My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 261 - Second Progenitor.

”Yeah yeah. I ’m really happy to be back in this shitty place. ” It didn ’t take a genius to identify that she was speaking in a sarcastic tone.

”Tsk, shitty gate, I hope one day you get a nuke in your face, motherfucker. ” She grumbled for a few seconds and then spoke without turning around:

”It ’s your turn, Victor. You must report in front of the gate, or he won ’t let you in, that piece of shit. ”

Instead of answering Natashia, he did something else:

”Hahaha~. ” He laughed a little. It wasn ’t his usual laugh, it was a kind and amused laugh, as if he was looking at something funny.

”…? ” Natashia looked at Victor with a confused look, her face became a little red when she remembered what happened, but she was not a teenager who was going to be embarrassed about it!

”What? ”

”Is nothing. ” Victor stopped laughing, and with the same gentle smile on his face, he continued, ”I just realized that my other mother-in-law had a cute side too. ”

Her cheeks turned a little red, but she still didn ’t stop staring at Victor ’s face.

She licked her lips a little, her eyes glowed blood red, and she said, ”Keep laughing, and I ’ll show you who ’s cute~. ” She flashed a seductive smile.

”Oh…? ” Victor ’s smile changed a little as he displayed his usual smile and walked towards Natashia with slow steps.

Badump, Badump.

Natashia ’s heart was pounding like crazy when she saw the man approaching, and she couldn ’t help but create expectations about what Victor was going to do to her, as thoughts like these started to pop into her mind:

’Is he going to throw me to the floor here and fuck me? Is he going to rip my clothes off? ’

She completely forgot about her surroundings and what kind of place she was in.

He stopped beside her and whispered in her ear, ”I ’m waiting for this, ’MY ’ mother-in-law. ” He spoke the word ’MY ’ in a tone as if the woman belonged to him.

And that was something Natashia understood as well.

”!!! ” Natashia ’s entire body shivered when she felt Victor ’s breath so close to her ear, the feeling of anticipation exploded like a nuclear bomb and turned into something obsessive and exciting…

’Her breathing was a total mess, her red eyes were looking at Victor with pure desire, she was barely holding back…

…She was horny… if it weren ’t for the long dress she was wearing now, dangerous liquids would ’ve been visible pouring out of a place that is not appropriate for a lady of her level to display in public and down her leg.

Victor flashed a small smile when he saw Natashia ’s gaze. It was a look he knew well since it was the same look that Violet, Sasha, Ruby, and sometimes Scathach gave him.

An obsessive look, a look from a woman who wasn ’t right in the head, but it was a look from someone who loved him…

…And he found that kind of look…

’Beautiful.. ’

His smile grew gentle as he touched the woman ’s face with his hand and caressed her cheek, ”I ’m really waiting for this, My mother in law… I ’ve been waiting for a long year… ”

”!!! ” Again, her whole body trembled under Victor ’s caress.


She swallowed, she started to feel her throat go dry.

It didn ’t take a genius to understand the hidden meanings of Victor ’s words.

As an experienced older woman, she clearly understood something:

He wants me! He wants to fuck me, he wants my naked body! He wants to paint my whole being with his color!

And she was clearly not going to deny such a request. After all, she ’d been waiting a long time for it.


Victor laughed a little and broke away from Natashia, he could smell a dangerous smell coming from one place and the woman ’s desire from miles away, but now is not the time and place for that.

First, he was going to fulfill one of his goals.

Which was to feed the tree with blood.

… A random objective, right?

Indeed, it was a random goal, but the question was, why?

Why did he want to feed the tree?

The only coherent answer given Victor ’s personality was… He was curious, and he wanted to know what would happen when he gave a large amount of blood to the tree.

Just thinking about this unexplored mystery that no one knew about caused his soul to tremble with anticipation.

And how did he know that something would happen if he gave blood to the tree?

He didn ’t know.


He thought something was going to happen.

’Newton ’s third law, the law of action and reaction. ’ Victor thought as he arrived in front of the gate, it was his turn to be registered.

Every being in this world knew that something would happen if they fed an unknown tree protected by a giant gorilla that has strange powers, to say the least… He expected something exotic.

And by doing that, he ’d have another benefit too. He ’d get those juicy fruits that, despite not being as tasty as his wives ’ blood, still tasted pleasant.

And the tree was able to produce this kind of fruit with only a small amount of blood, what would happen if it had more?

Several questions… and no answers.

But there is only one way… Victor ’s way.

The action path…

Like a man who faithfully followed his code of conduct: He ’d do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.

He had decided that if he was going to do something, he was going to do that something until the end. This was indeed the way of the hypocrite, considering everyone knew how he worked, his ideas, his thoughts could change at any moment, and if at the moment in which those thoughts changed, he decided to act upon such thoughts, he ’d be seen as a hypocrite.

… But who cares?

Vampires were known to be greedy and hypocritical beings, they were categorized on the same level as demons by some ’good natured ’ beings like angels.

Despite that, Victor was sure of one thing.

If there was a being more hypocritical than him on the face of the Earth, that being was an angel.

Victor stopped in front of the gate.

The giant red eye looked at Victor.

”Identifying. ” A robotic voice came from the door.







”Identifying…. ” The robotic voice seemed to subside a little.

”…? ” Victor turned his head a little confused, ”Why is the door sweating? ”

”… Eh? ” Natashia, who was staring at Victor ’s back with a predatory gaze, awoke from her stupor when she heard the man ’s voice. After registering what he said in her brain, the woman looked towards the door.

”…The door is really sweating. ”

”Analysis Complete, showing results. ”

”Huh? ” Natashia didn ’t understand why the door gave a different answer than it gave her.

And just like with Natashia, a giant paper appeared in front of Victor.


Name: Victor Walker / Victor Alucard / Victor Snow / Victor Scarlett / Victor Fulger

Title: Second Progenitor, King of Those Who Dwell in The Night, Battle Maniac, Loved by The Night, Marked by the Chaos Witch, Loved by The Animals, Loved by the Lightning Spirits, One Who Has The Protection of The Goddess Aphrodite, Loving Father. #$#……..?

Age: 22 years old.

Sexuality: Straight.

Personality: Stupidly honest, Sociopathic, Stalker, Violent, Obsessive, Friendly, Bipolar, Kind.

Backstory: A former human who became a Vampire, but through his special blood, he became something more.


[Gulp… If this information is correct, please sign here …………..]







An uncomfortable silence fell around them, literally, the two of them couldn ’t speak at all, as they just stared at the paper with a shocked look.

”What the hell is this? ” The two spoke at the same time.

On the side with Eleanor, Sasha, Eve, and Gorilla.

Lightning was flashing across the forest.

Using her speed at above normal levels, Sasha would zoom to all the places that had high level beasts, taunt the beast, and, soon after, she would run away, taking these beasts towards the gorilla who fought with the beasts along with Eleanor and surprisingly Eve.

Eleanor was using an earth greatsword, and with each swing of the sword, a gust of air was created around it, and several beasts died.

Eve was standing in place, doing nothing, but even when she was just standing, the animals ’ bodies were shredded into several pieces.

Her power was very strange from Sasha ’s perspective.

The others couldn ’t see it, but Sasha knew.

’Something ’ was helping Eve to kill these monsters.

And she didn ’t know what that something was, but she knew that this ’something ’ was dangerous.

She couldn ’t see or feel that ’something ’, but she knew it was there.

’Ugh ’ Sasha groaned a little in frustration. That feeling was so irritating, after all, you know something is there, but you can ’t feel it or touch it. It ’s like she was seeing a ghost.

What was the gorilla doing?


The gorilla was doing gorilla things… SMASH! DESTROY! And beat your chest to assert your dominance!

Getting close to the tree, Sasha stopped using the lightning and said, ”I brought more, and this time it ’s an exotic. ” The moment she finished that, everyone heard the roar of a beast.


Eleanor, The Gorilla, and Eve looked at a giant bird that was hovering above them. The bird was strange; it had a snake ’s tail, a lion ’s head, and a bird ’s chest.

[What the fuck is that?]

Eve heard someone talking in her head:

’Language. ’

[Shut the fuck up, language my ass, I ’m free!]

”… ” Veins started bulging in Eve ’s head, she really didn ’t like this alter ’s personality.

She decided to call this thing Alter Eve. After all, she had the appearance of Eve, with the only visible difference being her white hair. So until she was sure of what it was, she gave it that temporary name.


She visibly sighed and looked ahead, and in the place was an Eve with white hair and sapphire blue eyes, so she thought:

’Come back, I ’ll take over now. ’

[Eh…? But I was having fun…] Alter Eve pouted.

”… ” Eve narrowed her eyes.

[Oh…] Alter eve clapped her hands as if discovering something:

[Do you want to have fun too? As expected of you, Eve!]

’I ’m just following my master ’s orders. ’ Eve spoke in a dry tone.

[Blah, Blah, that ’s just an excuse, you should loosen up a little bit. Since you became a vampire, you ’ve never relaxed properly. Now that you ’re that man ’s servant, you can be freer, you know? He ’s not stopping you from doing things either…] Alter Eve spoke the last part in a careful voice.

’… I cannot. ’ She spoke in a melancholy tone. It ’s not that she didn ’t want to relax, she just couldn ’t… She couldn ’t.

[Sigh… I know… Due to our circumstances, it will be difficult to trust anyone again.]

’I trust my master. ’ Eve started to walk towards the bird, and she said:

”I ’ll take this one. ” Eve spoke in a dry tone.

”Okay, be careful. ” Eleanor spoke as she rested the greatsword on her shoulder.

Eve walked towards Alter Eve and passed her, and the moment she passed Alter Eve, the two seemed to merge again.

’Having my master ’s trust is enough for me… ’ Eve cracked her neck a little as she looked up with her red eyes, and slowly her red eyes began to glow blood red.

[…] Alter Eve was silent.

A dark aura descended all over the place, and slowly Eve ’s stoic expression began to change to a smiling expression.

’He is my master, my father, my creator, my god… He is my everything… Having him in my life is enough. ’

Following the tradition of father to child, when a progenitor created a vampire, he had the choice to pass on to that ’child ’ a power.

Alter Eve was Eve ’s power that she received from her life as a human, she was her imaginary ’friend ’ who was always with her in that dark place.



A pillar of black fire shot out of Eve ’s body and soared into the heavens.

”…Wha-… ” Eleanor and Sasha stared at this slack-jawed in pure shock.

Indeed, Fire.

Eve looked at her hands and thought; ’It ’s not pure, or beautiful like my master ’s flame, but… It ’s enough for me. It ’s the fire I deserve… A dark fire, a fire tainted by my sins. ’ She clenched her fists and looked at the bird that at some point had stopped flying towards them and was running away.

[Tsk…] Alter Eve didn ’t like this depressing thought, the girl was not to blame for anything, but it was difficult to convince the woman herself.

Eve raised her hand a little, and all the black fire that was coming out of her body started to focus on her hand, and she looked at the bird.

She pointed her palm at the bird and spoke in a low voice the technique her master had taught her:

”Supernova ”


A beam of dark fire shot out of Eve ’s hand and flew toward the bird.

The Bird tried its best to escape, it even made several turns, but it was impossible… No one could escape this fire, no one.

And as an artist who had dedicated his life to blast said:

”Katsu. ”


”HOly…- ” Eleanor was speechless with such an explosion. If the bird wasn ’t far away, the entire forest would have disappeared from the map!

But more importantly! Eleanor looked at Eve.

Following Vampire Lore, those given the Clan ’s name were just special vampires who inherited the Clan creator ’s trait.

Victor Alucard was a vampire who had the power of the three strongest vampire houses, fire being one of his powers.

Eve Alucard, who inherited this power, could be said to be a true member of Victor ’s clan.

’Wait, doesn ’t that mean that the other Maids have that power too? ’ Eleanor thought about it but quickly dismissed that possibility. This power seemed to be something unique to Eve, after all, she was a member of Clan Alucard.

”Beautiful… ” Eve laughed a little to herself when she made this reference that no one understood. Maybe she really was being influenced a lot by Ruby.

[Ruby…] Alter Eve seemed to be thinking about something.

Alter Eve looked at Eve; ’Maybe that cold-hearted woman is the right woman to help Eve open up more to the other girls? ’ She had a random thought.


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