…? ” Esther looked curiously at Ruby ’s response. She knew that Victor was special, he was someone who possessed the rare blood, the Golden Blood, but she didn ’t know what kind of benefits it gave a vampire.

After all, for vampires, someone who had Golden Blood only served as food, and never in history had a human who had Golden Blood been turned into a vampire.

Not that she knows, at least…


’A human who is turned into a vampire is supposed to become a slave vampire, but this man somehow broke that rule and became a noble vampire. That ’s interesting, an interesting subject indeed. ’ Despite being a businesswoman, she was still a witch, and witches were always after new knowledge.

”To be honest… I don ’t know… Gods originally have a high resistance to this type of attack, they can only be influenced by other gods of the same divinity level or higher. ”

”…. ” Victor was silent; this was not good.

”If my mother were here, she could tell us something, but… ” She made an annoyed face.

”That ’ll be a long shot for us, huh? ” Victor spoke.

”Yes. ” She couldn ’t deny Victor ’s words.

”…. ” A silence fell on the place again.

Kaguya, throughout the conversation, was silent, and she kept watching Victor:

’He ’s going to explode at any moment. ’ She could tell by the veins that were showing up on Victor ’s face.

He was angry, but he was holding back his anger.

”…Did the air get warmer? ” Esther spoke in a strange tone, she hadn ’t noticed before, but she was getting sweaty, so she looked at the air conditioner she had in the office and saw that it was on 16!

And yet, she was sweating?

There was only one explanation…

She looked at Victor:

Seeing his current state, she thought; ’Interesting, do the powers of the Count families influence him too? Is that why he ’s so unpredictable? ’

”Darling, calm down. ” Ruby spoke in a cold tone.

”… ” He looked at Ruby with dark eyes like a black hole:

”I ’m getting a bad feeling, Ruby-. ”

”I know, but nothing will happen to the girls. Remember, my mom is there, and so is Natashia. ”

”… ” Hearing about Scathach and Natashia, Victor ’s heart began to calm down.

Victor had fought Natashia before, and she was strong… Insanely strong, and that wasn ’t even her final form.

Natasha ’s personality was her flaw, and she was ’weak ’ in that state.

But now, with her true personality, she is much stronger than before.

Scathach goes without saying, the woman is his master, and the strongest female vampire in the world.

”Right… You ’re right… ”

The air around Victor began to lighten as his eyes stopped glowing dangerously and took on a cold glow.

Now, the air around him started to get colder.

”…He ’s so bipolar… Now he ’s too cold. ” Esther turned off the air conditioning.

”…. ” Victor and Ruby were silent and did not answer the woman.

Victor looked at Kaguya:

”My Maid. ”

”Yes, master. ”

”Take care of my mother and my father. ”

”… ” Kaguya made a strange face, and soon she understood something:

”Master made his decision? ”

”Yes. ” Victor got up from where he was.

”I will go to see this goddess. ”

”Darling-. ”

”Ruby. ” Victor spoke the name of the red-haired woman as he walked over to her and held her face with both of his hands:

”No matter what happens, my love for you will not diminish, and know that if something happens, it is not because of my will. ” Victor ’s eyes looked like they would suck Ruby into an endless abyss.

”…Darling… ”

”Don ’t worry, you know me, if something happens and I don ’t like it, I ’ll hold a grudge about it… ” Then, his face went completely dark, and only his eyes and big distorted smile were visible:

”And I will definitely visit this bitch in the future. ”

”!!! ” Ruby ’s entire body trembled as she sensed Victor ’s intent:

”Are you going to kill a god? ” Not even her mother was able to do that. After all, they were essentially immortal, so to kill a god, you ’d have to destroy their divine soul.

”… ” Victor just remained with his smile, and soon he turned and looked at Esther, and his face had already returned to normal:

”Witch, give me the location of this goddess. ”

”Sure. ” Esther was quick to work, she lightly touched the table, and soon a green magic symbol appeared where she had touched it, while slowly this magic symbol started to grow.

And a cell phone appeared…

”Another cell phone… ” He remembered that June gave him a cell phone too, which didn ’t work! The device was rubbish! Can ’t connect when needed!

”What do you think would show up? A medieval map or something? We must modernize. ”

”… ” Victor was silent while he just looked at the woman with a neutral gaze.

”Tsk, you are no fun. ” She pouted.

”Anyway, this phone has the location of the goddess, just open Google Maps. ”

”… ” He looked at the woman with a look that said, ’are you serious? ’

”What? ” Esther didn ’t understand the man ’s gaze.

”Why Google? ”

”I mean, why not google? ” She replied and then continued, ”It ’s a tool created by humans, and it ’s quite convenient. ”

”… whatever. ” Victor gave up trying to understand. Was he honestly expecting something more like a crystal ball or something?

’Come to think of it, Natalia uses a crystal ball when she wants to spy on someone. ’ Victor thought.

Victor took the cell phone and put it in his pocket:

”Darling, I ’ll-. ”

”You are not going. ”

”… ” Ruby narrowed her eyes.

”I ’m sorry but… You ’re the only one who ’s here with me. If I lose you too, I… I… ” His voice at the end started to sound static and distorted.

It made Ruby and Esther shiver, and even Kaguya felt a chill down her spine.

”D-Darling? ” Ruby stuttered a little.

Victor touched his face to hers:

”Just stay here safe, okay? Please? ” For a moment, Kaguya and Esther could see that he was basically on the verge of begging.

Feeling the ’fear ’ inside of their connection, Ruby flashed a gentle little smile:

”Don ’t worry, Darling. I will be here, and I will be fine. ”

”…Thanks. ” He flashed a small smile.

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body began to be covered by lightning, ”I ’ll be back soon. ” The moment he said that, he disappeared, leaving streaks of lightning through the air.

When Victor left, Ruby was silent. She looked down as thousands of thoughts started going through her head, and while she was in that state, she spoke in a cold tone:

”Esther, forget what you saw today. ” She didn ’t want anyone to see that ’state ’ of Victor.

Esther, who was watching everything in silence, just said, ”Sure… ” She felt that if she didn ’t respond positively, something terrible would happen to her.

’Ugh, this crazy couple! What did I get myself into!? ’ She felt like she was walking on a precipice, and if she did something wrong, she would disappear from existence.

’I curse my younger self who decided to listen to this bitch. ’ She regretted her fate.

”I will be back. ” Kaguya suddenly spoke up.

”Take care of Victor ’s family. ”

”That is obvious. ”

”And… I will train the Maids, more intensely. ” Kaguya had a feeling that Victor was going to need them more than she initially thought.

And she couldn ’t be in two places at once, so she needed more hands.

”That is a good idea. ” Ruby said:

”Just don ’t overdo it with Eve… The girl is… ”

”I know, I was present when master recruited her. ”

”Oh, I forgot about that… ” Ruby said.

”I will go now. ” Kaguya turned and walked towards the exit.

Looking at Kaguya ’s back, Ruby said, ”Be careful out there… After all, you ’re important to Victor too. ”

”… I know. ” She flashed a gentle little smile. It ’s a shame no one saw that smile.





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