My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 310: Things to sort out before leaving

”You are finally back… ” Eleanor looked at the group.

”…Oh… ” Roberta had a small, meaningful smile as she looked at a Scathach who appeared to be dazed, a Sasha who seemed lost in time…

And a brilliant Natashia.

’Master… ’ Roxanne could see that Victor ’s blood was circulating furiously through the women ’s bodies, trembling, and was slowly changing the women into something different…

Something better…

Something superior…

She can easily guess what happened in that room.

”…. ” Big Guy looks at Victor and thinks:

’He really has a peculiar taste in females… He must be out of his mind. ’ For a few seconds, the gorilla doubted Victor ’s sanity.

’Well, it ’s not like he was sane from the start. ’ Big Guy still remembered the day he first encountered Victor.

”Yes, the shower took longer than expected. ”

”… Yeah… The bath must have been fun. ” Eleanor narrowed her eyes as she looked at Natashia, who seemed to be glowing.

She swears to herself that, for a few seconds, she was blinded by all the glow that was coming out of the woman ’s body.

It didn ’t take a genius to know that Natashia was overflowing with happiness.

”You have no idea. ” Victor laughed.

Victor raises his hand in a gesture as if he ’s catching something out of the air.


Victor ’s Odachi that was floating in the arena passes the girls and returns to Victor ’s hand.

Victor approaches Natashia ’s face and speaks in her ear:

”Train Sasha, My Honey. ”

The words entered Natashia ’s ear, and it shook every corner of her body, her smile got even bigger, and she felt quite warm and soft inside.

”Yes, Darling. ” Her belly felt like there were several butterflies inside her, it was a really good feeling!

Natashia ’s usual white dress slowly starts to change, the frilly noble dress starts to fade, and new clothes begin to appear.

She was wearing black pants, white boots with red and gold accents, and a simple white sweatshirt that covered her body but showed the skin of her shoulders.

These were definitely not clothes for someone who was about to start training. But, interestingly, she didn ’t use her powers to enlarge her breast area this time.

Natashia no longer felt anxious or felt insecure about Victor, and because of that, she decided to just be who she is.

After all, as he ’d told her over and over again, he loved her the way she is.

”How am I? ” She lifted her hand a little and twirled around as if demonstrating to Victor her new clothes.

For a moment, as she spun around, Victor ’s attention was completely focused on Natashia ’s thighs which stood out quite a bit in this type of outfit.

Natashia ’s smile grew when she felt Victor ’s gaze on her ass and thighs as she realized that her plan worked. She decided that from today onwards she would wear more modern clothes.

”Perfect. ” Victor had no more words to describe it. She was just perfect, and her happy smile was quite contagious. He really liked, from the bottom of his heart, when his women were happy.

”Hehehe~. ” Natashia stopped spinning, approached Victor, and kissed his lips.

”!? ” Victor was taken aback for a moment by this sudden action but quickly returned her kiss while holding her waist.

His kiss lasted for a few seconds until she stopped kissing, and while still in his arms, she licked her lips and then, with the same happy smile on her face:

”I am going. ” She said as she walked away from Victor.

”Take care of her. ”

”Always. ” She laughed amusedly, separated from Victor, and then walked over to her daughter.

”Sasha? ”

”…? ” Sasha looked at her mother with dreamy eyes.

”Daughter? Are you okay? We need to train, come with me. ” Natashia spoke in a neutral tone and a little louder.

”…H-Huh? ” Sasha finally wakes up from her stupor and realizes she was already out of the shower.

”W-Wait, Mother! ” She quickly followed her mother, and, for a few seconds, she looked at Victor with desire burning inside her, possessive desires, and desires to tear him down right there and do all sorts of inappropriate things.

Victor laughed a little and said, ”Take care, My Honey. ”

”Y-Yeah. ” She stuttered a little when she heard what Victor said but quickly shook her head several times and ignored the perverted thoughts in her head.

”… ” Victor ’s Maids faced the man along with Eleanor.

”What? ”

”…Mother and Daughter? ”

”Really? ”

Victor looked at Eleanor with a strange look, ”Didn ’t you already know that? Why are you acting so surprised? ”

”Ugh… I mean, I ’ve never seen you openly demonstrate this before. ”

”Well, people change. ” Victor flashed a sly little smile.

He walked over to Scathach and touched the woman gently on the shoulder.

”…! ” The woman reacts to Victor ’s touch, looks at him, and slowly her eyes begin to wake up.

”V-Victor…? When did I get out of the bathroom? ”

’Has my blood become that delicious? Why is she acting like she ’s been on drugs? ’

”Some time ago. Anyway, I want you to train my Maids. ”

”!!!! ” Maria, Kaguya, Bruna, and Eve visibly shuddered when they heard what Victor said.

”W-Wait, master. She doesn ’t need to train us. ” Maria quickly voiced her opinion.

Nod, Nod.

Eve, Kaguya, and Bruna nodded furiously in agreement with Maria ’s words.

”… Why are you like this? She is the strongest vampire, it would be an honor to train with her. ”

”…. ” The four women looked at Roberta with a look that said, ’Shut up! ’

”… ” Victor displayed a gentle smile, ”My teacher is a better teacher than I am. Honestly, I want you to be training for several months here. Under Scathach ’s tutelage, you will definitely blossom and grow stronger. ”

”…. ” Hearing Victor talking about her, Scathach flashed a small ’gentle ’ smile:

”Are you sure? I ’m not responsible if they break. ”

”Hiii… ” Maria hugged Eve as she looked at Scathach ’s smile with fear.

”Let go of me. ” Eve spoke in a neutral tone.

But Maria didn ’t seem to hear her.

”Yes, I trust you 100%, even though I know your methods are brutal, inhumane, and even questionable… But, they work. ”

Scathach was brutal, and her training couldn ’t even be called training.

Because of her extremely high standards, her training was basically too difficult for almost anyone.

But the important thing was… The training worked.

Did her disciples get any trauma? Yes.

Did her disciples break completely? Yes.

But it worked.

And that was the important thing.

”… ” Scathach ’s smile only grew and grew with every word she heard from Victor.

He was basically handing her 5 precious diamonds to cut. As a master and teacher, she couldn ’t be happier.

”Very well… I will train them thoroughly. ”

”…Thanks, Scathach. ”

”…. ” The four Maids opened their eyes in shock, and they fell to the ground, looking quite depressed.

”Hahaha~, I ’m the one who should be thanking you. ” She looked at the girls with a gleam in her eyes.

”Rip ” Eleanor clasped her hands in prayer as she wished for their safety.

She couldn ’t believe that Victor threw his Maids to the wolves.

Victor approaches Scathach.

Unconsciously, the woman takes a step back.

Victor laughs a little internally, but he doesn ’t show it on his face as he brings his face closer to her ear and says:

”Only two things… Kaguya is in charge of watching over my wife Violet. If she receives reports or needs to do something, I need you to stop her training. ”

”…That ’s understandable. ” She nodded, her cheeks a little red.

”The second thing… ” Victor pulls away from Scathach and looks into the woman ’s eyes.

”Victor? ” She looked confused at her disciple.

”They ’re not me. ”

”…. ” Scathach assumed a neutral face when she heard Victor ’s words.

”Each one has their strengths and weaknesses, they are not me who you can throw everything at, and I will just face it all with a smile on my face. ”

”Remember, don ’t overdo it like you did to me… ” He caresses the woman ’s face and displays a gentle smile:

”You already have me. You don ’t have to worry, I won ’t run away anywhere. ”

”… ” Scathach ’s eyes widened a little in shock.

”Train them, and let them shine expertly through your hands, don ’t break the diamonds I ’m giving you. After all, they are my precious Maids. ”

”Can I count on you? ”

Scathach closed her eyes as, for a moment, she enjoyed Victor ’s caresses. Then, a few seconds later, she opens her eyes and speaks in a gentle tone:

”Always. ”

Victor ’s smile widens into happiness, and he kisses Scathach ’s cheek, ”I knew I could count on you, Master. ” He wore a very innocent smile of happiness, very different from the usual.

badump, Badump.

Scathach ’s heart felt like it had been hit by several arrows, he was too strong for her now.

”Y-Yeah. ”

’…He is too cute now… I almost… I almost… kidnapped him… ’ She always has that kind of feeling when her heart beats fast.

The feeling of kidnapping Victor and being alone with him for a long time.

Victor laughs a little and walks away from Scathach as he looks at the Maids with a neutral gaze:

”Why the depressed expressions? ”

”… ” The four maids looked at him.

”You have my blood, you are my servants, my precious Maids. ”

”You will overcome this training, believe in yourself. ”

”Master… ” Bruna didn ’t know what to say. After all, she was dealing with Scathach here. She ’s already seen how the woman trains or teaches someone, and she definitely knows that they probably wouldn ’t be able to overcome her training.

”…If you can ’t believe in yourself. ”

”Believe me. ” His eyes became serious.

”…Huh? ”

”Believe me, who believes in you. ”

”Believe me, the person who knows how strong you are. ”

”Put your faith in me, and move on because I ’ll always be waiting for my precious Maids. ”

”… ” The Maids opened their eyes wide, including Roxanne.

But Roxanne was surprised at something else. The way Victor spoke was as if he was going to leave and leave them here.

They felt sweet inside to learn how their Master blindly believed in their abilities.

Influenced by Victor, confidence began to grow within the girls, a confidence that had the power to overcome anything as long as their master was by their side.

”Good. ” He flashed a satisfied smile.

”How long are you going to be gone? ”

[M-Master?] Victor looked at Kaguya.

[Take care of your sisters.] Victor just said that.

[…Am I useless to you?]

[Of course not. You are my precious Maid, but I need you to properly develop your powers… Powers you gained from me, don ’t forget to train your clan ’s techniques as well.]

[….Master.] Kaguya was happy to hear Victor ’s words, but she didn ’t want to be away from him.

[Take care of your sisters.] He spoke again.

[Yes… I will.]

He flashed a small smile and answered Scathach ’s question:

”I don ’t know. I just know that I will fulfill my promise. ” He spoke without turning and while looking at Eleanor.

’As expected, he was leaving… ’ Roxanne thought.

”I will take them, Scathach. ”

Scathach nodded and spoke in a stern, cold tone:

”…take care of my daughters. ”

”I will take care of them as if they were mine. I promise nothing will happen to them. ” Victor spoke with the same stern tone.

”… ” Scathach showed a smile of satisfaction. She knew she could count on him, as he was no longer a boy, he was a man… A man she could trust.

A man she can always trust… From the beginning, he was always a man…

badump, Badump.

’That feeling again… ’ She narrows her eyes.

”You should take care of yourself too. ”

”Yes, I will. ” He turned his face and looked at the woman while displaying a gentle smile, ”Take care, Master. ”

”Mm. ” She nodded.

Victor takes a step and appears in front of Eleanor.


Eleanor swallowed hard as she looked into Victor ’s violet eyes.

’He smells so good… ’ She looked numb.

Victor laughs a little as he holds Eleanor with his empty hand and looks at Roxanne:

[Don ’t feel alone, you ’re part of a big family now, and I won ’t be long.]

[… Mm…]

[If possible, try to find out more about yourself and the world, read books, learn about the world, you don ’t need strength now… You need to study.]

[…] Roxanne didn ’t promise anything about it, but her mind was considering what Victor had said.

”Big Guy. ”

”Hmm? ” The gorilla opened his eyes.

”Protect everyone, and learn about the world too. ”

”… Ehhh? I just want to sleep. ”

”That wasn ’t advice. ”

Victor ’s eyes glowed violet hues.

”That was an order. ”

”!!! ” The gorilla ’s entire existence trembled under Victor ’s gaze.

”As her guardian, it is your duty to ensure her safety, and I will not accept a lazy gorilla. You must be strong, you must be smart. ”

”I ’m giving you two options right now. ”

”Study or train with my master. ”

”Choose. ”


The gorilla visibly swallowed, and he humbly spoke.

”I will study… ”

”Good. When I get back, I ’ll ask my wife Ruby to do a simple test for you. ”

The gorilla ’s body broke into a cold sweat.

”If you fail, I will throw you to the wolves. ” Victor ’s smile grew wider.

”D-Demon, are you sure you ’re not a demon in disguise!? How can you do that to your friend!? ”

”I ’m doing this because you ’re my friend. I don ’t want you to die from being weak. ”

”… ” The gorilla was speechless, and he stared into Victor ’s eyes for a long time.

Then he grew a small smile.

”…Okay, I ’ll do it. ”

Victor nodded in satisfaction.

”S-S-Stay away… ” Eleanor complained, but she didn ’t seem to be making an effort to get away.

Did Victor listen to her?

Of course not, he did the opposite and held her tighter.

”Hold on to my neck. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Lightning began to crackle around Victor.

”!!! ” Eleanor opened her eyes in shock, quickly wrapped her arms around Victor ’s neck, and held him tightly since she already knew what he was going to do.

Victor holds Eleanor tighter, and soon he looks up to the sky.

His eyes glowed gold for a few seconds, it was as if lightning had passed through his eyes.

And in the blink of an eye.

He disappeared in a burst of lightning.

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