My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 272: A point of change

Victor passes through the gate, and surprisingly, he is back in the woods…

”Master? ” Eve looked at Victor in shock since he had just suddenly appeared.

”Huh…? ” Victor didn ’t understand for a few seconds what happened.

’Oh, is it similar to Natashia ’s gate? Can they choose which location to open? That ’s convenient… Wait, why did I have to go so far to get into that place then? ’

Victor looked at Natashia, and the woman didn ’t seem surprised, so was this something normal?

”They ’re doing a better job than I thought… ” Natashia commented in a low voice as she looked around, and soon her attention was focused on her daughter, as the older woman seemed to be analyzing Sasha ’s every move.

’Maybe the entrance is fixed, but the exit can be anywhere they decide? ’ Victor thought that was quite possible.

As soon as Victor and Natashia appeared, several beings began to appear around.

Victor ignored the beings and looked around, and then, seeing Eleonor, Sasha, and Big Guy fighting various monsters, he nodded in satisfaction.

’Looks like they were working well. ’

Victor looked at the criminals, his eyes starting to glow, as he pointed to a place.

”Go to that place and wait. ”

”!!!!! ” The bodies of all the vampires present began to tremble, and soon their eyes became lifeless, and as if they were a robot programmed to do something, they nodded and walked towards the tree.

Victor watched the vampires sit on the pile of bones around them, and then his attention went to Eve:

”Eve, tell me what happened. ”

”…Yes, Master. ” Eve recovers from her stupor. After all, it wasn ’t the first time she saw the master suddenly appear.

40 minutes later, Victor gives the order for everyone to stop hunting monsters.

”Good job, guys. You guys helped me a lot. Without you, it would take a lot longer. ” Victor didn ’t lie since, if he had to work alone, it would take him a little longer to group several demon beasts. After all, the beasts feared Victor.

”Hehehe~. ” Sasha appeared beside Victor and hugged him.

”… ” Victor displayed a small smile since he already knew what she wanted.

He touches her head and starts stroking her hair.

The gorilla looks at Victor with a suspicious look and says, ”Urru, Urru! ”



A vein pops in Victor ’s head as he looks at the gorilla and points his middle finger, ”Fuck you, I worked yes, I don ’t procrastinate. ”

”…. ” Eleanor was silent. She really couldn ’t swallow that Victor could understand these demonic beasts.

”Master… ” Eve glared at Victor with her glare glowing like a red light.

Victor flashed a tight smile, scratched his cheek, and said, ”Good job, my Maid. ”

”… ” Eve ’s smile grew a little, and her gaze became even more intense.

Victor showed a gentle little smile and said, ”Come here. ”

Eve takes a step and appears at Victor ’s vacant side.

With the same smile on his face, Victor starts stroking Eve ’s head.

”!!! ” Eve ’s whole body shuddered as she seemed to enjoy what Victor was doing to her quite a bit.

This situation continued for a few seconds until Victor thought it was enough, considering the look that Natashia was giving him was quite… Intriguing.

She looked like she couldn ’t hold back much longer.

The older woman was horny…


Victor coughed to get everyone ’s attention, and soon he looked at the tree and said:

”69 Demonic Beasts, 96 Criminals from Level 5 to 7 of The Limbo. ”

”Enjoy your meal. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

The entire tree seemed to shake for a few seconds, and a moment of silence fell over the place.

”Uru, Urru! ” The Gorilla crossed his arms and nodded several times as he seemed to be communicating with the tree.

”…? ” Victor, this time, didn ’t understand what the gorilla said, but he didn ’t care and continued to observe the tree.

”… The branches are moving. ” Sasha spoke with a curious look.

Suddenly, several branches started to grow out of the ground and pierce the bodies of the beasts.

”AHHHHHHHHH! ” The prisoners began to scream, and some began to struggle to escape.

”Tsk. ” If it continues like this, some will damage the branches of the tree.

”Grr… ” And the gorilla noticed it too.

”Natashia, do you mind? ” Victor looked at his mother-in-law.

”Of course not. ” She flashed an evil little smile and disappeared, leaving a trail of lightning behind.

Lightning began to pass through the prisoners, and soon Natashia was close to Victor again:

”Done. ” Natashia swings her hands towards the floor, and the blood that was on her hand falls to the floor.

As soon as she said that, the vampires ’ heads started to fall to the ground.

”Good. ”

The group was silent as the entire tree absorbed the blood that was supplied to it.

A few minutes passed, and soon all the bodies present looked like dry mummies without any nourishment.

”Nothing happened. ” Sasha and Eleanor suddenly spoke.

”Hmm… ” Victor touched his chin. He was a little disappointed that nothing had happened, and the tree didn ’t even recover its leaves like before.

”Uru! ” The gorilla makes a gesture with his hand and points to the tree.

”Oh… Okay. ” Understanding what the gorilla asked, Victor approached the tree.

”Master? ”

”Darling? ”

Eve and Sasha were wondering why Victor had suddenly started walking.

Victor arrives in front of the tree, while the tree brings a branch in front of Victor and waits as he rolls up his sleeves a little.

”Uru! ”

”Huh? ”

”Uru, Urru… ”

”Oh, ok. ” Understanding that one drop was enough, Victor removes the glove and bites his finger, then he lets a drop fall on the branch.

Everyone watched in silence as that small drop of blood that had fallen on the tree and the moment the drop of blood touched the branch.

Something happened.

The tree exploded with red energy, and that red energy rose to the heavens.

”Holy-… ”

Eleanor steps on the ground, and soon a wall of rocks appears in front of the girls.

Scathach side.

Scathach was in her room reading some books until she saw a gigantic red pillar rise to the sky.

”…? ” She looked at the pillar and exhibited a strange face, as she tried to feel the energy of that thing, but she didn ’t feel anything.


It was as if it didn ’t exist!

”That direction is Clan Fulger territory. ” Scathach thought for a few seconds about what to do, but the moment she started to think, the red pillar disappeared as if it had never been.

”… What happened? ” She thinks for a moment, then mutters, ”Or rather, what did that boy do again? ”

Vlad side.

”… ” Vlad opens his eyes, and he quickly looks at the red pillar.

”That direction… ” Knowing it was Clan Fulger territory and feeling a nostalgic energy, Vlad narrowed his eyes, his body was covered by darkness, and then he disappeared, and, in the blink of an eye, he appeared on top of his castle.

Vlad looks towards the red pillar, he narrows his eyes, and as if he were an eagle, he begins to observe the place.

Seeing Victor standing in front of the tree, Vlad spoke with a shocked face:

”Don ’t tell me this boy was accepted by that tree? ” He couldn ’t believe what he was witnessing.

’Did he know about the tree? Did someone tell him? ’ Vlad ’s head began to spin rapidly and try to understand what he was witnessing.

’But that ’s impossible, no one should know anything about that tree, I never told anyone, I made sure to keep it a complete secret… ’

’Wait, that ’s not correct thinking. It doesn ’t matter whether he knew it or not. ’ The question is, how was he accepted for that? ’ Vlad hadn ’t shared information about that tree with anyone.

Of course, the ’true ’ information… All he told were lies to cover up the truth.

’Tsk, it can ’t stay like this, I will personally go there. ’ Vlad for the first time in thousands of years… He made a decision…

The decision to leave home…

’Ugh… I really didn ’t want to leave the house, but Whatever. ’ His body begins to be covered by darkness, and soon he turns into a swarm of bats.

”… Beautiful. ” Victor spoke as he watched the scene in front of him. The tree, which had just a few leaves, blossomed into a beautiful tree with red leaves, the tree trunk grew stronger, and the tree itself grew a little more, even though it was already much bigger than all of the other trees around.

The gorilla steps out of the way of the girls, and soon the girls see the vision in front of them.

”Oh… This is beautiful… There was something like this in my territory, and I didn ’t know…? ” Natashia was the first to react. She had been slightly annoyed at the gorilla for blocking her view, she wasn ’t weak enough to be thrown around by the event, but she knew he didn ’t mean it badly.

He was just trying to protect the girls.

He ’s a good gorilla!

”…To think she would look so beautiful… ” Sasha looked at the falling leaves curiously, and she realized that those leaves were…Crystallized blood.

’This tree is strange… ’

”… ” Eleanor didn ’t react, she thought this scene was beautiful, but… She was feeling strange. Was it a premonition of danger? It felt like something was going to happen, but she didn ’t know what it was.

Her instinct saved her from many situations, and because of that, she didn ’t ignore that feeling.

’Tsk, just what is it? ’ She was very alert and couldn ’t stay calm.

”… Beautiful. ” Eve spoke simple words to describe her feelings, and at the same time, she couldn ’t help but think of a book she ’d read in that stuffy room.

It was a Norse tale.

A tale whose title was: ’The tree of the world ’.

Victor, who was dazzled by the sight in front of him, was surprised when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

”…Who are you? ” Victor asked the woman who touched him, the woman was tall, she was bigger than him!

”!!!? ” They all looked at the woman who suddenly appeared.

She was wearing a leaf dress and had long red hair that reached down to the floor, pointy ears, and red eyes.

’That sense of danger… is it hers? Is she the cause? ’ Eleanor thought.

’An elf? ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think about it when he saw the woman ’s appearance since it was quite similar to that woman he saw in The Limbo.

”… ” Natashia looked at the woman curiously, precisely speaking, she shamelessly looked at her body, and when she looked at a certain area of the woman, she thought.

’A companion… ’ She looked at the woman ’s legs and thought; ’A companion indeed. Even her legs are thick like mine.

’My God! It ’s an Elf! Ruby will go crazy when she sees this. ’ Sasha thought when she saw the woman.

[Eve, don ’t let your guard down… She gives me a dangerous feeling.] Alter-Eve spoke.

”… ” Eve nodded.

”Take it, Master. ” The woman offered a red fruit to Victor… Interestingly, the fruit looked like an apple… A completely red apple.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes. He didn ’t feel bad intentions from the woman, all he felt was goodwill… And that feeling…

”Are you the tree? ”

”… ” The woman didn ’t answer, as she just flashed a gentle smile… A smile that showed all her sharp teeth.

And that smile was like confirmation for Victor himself.

’So somehow, that tree got this shape… Interesting. ’ Victor ’s eyes sparkled with curiosity, he expected something would happen, but it exceeded his expectations. ’She looks like a fusion of an elf and a vampire ’ That was Victor ’s impression of the woman.

Victor looked at the fruit she was offering and thought, ’Why not? ’

He takes the woman ’s fruit and sniffs a little; ’Blood. ’

Victor bites the fruit…

’Delicious!! ’ He opened his eyes wide. ’It tastes better than the blood of my wives!? ’

After finishing eating the fruit, the woman who patiently watched Victor finish eating said:

”Welcome back, Master. I was waiting for you…. For thousands of years, I ’ve been waiting for you… ” She showed a beautiful smile that made Victor freeze.

”…Huh…? ” Victor didn ’t understand what the woman said, ”What do you mean by waiting? ” he asked her.

But she just kept watching the man with a gentle smile.

It was as if his words didn ’t register in the woman ’s brain.

’Master~, My master~. ’ Victor heard the woman ’s voice in his head.

”… ” He opened his eyes wide in shock when he felt that familiar feeling. ’Is she my blood relative…? Huh? But I don ’t remember biting a woman like her. ’


”Ugh… ” Victor touched his chest.

badump, Badump.

His heart started beating like crazy.

A red aura began to cover his body, his hair began to float as if defying gravity, and a bloody aura began to leak from his entire body.

Suddenly, Victor ’s vision began to darken, and images began to appear in his mind.

’Is that… Memories? Memories of the corpses? Of all the dead bodies!? ’ Like a tsunami, all the memories of the beings that the tree had absorbed began to flow towards Victor chaotically.

”Master? ” The woman displayed a strange face until slowly, her face turned into a worried one.

The stench of blood in the air was terrible, it was a thick, chaotic stench.


Eleanor swallowed hard.

Eleanor felt as if she were watching hundreds of thousands of corpses piled in front of her.

It was that kind of smell they were smelling.

”Something is wrong. ” Natashia narrowed her eyes when she saw Victor ’s reaction, as she became more alert, and lightning began to flash around her.

”…Darling. ”

”Master. ”

Eve and Sasha were worried about Victor, and just as they were about to approach him, everyone heard:

”Don ’t interrupt, this is important. ” Suddenly everyone heard a deep, strong voice.

”…!? ” They all quickly looked towards the voice and saw the gorilla ’s red eyes staring back at them.

”Don ’t interrupt. ” He spoke again, this time in a warning tone.

The girls didn ’t have time to be shocked because they heard a scream of pain.

”AHHHHHHHHHH! ” Victor holds his head and starts screaming towards the sky, as he seemed to be suffering a lot.

”Master…? ” The woman turns her face, confused, since this was not supposed to happen.

”Memories… So many… Memories, Ugh. ” Victor seemed to be muttering to himself until… His eyes turned pure white:

”AHHHHHHHHH…. ” His voice died at the end, and he fell to the ground.

”Master/Darling/Husband! ”

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