Hell, territory of Belial.

”Son of a bitch! ” A gigantic being slammed his fist into the throne he was sitting on, and his booming voice resounded throughout the castle.

Belial had never felt so angry before in his entire existence.

A small demon with long wings and two horns appeared in front of Belial, wearing a butler suit:

”Lord Belial, what happened!? ”

Belial looked at the demon, his mood becoming a little more neutral, but the dangerous aura continued around him, and soon he said:

”Prepare a body for me in the human world, and call my generals. ”

’I ’ll make him pay ’ Belial ’s eyes gleamed dangerously. Demons were famous for returning what they received in kind, and Belial was no different.

Alucard killed his son.

And Belial will do the same. He will kill a son of Alucard, if he doesn ’t have a son, he will kill his mother, his father, any being related to that man.

It didn ’t matter if their targets had only known Alucard for a few minutes, he would kill everyone involved with the man! That ’s how demons work!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, death for death!

He will have his revenge for his son! And for the frightening instrument that became just a shrunken chick!

”…. ” The butler demon made a difficult face.

”Lord Belial… I ’m afraid to say this is an impossible request. The quality of human bodies is declining, humans aren ’t as healthy as they used to be, and the best bodies are reserved for the two kings and the dukes next to the kings. The body you lost a few months ago was one of the best. ”

”… ” Belial narrowed his eyes when he heard what the demon said, he couldn ’t help but show an annoyed face when he heard of the ’monopoly ’ that the two kings were making, but he couldn ’t say anything about it at all.

In hell, the rule is simple.

The strong command, and the weak obey.

Despite being one of the strongest demons, Belial was still weaker than some demon dukes and the king himself, so he followed.

’Tsk, if that woman had a stronger fist, I wouldn ’t mind joining her, but Queen Lilith is too soft. ’ Despite respecting the woman mentioned, after all, she was the creator of demons, he was still a demon.

He always prioritized his desires and goals above others, and he didn ’t mind betraying whoever went after those goals. That is just the kind of creature demons are.

”We don ’t have enough resources to send your generals to the human world. ” The butler continued.

”…What about the minions? ” Belial asked since he could possess minions as a medium and use them as a means to walk through the human world.

’Tsk, if it wasn ’t for that annoying god, I wouldn ’t have to go through this. ’

It was a divine rule, demons cannot intervene on Earth, and there was a ’door ’ that prevented the passage of these demons, and at that door, there was a guard.

Lucifer, the first demon king and guard of hell, was responsible for keeping demons in hell, but…

The man decided to simply take a vacation; he broke the key to the gate in two and gave it to his most faithful ’friends ’.

Lilith, the mother of demons, also known as Adam ’s first wife, who rejected being ’chained ’ by god. She subsequently became the Queen of an entire faction.

And Diablo, the incarnation of evil, also nicknamed ’Satan ’ by mortals. Later on, he became the Demon King Diablo, who was the leader for which Belial served.

The main objective of Diablo ’s faction was the control and dominance of the human race, so he wanted war against humans!

In the end, the two leaders wanted war!

With the key to hell ’s gate broken, the gate itself went into a state of instability, and ’gaps ’ began to appear in the gate.

And it ’s through these breaches that dukes and kings could send minions into the human world.

At the time, the strongest demons were excited when they saw the breach in the gate. They thought they could finally get out of this boredom that is hell and wanted to go to the human world, unfortunately… They couldn ’t, only low level demons could go through the gate.

And there were two options for high level demons.

Seal your power and enter the human world with the power of a low level demon or possess a human ’s body.

Sealing off their power was a big ’no ’ for the demons, considering they didn ’t know when their friends would turn their blades on them.

So it was a general agreement that demons would possess the bodies of humans who had just died, and, by using the human ’s soul as a key, they could enter that human ’s body.

”…It is possible to send the boys to the human world, but you will need the king ’s permission. ”

”Tsk. ”

”I will-. ” Belial was going to say something, but suddenly, he looked up to the sky.

His eyes narrowed, and he seemed to see beyond his castle.

Suddenly all the demons in Belial ’s territory heard a thick, demonic voice:

”I, Beelzebub, declare war on BELIAL! ”

That statement was met with strange looks from Belial ’s subordinate demons:

”…but Lord Beelzebub is our ally? ”

”Yes, he is. Something is strange. ”

”Did Lord Belial do something? ”

”…Don ’t tell me that Lord Beelzebub discovered his green hat? ” A demon laughed in amusement.

All the demons associated with Belial knew the man ’s personality. If you put it in simple words, he ’d stick his dick into whatever hole he found interesting.

Some demons called him Zeus ’ Twin Brother because of this personality.

”Kekekeke ” A lesser demon laughed awkwardly and said, ”If so, then we ’re fucked. ”

”Hell yeah. ” His friend spoke.

”Let ’s run away? ” the lesser demon spoke.

”That ’s a good idea. ” The friend agreed and then continued:

”I have a bad feeling about this. ”

”Me too. ” Soon they flew towards somewhere.

Another demon spoke, ”…This is strange… ”

Some demons found this strange since Diablo himself had forbidden conflict between allies until the war was over.

But as the demon king knew what kind of race the demons were, he only forbade internal war for futile and causeless reasons. But, if it was something personal, it was possible to resolve it with a duel between the two individuals involved.

They didn ’t have to discard ’resources ’ in a fight considered by Diablo to be ’childish ’.

So there was only one reason, ”Lord Beelzebub found out that Lord Belial ate his daughter? ”

”…If so, it took quite a while, it was common knowledge that this sort of thing happened. ”

”Well, Lord Beelzebub lives in a rather isolated place, so maybe his subordinate demons don ’t know? ” A male demon with blue skin and golden eyes resembling a lizard spoke.

Soon the voice was heard again, and this time the voice sounded more irritated:

”You son of a bitch, you will pay for eating my wife! ”

”….. ” A deathly silence fell for all of Belial ’s subordinate demons.

”Fuck ” All the demons in town spoke at once.

The butler looked at his master, ”…Lord Belial, I warned you that this would go to shit. ”

Veins began to pop in Belial ’s head, and the being spoke:

”It ’s not Beelzebub you fucking idiots! It ’s that man! ”

”… What man? ”

”The man who killed my little brother. ”

”How? ” The butler looked quite confused since he didn ’t remember his master saying that.

”…Nevermind. ” Belial just remembered that he didn ’t tell his butler. After all, that was a disgrace to him.

Suddenly the butler opens his eyes wide; ’Was that why he didn ’t touch the Succubus? Has he become impotent? ’ The butler looked up to the sky and saw something falling towards the ground.

’What is that? ’ He narrowed his eyes a little more, and with his demonic eyes, he could see a head falling, recognizing the head ’s identity, he said:

”That ’s the son-… ”


Thousands of miles away from the demon ’s castle, the demons looked at the mushroom cloud that rose to the sky:

”Well, shit. ” A large demon spoke.

”We got lucky. ” The lesser demon continued.

”Is Lord Belial dead? ” the large demon asked in a nonchalant tone.

”Of course not, he ’s one of the 72 Dukes of Hell, you know? It ’s hard to kill him. ”

”Tsk, and here I was thinking I could loot his treasures. ” The large demon spoke in annoyance.

”Are you talking about the pornography collection? ” A lesser demon asked curiously, it was common knowledge about Belial ’s perversion, and when he conquered a ’woman ’, he always took pictures of these conquests and kept them in a book.

”What else would it be? ” The larger demon looked at the smaller one with narrowed eyes.

”I don ’t know, gold maybe? ”

”Gold doesn ’t give pleasure, and if I want something, I ’ll just steal it. ”

”Make sense… ” The lesser demon couldn ’t help but agree.

”Tsk, I need to pet my goose. ” The greater demon looked quite nervous.

”…Why don ’t you visit a Succubus? ” the lesser demon asked when he saw the state of his acquaintance.

”Are you crazy? I don ’t want to die. ” He rolled his eyes, then continued:

”Those bitches are on another level, she ’ll suck you to death, literally speaking. ”

”… Well, that ’s true. ”

”But at least she ’ll satisfy all your dark desires. ”

”…Well… ” The bigger demon was tempted to try now… But! He feared for his life, so he decided this was a bad idea.

”What about the incubus? ”

”They ’re extinct, have you forgotten? ”

”Huh…? Have they gone extinct? ”

”Of course, Lord Dantalion made a point of persecuting the entire race and extinguishing it from the 7 hells… Didn ’t you know that? ”

”Of course not! It may not seem like it, but I am a young devil! ”

”…I thought you were a lesser demon. ”

”I am not! ” He felt wronged.

”What race are you then? ”

”I ’m an Imp. ” He patted his chest proudly.

The bigger demon turned its face to the side and spoke in a confused tone, ”Simp? ”

”IMP! ”

”Ohhh, so you ’re lower in the hierarchy, RIP for you, buddy. ”

”Tsk, don ’t remind me of that. ”

Suddenly Belial ’s demonic voice was heard by the two demons:


The whole body of the demons trembled in fear:

”He ’s angry. ” The large demon spoke.

”Don ’t say the obvious, Mr obvious. ”

”… ” The bigger demon looked at the Imp with an annoyed look:

”But… ” The Imp looked at the bigger demon.

”Who is Alucard? ”

”…How would I fucking know? Do I look like an information bank? ”

”… Well, yes? ”

”…. ” The two fell silent.



A pillar of fire rose to the heavens, Belial was seen by the two demons, the giant being looked at his destroyed city, and the pressure of his body seemed to get heavier:

”You will pay for this, ALUCARD! ”

The spines of the two beings trembled with fear:

”Is he so angry about losing his porn collection? ” the bigger demon asked.

”I would be too if I were in his place. ” The Imp replied.

”…. ” The bigger demon looked at the Imp with an accusing gaze.

”… ” The imp opens his eyes a little and says, ”Oops. ”



Belial roared skyward, and a pillar of fire shot out of his mouth.

”We should get out of here… ”

”That ’s definitely a good idea. ”

The two low level demons quickly did what any low level demon would do in this situation.

They fled!


Looking at Victor, who was clapping his hands.

One thing was very clear to the girls; ’He ’s really enjoying this. ’

”Darling… ” Sasha raised her hand as if she were a child asking the teacher ’s permission to speak:

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Sasha:

”What ’s up, Honey? ”

Hearing the gentle tone Victor used to speak, Sasha, Violet, Scathach, and Natashia all flashed a small smile.

They only thought for a few seconds about the possibility that Victor had changed so much that he forgot about them, but it seems that this is not true.

The truth is that his love seemed to get stronger? It ’s heavy…

At least that was Sasha and Violet ’s impression.

Natashia and Scathach didn ’t know that.

Sasha flashed a small smile, ”What was that about Beelzebub? ”

”Oh, from what a witch told me, Belial is very famous for sticking his…- ” He stopped talking, and looked at Ophis for a few seconds, then continued:

”His little brother everywhere. ”

”He was even labeled the twin brother of Zeus. ”

”…That ’s not a good comparison. ” Scathach narrowed her eyes.

”Indeed. ” Natashia nodded in agreement.

”Thinking about the man ’s personality, I just threw in random words about cheating. If that works, Good. He will be busy with another demon for a while, but if that doesn ’t work… ”

”Well, it ’s not like anything is going to change. ” Victor suddenly turned around and started walking towards Scathach ’s mansion.

”…umu… ” Pepper nodded to herself and said, ”Somehow, my godfather has become an expert in causing chaos. ”

”… Godfather? Is he not your brother-in-law? ” Scathach looked at her daughter, confused.

”…. ” Pepper, Siena, and Lacus looked at Scathach with a dry gaze.

Looking at Victor ’s back, ’Father… ’ Ophis ’ eyes lit up a little, then Ophis was covered in a black power and appeared on Victor ’s shoulder.

”…. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile and patted Ophis ’ head.

[Girls, you ’re free to do whatever you want, I won ’t be leaving for a while.] Victor mentally spoke.

[Yes, Master.] The five almost spoke at the same time, and soon they became more relaxed.

Except for one Maid, of course.

Kaguya ’s body became pure darkness as she disappeared into the ground and entered Victor ’s shadow:


[If I don ’t keep an eye on the master… The master will run away somewhere I can ’t see… Again.] Kaguya spoke up.

’… am I a child? ’ Victor almost said it, but he knew this was Kaguya ’s way of taking care of him, and he didn ’t hate it:

[Then follow me, My Maid.]

Kaguya flashed a gentle smile and said, [Always.]

The little girl displayed a small satisfied smile.

Soon Victor turned around, ”Shall we? We need to eat. ”

Hearing the word ’eat ’, Scathach, Natashia, Violet, and Sasha ’s eyes glowed blood red, and they looked at Victor as if he were a walking pig.

”Indeed, we haven ’t eaten yet. ” Violet licked her lips.

Natashia ’s eyes stopped shining, and she asked in a non-confident tone, ”…Hmm, can I too? ”

Victor looked at Natashia, and with the same gentle smile, he said, ”Of course. ”

And with those simple words, Natashia ’s gloomy mood seemed to lighten.

”Let ’s go! ” She was very excited.





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