My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 257 - Gorilla Meets Berserker Woman.

”Anyway, Buddy. How is the other guy? ” Victor changed the subject and asked about the strange tree.

”Urru! ” The gorilla roared angrily.

Victor rolled his eyes when he saw the gestures the gorilla was making, ”Bruh, how the fuck would I know that a tree has a gender? And yet that gender is feminine? I don ’t know how to talk to trees. Even our discussion is being viewed with strange eyes by the girls, look. ”

”Uru? ” The gorilla looked at Sasha and Natashia, and when it saw the two women ’s strange expressions, he looked back at Victor.

”Pfft. ” He put his hand over his mouth and seemed to laugh at something.

A vein bulged in Victor ’s head, his smile distorted a little, ”What are you laughing at, mother fucker? ”

”URRU! ” The gorilla started to laugh louder and then turned around with the same smile on his face.

”Tsk. ” Victor made an annoyed expression, but a small smile was always pasted on his face. He was a little happy that the Big Guy was healthy as ever.

Victor descended towards the ground and began walking behind the gorilla as he followed. But he stopped and looked over his shoulder at the still seated Eleonor and the pale faced Eve.

”Eve, watch over Eleonor. ”

”Bu- ” Eve tried to protest, wanting to follow her Master wherever he went, but was interrupted by Victor ’s commanding voice.

”That ’s an order. ”

”…Yes, Master. ”

”When she ’s finally capable of moving by herself, follow after me. ”

”… ” Eve looked at Eleonor and bit her tongue in frustration.

Victor then turned around and continued following the Big Guy.

”Vic-. ” Sasha and Natashia tried to get close to Victor, but the man turned around and stopped the girls from getting close to him.

”Don ’t get too close, he ’s very territorial. He ’s making a big exception by letting you in because of me, but don ’t approach too carelessly. ”

Natashia ’s eyes narrowed a little. This wasn ’t the attitude of the Victor she knew, ”…Are you scared? ”

”…Are you serious? ” Victor looked at Natashia with a deadpan expression.

”… ” Natashia was silent and continued watching Victor.

”I ’m not scared, I just don ’t want to clash with a friend of mine, because if he does something to Sasha, things won ’t end well. ” Victor explained his thoughts.

He knew himself very well, and, no matter who it was, whether it was a friend or family, if someone hurt someone he deemed important, he wouldn ’t hold back, and he would definitely fight that person, and in that fight, that person would probably die.

And that was something he wanted to avoid with Big Guy, after all, he was not in the wrong, they were technically invading his territory.

His territory, his rules.

Of course, if Victor didn ’t have respect for the demon beast, he wouldn ’t care about it, but it was different when he respected someone.

Natashia opened her eyes a little, and she looked at Victor as if she understood something, then she said, ”…Respect, huh… ” She seemed to understand Victor ’s thoughts.

She flashed a small smile and thought, ’He ’s really a lot like Scathach. ’ Somehow, this whole encounter was looking like the way Natashia met Scathach.

Though at the time, she was much more insistent than she was today.

”Darling, you like this Gorilla a lot, huh? ” Sasha asked.

”Hmm, that ’s not it. ” Victor spoke, and then he turned and continued to follow the gorilla.

”…? ” Sasha didn ’t understand, but then, seeing him start to walk, she started to follow him at a safe distance.

As he walked, Victor said, ”I don ’t like him that much, what I feel is more like respect. After all, to me, he is a strong friend who can fight me anytime. ”

”Yeah, it ’s a punching bag relationship. ” Victor found those words quite appropriate.

”… ” A vein seemed to bulge on the gorilla ’s head.

”Urrrr! ” The gorilla suddenly turned around and pointed his middle finger at Victor

”…HUUH? ” Victor ’s face distorted, and he pointed his middle finger at him too, ”Well fuck you too, buddy! ”

”Roaar! ” The gorilla seemed to snort and turned away.

”…. ” The two women were silent as they watched this exchange between an ape and a human… Wait, a Gorilla and a vampire.

Somehow they felt that something was wrong here… Did he really not like this Gorilla?

Why was their relationship so good then?

The two had doubts about whether what Victor said was real or not.

Getting closer to the place, Victor ’s eyes and his mood started to become more serious, and when he got close to the giant tree, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

And it wasn ’t just him, even Natashia and Sasha felt it.

”Hey, Big Guy. How many people have you killed here? ”

Yes, indeed. The smell of blood from this place was much stronger than before, and he clearly remembered that this place didn ’t smell of ’fresh ’ blood.

The gorilla turned to face Victor and displayed a small predatory smile, but he didn ’t answer his question.

However, there was no need. After approaching the tree, Victor saw a huge pile of bodies.

”…Ugh. ” Sasha, for a few seconds, felt like throwing up when she saw several bodies of beings scattered and trampled around.

The place was a mess.

”… Stay here. ” Victor spoke.

”Yes, we know. ” The two spoke at the same time.

Victor nodded in satisfaction and walked over to the nearest body.

”Uru, Urru. ” The gorilla seemed to be talking to the tree, and the tree ’s branches were moving as if understanding him.

Victor watched this but didn ’t say anything, as he just lifted the body of the nearest corpse and looked at its head.

The head was completely broken, the man ’s face was practically unrecognizable, but he could see something.

”Vampire fangs… ”

’Vampires were hunting The Big Guy? ’ Victor tossed the body to the side as if it were a piece of garbage and touched his chin as if in thought.

His indifference at the sight of such carnage drew a few admiring sighs from Sasha.

”Why does he seem so…used to it? ”

”My Daughter, it ’s not the first massacre he ’s ever seen or committed, have you forgotten? ” Natashia looked at her daughter in disbelief. Are all blondes really that dumb?

Wait, she was a blonde too… Wasn ’t she just badmouthing herself?

”Oh… That ’s true. ” Sasha recalled that he ’d done this before, back during the werewolves ’ incident and around the time the police attacked Victor.

”Unrecognizable. ” He muttered as he picked up the next corpse. He looked around again and saw a head that looked intact, so he threw the body he had held away and walked over to the head.

Picking up the vampire ’s head, he saw that it was a Caucasian male.

”I think you will do. ”

Suddenly a dark pressure fell all over the place.

”!!! ” The gorilla ’s entire fur stood on end, and he quickly went into battle mode and looked at Victor.

The gorilla ’s eyes start to glow blood red, but suddenly he felt a branch touching his shoulder.

”… Urru? ” He looked at the tree.

The Tree seemed to have communicated with the gorilla because it started to calm down and watched what Victor was going to do:

”Urr… ”

Victor ’s face disappeared and all you could see was a deep darkness, while the blood red eyes and the sharp teeth on Victor ’s visage became the only visible features:

”Tell me your secrets… ” His eyes glowed deep blood red, he opened his mouth a little, and all the blood from the head he ’d grabbed started to flow out and into Victor ’s mouth.

Soon the vampire ’s head became as dry as a mummy and…

Fragments of memories began to appear in Victor ’s head.

Victor found himself in a camp in the woods. He looked ahead and saw a tall man who was wearing flashy armor; he was most likely the leader.

”By our count ’s orders, we must eliminate these two beasts! The count gave the order, we must follow it! ”

”WOAAAAAAAH! ” Everyone yelled around.

And suddenly…

The world around Victor shattered like pieces of glass.

And he saw himself on the battlefield.

Or, precisely speaking, in the extermination camp?

After all, the sight that Victor was now seeing was pretty incredible.

All the vampires were being slaughtered by the gorilla in full black armor.

When the gorilla got close to the vampire that Victor consumed…

Victor woke up in reality.

”… ” Victor was silent, his face returned to normal, and soon a big smile appeared on his face:

”Pfft…. ” He attempted to hold back, but in the end…:

”HAHAHAHAHAHA~! ” He laughed a lot, it was as if he had seen something very funny.

”….? ” No one understood Victor ’s sudden burst of laughter, but apparently, everyone was used to the man ’s madness.

The gorilla snorted for a few seconds, then sat down by the tree.

Victor suddenly stopped laughing, and looked at the gorilla, ”You did a great job, Big Guy. ”

”Uru? ” The gorilla had an innocent face, he didn ’t seem to understand what Victor was talking about.

”Hahaha~, no need to pretend to be modest, you really are a good warrior. ”

”… Urruuuu? ” Question marks started to appear over the gorilla as he wondered what the man was talking about.

”Anyway, let ’s clean this place up. ” Victor held up his palm.

His eyes started to glow a little, unlike the magic circles on his glove that started to glow madly, then…

All the blood in the place began to float and started to be gathered in one place.

And soon, a large sphere of blood was standing in front of Victor.

”Hmm… ” Victor looked at the blood sphere, not knowing what to do, then he looked at the gorilla who was staring at him with his mouth open in shock.

He flashed a small smile; it looked like he managed to surprise the gorilla.

Looking at the giant tree, he noticed small cuts on it.

And since he knew that the tree fed on blood, he decided to do something.

He made a gesture with his hand, and the entire sphere of blood flew towards the tree, and he stood in front of it, a curiosity hit Victor, and he wanted to see how the tree fed and what effect it would have on it.

”Take it. ”

For a few seconds, the tree and the gorilla made no move.

But slowly, the branches of the tree began to envelop themselves around the sphere of blood, and soon it began to absorb all the blood.






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