My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 281: Vlad problems

Victor ’s smile widens, and he slowly raises his hand and points to Eleanor:

”You. ”

Eleanor ’s serious expression breaks, and her entire face turns completely red.

”W-W-W… ” Eleanor tried to say something, but she couldn ’t form coherent words.

”It ’s not a bad deal if you think about it. ” Victor continued with his smile while he started swinging the hammer as if the hammer itself wasn ’t heavy.

”You will gain various weapons of destruction, and you will be able to deal with the troublesome individuals in the territory. ” Victor stopped swinging the hammer and looked at Eleanor, who was practically paralyzed.

”And the only thing you have to offer me… ”


She swallows and unconsciously takes a step back.

”Is you. ”

”!!! ” Her whole face took on a new color of red while her heart was beating rapidly.

’I mean, it ’s not like I don ’t find him attractive or anything, he ’s strong, likes to fight, is kind to the people close to him, he ’s not bad… But. ’

Veins started popping in Eleanor ’s head, ”Shameless! How can you say that!? Don ’t you have 3 wives already!? And even the mothers of two of your wives like you! ” She screamed in embarrassment while at the same time being annoyed with Victor.

”…how is that embarrassing? ” Victor put the hammer down and walked towards Eleanor.

”Eh…? ”

”I ’m just trying to make a deal with my dear friend. ”

With every step Victor took towards Eleanor, the woman took a step back.

”In exchange for various weapons, I want you~. ”

”…I ’m not that cheap! ” She growled with her face completely red. It was pretty obvious that she was saying everything she was thinking at that moment and that she couldn ’t gather her rational thoughts.

Feeling a sensation on her back, Eleanor looks behind her and realizes that at some point, she had her back to the wall.

”Why are you refusing? ” Victor arrived in front of Eleanor and put his arm on the wall!

badump, Badump.

Seeing Victor ’s face so close, Eleanor ’s heart began to pound wildly.

Victor ’s smile grew distorted as his eyes glowed blood red.


Eleanor was tall, she was almost the same height as Victor, but for some reason, Victor looked much taller than her now, and much more menacing…

’What is he going to do to me? ’


She swallowed again, and suddenly the memory of Violet ’s moans echoed in her mind.

”!!!? ” Eleanor ’s whole face turned even redder than before:

’Is he going to do that to me? Where? Here? NOW? With no protection!? ’ Somehow that thought made her breath heavy.

”In exchange for some weapons, you should just accompany me, isn ’t that a good deal? ”

”…W-Well… ” She turns her face to the side.

”… ” Victor narrows his eyes as he takes her chin and turns her face towards him:

Eleanor felt limp in Victor ’s hands, and she did not deny that gentle gesture.

Looking into the man ’s red eyes, she felt lost as if she were looking into an endless abyss.

Suddenly, she found herself in a bloody world where everything was covered in blood.

’Where am I-… ’ She didn ’t have time to look around.

”I want to see… ”

”…? ” She wakes up from stupor and continues to watch Victor.

”In the battle you had with the demon beasts, I could see something in you… I want to see you again, and because of that, I want you by my side. ”

”You will accompany me hunting… And I won ’t take no for an answer. ”

”… ” Eleanor opened her eyes wide.

”That thing about you wanting me… Are you saying you want to hunt with me? ”

”Yes. ” Victor let go of Eleanor ’s chin and spoke with an innocent smile, ”What did you think it would be? ” He turned away from Eleanor and crossed his arms.

”… ” Eleanor looked at Victor with a disbelieving look, her face turned red, and it wasn ’t out of shame!

Veins started popping in her head.

This is so confusing! Because you spoke that way, you can cause misunderstandings! I almost thought he was going after me after winning over his two mothers-in-law!

”What do you think? ”

”Yes, Yes, Whatever, I will hunt with you, whatever. ” She spoke as she turned her face away and sighed in relief, and a little disappointment?

”…. ” Seeing the way Eleanor reacted, a small sadistic smile appeared on Victor ’s face, but it quickly disappeared as if it didn ’t exist.

”Deal closed? ” Victor extended his hand.

”… ” Eleanor looked at Victor ’s hand, several thoughts appeared in the woman ’s mind, but soon she sighed and said:

”Yes, deal closed. ” Eleanor extends her hand and takes Victor ’s hand.

The moment Victor touched Eleanor ’s hand, his smile grew, and he pulled the woman into his arms.

”W-Wha-. ” Without giving the woman time to react, Victor held her waist tightly and spoke in her ear:

”I look forward to working with you, Eleanor~. ”

Feeling Victor ’s muscular chest, the grip of his hand on her waist, and when she heard his voice in her ear.

Eleanor ’s entire face turned completely red.

She didn ’t expect this sudden attack!

And just as that attack came, it was gone.

Victor separates himself from Eleanor and walks towards the hallway.

”Leave the weapons there. When I go to your territory, I will take them with me and personally deliver them to you. It ’s safer that way. ” Victor spoke in a neutral, professional tone as if what had just happened was all an illusion. He was very composed!

”E-Eh? ” Eleanor didn ’t understand anything and looking at Victor ’s back as he began to disappear into the darkness, veins started popping in her head.

”This Jerk! ” She stomps the floor in annoyance.

”… ” Victor flashes a small smile and continues walking.

’I need to know, that feeling… When she fought the demon beasts, I could feel it… She ’s just like me, but not quite the same. She ’s still holding back… ’ Victor assumes a serious expression.

’I need to know… I need to know… ’ His mind kept repeating those words in obsessive tones.

Victor, for the first time in a while, found someone like him… And it wasn ’t a man, but a woman.

Yes, Scathach is just like him, and, in a way, she ’s even more insane than he is.

But… He can ’t learn much from Scathach since the woman is simply at a very high level.

And her teaching method of beating to death has its limits.

He needed someone on his level.

’She ’s the best candidate, she ’s not weak, and I see that in the fight with the demon beasts, she was holding back. She didn ’t use all her strength. ’ When the fight was over and Victor returned home, he asked for a report from Eve. He asked her to tell him everything that happened while he was in prison.

Couple this information with her ’expression ’ when she tried to fight Big Guy, this thought of: ’She ’s just like me ’ was born.

But what was Victor ’s point in all this?

He already had his hands full with current women, each one of them crazy in a certain sense, and then there ’s Roxanne, the Maid who declared herself married to him.

And to make matters worse, she is a world tree, so problems will arise in just her being with him.

What was the Big Plan? Will he approach Eleanor to have a relationship with her and thus have the four houses of vampire counts in his hands?

Will he use the woman to gain more influence in the vampire world and thus plot something against Vlad?

Of course not!

’She ’s so cute… ’ He touched his head and hid his smiling expression.

…Yes, he had no aim…

And also he didn ’t have to, he ’s not that kind of person, he prefers to solve everything by himself, with his fists, that ’s the privilege that only he has.

A privilege of the strong.

If he were a talentless and weak man, he would have had to resort to these schemes like a snake.

But he ’s not weak, he ’s not a snake, he ’s a warrior.


[Keep what happened between us.]

[Of course.] Kaguya spoke with a conviction that put a smile on her face.

Victor was a simple man, he likes to fight, and he likes women with dubious personalities…

And he is a vengeful man who does not forget a grudge, a mean man.

And because of that, his goals are simple.

Fight, train, beat up enemies who have the balls to provoke you, and spend time with your wives.

Speaking of wives…

’Eleanor said she could only stay here for two days… ’ Victor touched his chin.

’Sasha is in her territory now… I ’ll go there. ’

Rumble, Rumble.

In a dark world that had a gigantic screen in the sky.

Kaguya looked at Victor with a blank expression.

’Master will leave. ’

Kaguya looks elsewhere, and Bruna ’s image appears.

”Bruna, tell the girls that Victor is leaving, and wake up Violet! ”

”Yes, Kaguya. ”

Bruna ’s image disappears, and Maria ’s appears:

”Maria, how is Roxanne ’s training going? ”

”… A complete mess, she just doesn ’t know anything. ”

”Well, I expected that… ” She ’s like a baby who ’s just been born, after all. It would be weird if she knew something.

”Oh, but I managed to get her into the cult! She is very dedicated! ” Maria looked quite pleased.

”…Good… ” Kaguya couldn ’t help but sigh. It all started with Bruna, that woman sees Victor as her god and started to spread the ’word ’ around, and when Maria became Victor ’s Maid, she was easily influenced by Bruna.

Then, when Roberta became Victor ’s Maid, the two women were able to easily bring the woman to their side.

And in the end, a cult really was born…

It got to the point where Kaguya had nothing else to do but ignore it, or lead the cult…

But Kaguya couldn ’t ignore something, and because of that, she chose to lead the cult.

And it looks like they have a new member, who is Roxanne.

’Well, at least Eve hasn ’t been completely influenced yet… ’ Kaguya needed people with a sound mind and someone who didn ’t listen to all of Victor ’s requests. She needed someone who could ’advise ’ when Victor needed it.

A shift occurred on Victor ’s screen, and Kaguya saw that he was flying towards somewhere.

’This place… Is it Fulger territory? Did he go back there again? ’

Another shift occurred, and this time, Victor was holding a man ’s throat.

’What happened? ’ It was so fast that Kaguya couldn ’t even understand what happened.

Vlad was sitting on his throne, his expression was neutral, but for someone who had known Vlad as long as Alexios, the man could tell Vlad was in complete disbelief.

”…This…this got completely out of control… ”

”To think he formed a contract with the world tree… ” Alexios sighed.

”…This goes far beyond a contract. ” Vlad corrected.

”It ’s something I ’ve always wanted and that Dryad ’s mother has refused in the past. ” Vlad began reminiscing of a woman with long red hair and pointed ears.

A feeling of irritation passed through Vlad ’s heart, but it immediately disappeared.

”He ’married ’ that Dryad. ”

”By getting married, you mean… ”

”Yes, she ate a part of him, and he ate a part of her, essentially the two became connected. ”

”…Wait, if he ’s connected with her, doesn ’t that mean he can ’t be killed? He is essentially part of the planet now. ”

”Wrong, that Dryad is still a child, a newborn baby, she holds no authority until planted on a planet that doesn ’t have a world tree. ”

”This Dryad ’s mother is still going strong, so she has all the authority on this planet. ”

”Tsk, this got completely out of hand, I was waiting for the Dryad to grow up to offer my blood, so I could destroy the older Dryad. ”

”That ’s impossible, Master. ”

”After all, this planet ’s world tree is being protected by the Elder Gods. ”

”Because of that, I needed that girl, she was the only way I could defeat those bastards alone… Now, I ’ll have to wait another thousand years. ”

”Why didn ’t you keep the girl close to you and always protect her to ensure her loyalty? ” It was strange even to Alexios. If the girl was so important, why did he leave her lying in the middle of Fulger territories?

Instead of answering Alexios, Vlad explained, ”When the eldest Dryad has a child, the youngest tree will spawn somewhere random in the world. Initially, it would look like a normal tree until its guardian is born, and she transforms… I was lucky that girl was born in my territory. ”

”It ’s not something you can control, it ’s a force of nature. ”

”And there is a process for you to be accepted and make a contract with a world tree. ”

”You have to be approved by the guardian of the tree, and by the tree itself, only then would you have a basic contract with the world tree… ”

”But when that gorilla saw me, he just started growling at me, and that ’s when I realized I was never going to be accepted normally. ”

”This is complicated… ”

”We have no choice, after all, we are the invaders here. ”

”That ’s not what I ’m talking about. ”

”…? ” Vlad looked at Alexios, confused.

”If your goal is to exterminate the Elder Gods, why didn ’t you do that? ”

”…Are you making a fool of yourself? It is impossible to completely destroy them, they will always come back. Even if you destroy their souls, they will always come back. ” This was an irritating problem, couldn ’t they just stay dead?

It seems that the phrase, people die when they are killed does not apply to these beings.

”That ’s not what I ’m talking about. ”

”…? ” Vlad didn ’t understand.

”Why don ’t you ally with other gods? ” Alexios thought that if Vlad promises some land and then conveniently ’attacks ’ that land and gets it back shouldn ’t be too much of a problem.

And Vlad understood Alexios ’ thoughts, but there was still one problem:

”They are too weak. ”

”…. ”

”The only gods who can get to fight a decent fight are the warrior gods, like Thor, Ares, Sun Wukong, Odin, Set. ”

”We have Mount Olympus as an example. The only ones who will be able to fight these enemies will be the three sons of Kronos, and the Titans themselves, maybe those Hecatonkiros too. ”

”And Ares, who is a god of war, his own divinity would help a lot… ”

”What about Athena? ” Alexios asked.

”That Bitch is useless, this is not a fight of brains, but of strength. These beings don ’t use strategies, and no strategy works on them. ”

”The other gods will be completely useless, they will die before they even realize what happened. ” It was as if Vlad had asked the fourth generation gods of Olympus to try to fight Nyx or Gaia, the first generation gods.

It was impossible, they would die.

”And this applies to other mythologies as well. Only a few members of each mythology could even have a chance to fight these beings. ”

”And a complete union with all mythologies is impossible. ”

”Yes, these gods have a lot of friction with each other. ”

”Because of that, I must solve this problem myself. ”

”The Vampire Counts are growing well, and, in less than a few millennia, they will be strong enough to fight these beings. The other clans, I had no expectations of them at all, but there were some clans that dissolved in interesting ways, but not yet. That ’s not enough… ”

”That ’s still not enough… ” Vlad ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

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