My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 252 - Fulfilling Past Promises.

k that had a strange padlock on it.

”I have it all written down here. ” Ruby flashed a small smile.

”…. ” Violet looked at Ruby with a shocked face.

”Why do you have this!? ”

”Blackm-… Cough, I mean, if I ever needed to convince one of my friends to do something for me. ”

’This bitch! She was definitely going to say Blackmail, right? ’ Violet ’s eyes glowed blood red.

Sasha approached her mother and spoke in her ear:

”We can be alone-. ” She didn ’t even need to finish saying that as Natashia understood what her daughter meant.

The woman quickly got up from the bed, clothes began to be created on her body, and she looked at her daughter with sparks of lightning flashing in her eyes.

”Let ’s go. ”

”…. ” Sasha ’s smile grew.

Rumble, Rumble.

The two women were covered by lightning and soon disappeared.

”Ugh, why don ’t I have this power? I could follow them now. ” Violet mourned her fate.

”Woman, you literally have the power every vampire would love to have. ”

”…? ” Violet looked confused at Ruby.

”What power are you talking about? ”

”You can walk in the sun, bitch. Did you forget? ”

”Oh… But is that a big deal? ” Violet didn ’t understand. Given her preference, she would rather have a power equal to Kaguya so she could chase after Victor 24… Wrong, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 666 days a year.

… The calendar doesn ’t work like that!

Ruby narrowed her eyes, ”…These privileged people must die… ” She really envied Violet ’s power. After all, if she had the power to walk in the sun, she wouldn ’t have to wear that stifling coat, and she could resolve things in the human world more easily.

”…That ’s really ironic coming from you… ” Violet didn ’t miss the opportunity to timely Ruby.

”Why? ”

”You are the daughter of Scathach, and you were born with two powers. ”

”Vampires were spitting blood right now if they heard what you said. ”

”… ” Ruby started to think about what Violet had said and added, ”That really makes sense, they all have the attitude of a young master of a Wuxia novel, it ’s quite possible they did that. ”

”…? ” Violet didn ’t understand anything Ruby said since she wasn ’t into the culture yet.

Victor stopped in the middle of the Scathach mansion room, he was only wearing pants.

”Victor, what are you doing? ” Lacus asked with a curious look.

”…? ” Victor looked at Lacus and saw that she was accompanied by Siena, Pepper, Ophis, and Eleanor.

”Oh, you ’ve come at a good time. ” Victor looked at Eleanor.

”But I didn ’t go anywhere, I was stuck here from the beginning. ” Eleanor retorted.

Victor pointed to Eleanor, ”You ’re coming with me to a place. ”

Eleanor narrowed her eyes, ”… I can deny it, you know? ”

”If you don ’t go, I ’ll steal your horse, I know she ’s stopped outside the capital. ”

Eleanor ’s eyes gleamed blood red, ”…Try to steal Chloe from me, just try… I guarantee your head will be rolling the moment you touch my horse. ” She was quite protective of her horse.

”Oh… ” Victor ’s smile grew, and he started to stare at Eleanor.

”Victor is acting like a hooligan. ” Pepper muttered.

”But hasn ’t he always acted like this? ” Siena spoke.

”… Of course not. ” Pepper took a while to respond.

”Usually, he has mother ’s attitude, the difference is he ’s not mother, so we thought he was a Hooligan. ” Lacus explained.

”OHHH. ” The two understood each other now.



The front door was slammed open.

”…. ” The group looked towards the door and saw a woman with long black hair and violet eyes. She was being accompanied by another woman who looked like her.

Two wild princesses appeared, and they brought their guards.


”Geh. ” Ophis ’ face distorted a little.

”What do you mean by ’GEH ’? Huh? ”

”… ” Ophis turned away and ignored her sister.

”I finally found you, you should go home. ” Elizabeth demanded,

”Kotowaru!. ” Ophis ’ face, for a moment, seemed to grow more mature.

”… ” The two sisters looked at Ophis in shock and then looked at Victor:

”What did you teach her? ”

”Why did the blame fall on me? I did nothing. ” He felt unjustified, but soon his mood changed, and he looked at the guards with his gaze glowing blood-red:

”You all wait outside. ”

”…We don ’t follow-. ” The guard leader wanted to say something, but Victor didn ’t give a damn.

”I said… ” Victor ’s voice started to get darker, and he ordered with eyes glowing blood red, ”You all wait outside. ”

The guards ’ bodies trembled a little, they felt a chill down their spines, and in that very second, they lost consciousness and became puppets:

”Yes, Master. ”

All the guards turned and left the mansion.

”…. ” A silence fell over the place.

Pepper and Lilith ’s faces looked a little red, while Elizabeth looked at Victor with a little fear that soon disappeared.

”Father is cool. ” Ophis ’ eyes gleamed. She felt no fear, but soon her face became strange.

”…Cool Father? ”

”Father cool… Huh? ” She seemed to be trying to unravel a divine mystery.

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia and Sasha appeared alongside Victor.

”Oh, the group has grown… ” Sasha said.

”Will you come? ” Victor asked.

”We can ’t? ” The two asked at the same time.

He flashed a gentle little smile and said, ”I didn ’t say that. ”

”… ” The two smiled a little.

”Kaguya. ” Victor spoke aloud, and soon a shadow left the ground.

Victor looked into Kaguya ’s eyes:

[I will go visit Big Guy and that strange tree, take care of the house for me.]

[…Will you go alone?]

[Natashia and Sasha will be with me… And Eleanor too]

[At least take a Maid, master.]

[Which do you suggest?]

[Eve… She is very unstable these days, she needs your attention.]

[…I didn ’t realize that….] Victor felt bad about it.

[No need to feel this way, master. Your head was full of training and concern for your wives. It ’s understandable.]

[But don ’t forget about us…]

Victor looked seriously at Kaguya:

[That will never happen… After all, you are my lovely Maids.]

[…I know…] Kaguya displayed a small smile. Throughout the past year, Victor always paid attention to the Maids, it was only when he was close to returning to Nightingale that he didn ’t look at them much, but that was understandable.


’There is me. ’ Kaguya was there to look after the maids as well when her master was too busy.

”…. ” The group fell silent when they saw Victor looking at Kaguya silently.

”… This is weird. ” Pepper spoke.

”Yes. ” They all agreed for different reasons, they knew he was talking to Kaguya, but it was in a way they couldn ’t understand.

Only Elizabeth and Lilith didn ’t know what was going on, and because of that, they agreed with what Pepper said.

”Hmm… ” Natashia looked at this with a bit of envy.

Sasha and even his maids had something special with Victor, only she and Scathach had nothing! This was unfair! Older women need something too!

Her eyes gleamed with determination while she seemed to be thinking about something.

”I am going. ” Victor spoke as he turned and looked at a woman.

”…Eh? ” Eleanor felt a bad feeling when she saw Victor ’s eyes.

”Be careful, master. ”

”Thank you, My Maid. ”

Before Victor left, Ophis suddenly appeared beside him and held Victor ’s hand:

”Hmm? ”

”Father… Blood… Hungry… ” She spoke in a monotone, but everyone could understand her intentions.

”Wha-… ” The two sisters ’ world seemed to have frozen, and they looked at Ophis with a shocked look.

He looked at the little girl in a gentle tone and said, ”… I ’ll come back quickly. If you ’re still here, I ’ll give you my blood, okay? ”

”Ugh… Okay… ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor disappeared, leaving lightning trails behind, and appeared in front of Eleanor as he raised the woman like a princess.

”Huh…? Let me go-. ”

”Don ’t open your mouth or scream. You will bite your tongue. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor disappeared again.

”Yep, she was kidnapped. ” Siena spoke.

”I hope her butler doesn ’t know this, he ’ll be pissed. ” Lacus spoke.

”Who cares? Victor doesn ’t seem to mind either. ”

”…. Well, yes. ” Lacus couldn ’t help but agree with Pepper.

Sasha and Natashia looked at each other, and then.

Rumble, Rumble.

The two followed Victor.

”…. ” The three sisters and Kaguya looked at the two princesses,

”They ’re going to explode any moment… ” Kaguya predicted, and she quickly put her hands to her ears.

The three sisters imitated what Kaguya did and waited.

Veins started popping in the two sisters ’ heads when they saw Ophis ’ face, and they screamed.



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