My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 252 - Fulfilling Past Promises.

Yes, Indeed. They are called demons by mortals…

Creatures who were rejected by God for being too corrupt.

Once angels who were on God ’s side, but now cast out of paradise and abandoned in the confines of a world in decay.

Punished by the creator himself to be the representation of all the ’evil ’ of humanity.

Creatures that when mortals think of the word ’evil ’, the word ’demon ’ certainly comes to their minds.

Condemned to roam the seven hells for all eternity, demons are the result of a single action…

’Sin ’.

When people kill in anger.

When people envy other people ’s goods, and steal those goods.

When people are too lazy to do something.

When people are very proud and believe they are always right, consequently harming another being.

When people have an insatiable gluttony and do not share with their peers despite having better conditions.

When people accumulate enough goods without need.

And when people have an uncontrollable lust, that can lead to the death of other beings.

When a ’sin ’ is committed, by divine law, you will be condemned to hell.

But… God is just…

Sin will still be judged.

By the hands of the three judges of the abyss…

Gigantic beings whose only visible features are their golden eyes, golden hands, and a mouth that seems to contain an entire ’galaxy ’ inside it.

Supernatural beings call these judges the eyes, hands, and mouth of God because, with one decree from these formless beings, you can be condemned to eternal happiness, or eternal suffering.

Judges who judge mortals…

And If it is declared that their sins are too high to redeem.

The mortal soul will be thrown into the confines of the 7 hells, its soul will be recycled, taking only the good part, and all that is left is…

An empty shell of pure evil… These are the beings known as demons…

People of antiquity believe that there is no ’goodness ’ in demons. After all, that part was taken from them a long time ago.

But like every story related to the genesis, everything is not what it seems.

The first human woman to be created, Lilith. That, in another time, would become the mother of demons.

She is a special being that, despite being a demon of the highest rank that can be considered an evil god, she still has her ’goodness ’.

But that ’s not the case for… Diablo.

The incarnation of evil… the bloody plague…. The demon of Chaos.

There are many titles that beings have given him.

Diablo is the first demon born when God implemented the soul recycling system, humanity ’s first sin, and, consequently, by being the first and beginning of everything, he is the ’idealization ’ of what demons should be.

And this being was looking at a distant place.

Sitting on a red throne decorated with the bones of his enemies, the Demon King narrowed his eyes.

With its long thorny tail, it picks up a black soul with some white parts. Clearly, the soul was corrupted, but there was also a bit of ’goodness ’ in that soul, something that shouldn ’t be happening.

”Stop, Stop! Do not do this. ” The soul begged.

Paying no attention to the insect ’s murmurs, it just opens its mouth full of sharp teeth and….


The demon king ’s eyes begin to glow blood red:

”A breach has been created… Someone has invaded… ” A dark, distorted voice resounded throughout the castle.

”Belial was attacked. ” He touched his claws to his chin and seemed to think.

”Beelzebub? ”

”Wrong, that ’s not his voice. ”





A silence fell around, and all that could be heard was the noise of several souls who were behind Diablo.

These souls were asking for help.

But no one here would help them.

They will become Diablo ’s snacks.

Again the demon ’s tail moved and captured a soul, he brought that soul to his mouth, and…


”…Someone is trying to bring chaos to my army. ”

”But that individual failed miserably. ” He spoke in disdain. Demons have been in conflict with each other for hundreds of thousands of years, they literally never stopped fighting.

This tactic is very childish, in Diablo ’s opinion.

”Bael. ”

A red pentagram appeared on the ground, and soon an ’extremely handsome man ’ appeared.

He was tall, with long golden hair tied in a ponytail that reached to the ground, he had green eyes and was wearing a white suit. It was a look you wouldn ’t expect to see in a place like this.

”…You ’re still using that disgusting form. ” Diablo spoke in a dry voice that gave Bael little chills, but it didn ’t last long since he was used to Diablo ’s disapproval of his appearance.

”What can I say? I got used to using this body. ” He shrugged as if he had no choice.

”… ” The being was silent, and then he spoke:

”Call Belial, and make him spit out all he knows. ”

The man ’s eyes turned cold, ”…What happened? ”

”Someone invaded hell and attacked Belial, this being is trying to cause chaos in my army. ” He explained quickly and in a way that was easy to understand.

”…. ” Bael touched his chin and began to think:

’There are not many beings who can pass through the gate of hell without God ’s permission. ’

’Even if the gate is unstable, this is an almost impossible feat. ’

’Yes… Indeed, the keyword here is ’almost ’. Who is attacking? A space god? A weather god? Or maybe someone this god works for? ’

”Well… It doesn ’t matter. ” Bael ’s green eyes gleamed a little dangerously, ”Whoever it is, he ’s going to die. ”

”I will call Belial, and have this investigated. ”

Diablo grabbed another soul with his tail and put it in his mouth:

”Call Beelzebub too. ”

”The person who attacked was using his name, he might know something. ”

Bael looked at the souls that Diablo was eating and found it a waste to have so many good souls that could serve as bodies for the army of demons, but instead were being used here to feed this ancient demon. Rare souls that escaped the hands of the judges of the abyss due to an error in the divine system.

Bael had to agree that Lucifer was adept at causing trouble for God, with just the simple gesture of breaking a key that was supposed to be unbreakable, he messed up the entire ’perfect ’ system that God created.

And he did all this simply because he wanted to take a ’vacation ’.

”… Okay. ” Bael turned and soon disappeared into a pentagram.

Diablo looked up at the blood-red sky, his eyes seemed to glow a little, and he saw a gigantic black door that appeared to be ’bleeding ’.

’No change, huh. ’ He was used to this sight. Since he received a part of Lucifer ’s Key, he was able to see ’the door to hell ’, but he could only see, he could not touch or interact with the door.

Diablo believed he could only do so if he had the complete key.

’Soon… Yes, indeed… Soon, I will leave this place. ’ He closed his eyes again and went back to what he was doing.

In Victor ’s personal room.

Scathach, Violet, Ruby, Sasha, and Natashia were present, and the girls were scattered around the room.

Ruby and Sasha were sitting cross-legged while they were reading manga…

Precisely, only Ruby was reading, as Sasha was more focused on what Victor was talking about.

Violet and Natashia had their heads resting on the shoulders of Victor, who was sitting on the bed, with his back to the wall.

Scathach was seated in a chair a little ways away from the group, and she had a large table beside her with several old books that she asked Luna to bring from her mansion.

She seemed to be focused on researching something.

When Victor finished ’eating ’ and the girls too, the women grabbed him and Ruby and dragged him to the room, demanding an explanation. They needed to know what Victor did to prepare for this.

As they were already in the room anyway, they took off all their heavy clothes and put on light clothes.

”…How can you cause so much chaos in just one year? ” That was Sasha ’s first question.

”… ” Victor touched his chin and thought about what Sasha said, and then he said:

”I do not know. ”

”… ” Sasha opened her mouth a little, and then she sighed…

Victor had just finished explaining everything that had happened in the year he was alone with Ruby, and she just couldn ’t believe how much chaos he ’d caused in such a short time.

”But… ”

”Hmm? ”

”One thing I can say is, try to leave Violet without seeing me for a year and knowing that this was someone ’s fault… ”

”I ask you, Honey. what do you think will happen? ”

”The world would burn… Literally. ” Sasha and Ruby gave an instant response.

”… ” Violet was silent and didn ’t defend herself because she knew it was true. After all, she couldn ’t go 1 week without seeing Victor when she was younger, let alone a year?

She would completely freak out.

”It seems like everyone wants to be your enemy, Husb-…Victor. ”

”… ” Sasha looked at her mother with a dry look but soon went back to reading her manga.

”… ” Victor displayed a small smile and pat Natashia ’s head a little, and he said:

”Everyone wants to be my enemy, huh? ” Victor flashed an odd smile.

Natashia displayed a small gentle smile when she felt Victor ’s affection. Everything felt very peaceful now, and she finally got what she wanted!

But unfortunately, she still didn ’t get ’everything ’ she wanted. She still wanted him inside her! She still wanted him to call her Honey, similar to how he talked to her daughter!

And more importantly, she wanted a threesome with her daughter!

A small, obsessive smile appeared on her face, but she quickly hid that smile as she laid her head on Victor ’s chest.

She wanted more!

More… More… MORE! AND MORE!

”Well, I don ’t think I ’m the cause of it. ” Victor chuckled a little and patted the head of Violet, who was next to him.

”…! ” The woman ’s body trembled a little, but soon she leaned her body closer to Victor and enjoyed the man ’s caresses.

Soon she spoke in a proud tone, ”…Darling ’s presence is very intimidating, and because of that, he makes enemies wherever he goes. ”

”True, ’small ’ men will be intimidated by Victor ’s presence. ” The word ’small ’ appeared to contain several hidden meanings.

And Violet, with the dirty mind that she had understood the full meaning of what Natashia said.

”Indeed, indeed. Darling is on another level. ” She spoke with a suggestive smile.

Natashia looked at Violet, and she smiled the same way the woman did, ”Oh? I feel like I ’m going to get along with you. ”

”Me too~. ” Violet laughed a little.

”…. ” Ruby and Sasha looked at the two women with a dry look, their gaze saying: Bitch, please. Have some decency.

”Blowing up the entire Inquisition base. ” Ruby suddenly started.

”In my defense, that was done by Mizuki… I just cheered… Yes, I just gave my motivational support. I definitely didn ’t like seeing those fireworks~ ” Victor quickly defended himself with a big smile on his face, but clearly, everyone knew he liked what he did!

”Looking for a fight with a demon duke. ” Sasha continued.

”Well… He pissed me off, and I didn ’t like the way he talked about Scathach. He started it. ” He spoke in a neutral tone, but everyone could see the anger that was pouring out of his words.

”… ” Scathach flashed an imperceptible little smile when she heard what Victor said but quickly went back to her reading.

She wasn ’t particularly offended to hear this, considering many people had already said that, and these people disappeared from the face of the earth. He would just be next on the list.

”Call the goddess Aphrodite who is a Titan Goddess, a Bitch. ” Ruby spoke as she sighed a little internally. She should have gone with Victor, she regretted it a little, but…

Victor ’s state that day was very chaotic, she needed to listen to him a little, or he wouldn ’t be ’relaxed ’.

Ruby understood that when he couldn ’t see the rest of his wives, she was the only bridge that kept Victor ’s obsessiveness at sanity, and if she ’disappeared from his sight too ’, he would go crazier than he already was.

”… ” Victor was silent since he had no words to defend himself. He did that, after all, he didn ’t like the second encounter he had with Aphrodite at all.

He hoped never to see the woman again, but fate is a bitch, and he met her again.

”Not that she isn ’t a bitch. ” Sasha defended Victor.

”Indeed. ” Natashia and Violet supported Sasha.

”… ” Ruby looked at Sasha with a dry look, her gaze saying, ’Weren ’t you on my side? ’

Sasha just turned away and started whistling.

’Traitor! ’ Ruby thought, then she continued:

”She can be a bitch, and sleep with any man she ’s interested in, but we ’re not supposed to say those things. ” As a teacher, Ruby began to explain:

”After all, she is a goddess who has lived since the beginning of time, her morality is different from ours. ”

”… Well, yes. ” Sasha couldn ’t help but agree with Ruby, looking for a fight with a goddess of Aphrodite ’s level was just silly.

”I ’m surprised she didn ’t do anything to Victor. ” Natashia suddenly spoke up.

”… ”

”Yes… This is definitely strange, this man has the ability to offend everyone. If he talks to a stone, I have no doubt that this stone will spit blood for such offense. ”

”… ” Victor ’s eyes twitched when he heard what Violet said.

”Why didn ’t she do anything? ” Sasha asked the doubt in the heads of the four women.






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