My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 256 - Gorillas Surprised.

Rumble, Rumble.

A thunderbolt of lightning was heard across the surroundings, and soon a great golden lightning bolt fell from the heavens.


A small crash echoed across the land as Victor impacted the ground, but interestingly enough, his immediate surroundings weren ’t destroyed as expected, merely leaving the ground with burn marks.

Victor was holding Eleanor like a princess while Eve clung to his back.

The faces of the two women looked a little sick, but it was pretty evident that Eleanor had suffered the most.

Her eyes were rolling, her whole face was dark, and it looked like she was holding back the urge to throw up.

Eve slowly descended from Victor ’s back and leaned against a tree nearby. Despite having done it several times, she still wasn ’t used to Victor ’s new mode of transportation. Seeing the world go by so quickly was a very… sickening feeling.

”Ugh… ” Eleanor held her hand over her mouth.

”… ” Victor broke out in a cold sweat when he realized the woman had nearly vomited.

Victor rested Eleanor against a tree on the ground and ordered Eve:

”When you recover, follow me. ”

”…Y-Yes, Master. ” At least she could still answer Victor… barely.

”Umu. ” Victor nodded in satisfaction, then turned around and walked towards a giant tree.

Step, Step, Step.

Walking calmly through the forest, he enjoyed the ’climate ’ of the place. It was a climate he remembered well.

’This sense of danger ’. Victor ’s smile grew, ’And it looks like the Big Guy is still alive and well. ’

Rumble, Rumble.

The sound of Lightning rumbled once again in the surroundings, heralding Sasha and Natashia ’s arrival at Victor ’s side.

”You two sure took your time. ”

”It was just a few seconds! ” Sasha argued.

Natashia narrowed her eyes, ”…Just so you know, that wasn ’t my top speed. ” She felt a little competitive when she saw the small smile on Victor ’s face.

”I know… I could clearly see it in that fight. ” Victor flashed a gentle little smile.

”… ” Natashia ’s smile grew a little, and she nodded, satisfied, ”It ’s good you know. ”

”Next time, I won ’t lose! ” Sasha, like all of Clan Fulger, was quite competitive when it came to speed. After all, it was their pride.

They were the fastest family there was, and, with the power of lightning, no one could beat them!

”Ahh, Honey~. For that to happen, you need to train harder. ” Victor flashed a big smile that sent a slight chill through Sasha.

”…I-… ” She was going to say she refused and that she didn ’t want to train with Victor, who was trained by Scathach. He trained like a maniac, and she preferred to train alone, at her own pace. She felt that she progressed more with her methods, but Victor said,

”Don ’t worry, if you train with me, I will reward you. ”

”…Oh? ” Sasha ’s eyes lit up slightly as she got a little interested…

And she wasn ’t the only one, Natashia was too.

”What do you mean by reward? ”

”Anything. ”

Gulp, Gulp

Natashia and Sasha swallowed their saliva.

”Anything? ” they asked with obvious interest.

”Of course…anything. ”

Victor ’s smile grew a little lovingly, ”Anything you wish for, I ’ll give to you, but… You ’ll have to train with me to earn your reward. ”

”… ” The two were silent. This was definitely a good proposition.

”Yes, let ’s go! Let ’s train! ” The first to fall into the trap was Natashia.

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little evil, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.

Victor was using the same strategy he used with Ruby.

The carrot strategy!

By promising a great reward that was anything the woman desired, he would make the woman train with him and grow stronger.

He had fun with it whenever he saw the person he was training getting stronger, while they had fun with it because they ’d receive anything their hearts desired from him. In the end, everyone would win!

This was the strategy used on Ruby that had proven effective. The woman couldn ’t live without training anymore, and he had effectively managed to find a method to make people who were not addicted become addicted!

He could already be called a supreme genius strategist! The Big Brain!

Although… This strategy had a flaw. It only worked on women who were interested in whatever rewards he could provide…

But it worked with Ruby, which meant it ’d prove effective for the other girls as well!

And everyone would leave feeling satisfied! There was literally no downside to this!

Of course, the risk of addiction was high. Victor was like a drug that, after a female vampire had a taste, she wouldn ’t be able to live without indulging further. After all, his blood was very delicious, and to add on to that, the pleasure dual cultivation provided, he literally was a walking, talking drug.

”Of course, let ’s train. ” Victor would never refuse such a request.

”Yes, Yes! ” Natashia looked quite happy since she would finally get what she wanted so much! And all she needed was training! That was a small price to pay for endless bliss with her ’husband ’!

… In the future, she would likely regret this decision… Or maybe not… Or maybe both at the same time. She would dread it yet feel satisfied with the outcome at the same time.

Women were complicated…


Sasha didn ’t say anything, but she was definitely interested.

Seeing Sasha ’s eyes, Victor exhibited a small smile as he brought his palm to the top of her head and provided his greatly desired headpats:

”Take your time. Even though I said that, the training we do is difficult. You shouldn ’t go in if you don ’t have enough motivation. ” He laughed a little.

”… ” Sasha ’s eyes glowed a little red, her body trembled as she felt Victor ’s caress, and she spoke in a low tone, ”I will… ”

”Hmm? ” Victor didn ’t seem to have heard what she was saying.

”I will train too! ”

”Oh… That ’s good. ” His smile grew at the end, ”Indeed, this is definitely good news. ” His gentle smile morphed into a predatory grin, like a dragon that had set its sights on a helpless lamb.


Sasha swallowed hard when she felt Victor ’s gaze pass over every inch of her body:

”…Uhh, can I change my mind…? ”

”Of course not. ”

”Shit… ” Despite having complained, she still had a small smile on her face.

”Oh, before anything else, explain to me how you transformed into literal lightning? ” Natashia asked Victor with a little curiosity.

”…? ” Victor looked confusedly at Natashia.

”What are you talking about? ”

”I ’m talking about that technique you used when traveling at great speeds through the clouds. How did you do that? ” She specified her question.

Hearing her mother ’s question, Sasha looked at Victor curiously, as she also wanted to know how he did what he did. Considering that even her mother couldn ’t come to a conclusion, Victor surely must ’ve invented something new or had broken the common sense in the world, like he often did…

”… ” Victor touched his chin, he seemed to think a little, and then he said:

”Oh, are you talking about this? ”

Victor ’s body suddenly began to be covered by lightning, but unlike before, his skin had turned completely yellow, and he took a step forward… and disappeared.

Literally, not even a streak of lightning was left.

Soon he appeared again where he was.

”What did you do? ” Sasha asked curiously.

”I didn ’t do much, I just walked up to that tree and back. ” Victor pointed to a tree in the distance.

”…I didn ’t see anything… ” Sasha felt awkward since even though the event happened in front of her, she couldn ’t see it.

”… ” Natashia narrowed her eyes a little since even she almost couldn ’t see what he did:

”Yes, that ’s it. What is that technique? ”

”Oh, it ’s no big deal, it ’s just a different application of Ruby ’s technique. ” Victor spoke in a simple tone since, in the time he spent training with Ruby, he had learned several things that the woman herself had developed in secret.

Like her control of spears and her defensive technique that she ’d honed from her mother.

Ruby was on the learning side too, but she didn ’t learn as much because Victor didn ’t exclusively use the power of ice and water.

But not all was in vain, as Victor himself was a monster of ideas, discussing and talking with Victor after training and training in bed.

She took several ideas that she could develop, as she learned by listening to him. After all, he had quite a few exotic ideas…

”…? ” Natashia didn ’t understand Victor ’s meaning.

”Hmmm… ” Sasha seemed to have an idea of ​​what he was talking about, but at the same time not…

Victor held his hand a little and decided to demonstrate. After all, it is easier to demonstrate than to explain.

And then a small bubble of water appeared:

”Although I don ’t use it much, like Ruby, one of my powers is the water element. ”

”Ruby used this element to improve Scathach ’s defense technique, and, by doing so, she would not take damage when she used the technique. ”

”Oh… ” Natashia seemed to understand now what was happening.

”All I did was change Ruby ’s technique a little bit. Instead of freezing water on a specific part of my body to create armor, I covered my entire body with water, and used lightning. ”

”After all, water is a conductor of electricity… at least mine is. ” Victor knew that water itself did not conduct electricity. For this to happen, the water must have minerals or some particles that were ionized molecules. In this way, electric currents could pass.

This was the knowledge he ’d learned in high school, and everyone who paid attention in class knew it.

But for reasons he couldn ’t fathom, the water he produced with his abilities could easily conduct electricity.

’Perhaps because water is my power? And, because of that, I find it easy to do so? ’ That was the only thing he could deduce.

”So, what exactly do you do? ” Natashia asked.

”I cover my whole body with the power of water, this includes all my muscles, my heart, bones, etc. And I let the lightning ’pass ’ through these places since the water is there to keep me from harm. ”

”Do you take damage when using lightning? ” Natashia asked.

”Yes. Internally, yes. But not externally. ”

Victor could use the full power of lightning outside of his body since he ’d realized he didn ’t take any damage from it, but…

When trying to use all his power inside his body, the result was disastrous. His inner body, despite being tough, was not as tough as his exterior.

Victor didn ’t understand why this was so.

Maybe it was a quirk of Sasha ’s late father? After all, from what they ’d said about him, he had an abnormal exterior endurance, but his interior defenses were practically paper thin.

A funny thing that he tested was that if he used the power of blood, any and all lightning damage was nullified inside his body.

He didn ’t understand how this was possible, but he thought that because his blood had more ’power ’, it was possible? Or was it because of the ’authority ’ contained within his blood?

He couldn ’t say, but it was definitely worth studying.

”So this is just a technique that only you can use… ” Natashia and Sasha deduced quickly.

”Yes, and no. ” Victor spoke.

”I assume you can use this technique if you ’re in perfect vampire count form. ”

”Oh… ” Natashia feigned surprise, but she already knew that.

Step, Step!

Quake, Quake!

Footsteps followed by the ground rumbling were heard.

Victor ’s smile grew:

”He ’s finally here. ”

”Who? ” Natashia and Sasha asked.

”The Big Guy. ”

”Big Guy……? ” They didn ’t understand. However, soon a memory popped into Sasha ’s head.

”Oh! Are we in our territory? ” Formerly Clan Horseman territory, and now Fulger territory, Sasha and Natashia were in the forbidden forest.

”… ” Natashia thought about what her daughter said and understood something.

”Oh, you ’re in that forest. ” She stopped focusing all her attention on every inch of Victor ’s body and looked around.

Only now did she realize where she was.

Realizing that the moonlight had disappeared, Natashia looked up and saw a giant gorilla.


The giant gorilla roared at the two women.

Sasha ’s body shook a little, and her heart started to beat fast, she quickly wanted to get out of this place.

Natashia narrowed her eyes a little as she stood in front of her daughter and looked at the gorilla with a hostile gaze.

Victor narrowed his eyes as he disappeared and then appeared in front of the gorilla ’s eyes:

”Hey big guy, have you forgotten about me already? ”

The giant gorilla ’s face changed from hostile to neutral as he seemed to recognize Victor.

”Grrr. ” He made a strange sound and turned away, seeming to snort a little.

”Hahahaha~, you ’re still a shy guy. ”

The gorilla ’s eyes lit up a little as he looked at Victor and pointed at the two women:

”Urru, Urru! ”

”I know, I know. They won ’t get too close, I promise. ”

”Urru… ” The gorilla narrowed his eyes. He definitely didn ’t trust Victor ’s words.

”Hey, what ’s with that look? I haven ’t broken any promises before, have I? ”

”… ” The gorilla went quiet since, now that he stopped to think, the man was right.

”Urru! ” He pointed at the girls and then at Victor, then he made some lewd hand gestures that Victor was definitely wondering who he learned from.

”Yes, how do you know that? ” Victor asked with a little surprise.

The gorilla pointed to his nose.

”My scent, huh… ”

”….. ” An awkward silence fell between mother and daughter. What the fuck were they watching now?

”…Yes, I expected my Darling to do everything but a gorilla handler? Bruh. Give me a break. ” Sasha looked a little tired.

”…He ’s not a gorilla. ” Natashia said, ”He is an extremely dangerous demon beast. ”

”… I know. ” Sasha spoke with a sigh, and then she looked at the demon beast:

”In the end, he still looks like a gorilla, so he ’s a big gorilla. ”

”…. ” Natashia had no arguments to deny her daughter ’s words.

The older woman continued to look at Victor with far more interest than before while she wondered how he could get along with that creature so easily.


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