My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 297: PersephoneThe Oueen Of The Underworld

Violet Snow.

The heir to the Snow Clan, a Clan which followed a Vampire Count as its leader.

For as long as Violet was aware of herself, her father had always been present around her.

Adonis Snow, that ’Adonis ’ from Greek mythology. The most beautiful ’mortal ’ that ever set foot on Earth.

Perfection in the form of a man, a man who was coveted by both Persephone and Aphrodite.

That was Violet ’s father.

Normally, upon hearing about Adonis for the first time, beings would think he was a Playboy. After all, what mortal wouldn ’t be happy to be lusted after by two goddesses?

But reality was often not what people imagined.

Due to the way Adonis came into the world, he ’d been born with a very weak body, because of this even if he had turned into a vampire,

That weakness of his had not been eliminated.

Violet didn ’t understand that, wasn ’t he supposed to be better already?

Ever since she was a child, Violet had always sought out her father to play with, or to tell her about new things.

Unlike Sasha ’s father who was an idiot who just wanted to use his daughter,

Adonis was a doting father. He was very loving and was always around when his daughter needed him.

And as her mother lived 25 hours, 367 days at Adonis ’ side, she also had a bit of Agnes ’ affection, but that was not important now.

Agnes Snow, a former hedonist who was cured by Adonis, was now a major narcissist.

To Violet, her mom was just an extra who was there whenever she was around her dad.

Since she was little, Violet never got along with her mother, the woman was very narcissistic!

It was very irritating for the little girl to be told every day how amazing her mother was, or how hot, and beautiful she was.

’Irritating bitch! ’ A little Violet snorted and turned away.

Don ’t misjudge her, she tried to get along with her but it was literally impossible.

They were like water and oil, they never got along.

The woman ’s ego was the size of a planet!

She couldn ’t deal with Agnes like that when she was younger, because of that, she just ignored her.

And it turned out that the two of them had a strange relationship, a relationship that was mother and daughter, but at the same time acquaintances?

But oddly enough, the two of them never had a hostile relationship or anything like that, was her relationship more like two friends who didn ’t get along, but at the same time got along?

It was a strange relationship…

But it wasn ’t a bad relationship.

With Adonis, the story was different…

Adonis always acted like a real father, and sometimes like a mother too, he just knew how to take care of a child.

She still remembered when she couldn ’t sleep, and she ’d come to her father ’s bed. She ’d kick Agnes out, and her father would sing her a bedtime lullaby, while Agnes would look at her daughter with a hostile look as she bit the sheets with envy.

… To be honest, Violet sometimes did it just to tease her mother, on days when the bitch was very annoying, that was Violet ’s revenge.

After all, she knew her father wouldn ’t refuse her request.

Even though he was always sick, Adonis never stopped paying attention to Violet.

’He was a good father… ’

If there were two things Violet valued highly about her past, those two things were,

… The fateful encounter with a human boy in the middle of the forest, who eventually became her obsession.

And the presence of her father, who despite being sick, was always there when she needed him.

’He was my father… My beloved father… ’

And… And he ’s dead.

’My father is dead. ’

Crack, Crack.

Violet ’s world began to break apart.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ” A cry of pain, a cry of sadness, the cry of a little girl who had just found out her father was dead.


A pillar of fire shot out of Violet ’s body.

”!!!? ” All the people in the house reacted at the same time, and quickly ran towards the room where this pillar came from.

”Violet!? ” Ruby tried to get close to Violet, but she couldn ’t… The power emanating from her body was too intense, and besides… Fire was the weakness of vampires.

”…. ” Victor looked at Violet ’s face with an expression of pain, an expression that displayed all the guilt he felt.

Slowly, he closed his eyes, and let Violet do what she wanted.


Her emotions were so intense, she ’d subconsciously shifted into the Vampire Count form.

Unlike Agnes, who was always around Adonis, and who was able to accept the cruel reality because of the lack of results from her efforts,

Violet never knew anything…

Agnes always hid everything.

Violet only knew that her father was sick, but she didn ’t think this illness would be so terrible that his life was threatened.

After all, he was a vampire, right? A vampire couldn ’t die of disease.

It was common sense…

’Why? Why? Why? Why….? Father… Why? ’ Tears streamed down her face as she began to wreak havoc due to her out of control emotions.

She was out of her mind, she didn ’t know what she was doing, what could a little girl, who lost her father, do?

She cried…

She cried…

She resented whoever took her father ’s life.

Thus, in her hysteria, unable to think rationally and unable to recognize anything due to the extreme emotions and pain she was experiencing, she attacked the man responsible for the pain she was feeling, unleashing all the strength she had in each of her strikes, imbuing her flames into every attack.

Her continued onslaught began to rend his flesh from his bones, all the while, he kept silent, eyes closed, receiving each blow without defense or retaliation.

Violet was not a 1900 year old vampire like Agnes, she was not experienced in dealing with loss like Scathach.

She was a 21-year-old baby vampire.

She was not an irregular like Victor who could absorb people and gain their maturity in an instant.

Compared to Sasha and Ruby,

Violet had the most ’normal ’ childhood.

Ruby had been trained by the strongest warrior since she was a child, and because of that, she had no choice but to mature.

Sasha was tortured when she was young for the entertainment of her mother ’Natasha ’, and just like Ruby, she also had no choice but to mature.

Circumstances were different, the level of maturity was different.

”VIOLET! ” Ruby yelled.

”What is happening? ” The first to arrive was the group of Scathach, Sasha and Natashia.

”Violet went mad after she drank Darling ’s blood! I don ’t know why she ’s reacting like that. ” Ruby touched her chest, she could feel Violet ’s chaotic feelings.

’Just what happened for her to react like that? ’

Kaguya appeared from the ground, and soon all the maids came out of her shadow, except for Roxanne who was outside the mansion.

”Master! ” Bruna and Roberta cried out in concern.

”What is Violet doing!? ” Maria growled with a mad look as she asked Ruby.

”I already told you I don ’t know! ” Ruby yelled with a cold stare.

”Mother, can we rescue Darling? ” Sasha spoke with a worried look, she could hear sounds of bones breaking, and flesh tearing. If this continued, Violet would kill Victor!

And not only that, she could feel Violet ’s chaotic feelings, and Victor ’s neutral, sad feelings:

’Why isn ’t he defending himself!? ’

”… ” Natashia bit her lips, and said:

”It ’s impossible, even if I have a little fire resistance, that ’s not a level I can handle… ”

Natashia looked at Scathach: ”Scathach? ” She wanted her opinion.

”I can, but… If I do, she will die. ” Scathach also didn ’t have the luxury of going easy on a power that could kill her.

”That ’s a big no. Darling would never forgive you, Mother. ” Ruby spoke with the same cold tone.

”I know… ” Scathach made a hard face, and she continued:

”If Agnes or Adonis were here, this would be easier. ” She remembered that in the past something like this happened, and Adonis was able to calm Violet down easily.

”Just what ’s going on-…Holy… ” Eleanor had just arrived from the room that contained the Scarlett sisters.

”Violet has gone mad… ” Siena stated the obvious.

”What happened? ” Lacus asked.

”Violet…Victor… ” Pepper looked worriedly at the two of them.

”…If it continues like this, will Victor die? Even if it is him, receiving that power without fighting back is madness. ” Luna spoke.

”…. ” A silence fell around them, they had a face that didn ’t want to think about it.

”Eve, do it. ” Kaguya ordered.

”… But… ”

”Just do it. ” She spoke with a red glow in her eyes.

”… ” Eve nodded.

And slowly black flames began to cover her body.

And just as Eve was going to make a move, something happened.

Victor ’s burned and broken hand slowly began to lift…

And touched Violet ’s head.

”You ’re a grown woman… Don ’t cry so hard, or I ’ll be sad too. ” He flashed a gentle little smile.

”… ” Violet ’s red eyes widened in shock: ”Father… ” Looking into Victor ’s violet eyes, for a few seconds she saw her father.

And as if it were all an illusion, the fire around Violet disappeared.

Slowly, he started to lower his hand towards Violet ’s face, and wiped away her tears,

Tears that seemed to pierce Victor ’s heart, a pain much stronger than his heart being pierced by a spear:

”…Forgive me, Violet. ”

Slowly the light of awareness began to return to Violet ’s eyes, and again she opened her eyes in shock, and horror.

Victor, her beloved Darling, was beneath her with a broken body and visible burns.

For Violet, who only wanted the best for Victor, this came as a huge shock.

”N-Noo-. NOO–, NOnonNOOOOOOOO. ” She held her head with both hands and began to speak incomprehensible words of denial.

Knowing that if she continued like this she would go into an endless loop, Victor moved, he stood up and hugged Violet.

Ignoring all the damage to his body, he prioritized Violet:

”Calm down… These kinds of wounds are nothing compared to what you ’re suffering right now. ” This was one of the reasons that led Victor to do nothing in the face of Violet ’s loss of control.

’I deserve this… ’ He blamed himself for what he did, even though he had no choice. He still did it, he made a decision, he chose to kill Adonis to save him.

And these were the consequences of his decision.

As a man, he faced the consequences head on… From the moment he made the decision to kill Adonis, he prepared for it.

He expected this.

But that didn ’t mean it didn ’t hurt… For someone who just wanted to see the happiness of his loved ones, Violet ’s expression now caused far more pain than having his entire body destroyed.

”D-Darling, forgive me-, I-… ” Victor pulled away from Violet.

”SHHHH, it ’s alright… ” He touched her lips, and stopped her from speaking, flashing a gentle smile.

He wiped the tears that kept falling from Violet ’s face, and spoke again:

”It ’s alright. ”

Violet watched in silence as Victor ’s torn and shredded body began to heal before the naked eye, the burns healing a little slower, but healing nonetheless.

The pain of having his body destroyed by his wife was nothing compared to the pain he was feeling because of the tears Violet shed. It was as if each tear penetrated his heart like thorns of ice, an unbearable pain.

”DD-Darling, M-My father… He… ” Her face started to go through various emotions, until tears started to fall down her face again.

Violet hid her face in Victor ’s chest, and started crying over her father ’s death.

At the end of all her emotions, in the end, all that was left was a daughter who had lost her father, and who was now grieving his death.

”… ” Tears fell from Victor ’s eyes, but no one saw that tear because it was covered by Victor ’s long black hair that once again grew when it was destroyed by Violet ’s fire.

He bit his lips hard, held his rising emotions in his heart, and hugged his wife as he stroked her back.

”… ” The group just watched in silence as the woman cried in the man ’s arms.

A few hours went by before Violet passed out from crying. The emotional damage of losing her father, and the emotional damage of causing damage to Victor had been too great for Violet.

Victor held Violet like a princess, and lifted her off the ground.

”…Darling, what happened? ” Ruby was the first to ask.

As he looked at Violet, Victor spoke:

”Adonis, Violet ’s father, is dead. ”

”!!! ” The girls opened their eyes wide to this shocking news. They now understood why Violet reacted so badly.

”And… ” He looked up, his eyes were pure darkness, those eyes scared Pepper and Luna, shaking their entire existences:

”I killed him. ”

”… ” Sasha, Natashia, Ruby, Victor ’s Maids, and even Eleanor gave Victor a strange look.

Even Lacus and Siena looked at Victor with strange eyes.

All the girls here had spent a lot of time with Victor, and they knew what kind of personality he had.

Victor wouldn ’t hurt a family member close to him if something didn ’t happen.

So this statement he made was strange.

They immediately realize there was more to his story that he was not telling.

”…We ’ll talk about it later. ” Sasha was the one who took the lead this time.

Rumble, Rumble.

She appeared in front of Victor.

”Darling, you need to rest, leave Violet to me. ”

”…I… ”

”Sasha is right, you need to rest. ” Ruby backed up Sasha ’s words.

”…You haven ’t slept for a few days, right? You need to rest. ” Natashia supported the girls.

”I don ’t need to sleep-. ” Victor tried to deny it.

”Victor. ” Scathach narrowed her eyes.

”… ” He looked at his master.

”You need to rest, what you ’ve been through is not something that will settle overnight… ”

”…. ” He opened his eyes a little in shock, he just realized that his master seemed to know what happened to him.

’As expected of her… ’ He closed his eyes a little and flashed a small smile.

He looked at Sasha, and handed Violet to her.

”Take care of her. ”

”Always. ”

”Kaguya… ”

”Yes, Master. ”

”Get all the Maids to your shadow, call Roxanne too, and protect me if anything happens. ”

”…? ” The girls didn ’t understand why he gave that strange order.

But as a devoted Maid, she would do anything to carry out her master ’s orders.

”… ” Kaguya ’s eyes glowed red, and soon her shadow grew and engulfed all the Maids, including Roxanne who was far away in the forest.

”I leave everything to you… ” A black rune appeared on Victor ’s face, and slowly Victor closed his eyes.

”This-. ” Scathach opened her eyes in shock, she seemed to recognize the rune that took over Victor ’s face.

Kaguya quickly engulfed Victor with her shadows, and disappeared.

When Kaguya disappeared, all the women were startled as they felt the blood-lust and killing-intent Scathach released.

Despite her neutral gaze, they could all visibly feel that she was irritated.

’She dares… That bitch dares to mark my disciple? ’

”Sasha, take Violet to her room. ”

”Y-Yes. ” Sasha woke up from her stupor when she heard her mother ’s voice, and walked towards the bedroom with Violet.

”Lacus, Pepper, Luna, Natalia, accompany Violet… She ’s going to need you… ” Natashia said.

”… ” The girls nodded.

”Hey Pepper… ” Lacus pat her younger sister on the cheek.

”Fueeh? ”

”We will. ” She flashed a small smile as she extended her hand.

”…Yesh… ”

”Ruby, Siena, Eleanor, stay here. ”

When the aforementioned girls left, Natashia looked at Scathach.

”What was that Rune? ”

”… ” Scathach looked at Natashia for a few seconds, and then she said:

”A curse… ”

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