My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 309: The promise l made

Just as Victor had expected, the shower lasted much longer than expected.

At some point in the bath, Sasha felt satisfied, and like someone who ’d eaten a lot, she felt a little drowsy and began to sleep with her head close to the tub.

She had a silly smile on her face, and her cheeks were a little red. She had the face of someone who drank too much alcohol and got drunk.

Victor had no idea how this was possible, as this had never happened before. Did his blood have alcoholic properties now?

He didn ’t think much about it for now, but since he didn ’t want Sasha to sleep in this awkward position, he stopped feeding from biting Scathach and looked at Natashia.

Slurp, Slurp.

She was giving her full attention to a specific area of Victor ’s body and treating it like she was licking a very tasty popsicle.

She swallowed the whole target, which had veins popping all over the thing, in her throat with such fervor, it was as if she ’d been using this situation as an outlet for all her frustration.

A ’Plop ’ sound was heard as the member came out of Natashia ’s mouth, then she used her hand and caressed that part while flashing a perverted smile.

’…This pervert, he ’s holding back too~. ’ She never imagined that he would order her to do this.

It ’s not like she was complaining either. Instead, she looked at the object in front of her with dreamy, clouded over eyes looking completely lost.

Badump, Badump.

Her heart beat faster.

Unconsciously, she felt a little urge inside her, and following her instincts, she opened her mouth a little, and small sharp fangs appeared, and she gently bit that part.

Gulp, Gulp.

She started drinking the blood from that area.

”!!! ” And to her beautiful surprise, the blood in that area seemed to be very different. It tasted different, warmer, it was as if she had drunk something like hot chocolate.

Despite having the same taste as biting another part of Victor ’s body, the temperature of this particular area was different, and because of that small change, the blood in that part seemed to taste much better.

”Ugh~. ” Victor felt a stronger sensation of pleasure coursing through his entire body as he felt Natashia ’s gentle bite as he hugged Scathach tighter, and drank her blood more fervently.

Scathach ’s body visibly trembled, her waist heaved a little with reaction, and liquids began to furiously leak out of an important part of her.

Her mind became clouded, and for a few seconds, she couldn ’t think of anything as she just basked in the feeling.

And like an animal that refused to let go of a bone, she didn ’t stop biting Victor. It was as if her fangs were stuck in his collarbone.

The only movement she made was to stop biting the area she was in, lick a little, and then bite Victor ’s neck as she climbed fully onto his lap to get a better position.

The moment Scathach sat down near his crotch and threw her entire sinful body onto his chest, Victor felt something wet in that area of his body.

Although he didn ’t feel everything because of the bathtub, he could feel the difference in temperature, the liquid coming out of Scathach was much hotter than the water he was in.

Scathach ’s sinful body, along with the fact that she was still sucking his blood, which was an act of pleasure in itself, not to mention the acts the other mother-in-law was doing with his lower half…

There was only one result.

Feeling Victor ’s veins pulsing in his member, Natashia quickly stopped biting, opened her mouth wide, and swallowed the entire member again like a greedy animal.


Gulp, Gulp.

She made a point of drinking it all. Despite her body rejecting the foreign element with all her might, she didn ’t spit it out and swallowed it all.

A few seconds passed, and Victor managed to empty himself completely.

Realizing that she had nothing left to drink, she took the member out and opened her mouth completely, showing the result of her work. She was quite proud of her work.

Victor stared at this vision while breathing heavily while he felt an itch in his heart when he saw this vision.

He loved it!

And soon, Natashia swallowed everything that was in her mouth and showed her tongue to Victor once more. She was showing that she didn ’t leave anything left.

’…This perverted mother-in-law… ’ This indecent display made Victor much more turned on than before. He just couldn ’t help but love this sight; this woman was very special in her own way.

Natashia started licking her hand as if making sure not to waste anything.

Her body was literally on fire, her breathing was ragged, and her red eyes were glowing dangerously.

’Ugh… this is bad, I need to get out of here, or I won ’t be able to calm down. ’ She could feel her lower lips opening and closing indecently. It was like she was looking for something to fill her insides.

”Ara… ” She was surprised when she saw his lower half rise again in all its glory.


The urge to suck it started building inside her again.

’I must leave… I must leave… But I can ’t! ’ She opened her mouth and swallowed his entire member again.

Soon indecent sounds began to resound around.

Victor watched Natashia as he stroked Scathach ’s hair, bit her neck, and sucked her blood.

Despite being an older vampire, she wasn ’t experienced in this kind of activity, just proving something that Victor thought.

’This was her first time doing this. ’

He wasn ’t surprised that this was her first time doing this. After all, he knew how the vampire race worked, especially women.

Since vampire birth rates were low, they generally didn ’t explore anywhere other than their intimate areas.

Vampire women preferred to take everything inside them.

Victor knew she was doing this because if she didn ’t do something, she would freak out. Literally speaking.

She couldn ’t get Victor ’s long-awaited member inside her, and she was quite frustrated, not to mention the fact that she was never good at holding her own in this kind of situation.

Because of that, she decided to do it this way as a method to satisfy herself and to satisfy Victor.

This is also one of the reasons that Victor also let Natashia do whatever she wanted, he didn ’t want her to go crazy, but he also didn ’t want her to get too frustrated.

The other reason was that he wasn ’t at the edge of his sanity either. If it weren ’t for recent events, he ’d very much doubt he ’d be able to keep his sanity in front of these three women.

In the past, when he was with all the girls in the bathroom like that, they all did their best not to cross a fine line. After all, they knew each other.

As Vampires, their desires were insatiable.

And that was also a form of respect for Violet, Sasha, Ruby, and Scathach herself.

The woman didn ’t even fully understand her feelings. What if Victor dared to take advantage of Scathach or ’force ’ a sexual relationship with the woman.

Chances are, their relationship would never be the same.

And he would lose the woman ’s respect.

He would get sex, but he would lose Scathach. That was a big no for him.

He wanted Scathach, he wanted the strongest female vampire beside him.

He wanted his beloved master, his beloved mother-in-law, as his wife, and he wasn ’t going to fuck it up now because of his desire.

As an old-fashioned woman, there were procedures for obtaining the heart of Scathach.

Victor needed to defeat Scathach, he needed to defeat the strongest female vampire.

And more importantly, the woman needed to understand her feelings for herself.

’The only reason I don ’t tell her my feelings is because I ’m still too weak. ’ The moment Victor spoke about his feelings, the woman would begin to think about it, and in the near future, she would understand his feelings.

But that would come with the consequences of a challenge from the woman herself.

’With my current state, I would lose badly. ’ And losing to Scathach in that challenge would be giving her control of him.

He would not have an ’equal ’ position with Scathach.

And his entire existence refused to be beneath anyone, just to think that by losing to Scathach, he would be inferior to her. His whole body trembled in rejection.

Scathach had always been and always will be an old-fashioned warrior, and she would always follow the rules of the past, the rules she had set for herself.

’Although… ’ He looked at the woman in his arms. In Victor ’s head, this beautiful woman was already his wife, and he wouldn ’t give her to anyone.

’This relationship, for now, is not bad… ’

Scathach was his master and his mother-in-law… And their relationship was awkward enough for this kind of situation to occur.

’But it ’s ok… Keeping this ambiguity is ok for now. ’ He hugged the redhead tighter and somewhat possessively.

His eyes darkened: ’She ’s mine… ’ He looked at Natashia with the same eyes.

’Her too~ ’. He would never let her get away from him, even if she wanted to.

’She is mine… She is mine… Mine… Mine, Mine… Only Mine. ’ His thoughts were chaotic, and at the same time, he had control over himself thanks to his thought process, which had increased compared to before.

’Since the personality called Natashia appeared, she has always been honest with me. ’ Victor recognized Natashia ’s efforts.

He made several selfish requests to his mother-in-law.

Requests that were only aimed at improving Sasha ’s situation as his wife since he wanted Sasha to have a mother.

And Natashia fulfilled all his requests splendidly.

She became a good mother, a good clan leader, and…

’She ’s a good woman… ’

Natashia ’s body shook a little, and she stopped shaking her head from side to side while her cheeks got a little redder.

Seeing Victor ’s eyes, the eyes of possession, the eyes of desire for her, the eyes that seemed to be devouring her entire body, her entire body shuddered with pleasure and happiness.

Her eyes became dreamy.

’This feeling… This love… was what I always wanted… my husband~. ’ Her eyes became lifeless, just like his, like her feelings were synchronizing.

A tacit feeling passed through each other ’s eyes.

In that moment, Natashia felt accepted with her whole being, and instinctively she knew that now he would not abandon her anymore.

It was an absolute certainty.

… Even if he wanted to abandon her, she wouldn ’t allow it.

Victor and Natashia were pieces from the same bag. They were beings who shared the same desires for each other.

And for the first time in all the time she ’d known Victor, Natashia felt something.

She truly felt that he belonged to her, and she belonged to him.

And when she understood that, all her anxieties disappeared. It was as if an imaginary weight that still existed inside her had completely disappeared.

She felt accepted.

Yes, she was happy when he accepted her advances in the past, and she was also happy when he allowed her to call him ’husband ’.

She felt fulfilled.

But she always wanted more. She wanted to be accepted completely, she wanted the same kind of relationship he had with Sasha.

She wanted more.

She didn ’t know what had changed, she didn ’t care, the only thing that mattered now was…

’He ’s my DARLING!!!!! ’

Unconsciously, she bit the member in her mouth, and it was much harder than before.

”!!! ” Victor opened his eyes wide, the mixture of pain and pleasure like a nuclear explosion in his mind.

He gripped Scathach ’s voluptuous ass with both of his hands and squeezed tightly as he pulled up a little, revealing the entire important area of the woman that was a complete mess by this point.

Scathach ’s entire body again twitched, and his mind turned pure white.

”Ugh…! ” He felt a thrust in his member, and as if an electric current ran through his entire body, he released it all into the woman ’s mouth.


”!!! ” Natashia opened her eyes wide when Victor used his vacant hand and held the woman ’s head, making her swallow his entire member.

As before, the woman swallowed everything and did not drop a drop.

Gulp, Gulp.

The sound of a ’Plop ’ was heard again as Natashia removed the member from her mouth and looked dreamily at Victor.

Her appearance was absolutely stunning for the man.

He was completely speechless at the beauty of the current Natashia..

Victor stopped biting Scathach ’s neck.

Just then, the woman herself also stopped biting him.

She leaned her body fully into his and started breathing heavily as her eyes clouded over.

”… I… What… ” She couldn ’t form coherent words, and slowly she felt a drowsiness in her body. It was the same drowsiness as a woman who ate a lot and was satisfied.

She didn ’t even make the effort to stay awake. Of course, she could if she wanted to, but she just decided to relax and enjoy that feeling.

”… ” Seeing that Scathach was sleeping on his arm, Victor got up and carried the woman like a princess and placed her in a beach chair that people could lie on.

”Take Sasha… and put her there. ” He pointed to another beach chair.

”…? ” Natashia woke up from her stupor and looked at her daughter, doing what Victor said, putting her daughter in the chair.

She was surprised when Victor pulled her arm towards his body and stood up.

Unconsciously, Natashia wrapped her legs around Victor ’s waist.

Victor supported Natashia ’s body while holding her ass with both of his hands as he looked deeply into the woman ’s eyes.

”…. ” The two stare at each other for a few seconds in silence.

The only thing that seemed to exist in this world now was just the two of them, and they could feel everything about each other.

Victor could feel Natashia ’s intimate area opening and closing with the tip of his member; he could feel the hot liquids coming out of Natashia ’s body bathing his lower half.

Natashia could feel the tips of her bunnies on Victor ’s firm and strong body.

Victor could feel Natashia ’s hot breath touching his face.

They were so focused on each other that for a moment, even their breathing was even.

This silence lasted until the moment that Victor started to move his mouth:

”Natashia Fulger… My honey… Do you want to be mine? ” Victor, in the end, couldn ’t wait. He felt that this was the ideal moment to speak those words.

’No more excursions. ’ He would fulfill Sasha ’s promise, he would go on the next date with her, and she would emotionally ’officiate ’ her relationship with Victor.

Just like Violet and Ruby.

But that didn ’t mean he could keep Natashia waiting. He ’d acquired a huge affection for this crazy, psychopathic woman who had two personalities.

”!!! ” She opened her eyes wide in pure shock.

She already knew he wanted her. After all, the feeling she felt was mutual.

She wanted Victor too!

But there was a big difference between ’knowing ’, and speaking those words out loud.

She definitely didn ’t expect to hear those words from Victor.

Her heart felt like it was going to melt, her voice started to crack, she honestly thought she would have to wait longer.

She didn ’t mind waiting since she was an old woman, and waiting a little longer wasn ’t impossible….

’Who am I kidding? It ’s unbearable to wait! ’ But she did it!

She waited for Victor. Even though it was hard to hold back her desire, she did it!

So the answer to Victor ’s question was just one:

”Y-Yes… Yes, Yes, Yes, YES! 10,000% YES! ” She screamed, her face ecstatic.

She held Victor ’s face, and with wild fervor, she kissed him passionately.

Victor returned her kiss with the same fervor.

’Ahhhh~~~…. My Husband… My Hope… My Everything… My Darling… ’ Small tears started to fall down Natashia ’s face.

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